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41. Instrumentalists - Catalog 31
spalding, albert SP 7 x 9 photo of the popular American violinist playing. .$75 161.
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063. ACETO, Salvatore- SP 9 x 12 shot of the noted Italian fiddler playing d/s.
064. ANDA, Geza- SP 4 x 6 portrait of the Hungarian pianist.
065. ARRAU, Claudio- signs photo on 2 sided 6 x 9 flyer for 1975 London recital headed KING and EMPEROR combined.
066. BALAZS, Frederic-SP 7x9 portrait s Wichita Falls Texas 1949.
067. BASHMET- SP of the violist together with conductor Walter WELLER s Milano 1985.
.....................................................Buy both $45
068. BIGGS, E. Power- nice dedication below laid down magazine photo of the noted organist.
069. BOULANGER, Pierre- SP of the fiddler in act on.
070. BURMESTER, Willy- signs verso of pc photo image of the German violin virtuoso. 071. BUSCH, Adolf- SP 5 x 7 photo of the great chamber music player playing s. New York 1948. Stunning example. 072. CASADESUS, Robert- SP 7 x 9 photo hands on the keyboard d/s 1944 on the lower margin. 073. CHERKASSKY, Shura- SP 7 x 9 dramatic bust portrait d/s Hollywood 1945. Unusual this period and format. 074. CHERNIAVSKY, Michel- SP 7 x 9 photo playing his cello s. 1944. With brothers Leo and Jan there was a family trio of repute.

42. Musicians Collection, Folder List F-K
Rudolph, pianist. Photo; concert program, Aeolian Hall, 1 Jan., with albert spalding, violinist, in Brahms, Handel, etc. fc 2; ofc
Musicians Collection
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43. Jascha Heifetz By Tim Page
a spacious, elegant, and altogether cherishable recording of the Mozart Sinfonia Concertante (K. 364) with the American violinist albert spalding, but when he
Jascha Heifetz
by Tim Page S Apparently, there were few events To date, there has not been a reliable life of Heifetz. And so The Heifetz Collection , a vast trove of sixty-five compact discs (arranged into forty-six self-sufficient volumes) issued earlier this year by BMG S static proven Wunderkinder RCA Victor, then RCA Red Seal, and has now been transmogrified into a division of BMG Classics. The exceptions are some fine performances for EMI The Heifetz Collection BMG was unable to secure the rights. (A London-based magazine called The Strad was an absolute master of the violin miniature. And, because the one-sided 78- RPM H portamento everything The Heifetz Collection contains two chimerical renditions of the Glazunov Concerto in A minor; only Michael Rabin, on EMI H music RPM H agitato Sturm und Drang there The forty-sixth and final box in The Heifetz Collection USC The New York Times T The Heifetz Collection speaks volumes. From The New Criterion Vol. 14, No. 1, September 1995 Back to the top

44. Clickmusic: Clickmusic_Web_Guide/Instruments/Stringed/Bowed_Strings/Violin/Violi
Skwortsow, Alexander The concert violinist s official website. Booking and repertory information; biography and sound samples. spalding, albert Biography of
Pages Country Folk Fiddle Sites Angelis, Kim
Includes concert schedule and biographical information. Berger, Sabrina A.
Performs on a five-string electric violin. Biography, pictures, recordings, performances, and contact information. Hewitt Jones, Simon
Young British violinst's homepage - news, concert listings and biography, plus musical links and comment. Korsakova, Natasha
Biography, repertoire, concerts, recordings, and photo gallery. Markov, Albert - Violinist, Composer, Conductor, Teacher
Biography, concert schedule, reviews, photographs, recordings, and contact information. Markov, Alexander
Russian-born Americian classical solo violinist. Bio, reviews, discography, and contact information. McNaught, Fiona
Information about the British violinist and the Lower Wye Valley Chamber Music Festival. Milenkovich, Stefan
The young concert violinist's biography, sound clip, reviews, and contact information. Milenkovich, Stefan - the No Joke Page
Yugoslav violinist's biography, discography, repertoire, tour schedule, reviews, and sound clips. Mutter, Anna Sophie - Fan Site

45. Chicago Historical Society - S Index
South, Eddie, jazz violinist, 17/3+429. spalding, albert G., sporting goods magnate, 18/25 (see also spalding, AG Company); and Libby Prison Museum, 23/161.
S. M. C. Cartage Company: site of St. Valentine's Day Massacre, 19/1+2:84 S. Thal (ship): and Christmas tree trade, 21/3:53 Sabath, Adolph J., alderman, 23/1: Sabota, Lou, 20/3+4:64 Sacco and Vanzetti trial: and Calvin Goddard, 19/1+2:85 Saigon, fall of, 23/3: St. Adalbert's Church, 18/4: St. George's Methodist Church, Philadelphia: and segregation of African Americans, 19/3+4:31 St. Ignatius College: see Loyola University St. Ignatius College Prep School, founded by Holy Family Church, 22/3:39 St. James Episcopal church, 23/1: St. Louis Giants (baseball team), 23/3:50 St. Louis Stars (baseball team), 23/3:50 St. Peter, Arthur, 20/3+4:56 St. Phillippe (church): founded 1720, 18/4:70 St. Stanislaus Kostka Church, 18/4: St. Valentine's Day Massacre, 19/1+2:84—87, 25/2: Ste. Genevieve (church): founded 1740s, 18/4:70 Saint-Gaudens, Augustus, sculptor: selected for McMillan Commission, 18/4:35; Lincoln statue, 25/1:13, Salesmen, traveling, 17/3+4:4—19; "making" a town, 17/3+4:4—6; literary representations of, 17/3+4:5, 6, 7, 13, 14—15, 16, 17, 20, 21; The Society of Commercial Travellers, 17/3+4:7; changes in business due to transportation and information improvements, 17/3+4:7—9, 25; trade magazines for, 17/3+4:

46. FEBRUARY 7 CLASSICALmanac 'today In Classical Music'
1941 FP of S. Barber s Violin Concerto. Philadelphia Orchestra, with Eugene Ormandy conducting with violinist albert spalding, in Philadelphia, PA.
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47. Entertainment/Music/Instruments/Stringed/Bowed Strings/Violi
Skwortsow, Alexander The concert violinist s official website. spalding, albert Biography of the early 20th century Americanborn concert artist.

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Country Folk Fiddle
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  • Angelis, Kim
    Includes concert schedule and biographical information.
    (Added: Tue Jan 01 2002 Hits: 22 Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0) Rate It Review It
  • Berger, Sabrina A.
    Performs on a five-string electric violin. Biography, pictures, recordings, performances, and contact information. (Added: Tue Jan 01 2002 Hits: 20 Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0) Rate It Review It
  • Berger, Sabrina Ann Performs on both acoustic and 5-string electric violin. Biography, repertoire, sound samples, reviews, and booking information. (Added: Tue Jan 01 2002 Hits: 21 Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0) Rate It Review It
  • Hewitt Jones, Simon Young British violinst's homepage - news, concert listings and biography, plus musical links and comment. (Added: Tue Jan 01 2002 Hits: 17 Rating: 0.00 Votes: 0)

48. Santa Rosa Symphony / Calendar / 1999-2000 Season / Program Notes 5
Finally, on February 7, 1941, still another violinist, albert spalding, publicly introduced the concerto with Ormandy once again conducting.
Program Notes
March 11, 12, 13
Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990)

Halil was written in 1981. Bernstein described it as a "nocturne;" it is scored for solo flute, string orchestra, and percussion. It is dedicated to "the spirit of Yadin and to his Fallen Brothers." Yadin Tanenbaum was a nineteen-year-old Israeli flutist who was tragically killed in his tank in the Sinai. Bernstein has provided the following notes:
"Halil, (the Hebrew word for flute) is formally unlike any other work I have written, but is like much of my music in its struggle between tonal and non-tonal forces. In this case, I sense that struggle as involving wars and threats of wars, the overwhelming desire to live, and the consolations of art, love, and the hope for peace. It is a kind of night-music which, from its opening 12-tone row to its ambiguously diatonic final cadence, is an ongoing conflict of nocturnal images: wish-dreams, nightmares, repose, sleeplessness, night-terrors and sleep itself, Death's twin brother." Samuel Barber (1910-1981)
Violin Concerto, Opus 14

49. Radio New Zealand
However, the violinist albert spalding took it up and gave the first performance with The Philadelphia Orchestra under Eugene Ormandy in February 1941.§ion=c_highlights

50. Violinists Violin Bowed Strings Stringed Instruments Music Arts English LoCuaL
http// Concert violinist, teacher, and recording artist. Links to recordings and publications. spalding, albert · Arts Music
if(top!=self) top.location.href=self.location.href; Bºsquedas Anuncios Personales Correo Publicidad: Encuentra el tipo de relaci³n y persona que est¡s buscando: Publicidad: Buscar: LoCuaL WWW English Arts Music Instruments ...

(Violin Violinists)
Performs on a five-string electric violin. Biography, pictures, recordings, performances, and contact information.
Angelis, Kim

(Violin Violinists)
Includes concert schedule and biographical information.
Vengerov, Maxim

(Violin Violinists) Biography, picture, and concert review. Markov, Alexander (Violin Violinists) Russian-born Americian classical solo violinist. Biography, reviews, discography, and contact information. Rehkopf, Carrie (Violin Violinists) Short biography, contact information, CDs, MP3s, and links. Hewitt Jones, Simon (Violin Violinists) Young British violinst's homepage - news, concert listings and biography, plus musical links and comment.

51. Buy Classical Music CD's And Classical LP's
Serge KOUSSEVITZKY (conductor) Willem MENGELBERG (conductor) Nathan MILSTEIN (violinist) Fritz REINER (conductor) albert spalding (violinist) Peter RYBAR
search for:
Our New Jersey Music Store stocks over 10,000 Classical Music CD's and 10,000 Classical LP's as well as a growing collection of Classical DVD's. We are located an hour both from New York City and Philadelphia. Visit Princeton Record Exchange and browse through our extensive selection including a myriad of Romantic, Renaissance, Baroque, Orchestral, Chamber Music, Vocal Recitals, Opera, and much much more. Our budget priced Classical music CD's section includes over 3,000 Classical music CD's priced from $1.99 - $4.99 each. Most other used Classical music CD's sell for between $6.99 - $9.99 per disc. Please Note: We do not currently sell by mail order, or publish a catalogue, mainly because our inventory changes greatly from day to day. If you would like to visit our store, please view our directions and parking pages.

52. Sell Classical CDs, Selling Classical CDs & Classical Records
Quartet Serge KOUSSEVITZKY conductor Willem MENGELBERG conductor Nathan MILSTEIN violinist Fritz REINER conductor albert spalding violinist Peter RYBAR
search for:
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53. MSS 37, The Samuel Gardner Papers In The Irving S. Gilmore Music Library Of Yale
Scope and Content. The Samuel Gardner Papers document Gardner s varied career as a composer, violinist, conductor, and educator. spalding, albert, 18881953.
MSS 37, The Samuel Gardner Papers in the Irving S. Gilmore Music Library of Yale University
Title: The Samuel Gardner Papers Dates: 1913-1976 (inclusive) Created by: Samuel Gardner Call number: MSS 37 Repository: Irving S. Gilmore Music Library, Yale University Quantity: 4 linear feet (6 boxes) Abstract: Music, correspondence, photographs, and additional materials by and about the violinist, composer, and conductor Samuel Gardner (1891-1984).
In 5 series as follows: I. Music. II. Correspondence. III. Programs and Clippings. IV. Biographical Materials. V. Photographs.
Administrative Information
Access Restrictions: The Papers are open to researchers by appointment. There are no restricted materials in the collection. Please contact the Special Collections staff to schedule an appointment. Acquisition Information: The Samuel Gardner Papers were established in the Music Library of Yale University by Samuel Gardner in 1983. Use Restrictions: Preferred Form of Citation: MSS 37, The Samuel Gardner Papers in the Irving S. Gilmore Music Library of Yale University.
Scope and Content
The Samuel Gardner Papers document Gardner's varied career as a composer, violinist, conductor, and educator. The Papers hold sketches, manuscript scores, and printed editions of Gardner's musical compositions and pedagogical works. The Papers also include: correspondence to and from Gardner; programs, newspaper clippings, and reviews; photographs; and the transcript of an interview with Gardner made as part of Columbia University's Thomas A. Edison project.

54. Category: Music
Ahmet Ertegun, Al Yankovic, Alanis Morissette, Alannah Myles. Alban Berg, albert Ketelbey, albert spalding, violinist, alberto Ginastera.
category: Music
"Carnival of the Animals" by Camille Saint-Saens "I just want your creamy thighs" "I'm The Leader Of The Gang" "More than a feeling" ... `Angels' - Robbie Williams Anagram Genius Archive Main Index
Search the Archive
League table of top contributors home page
William Tunstall-Pedoe

55. Violinists From Linkspider UK Arts Directory
Mutter, AnneSophie - Profile of the celebrated German violinist; includes photos, audio clips, discographies, and calendar. spalding, albert - Biography of
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Directory Topic Violinists
Directory Tree: Top Arts Music Instruments ... Violin : Violinists (

56. Music Directory
Alexander The concert violinist s official website. Booking and repertory information; biography and sound samples. » spalding, albert - Biography of the

57. Los Angeles Philharmonic Association - Piece Detail
by the Los Angeles Philharmonic December 1, 1932, with soloist albert spalding, and Artur 17191787), who was himself an excellent violinist and accomplished

58. Hilary Hahn
performance of the concerto with the school s orchestra, led by Fritz Reiner, though the official premiere came in 1941 with violinist albert spalding and the
Winner of the 2001 Cannes Classical Award in the Solo/Orchestra 20th Century category
Violinist Hilary Hahn premieres a new violin concerto written for her by American composer Edgar Meyer on a new CD which also features Samuel Barber's Violin Concerto. Joining Hahn for the recording are conductor Hugh Wolff and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra , with whom she collaborated in the world premiere performances of the Meyer concerto just a few days before the recording was made.
A composer and double bass virtuoso equally at home in classical and traditional American music, Meyer is like Hahn an exclusive Sony Classical artist. The label commissioned the violin concerto for Hahn.
"I could not be happier that a work with so much spirit, power, dramatic range and lyrical beauty is dedicated to me," Hahn said in describing the work, which she calls "a superb and challenging concerto by one of the most original composers writing in the late twentieth century."
Coupled with it is a more established work that also has strong ties to the Curtis Institute of Music the Violin Concerto of American composer Samuel Barber. Barber, a Curtis alumnus, wrote his concerto in 1939 as a commission for a young violinist and Curtis graduate who was displeased with the final results. It was another Curtis student, Herbert Baumel, who proved in an impromptu test that the concerto's finale was not "unplayable" as had been suggested. Baumel gave the unofficial first performance of the concerto with the school's orchestra, led by Fritz Reiner, though the official premiere came in 1941 with violinist Albert Spalding and the Philadelphia Orchestra under Eugene Ormandy.

59. Historic Opera - Edison Records Opera Stars
albert spalding (violinist); Alice Verlet; New Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph (also in the same series is just a postcard of the phonograph);
Historic Opera COLLECTING OPERA POSTCARD SETS Edison "Talking Machine" About the time the Victor Company was producing advertising postcards featuring their recording artists, Edison countered with their own ad campaign. These postcards are significantly more rare than their Victor postcard counterparts. Postcards in this series identified so far:
  • Anna Case Thomas Chalmers Julia Heinrich Arthur Middleton Christine Miller Marie Rappold Albert Spalding (violinist) Alice Verlet New Edison Diamond Disc Phonograph (also in the same series is just a postcard of the phonograph) Thomas Edison (in front of his phonograph)
SET SAMPLE Alice Verlet EMail address for questions, additions, changes, comments located on Index Page.

60. Albert Spalding - Society Pages
albert spalding. violinist albert spalding s Recordings for Remington SITE . LP LIST/ AUDIO MUSIC BULLETIN/ THE REMINGTON SITE
Home AUCTIONS FORUMS JOBS ... Directory Search the Web: advanced search
Albert Spalding
National Baseball Hall of Fame - A.G. Spalding
Spalding Albert Goodwill Spalding Born: September 2, 1850, Byron, Illinois Died: September 9, 1915, Point Loma, California Elected to Hall of Fame by Committee on Baseball Veterans: 1939 Hall of Fame ...
Albert Spalding, Violinist - anagrams
Albert Spalding, Violinist anagrams Rearranging the letters of 'Albert Spalding, Violinist' (Popular American soloist (1888-1953)) gives: billing, "Strad" in valise. (by V.Rabin) (2003) See ...
Albert Spalding
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Violinist Albert Spalding's Recordings for Remington
Albert Spalding
Albert Spalding Back Order Form Volume 1 Volume 2 Albert Spalding Albert Spalding was one of the most prolific musicians of his time. Not only was he a superb violinist ranking with those of the ...
Albert Spalding
Albert Spalding Biography Sponsored by: NVI Classical Records From the liner notes of Albert Spalding Plays Beethoven "Kreutzer" Sonata and Bach Chaconne, Allegro 1675 Albert Spalding was not only ...
Al Spalding Statistics -

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