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  1. Estimated benefits of variable-geometry wing camber control for transport aircraft (SuDoc NAS 1.15:206586) by Alexander Bolonkin, 1999
  2. Aircraft lofting and template layout,: With descriptive geometry ([Cadet engineering series]) by Howard Thrasher, 1942
  3. Practical Analytical Geometry with Applications to Aircraft. by Roy A. Liming, 1944
  4. Subisokinetic sampling characteristics of high speed aircraft inlets: A new CFD-based correlation considering inlet geometries [An article from: Journal of Aerosol Science] by P. Eddy, A. Natarajan, et all 2006-12-01
  5. Aircraft Lofting and Template Layout with Descriptive Geometry (Cadet Engineering Series) by Howard Thrasher, 1942
  6. The Relationship Between Tree-Core and Groundwater Trichloroethylene Concentrations for Groundwater Plume Delineation by Kerry L. Lewis, 2001
  7. Automatic procedures for computing complete configuration geometry for individual component descriptions (SuDoc NAS 1.15:4607) by Raymond L. Barger, 1994
  8. Thermal and mechanical buckling analysis of hypersonic aircraft hat-stiffened panels with varying face sheet geometry and fiber orientation (SuDoc NAS 1.15:4770) by William L. Ko, 1996
  9. A preliminary assessment of the impact of 2-D exhaust-nozzle geometry on the cruise range of a hypersonic aircraft with top-mounted ramjet propulsion (NASA technical memorandum) by Walter A Vahl, 1980
  10. An Adaptive Inspection Sampling Program for Determining Coating Failure of Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier Tanks and Voids by Mark E. Thornell, 1997
  11. Reconstitution Costs of Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment Due to Contingency Operations by Stephen K. Revelas, 2001
  12. Cargo Aircraft Bombing System (CABS) by Ari Gurler, 2003
  13. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/Remotely Piloted Aircraft Design Selection Based on Service-Stated Meteorological/Oceanographic Requirements by Robert J. Stanton, 1999
  14. Aircraft Maintenance Performance: The Effects of the Functional Decentralization of On-Equipment Maintenance by Mark A. Commenator, 2001

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