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61. Rockola Beatles Page
However, the symphony violinist, who you recruited at the last minute to sight readthe stage theatrics to roll her away in a wagon, sitting on a bale of hay.
dddddd Welcome to the Rockola Beatles Page
your source for info on all of Rockola's Beatles-related projects.
Scroll to the bottom of the page for sound samples! THE WHITE ALBUM LIVE
Performed in its entirety by
ROCKOLA with the Magical Symphony Orchestra
Friday, October 31, 2003
Spreckels Theater, San Diego
Tickets now available through TicketMaster
and the Spreckels boxoffice - T HE B EATLES B- SIDES S how "We Were Just In The Neighborhood" Tour 2003: NAPLES, Florida
Tuesday, April 22
Ridgeport Pub 9pm til we stopped! We had a tremendous time at the Ridgeport Pub in Naples Florida where we played a marathon single set disguised as two. It began, as advertised, with an hour-and-a-half-long Beatles B-Sides Show, and morphed into an off-the-cuff sampler of tunage from Rockola's regular classic rock show and our ever-popular Unplugged Show. Jennifer and the crew on both sides of the bar gave us a serious helping of Southern hospitality which was absorbed and expanded upon by the audience. What I'm trying to say is that at no time in the evening were we ever thirsty. Beatles highlights included "Lovely Rita," "Come And Get It," "Nowhere Man," and as always the sitar-ful "Norwegian Wood." Highlights from the hazier second half of the show were "Behind Blue Eyes," "Somebody To Love," "Chain Of Fools," "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes," and of course the ever-popular "Tommy Medley."

of ‘Di bale Na Lang · Señor Eddie Katindig pounding the vibes on Romy Posadas’Latinjazz arrangement of ‘Wag Mo Na Sanang Isipin · violinist Jay
The Music of Gary V
Take Me Out of the Dark
Sana Maulit Muli
Could You Be Messiah
More and More
Each Passing Night
Wag Mo Na Sanang ISipin
Shout 4 Joy
Di Bale Na Lang
What More Can I Say?
Until Then Laughter All The Time Look In Her Eyes Eto Na Naman Victory Beyond Words At first glance, a project entitled Beyond Words: The Music of Gary V without Gary V’s vocalsand some might extend that to include visuals of his live and highly charged performances—might be seen by some as inappropriately named. What is the music of Gary V, people might ask, without the man himself, and his deeply internalized message that straddles a number of arbitrarily set musical categories and yet falls safely into none? It’s a question Gary Valenciano himself might have been asking on this unique project, as he lent his songs old and new to arrangers.and musicians from all bands of the musical spectrum, for them to dig past the art of the performer and into the heart of his compositions. Put another way, what is the song without such a visible singer? And so we have songs that have been launched from studio recording sessions, and forged into public consciousness in Gary V’s live performances, now striving for a measure of timelessness as artists and arrangers look for the music behind the songs.

63. Timeline 1855-1859
1857 Jun 2, edward Elgar Broadheath, English composer New Orleans, patented a cottonbalemetallic tie 1858 Jul 16, Eugene Ysaye, violinist, conductor, composer
Timeline 1855-1859
Return to
1855 Jan 5, King Camp Gillette, inventor (safety razor), was born.
(MC, 1/5/02)
1855 Jan 9, The clipper ship Guiding Star disappeared in Atlantic and 480 died.
(MC, 1/9/02)
1855 Jan 21, John M. Browning, US weapons manufacturer, was born.
(MC, 1/21/02)
1855 Feb 5, Viscount Palmerston (70) became Britain's prime minister and served until his death in 1865.
(PC, 1992, p.273)
1855 Feb 10, US citizenship laws were amended to include all children of US parents born abroad.
(MC, 2/10/02) 1855 Feb 11, Josephine Marshall Jewell Dodge, American educator, pioneer in the concept of day nurseries for children, was born. (HN, 2/11/01) 1855 Feb 22, In Washington DC the Know-Nothing Party seized control of the Washington Monument Association and kept control for 3 years. (ON, 3/00, p.10) 1855 Feb 24, US Court of Claims was formed for cases against the government. (MC, 2/24/02) 1855 Feb, There was a run on the California bank in Columbia and rumors of a failure caused a run throughout the state.

64. Television
WIN (Statewide). University team transforms wool bale heating process with microwaves. Oneof the finest musicians from the region, violinist Richard Tognetti
29.5.98. ABC TELEVISION. 7.30 REPORT. Nuclear tests in Pakistan and India. Comment from Professor Peter King, International Relations. 28.5.98. WIN NEWS. Physicist David Price defends his dating technique for artefacts found at the Jinmium site in Northern Territory. His figure of more than 116,000 years has been challenged by La Trobe University team, whose members say the real figure is less than 10,000 years old. 28.5.98. WIN NEWS. Report on the Cecily Boas book launch involving the late BHP worker Eddie Bartrim. 20.5.98. WIN News. Associate Professor Adrian Vickers says Australia unprepared for post-Soeharto Indonesia because we have failed to build links with alternative movements. Indonesian students perceive Australia as pro-Soeharto. 14.5.98 PRIME News. The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Gerard Sutton, is the first to sign the Sorry Book placed at the University for staff and students to sign. The book will soon be returned to the Australians for Native Title Organisation. WIN News. As above. 13.5.98. PRIME News. Mechanical Engineering students use high-tech labs to gain hands-on experience of the workforce. Mini steel rolling mill featured.

65. - Registration Intercepts
recover their loot from exaccomplice edward Norton With Frances McDormand, ChristianBale and Kate Beckinsale story about a talented young violinist who leaves
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classifieds and more

Friday, June 4, 2004 The content you requested is reserved for members only. Membership is FREE for Los Angeles Times 7-day newspaper subscribers. Become a member now and get: More than $500 worth of valuable discounts on the things you love - movies, restaurants, night life and more. Unlimited access to the most powerful local arts and entertainment search engine in Southern California - don't just find movie show times, find restaurants near that theater. Tons of award-winning news, reviews and features from The Times' Calendar section. Want to know more? Don't just sit there. Do something. Limited time offer, some exclusions apply. registered users, please click here Calendarlive members, please log in: Member Name: Password: Forget your member name and/or password Access to is FREE for 7-day Times subscribers Yes, I am an existing Times subscriber and I want to enroll in Yes, I want to start home delivery of the Los Angeles Times and get access free Online-only Membership Yes, I want to join for $39.95 per year

66. East Valley Tribune Online
21), folkie Arlo Guthrie (April 30, 2005), classical violinist Midori (April 19 byThe Bobs, and The Flying Karamazov Brothers, May 8. Dance bale Folclorico da

67. Definition Of Deaths In 2003 - WordIQ Dictionary & Encyclopedia
30 David bale, 62, activist; 30 John Gregory Dunne Carter on Hogan s Heroes ; 9 EdwardTeller, American MacKenzie, singer; 4 Tibor Varga, violinist, conductor and
Encyclopedia Dictionary Thesaurus The Web eBooks loadkeyword("Deaths in 2003");
Deaths in 2003
Encyclopedia Definition: Deaths in 2003
The following is a list of famous people (and animals) who died in Table of contents showTocToggle("show","hide") 1 December 2003
2 November 2003

3 October 2003

4 September 2003

entertained the brilliant English violinist, Matthew Dubourg in various ways to AnnaBale, Folkmusic Division Na Píobairí Uilleann; edward Walsh, Morristown
ECSTASY IN EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY KILDARE? THE STRANGE FATE OF JOHN LATTIN OF MORRISTOWN LATTIN (1731) This article was originally published in the Journal of the County Kildare Archaeological Society xviii, 4 (1998-9), 565-88, and is republished here by permission of the honorary editor of the journal, Dr Raymond Gillespie, Dept. of Modern History, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, co. Kildare. Some minor errors and slips have been corrected here, and several abbreviations in the references have been expanded.
In St David's Churchyard, Naas, co. Kildare, a handsome, well-preserved tombstone marks the ancestral grave of the Lattins of Morristown Lattin. Granted lands in the area during the reign of King John, 1199-1216, the family had also established themselves as merchants in Naas itself by the late sixteenth century. In 1641 the estate comprised a fairly modest 660 acres around Naas, a house and tenements in the town itself, as well as tenements and three castles elsewhere in the area. The principal holding was Morristown Moynagh (400 acres), later to be renamed Morristown Lattin; the name survives in the present townlands of Morristown and Morristown Lower, and Lattensbog nearby is also obviously named after the family.
The Lattins succeeded in both remaining Roman Catholics and retaining their lands throughout the upheavals of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries - they were one of an appreciable number of Pale families to do so - and also avoided the gavelling clauses of the Penal Laws in the next century.

69. You're Just Barely Skimming The Surface ...
Hmpft! Di bale, after June, usually, nakaka save na ulit ako. Unti unti lang Scott Fortini. I AM an aspiring violinist a pianist of sorts
ramblings of a restless soul A Daily Reminder
I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time. Jack London(1876 - 1916) Jack London's Tales of Adventure
Thursday, June 03, 2004
Hay naku! It's 6:20 in the evening and i'm still at the opits. Not that i'm working over time. I'm done na with the stuff that I need to do. I'm just waiting for potpot. May meeting pa daw siya sa opits. I hope they end soon para we can go home na din. You know naman na our house is sumkindofa-layo from the office. On a good day (read: no traffic) kaya ng 30 minutes, but when it's rush hour and it's raining (or has rained).. nakupow! Good luck na lang kung makarating kami in 1 1/2 hours. Eh it rained today. Oh No!
I attended the wedding of roca and may (friends from Federal) last saturday. It was at the San Agustin Church in Intramuros (muntik pa ako mawala). Hay sus, remind me not to get married there ha? Di ko feel ang baroque churches. Too ornate. Dami carvings and stuff. It's a regular-sized church. Smaller compared to the Manila Cathedral. It's not overpowering nor is it too sikip, pero di ko lang talaga feel yung general ambience. Another freaky thing about it siguro is the fact that the floor is made up of marble tombstones. While walking you can read the usual "RIPs". It's intriguing but too macabre for me. Gothic Churches (with their tall spires, flying buttresses and high windows) would be an okay place. Or a Chapel like the one in Caleruega. Now that (Caleruega) is my dream wedding venue!

70. Publications
Julius Rudel, conductor; Midori, violinist; Tatiana Troyanos General William C. WestmorelandEdward Villella Lionel San Francisco Ballet 5. bale Folclorico da
12. INVENTORY OF SPOLETO FESTIVAL USA PUBLICATIONS N. B. All annual programs from 1977-1998 are represented in the collection except for 1977 and 1997. An asterisks indicates that no program is available.
This list is based on ASpoleto Festival U. S. A.: A Twenty Year Chronology@ in Spoleto Festival U. S. A. 1996: Charleston, South Carolina; Twentieth Anniversary. Minor additions and corrections have been made based on the individual programs. Diacritics are omitted.
Ephemera such as posters, postcards, and calendars are filed by size and years and not listed separately. Programs for Piccolo Spoleto have been filed separately.
Revised 30 May 1999.
Schedules (two versions)
Program Opening Ceromony Opera
1. The Queen of Spades by Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
2. The Consul by Gian Carlo Menotti Dance
3. Eliot Feld Ballet
4. The Ohio Ballet Music
5. Chamber Music Concerts 6. Spoleto Festival Brass Quintet Concert * 8. The Creation by Franz Joseph Haydn (two version) 9. The Westminster Choir * 10. Scriabin Piano Recital 11. Scriabin Dance Program:

71. PhilMusic News: New Gary V Instrumental Album In The Works
Buena s production and arrangment will feature jazz violinist Jay Cayuca frontinga string quartet led by session maestro Benjie Bautista. DI bale NA LANG
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Rivermaya Live and Online
Kitchie Nadal Live and Online Paolo Santos Live and Online Limp Bizkit Live in Manila! ... Soundtrip: A Concert Series for Piracy Awareness E-NEWSLETTER Get the latest pinoy music news updates every week for FREE!
July 18 , 2002 New Gary V Instrumental Album in the Works
Album will focus on instrumental interpretations of Gary Valenciano compositions by Tim Arcadia
Producer and guitarist Mon "Spy" Espia together with Gary Valenciano on tour in Europe
(photo by Jim Ayson) There's a new Gary Valenciano album under production - and this one won't have him performing any vocals whatsoever. This time the singer won't sing a single note. Intended as a retrospective of Valenciano's works as a composer, the new album will instead focus on the music of his compositions, interpreted in new intrumental arrangements by an eclectic array of some of the country's best musicians, arrangers, and producers. According to Mike Jamir of Manila Genesis, the new album is currently under production by Valenciano's production team GV Productions, Inc. and the tracks of the album will include the following Gary V classics:

72. Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention - Convention History
as an overalled, goateed farmer in a tattered straw hat sitting on a bale of hay ThomasJefferson was a fiddler as well as an accomplished classical violinist.
Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention
History of the
Tennessee Valley Old Time Fiddlers Convention

by Bill Harrison,
Limestone County, Alabama (Athens) has always been a hot bed of traditional old time music. Originally the county was largely populated by migrant yeomanry from the mountains of the upper south. These migrants were decended from immigrants from the British Isles with a strong tradition of folk fiddle music; therefore Limestone County, from its frontier days to the present time, has been strongly rooted in a traditional old time music.
W.H. Johnson left the Agricultural High School in the mid 30's and apparently the onset of the great depression coupled with the loss of his dedication caused the event to fold. Fiddle contests and other public presentations of old time music passed into almost total eclipse from the late 30's into the mid 60's. Old time fiddlers were discouraged by the lack of interest in their art and many of them retired their instruments to the attics to gather dust. Radios had become more accessible and other types of more sophisticated music were being listened to. It seemed that a lot of people who were raised on old time music were embarrassed to be associated with it. It appeared that old time music was dying.
Encouraged by the success of the Pleasant Point contest we started thinking about a second contest in a larger venue. At this time the Salem community in West Limestone was raising funds to complete a small hospital left unfinished by the death of the only physician in that area who was an authentic country doctor and a fiddler. We selected the West Limestone High School Gym which had a stage and a relatively large seating area. Then we launched a modest promotional compaign in the local Athens newspaper. The word spread. Reporters from area newspapers picked up on the story and articles appeared in the Huntsville and Decatur newspapers and as far away as Birmingham and Nashville. The West Limestone event was held on February 18th, 1967. The gym was packed with standing room only and several hundred people had to be turned away.

73. Christina Aguilera - Celebrity Hair Style Gallery
IrishAmerican Shelly is a pianist and violinist who now runs Christina s CelineDion Charlie Dimmock Charlize Theron Cher Christian bale Christina Aguilera

74. June 2004 Concerts
Consecration of the House, the first movement of the Sibelius Violin Concerto withUMLSO Concerto Competition winner and violinist Kent Rice, and Bruce bale.

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8pm, The Ark, $11 Drawing on blues, gospel, jazz and rock, graceful and fiery Atlanta indie power pop and roots rock songwriter employs explosive guitar work, passionate vocals and honest lyrics.
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75. HighBeam Research: ELibrary Search: Results
Amphitheater and other venues at Interlochen. Grand Rapids violinist Dylana CITY, Ind. Dave Engel and Bill bale were just setting

Fife 35075 Peter Laing Strathspey F 4/4 Skinner, JS p 15 Scottish violinist 42392Peter F 6/8 MacMahon, T. n 1310 Petrie Collection 63494 Pick a bale of Cotton

77. Entertainment - 9/11/03
headlines Christian bale cast as Bruce Wayne in new Batman film LOS ANGELES forthe Detroit Symphony Orchestra s 200304 season, but violinist Lenore Sjoberg
@import url(/includes/css/enhanced.css); newsmakers
Affleck, Lopez postpone wedding

Sharon briefly left Ozzy over drug abuse

Nashville hospital releases Cash

Tab Hunter discloses he's gay in memoirs
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best bets
Comedy: Bridging the gap with laughter

Reggae: After work party features music

Thursday, September 11, 2003

Satellite TV spat EchoStar’s DISH Network customers are without MTV, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, local CBS affiliates and other channels due to a contract dispute with Viacom over the price of programming , which EchoStar says is unreasonable. As a customer, what would you do? Switch to a different satellite TV provider Congratulate EchoStar on holding the line Wait and see Get results and comments New forum: Movie Talk You be the critic You've seen the movies, now tell us what you think. Grade the new movies as they come out and join the discussions. Go to Movie Talk F S S M ... T Pick a category Blues/Jazz/Swing Classical Dance Elec./Hip-hop Folk/Country Reggae Rock/Pop Theater Venues Ark Cobo Arena Detroit Opera House DTE Energy Emerald Fisher Theatre Fox Freedom Hill Gem Theatre Joe Louis Magic Bag Majestic Masonic Temple Max M. Fisher

78. April 1 In History
1967 Event 1st British ombudsman sir edward Compton begins 1, 1953 Event J van Baleappointed governor Billy Currie, rock keyboardist/violinist (UltravoxWe

79. 2003 Florida Film Festival
story that follows two conservative Harvard graduates, Sam (Christian bale) and his ashy, sensitive 13year-old boy and extremely talented violinist, who uses



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FRANCE, 2002, 126 MIN, RATED PG-13 DIRECTED BY CLAUDE LELOUCH US PREMIERE IN FRENCH W/ ENGLISH SUBTITLES Saturday, March 8, 4:30 PM at Park 3 A musical comedy, a police thriller, a surrealistic adventurewhy settle on one style when you can embrace them all? Claude Lelouch, one of France's greatest romantic directors (and Oscar winner for Best Foreign Language Film with 1966's A Man And a Woman ), pulls out all the stops to deftly re-imagine the classic premise of a criminal on the run. Jeremy Irons ( Reversal of Fortune ) stars as Valentin, a jewel thief who's robbed some of the biggest stores in the world using only two weaponsbluff and humor. In an attempt to flee his past, as well as the police, he buys a yacht and sets off on a solo cruise around the world. When the yacht crashes off the coast of Morocco, Valentin meets up with Jane (Patricia Kass), a burnt out jazz singer who's fled to this smarmy hotel gig after a betrayal by her lover. Bound by a mutual desire to forget their histories, the two set out on a pilgrimage of escape, but in the process find something much more significanteach other. Featured as the Closing Night Selection at the 2002 Cannes Film Festival

80. Living In Europe • Aggregator
The film, which stars Christian bale as the caped crusader The guest soloist, a 73year-oldviolinist of former is a brit in Cambridge, Britain edward Hugh is a
Living on the Planet Canada Latin America Europe ... aggregator Aggregator about membership art and culture
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Googlebombing, googlewashing, whatever What You Can Get Away With Some of you have probably heard this already, but searching for 'Leicester South by-election 'on Google currently returns some odious racist website quite high in the results. Replace the link with your own party or newspaper article of choice, if you wish. It all helps to push the ignorance down the page. more Funny. What You Can Get Away With Here's a good use of that old internet thingy...BNP propaganda remixed to point out where it's wrong and/or just plain insane. (via that Bloggerheads geezer, so no doubt you've all seen it all already) more traveling as a grown up tracey marshall knows swedish Some of you, in the past year or so, have expressed the desire to stay with me and explore Sweden. After the past week, I find it necessary to articulate a few expectations so that everyone has a pleasant experience without any misunderstandings, hard-feelings or disappointments. Here's the short list of guiding principles that guests of ours will need to agree to when accepting my (and Tobey's) hospitality here in Sweden: 1. We will happily drive you around and show you the local attractions

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