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  1. Paradoxes of Rationality and Cooperation/Photocopied: Prisoner's Dilemma and Newcomb's Problem
  2. Seeing a Color-Blind Future: The Paradox of Race (Reith Lectures, 1997) by Patricia J. Williams, 1998-04-01

141. Moon Miners' Manifesto: Fermi's Paradox, The Great Silence, And The Singularity
Long article discussing the implications of what is known so far about other life in the universe.
ASI W9900338r1.0
Moon Miners' Manifesto
#108 September 1997 Section the Artemis Data Book
Fermi's Paradox, The Great Silence, and The Singularity
by Tihamer T. Toth-Fejel August 21, 1997
[See MMM # 106, JUN '97: p 3. The Real Question About Life on Mars, Tihamer Toth-Fejel; p 4. Some Real Questions About Fermi's Paradox, Peter Kokh.] The possibility of life on Mars raises some hidden but staggering issues regarding our place in the universe, and and finding some would impact us as much as the Copernican Perspective did hundreds of years ago. In a nutshell, finding life on Mars would intensify the Fermi Paradox in that with two successes out of two possibilities, it would seem that the universe should be teeming with life, and the aliens should have already been here. But they aren't. All Space activists are united in the belief that we need to be a Spacefaring species to insure not only that our home world is protected from K/T class meteorites, but that if one does somehow get past us, then viable pockets of humanity beyond the cradle world would remain to carry on our civilization. Therefore, the answer to Fermi's Paradox has little bearing in our day-to-day lobbying and other grassroots pro-space efforts (unless we run into SETI enthusiasts) and in fact, won't be relevant until we finish settling our Solar System. After that point, the resolution to Fermi's Paradox will be critical to our survival as a species. It is very difficult to devise strong theories based on one data point. But it's so much fun, especially when the philosophical implications of these theories are so overwhelming.

142. Visions Alternative Worship Community
paradox Visuals is now called Visions services. Last update 1999.04.22, now called... Last update: 1999.04.22

143. Paradox Password Recovery Key - Db Files
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144. Paradox Information
Provides technical answers from the trenches; covers Corel paradox, Borland Delphi, web application development technologies, and various other areas of interest. Submissions welcome.
TechTricks Technical answers from the trenches About this Site Paradox Delphi Assorted Topics ... Web Stuff
Paradox Information
Available Categories
We've broken our articles into the following categories.
Configuration, Errors, and Troubleshooting
Forms and Reports
General Questions
ObjectPAL: Getting Started

145. Paradox Of Thrift
paradox of Thrift. Suppose less. Another way to illustrate the logic of the paradox of thrift use the analogy of the leaky bucket.
Paradox of Thrift
Suppose people decide to become more thrifty, that is, they decide to save more at each level of income. One might expect that this would increase the total amount of savings, but the simple income-expenditure model predicts a paradox of thrift , that total savings will remain the same and income will decline. If people become more thrifty, they consume less at each level of expected income. On a graph this increased thriftiness can be illustrated as a shift downward of the consumption function or a shift upward of the savings function. If you draw in these shifted lines, you will see that equilibrium income will fall. But since in equilibrium savings plus taxes must equal investment plus government spending, and because by assumption investment, taxes, and government spending are fixed, in equilibrium savings cannot change. In fact, if we allowed investment to increase a bit with income (but not by too much, or the model has an unstable equilibrium), then the investment line would slope upwards a bit. At the new equilibrium caused by increased thriftiness, savings would actually be less. Another way to illustrate the logic of the paradox of thrift use the analogy of the leaky bucket. Consider what will happen if the savings hole in the bucket is made a little larger, which corresponds to people becoming more thrifty. Initially there will be a larger flow of water out. But this cannot continue indefinitely. Equilibrium exists when the inflow equals the outflow, and the inflow has not changed. This means that the water level must drop so that the pressure forcing water out the bottom will be reduced. Less pressure means less outflow, and at some lower level of water equilibrium will be reestablished.

146. Time Travel Examined
paradox, Newton, Einstein, Godel, rotation and negative energy.
Faster Than Light Experiments

147. Welkom Bij Paradox
STICHTING BEVORDERING MUZIEK IMPROVISATIE paradox. naar ons nieuwe adres. klik hier (

naar ons "nieuwe" adres
klik hier

148. Nutrimed Labs: The Sugar Paradox
THE SUGAR paradox. Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, probably contributes to more symptoms of chronic unwellness than any other condition.

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THE SUGAR PARADOX Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, probably contributes to more symptoms of chronic "unwellness" than any other condition. A controversy prevails among health care professionals about whether hypoglycemia exists on a wide-scale basis. Most medical textbooks explain hypoglycemia as a condition due to organic causes such as a pancreatic tumor, a liver glycogen storage disease or an insulin overdose.(1) The average physician may miss the diagnosis of hypoglycemia due to the rarity of these conditions. However, in most instances, appropriate treatment relieves many of the debilitating symptoms. Many patients report that treatment of their low blood sugar problem seems to alleviate other symptoms as well.(2,3,4) Therefore, the condition does exist. We refer to it as "reactive hypoglycemia", which occurs about two to six hours after a meal challenge.(1)
What causes hypoglycemia? What symptoms do we associate with it? Another name for hypoglycemia could be "hyperinsulinism". (1) A condition involving the hormonal system affects many bodily functions. Therefore, numerous symptoms may appear with hypoglycemia. Fatigue usually heads the list for most patients.

149. Summer Camp - Southwoods - Home Page
Summer camp in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains. Southwoods is situated on paradox Lake.
Winter Phone: (914) 524-9200
Summer Phone: (518) 532-7717
All about Southwoods for new families
See our summer website for daily updates from camp All about Southwoods for prospective staff Download the March 2004 Newsletter in PDF Adobe Acrobat format
Winter Address:
PO Box 459
White Plains, NY 10603 Internet:
Summer Address:
NYS 532 / Route 74
Paradox, NY 12858

150. Time Paradox!
Time paradox! If time travel is possible what happens if I go back in time and kill my own mother before I was born? . The PreDestination paradox.
Time Paradox!
"If time travel is possible what happens if I go back
in time and kill my own mother before I was born?" By James Sharman.
The problem of paradox in time travel has always been interesting, some people have attempted to 'prove' that time travel is not possible by citing possible paradox cases and others have speculated vastly complex systems to explain why paradox can't occur. The information presented here is based partially on my own thinking and partially on numerous papers I read at university while I was supposed to be researching something less interesting. A paradox is essentially a contradiction. In the above quoted case if I shoot my mother before she gives birth to me then I am no longer alive and could not perform the brutal act. This the most commonly quoted example of a time paradox, there are however lots of examples you may or may not have come across involving all sorts of bizarre situations involving anything from being your own father to total non existence of anything. I am not intending to set out to prove or disprove the possibility of practical time travel, I do how ever intend to give a good idea of what the logical mind can deduce would happen if time travel were possible and did occur.

151. ¬¼ì‚ZƒoƒXƒP•”OB‰ï PARADOX

152. Welcome To The Paradox: My Personal Home Page
The paradox. Why paradox ? Well, I thought it was appropriate. Almost everybody is a mass of contradictions, for one, myself no more or less than anybody else.
The Paradox
Main Writing Photography Tutorials ... Guestbook paradox (noun): 1: a tenet contrary to received opinion 2 a: a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true b: a self-contradictory statement that at first seems true c: an argument that apparently derives self-contradictory conclusions by valid deduction from acceptable premises 3: one that possesses seemingly contradictory qualities or phases Why 'paradox'? Well, I thought it was appropriate. Almost everybody is a mass of contradictions, for one, myself no more or less than anybody else. I'm not sure exactly when I realised this, and that I wasn't quite as wierd as I thought I was. I'm willing to bet the process started when I went to university, when I went from being (in my high-school councillor's words) the "only 100% scientific personality in a graduating class of 500" to being surrounded by hundreds of other geeks, a lot of them just like me in more ways than I had thought possible. We are all paradoxes, we all have contradictory masks we wear for different groups of people. I am a different person with my parents, my classmates, and my boyfriend, and a different one again in front of strangers. But this website isn't about how we're all paradoxes, I just liked the name. What this website

153. The Fermi Paradox
Is there intelligent extraterrestrial life? An overview of present knowledge and theories.

154. Merriam-Webster Online
One entry found for paradox. For More Information on paradox go to Get the Top 10 Search Results for paradox Pronunciation Symbols.

155. Cyber Jazz Cafe Paradox
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
uƒWƒƒƒY‚Á‚Ä‚æ‚­‚í‚©‚ç‚È‚¢v-‚»‚ñ‚È‚ ‚È‚½‚É‚à
‚±‚́ucyber jazz cafe paradoxv‚ðOpen‚µ‚Ü‚µ‚½B

Paradoxical NoteiŽ„“IƒWƒƒƒY‰ðàj –¼”ÕƒWƒƒƒPƒbƒgƒMƒƒƒ‰ƒŠ[ Œµ‘IƒWƒƒƒYƒTƒCƒgEƒŠƒ“ƒNW ƒWƒƒƒY‹i’ƒ paradox

156. PDOXTool
Database tool to view,print and save to txt table definitions and view and edit data from several databases and pack and reindex paradox 7 tables. Source code included.
Home Sreenshot Download For Windows 95/98/NT PDOXTool is a tool to view, print and save to file table definitions from several databases, and to pack and re-create indexes for Paradox tables. It uses BDE API and VCL classes to comunicate with databases, so you will need BDE to use it, the binary file includes staticaly linked VCL libraries so you don't need Builder C++ to use it, but will need C++ Builder 4.0 Professional to compile PDOXTool. * To use the Index and Pack tools the table MUST be closed on all other applications, or it won't work. If you have some questions, ideas or found some bug, you may e-mail me or visit PDOXTool's Sourceforge site to post questions, bugs or support issues. I put the sources in the Sourceforge CVS server, but I think I made something wrong, soon I'll fix this. The source code is avaiable for download too. Sign users list for PDOXTool - get news, support and more! (Subscribe/Unsubscribe/Preferences)
Windows, Paradox, BDE, VCL, Builder C++ and SourceForge are trademarks from their respectives owners.
Paulo Assis

157. ::PARADOX-TUNES:: Drum'n'Bass Production Site
::PARADOX-TUNES:: Drum'n'Bass production site
PARADOX-TUNES - Drum and Bass production, support and party info feat. Nightwalker.

158. Time Travel There's No Time Like Yesterday
Galilean transformation, special relativity, equations, diagrams, Schwarzschild's black hole, quantum foam, chronology protection conjecture, causality and paradox.
Time Travel: There's No Time Like Yesterday The Beginning of Time What is Time? Time is a very curious thing. Ask anyone on the street if they know what time is, they are sure to answer positively. But then ask them to explain it to you and they will most certainly be at a loss. People often talk about time with a negative connotation, because in some way it is linked to our own mortality. A favorite quote of mine about time is from the science fiction movie Star Trek: Generations (Indeed many science fiction stories often turn a good phrase about time) ``Time is the fire in which we burn'' also there is the famous quote from the great 19th century composer Hector Berlioz. ``Time is a great teacher, but unfortunately it kills all its pupils.'' We have a belief that time exists independent of us, but is it perhaps only something that is measured by our minds' and bodies' perceptions? We seem to have biological clocks that work on a set schedule. Anyone who has flown across several time zones and experienced jet lag knows this to be true. Time also seems to vary with culture. In the language of the Navaho there is no past, present, and future tense like those of many languages. Events are talked about with regard to their quality of happening rather than their temporal quality. Is it possible that time may not really exist, but is just an artifact of our biological and cultural evolution? Let us look at what has been historically determined about the nature of time. Measuring Time

159. I Am Paradox
i am paradox. thoughts and feelings in an emerging church. TrackBack (0). May 17, 2004. Bart is paradox. Bart Simpson chalkboard generator. May
i am paradox
thoughts and feelings in an emerging church
About Me June 2004 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
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160. PARADOX Bureau Voor Kwaliteit In Zorg
paradox is een bureau voor training en advies in de zorgsector op het gebied van kwaliteit, veranderprocessen en samenwerking; ook gespecialiseerd in het omgaan met incidenten in de zorgsector en het functioneren van kwaliteitscommissies in met name ziekenhuizen.

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