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  1. Turing Machines with Sublogarithmic Space, Vol. 843 by Andrzej Szepietowski, 2007-01-01
  2. On the number of processors required to simulate Turing machines in constant parallel time (Technical report. Pennsylvania State University. Dept. of Computer Science) by Ian Parberry, 1985
  3. On the inference of turing machines from sample computations (Report / Computer Science Dept) by A. W Biermann, 1971
  4. Universal Composability: Cryptography, Protocol, Simulation, Turing Machine Equivalents, Telecommunications Network, Dolev-Yao Threat Model, Asynchronous Communication
  5. MACHINE INTELLIGENCE: An entry from Gale's <i>Encyclopedia of Philosophy</i> by James Moor, 2006
  6. MODERN LOGIC: SINCE GÖDEL: TURING AND COMPUTABILITY THEORY: An entry from Gale's <i>Encyclopedia of Philosophy</i> by Herbert Enderton, 2006
  7. Turing Criterion: Machine Intelligent Programs for the 16K Z. X. 81 by Dilwyn Jones, etc., 1982-11
  8. Construction of a thin set with small fourier coefficients (Research report RJ. International Business Machines Corporation. Research Division) by Miklos Ajtai, 1988
  9. On play by means of computing machines (Research Report RJ. International Business Machine Corporation. Research Laboratory) by Nimrod Megiddo, 1986
  10. An animated Turning [sic] machine simulator in Forms/3 (Technical report) by Christopher DuPuis, 1997
  11. A two counter machine cannot calculate 2[superscript N] (AI memo) by Richard Schroeppel, 1973
  12. Finite-state machines: A survey (Technical report. Weizmann Institute of Science. Dept. of Computer Science) by Yishai A Feldman, 1989
  13. On two-way weak counter machines (Computer studies publication. University of Hong Kong. Centre of Computer Studies and Applications) by Tat-hung Chan, 1987
  14. Restricted Turing reducibilities and the structure of the polynomial time hierarchy (Technical report. Cornell University. Dept. of Computer Science) by James A Kadin, 1988

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