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  1. Parametric X-Radiation From Mosaic Graphite: New Results and Reconciliation of Previous Experiments by James E. Barrows, 1996
  2. Development of Site Characterization Simulator by Neil W. Kassel, 1999
  3. Geometry definition and grid generation for a complete fighter aircraft (SuDoc NAS 1.15:88242) by Thomas A. Edwards,
  4. Variable combustor geometry for improving the altitude relight capability of a double annular combustor (NASA technical memorandum) by Donald F Schultz, 1974
  5. Effects of geometry and jet velocity on noise associated with an upper-surface-blowing model (NASA technical note ; NASA TN D-8386) by Lorenzo R Clark, 1977
  6. Variable-geometry exhaust nozzles and their effects on airplane performance (SAE) by R. C Ammer, 1968
  7. Theoretical study of the use of variable geometry in the design of minimal-correction V/STOL wind tunnels (NASA technical report) by Harry H Heyson, 1969
  8. Ground idle performance improvement of a double-annular combustor by using simulated variable combustor geometry (NASA technical memorandum) by Donald F Schultz, 1975
  9. Effect of hole geometry and electric-discharge machining (EDM) on airflow rates through small-diameter holes in turbine-blade material (NASA technical paper) by Steven A Hippensteele, 1980
  10. Theoretical study of VTOL tilt-nacelle axisymmetric inlet geometries (NASA technical paper) by J. Dennis Hawk, 1979
  11. Pan Air application to the F-106B (SuDoc NAS 1.26:178165) by Farhad Ghaffari, 1986
  12. Numerical simulation of the flow about the F-18 HARV at high angle of attack (SuDoc NAS 1.26:196396) by Scott M. Murman, 1994
  13. Aircraft Carriers of the World: An illustrated guide to more than 140 ships, with 400 identification photographs and illustrations. From early kite balloon ... that carry variable-geometry jets, V/STOL by Bernard Ireland, 2008-01-25
  14. Use of Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy to Determine Desorption Coefficients of Trichioroethylene from Powdered Soils by Jay H. Foil, 1999

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