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21. DECEMBER 19 CLASSICALmanac 'today In Classical Music'
1881 FP of Massenet s opera Herodiade in Brussells. CDMassenet Herodiade; 1882Birth of Polish violinist and conductor bronislaw huberman near Warsaw.
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      NAVIGATE in: Books CDs DVDs Hanukkah is celebrated from sundown on 19 DEC through sundown on 27 DEC On December 19 in...
    • 1676 Birth of French composer, organist and harpsichordist Louis Nicholas CLERAMBAULT in Paris. d-Paris, 26 OCT 1749.
    • 1733 FP of Thomas Arne's masque Dido and Aeneas , in London, at the Haymarket.

22. »»Mozart Music Reviews««
Indispensable for huberman fans. bronislaw huberman was one of also to Klezmer musicianswho huberman would have to jazz by ItalianAmerican violinist Joe Venuti
Mozart Music Reviews
Related Subjects: Opera_Featured_Composers_A-Z
More Pages: Mozart Page 1 Music reviews for "Mozart" sorted by average review score: Anyone For Mozart, Bach, Handel, Vivaldi? Released in Audio CD by Polygram Records (25 October, 1990) Amazon base price:
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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Tracks:
  • Sonata No. 15, K. 545: Allegro/Andante/Allegretto Ah! Vous Dirais-Je Maman (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) Allegro from Sonata No. 14, K. 333 Fugue from Sonata No. 37, K. 402 Fine Kleine Nachtmusik, K. 525: Allegro/Romanze/Menuetto/Rondo Badinerie from the Suite in B Minor Air from the Harpsichord Suite in E Major) Gigue from the Cello Suite in C Major Largo from the Harpsichord Concerto in F Minor Prelude No. 19 from the Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1 Preambule from the Partita No. 5 in G Major Fugue from the Estro Harmonico, Op. 3, No. 11 Prelude No. 7 from the Well-Tempered Clavier, Book II Solfeggietto Fruhling (Spring) Prelude No. 24 from the Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I
Average review score: Charming!!!

23. »»Beethoven Music Reviews««
bettered elsewhere but still unique. bronislaw huberman was one also to Klezmer musicianswho huberman would have jazz by ItalianAmerican violinist Joe Venuti
Beethoven Music Reviews
Related Subjects: Opera_Featured_Composers_A-Z
More Pages: Beethoven Page 1 Music reviews for "Beethoven" sorted by average review score: Portrait Of Yo-Yo Ma Released in Audio CD by Sony (25 October, 1990) Amazon base price:
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Camille Saint-Saens Tracks:
  • Seven Variations in E-flat Major on the Theme Bei M¤nnern, Welche Liebe Sakura, Sakura Sch¶n Rosmarin Liebesleid Liebesfreud Tambourin Chinois Caprice No. 24 Concerto No. 2 in D Major for Cello and Orchestra, Hob.VIIb: 2 I. Alleg II. Adagio III. Allegro
Average review score: classic Yo-Yo This disc is sort of Yo-Yo's virtuoso collection. The CD is comprised largely of fairly mindless music, but at least Ma manages to make things interesting. Most of these works are played extremely well - his cello arrangement of the Dvorak-Kriesler "Songs my mother taught me" is stunning, and if the octaves (and a bit of other passagework) in the Paganani 24th caprice are out of tune, that track still serves as a tribute to his incredible technical skill. Still, some of this music (such as "The Swan") is too overplayed to be truly enjoyable at this point, and now that he has two separate sets of complete Bach Suites released (neither of which I'd recommend), the last thing anyone needs to hear is an early recording of the Bourrees from Suite 3.
The highlight is his Haydn D major concerto, which is given a simple treatment here, and it works. So crisp and clean is his playing that little else is required, from him or the orchestra, and the result is an incredibly refined performance.

24. NOPL Rare Vertical File--Part 2
Blotters, 31 Howe, William Wirt Obituaries, 13 huberman, bronislaw violinistProgramsConcerts, 52 Huey P. Long Bridge InvitationsDedications, 3, 14
Index to the Louisiana Division's
Rare Vertical File
Name/Subject categories beginning with . . .
B C D ... Z
Catalogs, 7
Invoices, 42
Letterheads20th Century Business Firms, 148, 197
Fabry, Dr. Paul A. [Director, International House]
Business Cards, 76
Factors and Traders Insurance Company of New Orleans
Charters, 12
Fairbanks Co.
Letterheads20th Century Business Firms, 49
Falstaff Brewing Corporation
Announcements, 7
Farley, E.A.
Letterheads20th Century Business Firms, 150
Farwell, F.H.
Pamphlet History of inland water transportation
ViewsBuildings, 6
Faust, Edna M.
Certificates, 3, 19
Faust, W.C.
Certificates, 1, 2
Fenasci Dancing School
Broadsides, 3
InvitationsBalls, 6, 7
Fenner, Justice Charles E.
Speeches, 9
Fernandez, Gabriel
Business Cards, 48
Broadsides, 27
Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland
Letterheads20th Century Business Firms, 71
Fife Brothers Clinic
Advertisements, 12
Letterheads20th Century Business Firms, 47
Firemen's Charitable Association
Certificates, 16
Charters, 58, 64
Firemen's Insurance Company of New Orleans
Charters, 48

25. Chamber Music In Israel
in Tel Aviv in 1936 by musicians belonging to the Palestine Symphony Orchestra,which had been founded that year by the violinist bronislaw huberman. Music in Israel
PH_DoValidation=true; My MFA Search Advanced search MFA newsletter MFA MFA Library May Chamber Music in Israel Chamber Music in Israel 22 May 2003 The Israel Review of Arts and Letters - 2002/114 EDITORIAL POETRY NATURE CHAMBER MUSIC ... CREDITS Chamber Music in Israel Ora Binur Chamber music is the most intimate medium in classical music and its attraction lies in its clarity. Chamber music developed in parallel with the wave of virtuosity that swept Europe in the 19th century. The pianist Franz Liszt was the first person who appeared in a solo recital and it was also he who initiated the sideways position, sitting in profile so that the audience could see his fingers flying over the keys. But the greatest acrobatic ability of all was that of the Italian violinist Niccolo Paganini, whose playing was so amazing in its speed, accuracy and emotional power, that rumours circulated that he was in league with the devil. But while musicians were demonstrating acrobatic control on one instrument, intimate chamber music was also developing for trios, quartets and quintets and even for sextets and octets. Of all these groupings, the peak of them all was considered the string quartet. Haydn was called "The father of the quartet" and it was he who shaped its classic form as well as influencing other chamber music groupings. Chamber music, developing in tandem with the development of the symphony orchestra, was the most important form for the composer to express his own personal emotions. and the different groupings played an important role in this form of expression. In chamber music there is an emotional dialogue among the instruments, and great stylistic unity is required from all the performers.

early owners, Alfred Gibson, and for bronislaw huberman, the Polish a 1936 concertat Carnegie Hall, huberman left the A 20year-old violinist who worked at a
Pop Music 101 Publishers Adapt To New Technology Women Conductors Push The Glass Ceiling Jazz Is Getting All Mixed Up
GRAMMY Magazine - November 3, 2003 Joshua Bell Gets His Own 'Red Violin'
The classic Stradivari violin is unveiled on his latest album Associated Press
Martin Steinberg To violinist Joshua Bell, it was love at first sound. He already had owned two violins made by Antonio Stradivari. But this one was nearly as sensational as the fictional fiddle in The Red Violin Joshua Bell After playing the instrument several years ago, Bell tried to forget it because he didn't think he'd ever get a chance to own it. Then, two years ago, he went to a London dealer to get his bow repaired and was told the instrument was for sale. "After like 30 seconds, I thought, 'Oh my God, I have to have this violin!" Bell recalled. He bought it for "three to four million dollars," and now the 35-year-old violinist has recorded his first album with the 1713 Gibson ex Huberman, made during Stradivari's "golden period." The album, Romance Of The Violin , was released Oct. 28 by Sony.

27. An Error Has Occured
at the Herbst by Midori, the Japaneseborn violinist. John, just as famous asMidori in his day, studied with the great bronislaw huberman, who actually

28. David Schor Homepage (English)
3) huberman, bronislaw (b. Czestochowa, Russian Poland, 1882; d. Corsiersur-Vevey,Switzerland, 1947). violinist and founder of the Palestine Orchestra.
"I understood that the fertile land of national vision will also give birth to a comprehensive human vision. " D.S.Schor
Schor, David. World-famous concert pianist, founder and member of Moscow Trio, Professor of Moscow conservatory, one of the initiators of the Jewish musical renaissance movement in Russia, chairman of the Society of Jewish Education in Russia, and Zionist leader in Moscow. In 1907 he visited Palestine, and settled there permanently in 1925. Founder and director of a music school in Tel-Aviv, the president of the Institute for the Promotion of Music among the People, the president of "Hanigun", a music lecturer of the Hebrew University, founder and director of the Institute for Musical Instruction and Education that was named in 1942 in his honor the David Schor institute (now the David Schor conservatory in Holon). To the Russian lecture of J.Matveev: "To History of the Institute for Musical Instruction and Education of Prof. D.Shor."
About the archive of the Schor family
The work on the materials of the Schor's collection is headed by Prof. Dimitri Segal, Chairman of the Departament of Slavic Studies, Faculty of Humanities, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

29. Joshua Bell - Romance Of The Violin - Sony Classical Records - CD
history of its own. The violin used to belong to world renown violinist,bronislaw huberman. The violin, left unattended briefly
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Reviewed by - Matt Rowe Joshua Bell
Romance of the Violin
Released: October 28, 2003
Origination Year: 2003
Time: 78:24
Tracks: 13
Produced by:  N/A
Style: Studio
Format: CD
Enhancement: None Label: Sony Classical Website: Track Listing
  • O mio babbino caro - Puccini
  • The Girk With Flaxen Hair - Debussy
  • Nocturne in C sharp minor - Chopin
  • The Swan - Saint-Saens
  • Serenade - Schubert
  • Casta Diva - Bellini
  • Andante from Piano Concerto #21 - Mozart
  • Dance of the Blessed Spirits - Gluck
  • Nocturne from Quartet #2 - Borodin
  • Songs My Mother Taught Me - Dvorak
  • Pur ti Miro - Monteverdi
  • Elegie - Massenet
  • Traumerai - Schumann Joshua Bell Most people understand that God created the Heavens and The Earth in six days and rested on the seventh. What they may not know is that on the eighth day
    When bronislaw huberman (18821947) was but 13, he performed Brahms famous is thecheerful accomplice to huberman in this with the EMI as the violinist is more
    Ludvig van BEETHOVEN
    Violin Concerto in D major, Op.61
    Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
    conducted by George Szell Pyotr I. TCHAIKOVSKY
    Violin Concerto in D major, Op.35
    Staatskapelle Berlin
    conducted by William Steinberg BRONISLAW HUBERMAN violin Historical (Studio) Recordings 1928/1934.
    NAXOS Historical

    [64:09] budget-price by Derek Lim When Bronislaw Huberman (1882-1947) was but 13, he performed Brahms' Violin Concerto, reducing the composer to tears, earning for himself a kiss on the forehead from the old man and an anecdote for which he is always remembered nowadays for. What may be less well-known is that Huberman also founded the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra , and was the main reason behind the virtual banishment of Richard Wagner from the concert stage of the Holy Land in response to the Holocaust (Hitler's favourite composer was Wagner himself, followed by Bruckner). However tantalizing the prospects of a Brahms Violin Concerto recording with Huberman may be, we are left instead with a small body of concerto recordings, including a Lalo Symphonie Espagnole , some short virtuoso pieces, and on this disc, the concertos by Beethoven and Tchaikovsky.

    31. HUBERMAN: Beethoven, Tchaikovsky Violin Conc. : Classical CD Reviews-June 2000 M
    Released under the Naxos Great violinists series it incorporates two performancesby bronislaw huberman, the Polish violinist (b 1882) who at 14 years of age
    Classical Editor: Rob Barnett
    Music Webmaster

    Len Mullenger:

    Ludwig van BEETHOVEN
    Violin Concerto in D Major
    , Op 61 38'42"
    Pyotr Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY
    Violin Concerto in D Major
    , Op 35** 28'21"
    Bronislaw Huberman (violin)
    Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra / George Szell
    Staatskapelle Berlin / William Steinberg
    AAD Naxos 8.110903 "Great Violinists" Series [67'02"] Crotchet Amazon UK Amazon USA This recording is most emphatically not for the general listener who wants a coupling of the Beethoven / Tchaikovsky Concertos. With that said we can move on to what the recording is. Released under the Naxos Great Violinists series it incorporates two performances by Bronislaw Huberman, the Polish violinist (b 1882) who at 14 years of age played the Brahms Concerto to an audience that included the composer. He was at his peak when Hitler came to power, after which he refused further engagements in Germany and became deeply involved in the founding of the Palestine Symphony Orchestra (later the Israel SO). He died in 1947. The 78's from which the Beethoven is taken are from a recording session in June 1934 with the Vienna Philharmonic under George Szell. From his first entry one is struck by Huberman's wonderful ringing tone - the recording balance has him prominent but not excessively so - and technical magnificence (try the closing cadenza to the Allegro starting at 16'57"). The performance itself is a fine one with a

    32. Huberman. Concert And Recital Recordings [JW]: Classical CD Reviews- Apr 2003 Mu
    Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland bronislaw huberman (violin) with Barzin and huberman launchthe finale with real If the violinist’s vibrance is decidedly limited
    Classical Editor: Rob Barnett Founder Len Mullenger:
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    powered by FreeFind
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    CELEBRATING Classical CD/DVD reviews since 1998.
    AVAILABILITY Huberman. Concert and recital recordings
    Ludwig van BEETHOVEN

    Violin Concerto in D Op. 61 (1806)
    Sonata No. 9 in A Op. 47 Kreutzer (1803) – First and Third movements
    Bedrich SMETANA
    From the Homeland T128 (1880) Johann Sebastian BACH Nun Komm der Heiden Heiland Bronislaw Huberman (violin) with The National Orchestral Association conducted by Leon Barzin, recorded New York 1944 (Beethoven Concerto) Ignaz Friedman (piano) in the Kreutzer Sonata – previously unissued takes of the commercial recording made in London in 1930 Boris Roubakine (piano) in Smetana and Bach, recorded c.1942 ARBITER 115 CDs at special prices Post-free world-wide. You can save by downloading tracks or the entire CD. You can also sample each track first.

    33. Jakob Bronislaw Gimpel Archives
    He became a close associate and protégé of the great violinist bronislaw huberman,with whom he completed two world tours, and with whom he collaborated
    by Peter Gimpel (Earlier versions of this article appeared previously in the booklet notes to "Jakob Gimpel at Ambassador Auditorium [vol. 1]: All-Chopin Recital - May 11th, 1978," published in 1996 by Cambria Master Recordings; and in the Jewish Press of New York (September and October, 1990). Permission to include previously published portions of this article is gratefully acknowledged.) In 1938, having timely taken heed of the tragic developments which were to culminate in the Holocaust, he emigrated with his wife Mimi (my mother) to the United States, never again to see his parents, who perished in the Holocaust along with more than thirty other known relatives, or his older brother Karol (a gifted pianist and conductor), who was said to have died of "dysentery" in a Soviet prison. Unknown in America, and unadept at the musical powerplay that characterized the New York "scene", my father took up residence in Los Angeles, where he supported his family through teaching and recording for "the studios," a routine punctuated by occasional concerts across the U.S. When the great Soviet Jewish violinist David Oistrakh invited my father to tour the Soviet Union in 1963, American management (without whose assistance such a tour could not be arranged) first promised, then declined to send him, or subsequently to include him in a cultural exchange program. Incredibly, my father never appeared in any major American music festival, or with any major U.S. symphony, excepting Pittsburgh, Boston and Los Angeles. Despite the clamorous success of his 1968 "debut" at the Los Angeles Music Center, playing the Chopin f minor Concerto with Zubin Mehta conducting, New York remained closed to him. As late as 1985, the National Symphony Orchestra turned down a private offer to bring him to Washington D.C.

    34. Twilight With Halfmoon Rising: Selected Poems By Peter Gimpel. Red Heifer Press
    I invited Gimpel to join with violinist Sam Fordis and me in a concerts throughoutEurope and America, once the protégé of bronislaw huberman—founder of

    Red Heifer Press
    Meet the Publisher ... Newsletter
    Poetry by Peter Gimpel
    Twilight With Halfmoon Rising: Selected Poems by Peter Gimpel.
    Containing . . . POETRY MY ARS! A hilarious send-up of the academic poetry scene. ON THE INTERPRETATION OF BEETHOVEN: Elegy from the ruins of today's mass-media classical-music celebrity culture. THE QUESTION: What if the State of Israel had no right to exist? A fable. CANTO VII: An unsuccessful bid for the first civilian spaceride is transformed into a defiant tribute to the Challenger VII Astronauts. TESHUVA: A five-poem cycle celebrating the poet's return to Jewish observance in the chassidic tradition of his grandfather. And much more!
    Trade paper.
    Price (US): $7.95.
    (December 19, 1997) "The title of this poet’s first collection evokes the kind of bucolic, naturalistic imagery one immediately associates with the great poets of the Romantic era, Wordsworth or Keats, perhaps. How utterly, and pleasantly, misleading it is. "Intending no offense to the Romantics, it’s nice to discover that Gimpel, a Los Angeles chasid, has something else entirely in mind.

    35. Baltimore Symphony Orchestra - About The BSO - Public Relations - Recent Reviews
    one of its owners, turnof-the-20th-century English violinist Alfred Gibson, itwas stolen twice from its next owner, Polish violinist bronislaw huberman.

    36. - Review: Joshua Bell Romances The Repertoire - Dec. 12, 2003
    work in the soundtrack to Francois Girard s 1998 film, The Red Violin. The exhuberman was stolen in 1936 from violinist bronislaw huberman, was recovered
    International Edition MEMBER SERVICES The Web Home Page World U.S. Weather ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-mail Services CNNtoGO Contact Us SEARCH Web Overview Gift Finder Personality Quiz
    Review: Joshua Bell romances the repertoire
    A man and his music
    By Porter Anderson
    Story Tools RELATED Official site: Joshua Bell
    Sony Classical

    Women lead
    Who will shine? 'Romance of the Violin' • Joshua Bell
    • Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Michael Stern conducting
    • Sony Classical
    • Available in download from iTunes and Napster, as well as in CD format BELL'S VIOLIN
    Joshua Bell plays the "Gibson ex Huberman" violin made by Antonio Stradivari in 1713. Its varnish gives it a reddish color something enjoyed by fans of Bell's work in the soundtrack to Francois Girard's 1998 film, "The Red Violin." The "ex Huberman" was stolen in 1936 from violinist Bronislaw Huberman, was recovered in 1987 and was subsequently acquired by Bell, whose earlier Stradivari was the 1732 "Tom Taylor." YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS Music Classical Joshua Bell or Create your own Manage alerts What is this?

    37. Live From Lincoln Center
    from that master s greatest period, it was acquired in the early years of the 20thcentury by the distinguished Polish violinist, bronislaw huberman (who in

    TV Notes for other telecasts

    January 14, 2004, 8:00 p.m. on PBS
    at the Penthouse
    I first met Joshua Bell some 20 years ago in Charleston, South Carolina at the annual Spoleto Festival. He was then a teenager, but already a force to be reckoned with. Playing with some of the hallowed names of the concert stage, he already had the distinguishing characteristics of a superb artist: impeccable technique, a distinctive sound, and a questioning musical mind. A native of Bloomington, Indiana, where his psychiatrist father and pianist mother were faculty members of Indiana University, Joshua had made his debut as a soloist with the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra in 1975at the age of 7! Another member of Indiana University's faculty at the time was the renowned violinist and pedagogue, Josef Gingold. Gingold had studied with the great Belgian violinist Eugene Ysaye (who became Conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra early in the 20th century), before settling into a life as an orchestral musician, first in Toscanini's NBC Symphony Orchestra and later as concertmaster of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and the Cleveland Orchestra. But it was as a teacher that Gingold achieved his greatest prominence; he became Joshua Bell's most important musical influence and inspiration, and Gingold, in turn, recognized a brilliant talent in in the young man. Joshua Bell first came to national attention as the grand prize winner in the Seventeen Magazine/General Motors National Concerto Competition, which led to his debut, at the age of 14, with Riccardo Muti and the Philadelphia Orchestra. That was the beginning of a career that has taken him to every important concert stage the world oveJr in the ensuing two decades. Today, at the age of 36, he is generally recognized as one of the master violinists of our time.

    38. News@UofT -- In Memoriam: Professor Emeritus Lorand Fenyves -- April 5, 2004
    to become concertmaster of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra at the invitationof its founder, bronislaw huberman, the great Polish violinist and humanist.
    Contact Us U of T Magazine National Report Edge ... U of T Home
    In memoriam: Professor emeritus Lorand Fenyves
    Fenyves an inspiration to those his life touched April 5, 2004 Professor Emeritus Lorand Fenyves of the Faculty of Music died March 23 while travelling in Switzerland. He was 86 years old. Born in Budapest in 1918, Fenyves first visited Canada in 1962 as a coach for Les Jeunesses Musicales at Mount Orford. In 1965 he joined U of T's Faculty of Music as a visiting lecturer and subsequently became professor of violin. He retired in 1983 but remained active and maintained a full teaching schedule up until his death. In 1988 he established a scholarship to provide financial assistance to a gifted string student in the faculty's performance program. "Lorand single-handedly created a generation of string professionals in Canada," said Professor David Beach, dean of the Faculty of Music. "Every orchestra or chamber group in Canada has benefited from his vision and musicality." Fenyves received his early musical education in Budapest where he graduated with honours from the Franz Liszt Academy of Music. Well before his graduation he had already embarked on a concert career that included, at the age of 13, an appearance as soloist under conductor Felix von Weingartner. On the eve of the Second World War he left behind an established reputation in Europe to become concertmaster of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra at the invitation of its founder, Bronislaw Huberman, the great Polish violinist and humanist. In 1957 he returned to Europe to take over the same position with the Orchestre de la Suisse Romande in Geneva. During this period he also performed extensively with orchestras and in recitals throughout Europe.

    39. IPO: A History
    Founded by Polish violinist bronislaw huberman, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestrarepresents the fulfillment of his dream “to unite the desire of the country
    The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
    Contact: Sylvie Bigar
    The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

    Zubin Mehta and members of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra are also involved with several musical education and outreach activities.
    The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra has always been integral to the fabric of Israel. In 1947, the Orchestra played in celebration of the U.N. resolution for the partition of Palestine with an independent Jewish sector and in 1948 played the Hatikva at the Proclamation Ceremony of the State of Israel. The Orchestra played in 1967 on Mount Scopus in liberated Jerusalem after the Six-Day War and at the 40th anniversary celebration of the State of Israel with a special concert at Masada. The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra played a prominent part in the celebrations marking the 50th Anniversary of the State of Israel in April and May of 1998 and remains an eloquent voice for peace.
    NOVEMBER 2003.

    40. - Bronislaw Music
    bronislaw huberman was one of the most versatile, emotive and also to Klezmer musicianswho huberman would have to jazz by ItalianAmerican violinist Joe Venuti
    Books Music DVD VHS Magazines Electronics Home Kitchen Toys Baby Office Photography Tools Computers Clothing Software Cell Phones Video Games
    bronislaw malinowski

    bronislaw change malinowski sequence

    Sentimental Favorites (25) Ready To Buy?
    Our price: $4.98
    Bookmark it! Artist: Emile Waldteufel Alexander Borodin Jules Massenet Pyotr Il'yich Tchaikovsky ... Franz Schubert and Fritz Kreisler
    Label: Vox (Classical)
    Sales Rank:
    Audio CD
    Release Date: 20 August, 1996
    Availability: Usually ships within 2 to 3 days
    Tracks The Skaters Waltz String Quartet No. 2: III. Notturno 'Thais': Meditation Sleeping Beauty: Waltz The Red Poppy Ballet: Phoenix Artist's Life Waltz Piano Concerto No. 21 In C, K.467: II. Andante Nocturne In E-Flat, Op.9 Ave Maria Liebeslied Pavane Je te veux My Lady Greensleeves Suite espanola: 1. Granada Concerto For Flute And Harp In C, K. 299: II. Andantino The Nutcracker Suite: Waltz Of The Flowers Carnival Of The Animals: The Swan Prince Igor: Polovtsian Dance No.8 The Marriage Of Figaro: Sull'aria che soave zeffiretto 3 Old Viennese Dance Melodies: III. Schon Rosmarin

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