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61. [ Experimental ] Titles At Aquarius Records
Stained glass Soma Fountain, a collection of LPD rarities from the early 80s. Lichtintends as a tribute to both Fluxus hillbilly drone violinist Henry Flynt
[ experimental ] titles at Aquarius Records search by:
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LABELLE, BRANDON Shadow Of A Shadow (Selektion) cd
RealAudio clip: "The Body Is An Instrument"
RealAudio clip: "Buildings Are Bodies" LABELLE, BRANDON / CHRISTOF MIGONE Writing Aloud: The Sonics of Language (Errant Bodies) book+cd LABELLE, BRANDON/STEVE RODEN The Opening Of The Field (Digital Narcis) cd
The latest from LA sound artists Labelle (of id battery) and Steve Roden (aka in.betweeen.noise), sees them collaborating with the care and intellect that they are both known for in their work. "'The Opening Of The Field' presents a series of live studio improvisations that move quietly through the intimate surfaces of objects to the fragmented landscapes of field recordings. In this movement, from textured scrapings to electronic manipulations, the distinctness of objects and the processes of recordings clouds over to create a highly detailed sonic flow. The spaces of sounds and their origin are transposed onto an imaginary space where listening leads to many openings." from the liner notes. Need we say more? No? Good.

62. O'Connor Piano, MIDI Keyboard And Organ Studio
film score, Cunningham said, I love glass s music almost in Moscow and the QueenElisabeth competition in bang on Saturday, opening with violinist Vanessa Mae
Today is
News Items
Wed Feb 5, 4:37 PM ET
Canada's Charlie Biddle Hailed as Jazz Pioneer
MONTREAL (Reuters) - Tributes began pouring in on Wednesday for Charlie Biddle, the Philadelphia-born bassist who became a pioneering jazz icon while living in Canada for the past 55 years. Biddle died on Tuesday at age 76 after a long battle with cancer.
"Mr. Biddle's extraordinary talent as a bassist, and his work as a promoter, made him a legend of his time," Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien said in a statement. "I know that his passing will deeply affect jazz enthusiasts and indeed all Canadians alike."
Biddle's family were with him at the time of his death on Tuesday evening.
"He passed away at home, surrounded by his family. He was serene," Allan Patrick, Biddle's son-in-law, told Reuters.
A memorial service for Biddle is planned for Saturday in Montreal.
A double bassist, Biddle's jazz career endured more than five decades. He is credited with popularizing jazz in Quebec and launching the careers of young artists in the mainly French-speaking Canadian province.
Just over a week ago, dozens of people braved freezing winter weather to hold a vigil for Biddle outside his home, singing songs after a church service nearby. His wife, Constance, acknowledged the tribute from a window near where Biddle was bed-ridden.

63. GLOBALSeek ~ Today In History ~ February 26th
74 1939 E Fernandez Arbós Spanish violinist/conductor/composer dies at about 75 1953Elisabeth Ilse Kuyper Owens of Toledo OH patents a glassblowing machine
Birthdates which occurred on your SELECTED date of February 26th : Wenceslas of Bohemia Holy Roman Catholic German emperor (1378-1400)
Nicolaus Erich composer
Johann Philipp Treiber composer
Nicola Fago composer
Godefroi L Count d'Estrades French diplomat
John Randall composer
Antoine Reicha composer
Caspar Furstenau composer
Victor Hugo France, author (Hunchback of Notre Dame, Les Miserables)
Carlos Calvo Argentine diplomat/people rights scholar (Calvo Clause)
Hans Balatka composer Filippo Marchetti composer John George Nicolay US, author (Abe Lincoln's biographer) Aleksander Zarzycki composer Richard Andree German geographer (Andree's Handatlas) Charles Woeste Belgian count/minister of Justice Wendelin Weissheimer composer Evelyn Baring Earl Cromer English Consul-General (Egypt) Alexander III St Petersburg, Russian tsar (1881-94) Aleksander Rozycki composer William F "Buffalo Bill" Cody Davenport IA, killed 4000 buffaloes John Harvey Kellogg surgeon, inspired flaked cereal industry Ferdinand I Vienna, 1st tsar of modern Bulgaria (1908-18)

64. »»Beethoven Music Reviews««
with Sylvia McNair, with harp and glass harmonika by the all time great violinistDavid Oistrakh Fidelio, op.72b - Antona Dermotta/elisabeth Schwarzkopf/Antona
Beethoven Music Reviews
Related Subjects: Opera_Featured_Composers_A-Z
More Pages: Beethoven Page 1 Music reviews for "Beethoven" sorted by average review score: Beethoven Naturally Released in Audio CD by Uni/Northsound (28 November, 1994) Amazon base price:
Used price: Artist:
Various Artists Tracks:
  • Pathetique Son, Op. 13 in c, 2nd movt Fur Elise Sym No. 5, Op. 67 in c, 1st movt Pathetique Sonata, Op. 13 in c, 1st movt Moonlight Son, Op. 27, No. 2 in c sharp, 1st movt Minuet in G Rondo in G, Op. 51, No.2 Sym No. 9, Op. 125 in d 'Ode to Joy,' last movt
Average review score: excellent music very sothing I very much enjoyed the music very much and would refer it to anyone. The best of Beethoven backed by nature sounds! Great for relaxing or meditating; I wore the cassette out and had to buy it on CD! Beethoven Sonatas Released in Audio CD by Rca (13 February, 1990) Amazon base price:
List price:
that's off!
Used price:
Buy one from zShops for: Artist:
Ludwig van Beethoven and Van Cliburn Tracks:
  • Sonata, Op. 27, No. 2 'Moonlight - Mondschein': Adagio sostenuto Sonata, Op. 27, No. 2 'Moonlight - Mondschein': Allegretto

65. »»Vivaldi Music Reviews««
a hot tub under the stars with a glass of wine. us to rediscover the art of a greatviolinist. in both the prestigious Naumburg and Queen elisabeth of Brussels
Vivaldi Music Reviews
Related Subjects: Opera_Featured_Composers_A-Z
More Pages: Vivaldi Page 1 Music reviews for "Vivaldi" sorted by average review score: Julian Bream Ultimate Collection Vol. 2 Released in Audio CD by Rca (08 August, 2000) Amazon base price:
List price:
that's off!
Used price:
Buy one from zShops for: Artist:
Federico Moreno Torroba Tracks:
  • I: Allegretto Capricho Arabe A Fancy Etude No. 5 In C I. Allegretto I. Allegretto I. Allegro The Wood So Wild Adante; Molto Adagio; Adante Fandango Segovia, Op. 29 Fantasia XXII II. Andante Preludio II. Andantino Grazioso Fantasia Bourree Gigue Polonaise, Op.2, No.2 Canario
Average review score: Ultimately Satisfying A wonderful companion to the first set, this edition includes 20 beautifully recorded pieces by one of the master guitarists of the twentieth century. And Bream is at his best in these recordings, showing off his amazing technique, as well as his almost daunting emotional power. An amazing gift to guitarists and music lovers. Spectacular The brilliance of Breams guitar/lute shines through. If you love any of his work you will love this, I can never get tired of his work.Especially this one. Antantino grazioso is absolutely amazing. "best-love guitar pieces from legendary Julian Bream: Julian Bream occupies a pre-eminent postion in the world of the guitar and is considered the finest lutenist virtuoso of his generation, won many international recording awards, including four Grammy Awards, two Edison Awards and various "Gramophone" prizes, and attaining silver, gold and platinum status - including those made with his great friend and colleague, John Williams guitarist.

66. Lost Splendor - Felix Yussupov - Chapter III
was in vain, and my career as a violinist soon came was with him that I had my firstglass of wine. Grand Duke Serge and the Grand Duchess elisabeth to England
My Tartar ancestors - Khan Yussuf - Souinbeca - The first Yussupoff princes. CHAPTER II
Prince Nicholas Borissovich - His journeys abroad - His marriage - Arkhangelskoye - Prince Boris Nicholaievich. CHAPTER III
My birth - My mother's disappointment - The Berlin zoo - My great-grandmother - My grandparents - My parents - My brother Nicholas. CHAPTER IV
The Coronation of the Emperor Nicholas II - The receptions given at Arkhangelskoye and our House in Moscow - Marie, Crown Princess of Rumania - Prince Gritzko. CHAPTER V
My childhood - Our playmates - The Argentinian - The 1900 Exposition in Paris - General Bernov - Gugusse - Travel gives experience to the young. CHAPTER VI
The Russo-Japanese War - The Montenegrins - The Reval conferences. CHAPTER VII
Our various residences - St. Petersburg - The Moika, its servants and guests - A supper at The Bear restaurant. CHAPTER VIII
Moscow - Our life at Arkhangelskoye - Serov the painter - A supernatural adventure - Our neighbors in the country - Spaskoye-Selo. CHAPTER IX
Growing pains - The gypsies - A royal conquest - My first appearance on the music-hall stage - Fancy-dress balls - A stormy conversation with my father.

67. SME/EMS: Violin
7652, elisabeth Spöndlin Müdes Lied(1993),4 30. for violin (singing violinist) SME/EMS, Postfach 7851, CH-6000 Luzern 7
Matthias Arter
: Solo 2002(2002)
Heidi Baader-Nobs
: Spires(1993)
Heidi Baader-Nobs
: Duo pour Hansheinz(1996)
Walter Baer
: Hegar-Variationen(1987)

Beim Komponisten, , chez l'auteur, published by the author
William Blank
: Cadenza(1989)
pour violon
Beim Komponisten, , chez l'auteur, published by the author
: Uhrwerk(1976)
John Wolf Brennan
: Asikudaphari, op. 121(1995)
Beim Komponisten, , chez l'auteur, published by the author : Monologue pour violon seul(1992) Martin Derungs : Kaleidoscope(1987) Martin Derungs : Temi estratti da "La strada" (Nino Rota)(1995) Beim Komponisten, , chez l'auteur, published by the author Martin Derungs Beim Komponisten, , chez l'auteur, published by the author : Solo per violino(1988) : Romance pour Violon solo(1995) Stefan Feingold : Taifun-Fantasy(1991/92) Beim Komponisten, , chez l'auteur, published by the author Alfred Felder : Variations for Violin solo(1987) Alfred Felder : Capriccio(1989) Claude Ferrier pour violon solo : Wen(1999/2000) Edition Wandelweiser, Fidicinstr. 24, D-10965 Berlin : erwarten im flachland(1994) for violin solo Tre Media Musikverlage, Amalienstr. 40, D-76133 Karlsruhe

68. - Kurpfälzisches Kammerorchester - International - English
orchestra podium was placed across the glass facade in sonatas (KV 301306) to ElectressElisabeth Augusta. Remscheider Symphony, and as first violinist in the
english english francais italiano Startseite ... Orchestra Members
Paradise of Maestros Elector Carl Theodor's Hofkapelle in Mannheim Attending so-called musical "academies" was the best way of experiencing the Hofkapelle. These "academies" were concerts performed in the ceremonial room of the electoral palace, better known as Rittersaal (the Knight's Hall), during the winter months. The academies took place in Schwetzingen, the Elector's summer residence from May to October. Visitors would be seated around small card tables according to a seating plan and amuse themselves with card games over a cup of hot chocolate, tea or coffee. The orchestra podium was placed across the glass facade in Rittersaal. Despite a lack of original concert pamphlets from these musical events, one knows on the basis of contemporary accounts, that court concerts lasted between three to four hours and that the order in which the symphonies, solo concertos and operatic arias followed one another was subject to change. Recurring themes in contemporary descriptions of the orchestra are the unusually large size of the orchestra (22 violins in 1777!), its renditions of the compositions as well as the exemplary orchestra discipline. The strings were at the core of the orchestra as was the case all over Europe and by employing Johann Stamitz, the Elector had one of the finest violin virtuosos of all of Europe at his court. Stamitz established and cultivated the violin section in a process that began in 1747, when the court returned to Mannheim from Düsseldorf. Under Stamitz' direction, Mannheim's court orchestra developed to become one of the largest ensembles of the 18th century. The musicians specialized in their instruments from an early age - something that is now the norm - and they were counted among the best in Europe.

69. Program Notes
works by Adams, Berg, glass, Lourié, Picker course of his distinguished career, violinistGidon Kremer international prize, the Queen elisabeth Competition in
June 2004
April 29 - May 4, 2004 CHRISTOPH ESCHENBACH Conductor
Violin SHOSTAKOVICH Violin Concerto No. 2, Op. 129
Adagio -
Adagio - Allegro INTERMISSION MAHLER Symphony No. 1 in D major
Langsam. Schleppend. Wie ein Naturlaut - Immer sehr
Feierlich und gemessen, ohne zu schleppen -
This program runs approximately 2 hours.
Lexus is the exclusive automotive sponsor of The Philadelphia Orchestra.
The Steinway Piano is the official piano of The Philadelphia Orchestra and The Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts.
One of today's leading international conductors, Christoph Eschenbach is held in high esteem by the world's foremost orchestras and opera houses for his commanding presence, versatility, and consummate musicianship. Mr. Eschenbach, now in his inaugural season as music director of The Philadelphia Orchestra, has been acclaimed for his creative insight and dynamic energy, as a conductor, a pianist, a collaborator, and an ardent champion of young musicians. Highlights of Mr. Eschenbach's inaugural Philadelphia season include world premieres of Orchestra commissions by Gerald Levinson and Ned Rorem; performances of Messiaen's

70. Global Info Portal Internet Search Portal Free Search Site
was the portrait of a young violinist, which was pitch baseball imperial carnivalglass wireless keyboard surfboard sb4100 cable modem elisabeth shue remote
Extensive Info Site WWW Links Portal Extensive Information Portal
The provost entered the inn, banging his fist on the furniture, and blaming everybody for the misfortune which had happened to him. As a girl the countess used to ride fast horses like mad along the rocky western coast. She fell back against the wall exhausted, and then the fear of death took possession of her. By day he had a mass of rough golden hair, but now it seemed to brood above his head like a black cloud that made his face deathly white by comparison.
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He reflected that the people also, the entire populace, had had before their eyes the woman whom he loved exposed almost naked. It was something like the immobility of a bird of prey, who has just discovered a nest of sparrows, and is gazing at it. He cast the same glance about him, but it was so dull and sleepy that the women only pointed him out to each other in derision. The scholar finally reached the balcony of the gallery, and climbed over it nimbly, to the applause of the whole vagabond tribe.
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capezio character shoes ... gulf war combat But when my dogs come bounding to meet me for a jolly morning greeting they do seem expectant and hungry rather than affectionate. The archons of the town were arrested and tortured in the hope of discovering buried treasure, the clue to which had disappeared along with the owners. The foot placed on the last rung of this ladder of crime, stands also on the first step by which he mounts the scaffold. Numerous wild plants covered the banks, and relieved them with a profusion of the most brilliant colors.

71. Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra
Mariette Kemmer, Zoltan Kocsis, elisabeth Leonskaïa, Dame born, only 26 years oldViolinist, who has the perfect intonation and magnifying glass clean, played
October 18 – 31, 2004
First tour to North America
Tour repertoire to include Berlioz, Weber, Elgar, Beethoven, and a specially-commissioned percussion concerto by Bright Sheng. Ms. Glennie will also perform a Vivaldi concerto on the same program! Music Director Bramwell Tovey regularly leads major orchestras such as the New York Philharmonic, Toronto Symphony, Montreal Symphony, and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Tovey is also Music Director of the Vancouver Symphony. Founded in 1933, the national orchestra of the Duchy of Luxembourg has performed in Europe’s finest concert halls, including the Vienna Musikverein, the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, and the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow. It’s many recordings have won all the major prizes: Grand Prix de l'Académie Charles Cros, Gramophone Award, Prix Cécilia, Deutscher Schallplattenpreis, Cannes Classical Award (2002). Recordings: Timpani “accurate, characterful and persuasive performances ” - Gramophone Biographies LUXEMBOURG PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA Bramwell Tovey, Chief Conductor and Musical Director

72. Viennese Operetta Summer
a violinist and accompanied by solo vocalists and ballet dancers. This evening ofmusicality, harmony and Viennese frivolity also boasts a welcoming glass of

73. Presto Classical - DVD Videos - Vivaldi
Users can choose between the ‘performance’ edit, featuring German violinistsensation Julia Fischer with the Academy of St glass. elisabeth Schwarzkopf.

74. Music (091802)
elisabeth Kisselstein and Douglas Han St.), except the BristolMyers Squibb StainedGlass Series, which Hege closes out the season with violinist Rachel Barton
Sound Tracking
The new season offers a medley of options for every musical taste
By Eric Rezsnyak, Nathan Dinsdale and Jamie Bellavance
Although the fall and winter lack the numerous festivals and outdoor concert series that populated the Central New York summer, the new season offers plenty of events to fill the void. If anything, the cooler-weather musical menagerie is even more diverse. Instead of week after week of party bands, jam bands and, well, more party bands, Central New Yorkers seeking aural refreshment can tune into the fine classical selections, cool jazz, sprightly folk encounters and more. Or catch one of the nationally touring rock or r'n'b acts at one of many regional venues.
This list represents a highlight of some of the more prominent concerts for the 2002-2003 season. For updates, check the weekly Times Table section in The New Times , or check out our Web site at
Arts Alive in Liverpool
Liverpool is home to two fall music series, the Arts Alive program from the Friends of the Liverpool Library and the Liverpool is the Place Year 'Round series. Both take place Sundays at 2 p.m. at the Carman Community Room at the Liverpool Public Library, 310 Tulip St., Liverpool, and are free. For more information, call 457-0310. Kohl's Trio.

75. Music (091901)
7. elisabeth Kisselstein and Douglas Han As part of the Russian Festival, violinistIlya Kaler performs a program of Mosolov s Iron Foundry Stained glass Series.
Aural Fixations
From Alice Cooper to Grant Cooper, upcoming musical schedules offer something for everyone in
By Allen Czelusniak
The large number of arts organizations in Central New York give music fans plenty of options when it comes to penciling entertainment into their schedules. Whether it's the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra's Russian Festival, the Vegas-style fare in the Turning Stone Casino's Showroom, American music legend Bob Dylan, a lunchtime classical recital of Civic Morning Musicals, or a catered cabaret with the Central New York Jazz Foundation, the choices are there in the 2001-2002 season.
As always, check the weekly Times Table section in the The New Times for updated listings and upcoming concerts as they are announced. The information is also available on the Web at
Arts Alive in Liverpool
For the past 16 years, the Friends of the Liverpool Public Library have presented this diverse mix of music in the library's Carmen Community Room, 300 Tulip St., Liverpool. All concerts are free. 457-0310, Ext. 135. Excelsior Cornet Band.

76. Hot Jazz Saturday Night Source Notes
A song from the score of that show, Solomon, became elisabeth Welch s trademark place,for the first time, all the early recordings of violinist Eddie South


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Send an e-mail to Rob Bamberger Selected Sources for the music heard on Hot Jazz Saturday Night WAMU Programs: The Diane Rehm Show Public Interest The Computer Guys The DC Politics Hour ... Special Productions James P. Johnson opened the program with "Put Your Mind Right On It" from 1929, and included in a recent release from Frog Records presenting some additional rarities recorded for Columbia by black bands. It's Frog DGF38 and includes many rarities. "Manhattan Stomp" featured pianist Don Ewell and drummer Baby Dodds, from a celebrated series of Circle label recordings from the mid-forties, now on compact disc, GHB BCD-50 . "Lover Come Back To Me," from a 1945 broadcast, is available on a collection referenced on an earlier program. Devoted to broadcast performances by Bobby Sherwood and his Orchestra, it's Soundcraft SC-5013. Fletcher Henderson's "House Of David Blues" is included on a recent Henderson reissue from Hep Records, Hep 1016 . Thomas Morris and the New Orleans Blue Five, with the "South Rampart Street Blues" is on

77. KW Symphony 2003/2004 Season: News
elisabeth D. Honek I am a long time KW Community Orchestra Program Committee, andviolinist in the Cultural Development Committee, Clay and glass Gallery Task
Your browser does not support script
Season Sponsor
Site Map
Main Menu:
Jump to... Concerts Tickets Community Support KWS Contact Us Search This Site For:
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Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony
Brian Jackson
Principal Pops Conductor
Daniel Warren
Resident Conductor
Raffi Armenian
Music Director Laureate Stephen Sitarski Concertmaster Address: 101 Queen St. N. Kitchener, Ontario Canada N2H 6P7 Box Office: 578-1570 or Administration click here to e-mail
Biographies for KWS Board Nominees
March 2, 2004 Carolyn Arnason It would be an honour to serve on the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Board. I look forward to being involved in the collaborative and responsible support of this world class orchestra. I am Associate Professor of Music Therapy at Wilfrid Laurier University and coordinator of the undergraduate program. My degrees are in piano performance, music therapy, social work and a Doctor of Arts in Music Therapy from New York University. I serve on the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations Board, was Ethics Chair for the Music Therapy Association of Ontario (MTAO), and am President Elect of this organization. M. Barbara Bulman-Fleming

78. A. Portowiz, Mozart And Aristocratic Women
3340) may suggest the glass harmonica. K. 250, in honor of the marriage of ElisabethHaffner, who Countess as a keyboard player and the Count as a violinist.
MOZART AND ARISTOCRATIC WOMEN PERFORMERS IN SALZBURG: A Study of the Piano Concertos K. 242 and K. 246 Adena Portowitz Bar-Ilan University Among recent approaches to Classic music, one of the most revealing is the investigation of expression via topoi . Pioneered by Leonard Ratner, and developed by leading musicologists specializing in 18th-century music, this system identifies characteristic figures and styles that conveyed specific meanings to 18th-century audiences via processes of association. These implications resulted from intimate contacts with everyday musical activities in worship, entertainment, dance ceremonies, the military, hunt, and outdoor events. Familiarity with such characteristic topoi and styles enables listeners and performers today to reconstruct the original venues of communication between composers and their audiences. much as Mozart provided his singers with arias that were tailored to their voices,
The Lodron family, whose ancestor was the powerful Archbishop Paris Lodron (1619-53), served the Salzburg court throughout the 17th and 18th centuries. In addition to his political responsibilities, Archbishop Lodron laid the basis for Salzburg’s musical life by founding the Benedictine University in 1622 and the new cathedral in 1628. This vast complex served as Salzburg’s musical center, housing a permanent choir, particularly renowned string players, as well as wind players, organists, trumpeters, and timpanists. These performers participated in municipal festive occasions, where they provided a variety of outdoor music entertainment. Enriching the public concerts, members of the court, most often women, also nurtured private domestic concerts. Most specifically, Countess

79. AIM25: Thesaurus Personal Names: G
Garrod Laura elisabeth wife of Sir Archibald Francesco 16871762 Italianviolinist and composer. glass David Victor 1911-1978 sociologist and
Personal names index: G A B C D ... Z
Prince Regent

De Graef
Ugolino di Segli

Von Greyertz
Von Greyertz
Adam International Review
A B C ... Z

80. Newton Free Library Events
24 Author elisabeth Gitter talk, 7pm, 25 Newton Corner book Please call Ruth Glassat 3320835 or Karen The Boston Duo of violinist Lilia Muchnik and pianist
April, 2003 / Archives Unless noted otherwise, all events take place at the Library's Main Branch.
All events are free and open to the public. Do you want to view a past month at the Library? If so, please click here for the Archives.
(Available for April, 2001 and on.) APRIL, 2003 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Short Fiction Writing Group, 7pm
Main Hall reception, 6:30pm

Contemporary Books Discussion Group, 7:30pm

Gallery reception, 5:30pm
Free Tax Help - 2-4pm
Celebrate National Library Week, April 6 - 12, 2003
Soprano Carla Chrisfield,
"Put it in Writing
your Library" program, 7pm
Children's Book Writers Group, 7pm
... Short Story Dicussion Group, 7:30pm Board of Trustees Meeting, 8:30am Cinema Discussion Group, 7pm The Writer's Voice Group 10:30am LIBRARY CLOSED FOR EASTER LIBRARY CLOSED FOR PATRIOTS' DAY Video Screening: "Memories of Marash", 7pm

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