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  1. Conjectures: P Versus Np Problem, Poincaré Conjecture, Collatz Conjecture, Hilbert's Problems, Catalan's Conjecture, Sierpinski Number
  2. Euclidean Solid Geometry: Hilbert's Third Problem, Conic Section, Gömböc, Solid Modeling, Soddy's Hexlet, 3d Projection, Dihedral Angle
  3. Hilbert's twelfth problem by Frederic P. Miller, Agnes F. Vandome, et all 2010-06-26
  4. Convex Polhedra With Regularity Conditions and Hilbert's Third Problem (Texts and Readings in Mathematics) by A. R. Rajwade, 2002-08
  5. Differential Structures: Hilbert's Fifth Problem, Differentiable Manifold, Smooth Function, Exotic Sphere, Differential Structure
  6. Real Algebraic Geometry: Bitangents of a Quartic, Hilbert's Sixteenth Problem, Nash Functions, Mnev's Universality Theorem
  7. A Hilbert Space Problem Book by Paul R. Halmos, 1967
  8. Hilbert Space Problem Book 1ST Edition by Paul Halmos, 1967-01-01
  9. Lie Groups: Lie Group, Lie Algebra, Pauli Matrices, Haar Measure, General Linear Group, Special Linear Group, Hilbert's Fifth Problem, Lattice
  10. Riemann's Boundary Problem With Infinite Index (Operator Theory Advances and Applications) by N. V. Govorov, 1994-03-23
  11. The Two-Dimensional Riemann Problem in Gas Dynamics (Monographs and Surveys in Pure and Applied Math) by Jiequan Li, Tong. Zhang, et all 1998-08-21
  12. A Hilbert Space Problem Book by Paul R. Halmos, 1967
  13. The Riemann-Hilbert Problem (Aspects of Mathematics) by D.V. Anosov, A.A. Bolibruch, 1994-10
  14. Hilbert's problems (Lecture notes in mathematics / University of Chicago. Dept. of Mathematics) by Irving Kaplansky, 1977

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