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1. The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
Calendar, Concert Series, the IPO on Tour, Keynote, Special Events, Discography, Buy Tickets Online. repin vadim violinist to be published soon. Back Back to Top.

2. INKPOT#84 CLASSICAL MUSIC REVIEWS: Tutta Bravura! Vadim Repin (Erato)
vadim repin plays on a A.Stradivari 'Ruby' violin (1708) by kind permission of the Stradivari Society of Prihoda) brings out the best in a violinist. It is terribly difficult
Tutta Bravura Vadim Repin plays on a A.Stradivari 'Ruby' violin (1708) by kind permission of the Stradivari Society of Chicago. NICCOLÒ PAGANINI
· Variations on the theme "Nel cor piu non mi sento" (arr. Prihoda)
· Caprice No.24 (arr. Leopold von Auer)
· Introduction and Variations on "Dal tuo stellato soglio"
from Rossini's Moses (ed. Zino Francescatti) PYOTR TCHAIKOVSKY
· Melody in E-flat from Souvenir d'un lieu cher , op.42
· Waltz - Scherzo in C major, op.34 ANTONIO BAZZINI
La Ronde des Lutins , op.25. (The Goblin's rondo) HENRYK WIENIAWSKI
· Polonaise Brillante No.1 in D major op.4
· Variations on an Original Theme op.15 PABLO DE SARASATE
Zapateado op.23, no.2 (ed. Francescatti) MANUEL PONCE Estrellita HEINRICH ERNST Der Erlkönig (Grand Caprice op.26) VADIM REPIN violin Alexander Markovich piano ERATO [63:34] full-price by Johann D'Souza After listening to Li Chuan Yun in a recent concert ( reviewed here ) playing (the variations on the theme) Nel cor piu non mi sento , I decided to search for a recording. I was pleasantly recommended this recording. I have had the opportunity to hear Vadim Repin 'live' in a Shostakovich Violin Concerto a couple of years ago with the SSO and even bought his recording of the Shostakovich No.1 and the Prokofiev No.2 with Kent Nagano conducting (Erato 0630-10696-2). Vadim Repin won the prestigious Wieniawski International Competition at the tender age of 11. Later at 17, he triumphed at the Reine Elisabeth Concours. He studied with Professor Zakhar Bron, said to be one of the foremost Russian violinists since the likes of Heifetz, Oistrakh and Milstein. Repin has worked with conductors the likes of Nagano, Boulez, Marriner and Temirkanov. He has also performed in recitals with Boris Berezovsky (Wow, I would love to hear this twin partnership 'live'), Bella Davidovich and Markovich. He has won the Diapason d'Or Choc du Monde de la Musique Terama, and was highly praised for his recording of the Ravel Sonata No.2 and the Medtner Sonata No.3 "Epica", (with Berezovsky, Erato 0630-15110-2).

3. Vadims On The Net (Vadim - The Name)
vadim is a fairly uncommon first name. This site is an attempt to capture all (well, some) vadims who have a virtual presence on the Net. If you know of a vadim, or are a vadim, or know anything about any vadim, please let me know. clothing, and jewelry. vadim repin an incredible young violinist who performs and
Vadim is a fairly uncommon first name. This site is an attempt to capture all (well, some) Vadims who have a virtual presence on the Net . If you know of a Vadim, or are a Vadim, or know anything about any Vadim, please let me know . One of the benefits of being a Vadim is that you can have a page (or several) hosted here at . Thanks and enjoy!
Background on Vadim
The name Vadim is reasonably common in the ex-Soviet republics, and most Vadims tend to be from there. It is pronounced as vuh-DEEM . Vadim is a unique name, not a truncation of Vladimir or expansion of Dima, though it changes to localized forms such as Vadimas in Lithuanian and Wadim in Poland. The history of where the name Vadim originates, and what exactly it means is fuzzy. Several sources that I have heard of so far have come up with the following:
  • Vadim has a root in Slavic vedet or vadit or wiedziec , which means "to know" - as the old magicians in pagan Slavic beliefs were called veduny - "the knowing ones". "Vedet" still exists in Czech and Polish today (

4. NPR Live In Studio 4A Violinist Vadim Repin
Russian violinist vadim repin, accompanied by pianist Elena Baksht, performs music by Bartok and Prokofiev. Live in Studio 4A violinist vadim repin. Listen to repin play Prokofiev's Violin Sonata No 15, 2003 Russian violinist vadim repin charged on to the world stage at 17 when

5. - Recordings -
At first glance, the works chosen by vadim repin for this Like repin, Wieniawski was a child prodigy who embarked first twenty bars alone, the violinist has to
Vadim Repin
Alexander Markovich piano TRACKLIST
Antonio Bazzini (1818-1897)
La rondes des lutins
Henryk Wieniawski (1835-1880)
Polonaise brillante no.1
Nicol Paganini
Caprice no.24
Nicol Paganini Wieniawski Variations on an original theme op.15 Pablo de Sarasate (1844-1908) Zapateado Op.23, No.2 Manuel Maria Ponce (1882-1948) Estrellita Peter Il yich Tchaikovsky Waltz-Scherzo in C op.34 Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst (1814-1865) TUTTA BRAVURA (Paul Cutts) At first glance, the works chosen by Vadim Repin for this recording appear unrelated and difficult to categorise, and to draw parallels between them may be to risk camouflaging their individual quality. But there is a common historical thread binding nearly all of them, for of the eleven pieces presented, nine were written or arranged by virtuoso violinists. Ponce and Tchaikovsky are the exceptions, being remarkably gifted pianists rather than string players. But in the case of Tchaikovsky Repin stands on familiar soil, sharing as he does his Russian heritage. There are other links, too. Four of the works are sets of variations on a theme, of which two are based on original melodies and two on opera arias by other composers. Three take well-known national dances (a polonaise, a waltz and a zapateado) as their basic musical material. And two of the pieces (Der Erlkonig and La Ronde des lutins) concern themselves with menacing, other-wordly beings.

6. Vadim Repin, Violinist
Founded in 1895, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra is the fifth oldest symphony in the United States and represents the evolution of 200 years of musical tradition in the Queen City. vadim repin

7. Vadim Repin Homepage
This is an unofficial page of vadim repin created by a fan to provide his data and Related sites and Miscellaneous. The World violinist Links Visit here!
Last updated on June 1, 2004 [úü ðóññEEÿçûE Russian page]
This is an unofficial fan site. Official website of Vadim Repin is here: from the cover of Lalo CD
original photo by Thierry Cohen V adim Repin, from Russia, is one of the most talented young violinists in the world today. He has the sweet tone of a romantic and the strength of an athlete. Corriere della Sera This is an unofficial page of Vadim Repin created by a fan to provide his data and information and to share good conversation about him and the violin music in general.
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Repin plays on Cannone on 31 May Since August 31, 1997. Written by A. Kose

8. NPR : Vadim Repin In Studio 4A
In NPR's Studio 4A in Washington, DC, violinist vadim repin plays music by Bela Bartok. We hear Bartok's "Romanian Dances" with pianist Alyona Baksht.

9. Lemonde
Is vadim repin really amidst us? You can ask yourself that when you know that it s one of his most crazy desires to be the first violinist in space!
The Masterly violin of Vadim Repin
- Le Monde, January 29, 2001 -
original article (French) at le Monde Site The Russian violinist gives a recital with his companion, pianist Boris Berezovzky. He is a tall young man with a broad-shouldered figure, leather trousers, a small pair of glasses, his face still marked with a trace of childhood. It's clear that Vadim Repin doesn't look like one of those flamboyant violinists. With the attitude of a young intellectual - apart from the slight mockery in his twinkling eyes - he even seems to be a little severe. But when there's an instrument under his chin and a bow in his hand, his face transfigures and becomes joyful. Vadim Repin is beautiful when he's playing. Vadim Repin was born in Siberia thirty years ago. When he was 7 years old, he enrolled the picked troops of Zakhar Bron. Today he is the one who's holding the trumpcard, from the group of virtuosos coming from the smithy of the Russian pedagogue. Who can beat that? Vadim Repin, Maxim Vengerov, and also more recently Daishin Kashimoto and Kirill Troussov aren't the first ones who look like child prodigies - starting lessons at 5, first concert 6 months later, winning competitions as if it were only simple formalities (Wieniawski, Tibor Varga in 1987 and above all the Queen Elizabeth Competition when he was 17): a continuous 'violin-centrism'. For the unique child from Novosibirsk 'the violin became a drug very soon. I needed the sensations of the stage, the excitement, the fright.' At 20, success has arrived. Others would have burnt their fingers, he didn't. This makes one curious how this airy, subtle violin, so refined swaying, maintains his ties with earth.

10. Montreal - Home - Vadim Repin: Spectacular!
Email editor. Performing Arts Event. vadim repin Spectacular! The sensational Russian violinist vadim repin performs Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto.

11. Vadim Repin
vadim RepinViolinAlexander Korsantia, PianoProgramSunday Evening, October 26, 2003 at 600 as perhaps the greatest violinist of the late 19th

12. Concert's Details > Grand Concerts : Vadim Repin: Spectacular!
The sensational Russian violinist vadim repin, compared by critics to Milstein, Heifetz and Stern, performs Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto, one the most

13. Untitled
Rabin, Michael. Amerikansk violinist f 1937 d 1972 Remy, Guillaume. violinist f ? repin, vadim. Rysk violinist f 1971
  • Rabin , Michael
    Amerikansk violinist f 1937 d 1972

  • Radicati , Felica Allessandro
    Elev till Puganini
  • Radionov , Iossif
    Violinist f 19
  • Raimondi , Ignazio
    Italiensk violinist f f 1733 d 1813
    Elev till Barbella
  • Randacher , Roswitha Violinist f 19
  • Randel , Andreas Svensk violinist f 1806 d 1864 Elev till Baillot i Paris. R. var torpar son men fick undervisning och kunde 1821 ekonomiskt understödd av kronprins Oskar bege sig till Paris där han ville söka inträde vid konservatoriet. Inträdesprovet som övervakades av bla Cherubini, Viotti och Kreutzer gick bra och R. antogs som auditör i Baillots klass. Benämningen Elev fick ingen utlänning vid den tiden. 1828 anställdes R. som violinist vid det svenska hovkapellet och blev 1838 andre konsertmästare och 1861 förste konsertmästare. 1844 tillträdde han befattningen lärare i violinspelning vid musikkonservatoriet och blev 1859 professor. R. är kompositören till sångspelet Värmlänningarna.
  • Ranieri , Mauro Italiensk violinist f 1962 d 1995 Elev till Tibor Varga
  • Rappoldi , Adrian Tysk violinist f 1876 d 19
  • 14. Series
    You won’t want to miss Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, Carmina burana, The Rite of Spring and the awaited return of the extraordinary violinist vadim repin!

    HighBeam Research, Free Preview 'violinist repin SHOWS HIS ASTONISHING TALENT.(Life and Arts)(Review)' Full Membership required for unlimited access. Comprehensive archive of newspapers, violinist repin SHOWS HIS ASTONISHING TALENT.(Life and Arts)(Review) Byline R.M. CAMPBELL PI music critic When violinist vadim repin made his Seattle debut a decade ago during the

    16. UMS | Artist
    The great violinist Yehudi Menuhin called him “simply the best, the most perfect violinist I have ever heard.” Siberian violinist vadim repin began his

    17. HighBeam Research: ELibrary Search: Results
    .. PI music critic When violinist vadim repin made his Seattle debut a decade ago during season. For those with expectations Repin&refid=kunstnet

    18. Wisconsin Union Theater
    vadim repin's artistry combines fiery passion with impeccable technique, poetry and sensitivity. " Simply the best, the most perfect violinist living violinist " declares the

    19. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, RPO, London, UK, Classical Music Concerts And Reco
    vadim repin’s artistry combines fiery passion with impeccable technique, poetry and sensitivity. “Simply the best, the most perfect violinist I have ever

    20. Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, RPO, London, UK, Classical Music Concerts And Reco
    that are extremely rewarding to conduct’ Daniele Gatti ‘Simply the best, the most perfect violinist I have ever heard’ - Yehudi Menuhin on vadim repin,

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