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  1. The Paradox Men (Classics of Modern Science Fiction, Vol 7) by Charles Harness, 1984-09-05
  2. The Paradox of a Global USA
  3. The Paradox of Southern Progressivism, 1880-1930 (Fred W. Morrison Series in Southern Studies) by William A. Link, 1997-02-26
  4. The Paradox of Plenty: Oil Booms and Petro-States (Studies in International Political Economy , No 26) by Terry Lynn Karl, 1997-10-10
  5. U.S. Foreign Policy: The Paradox of World Power, 2nd Edition by Steven W. Hook, 2007-07-16
  6. Paradox and Passion in Psychotherapy: An Existential Approach to Therapy and Counselling (Existential Perspectives on Psychotherapy & Counselling) by Emmy van Deurzen, 1998-10
  7. Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership: The Paradox of Personal Dysfunction by Gary L. McIntosh, Samuel D.Sr. Rima, 1998-03-01
  8. Labyrinths of Reason: Paradox, Puzzles, and the Frailty of Knowledge
  9. Faction Paradox: Newtons Sleep by Daniel O'Mahony, 2008-01-12
  10. The Paradox of Natural Mothering by Chris Bobel, 2001-11
  11. The French Paradox & Drinking for Health by Gene Ford, 1993-10
  12. The Libyan Paradox (Columbia/Hurst) by Luis Martinez, 2007-11-01
  13. The Leadership Paradox: Balancing Logic and Artistry in Schools by Terrence E. Deal, Kent D. Peterson, et all 2000-09-01
  14. The Maria Paradox by Rosa Maria Gill, Carmen Inoa Vasquez, 1997-07-01

81. Muziekpodium Paradox - Wat Is Paradox ?
Wat is paradox? paradox is Tilburgs podium voor de spannende klanken van hedendaagse jazz en geïmproviseerde muziek; de paradox. paradox
Paradox Wat is Paradox Artistiek beleid Bestuur en medewerkers Vrijwilligers / Stage lopen ... Technische details
Agenda's Concertprogrammering Workshops en sessies Swingavonden
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mailing list
Wat is Paradox? Paradox is Tilburgs podium voor:
  • de zoektochten van de moderne gecomponeerde muziek de noise van spannende pop en rock, die de muzikale grenzen verkent de onbekende geluiden van elektronische en computermuziek de prachtige stemmen en instrumenten van de wereldmuziek de eerste stappen van beginnende muzikanten en bands de gezellige, nerveuze presentaties van de workshops de schetterende koperklanken en dwingende ritmes van vier big bands de gelouterde stem van de blues de ontmoeting van professionals en amateurs.
Paradox "Paradox is eigendom van de Sichting Bevordering Muziekimprovisatie (kortweg: S.B.M.) en is opgericht door een aantal Tilburgse jazzmuzikanten.
Het doel was een podium te creeren voor muziek die in het reguliere circuit niet of zelden aan bod komt (kwam). In de statuten van de stichting staat dat de stichting zonder winstoogmerk werkt en dat alle soorten, niet direct commerciële muziek, er een podium moeten kunnen vinden." pageviews sinds januari 2003: Powered by iCinema

82. Tritone Paradox And Spectral-Motion AfterEffects
An overview of Shepard and Deutsch tones, the tritone paradox, and acoustic illusions analogous to spiral motion aftereffects is presented.
MAIN MENU The tones used to create the tritone paradox were synthesized by Diana Deutsch at the University of California - San Diego . The tones used are similar to those created by Roger Shepard in that they are specially designed complex tones that consist of ocatve related sinewave components. Shepard tones consist of 10 components (octaves) and are presented through a Gaussian-shaped spectral filter (see Figure to the right).
The tones used in the tritone paradox have 6 components (octaves) and are presented through a bell-shaped spectral envelope (see Figure to the left). The filtering results in the frequency components being attenuated about the centre frequency. These Deutsch tones are perceptually similar to Shepard tones, although to date, there has been no systematic investigation of perceptual effects arising from the differences between the two types of tones.
Illusions arise from Deutsch and Shepard tones when the spectral envelopes are held constant and the frequencies components are raised or lowered in pitch. This raising or lowering in pitch can be done in a continuous fashion creating a glide, or in discrete steps. Theoretically, the interval distance of each step could be any value within the span of an octave - the limit of which results in an identical tone. Most studies have employed the 12 equal logarithmic steps that span an octave in traditional Western Music called semitones. The resulting 'chromatic' tones are represented on a piano by the 12 black and white keys that span an octave interval.

83. Fermi's Paradox
Summary and a few probability calculations.
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Fermi's Paradox
In 1985 Shklovskii formulated the problem of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. He was engaged in this problem almost all his life. But most surprising is the fact that having passed the way from the early romanticism of 60's (the artificial creation of Fobos and Deimos) through the more realistic concept of the uniqueness of life in the Universe (an absence of space miracles ), which engages the west scientists up to now , he came to the conclusion which could be obtained still before the space age and the programs of searches of extraterrestrial life! As a matter of fact, the problem is reduced to the so called Fermi's paradox which in modern language looks as follows (Lipunov,1987): there are two observational or, if you like, experimental facts: 1) the age of the Universe is year, 2) a specific time t of exponential development for our civilization is of the order of some tens of years. For the sake of simplicity it san be adopted years which is obviously an overestimation. A gigantic dimensionless number characterizes the growth of a technological civilization over the time of existence of the Universe:

84. Liar Paradox [Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy]
Liar paradox. The Liar paradox is an argument that arrives at a contradiction by reasoning about a Liar Sentence. History of the paradox and Possible Solutions.
Liar Paradox The Liar Paradox is an argument that arrives at a contradiction by reasoning about a Liar Sentence. The classical Liar Sentence is the following self-referential sentence: (1) This sentence is false. Experts in the field of philosophical logic have never agreed on the way out of the trouble despite 2,300 years of attention. Here is the troublea sketch of the Liar Argument that reveals the contradiction: The argument depends upon a few more assumptions and steps, but these are apparently as uncontroversial as those above. The contradictory result throws us into the lion's den of semantic incoherence. This article explores the details of the principal attempts to resolve the paradox. Most people, when first encountering the Liar Paradox, will react by saying that the Liar Sentence must be meaningless. This popular solution does stop the argument of the paradox, but it isn't an adequate solution if it answers the question, "Why is the Liar Sentence meaningless?" simply with the ad hoc remark, "Otherwise we get a paradox." An adequate solution would offer a more systematic treatement. For example, the sentence, "This sentence is in English," is very similar to the Liar Sentence. Is it meaningless, too? What ingredients of the Liar Sentence make it meaningless such that other sentences with those same ingredients will also be meaningless? Are disjunctions with the Liar Sentence also meaningless? The questions continue, and an adequate solution should address them systematically.

85. BDE Utilities And Updates
Updates to the BDE core DLLs and utilities that ease BDE programming, including Delphi / paradox resources.
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Updates to the BDE core DLLs and utilities that ease BDE programming.
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This file fixes the "Operation Not Applicable" error. NOTE: This DLL should be used in conjunction with BDE 4.51.
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86. Russell's Paradox [Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy]
Russell s paradox. Russell s paradox represents either of two interrelated logical antinomies. Possible Solutions to the paradox of Properties.
Russell's Paradox Russell's paradox represents either of two interrelated logical antinomies. The most commonly discussed form is a contradiction arising in the logic of sets or classes. Some classes (or sets) seem to be members of themselves, while some do not. The class of all classes is itself a class, and so it seems to be in itself. The null or empty class, however, must not be a member of itself. However, suppose that we can form a class of all classes (or sets) that, like the null class, are not included in themselves. The paradox arises from asking the question of whether this class is in itself. It is if and only if it is not. The other form is a contradiction involving properties. Some properties seem to apply to themselves, while others do not. The property of being a property is itself a property, while the propery of being a cat is not itself a cat. Consider the property that something has just in case it is a property (like that of being a cat ) that does not apply to itself. Does this property apply to itself? Once again, from either assumption, the opposite follows. The paradox was named after Bertrand Russell, who discovered it in 1901.
Table of Contents (Clicking on the links below will take you to that part of this article)
History Russell's discovery came while he was working on his Principles of Mathematics . Although Russell discovered the paradox independently, there is some evidence that other mathematicians and set-theorists, including Ernst Zermelo and David Hilbert, had already been aware of the first version of the contradiction prior to Russell's discovery. Russell, however, was the first to discuss the contradiction at length in his published works, the first to attempt to formulate solutions and the first to appreciate fully its importance. An entire chapter of the

87. Paradox -- From MathWorld
paradox. Curry (1977, p. 5) uses the term pseudoparadox to describe an apparent paradox for which, however, there is no underlying actual contradiction.
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MATHWORLD - IN PRINT Order book from Amazon Foundations of Mathematics Logic Paradoxes
Paradox A statement which appears self-contradictory or contrary to expectations, also known as an antinomy . Curry (1977, p. 5) uses the term pseudoparadox to describe an apparent paradox for which, however, there is no underlying actual contradiction. Bertrand Russell classified known logical paradoxes into seven categories. Ball and Coxeter (1987) give several examples of geometrical paradoxes. Allais Paradox Aristotle's Wheel Paradox Arrow's Paradox Banach-Tarski Paradox ... search
Ball, W. W. R. and Coxeter, H. S. M. Mathematical Recreations and Essays, 13th ed. New York: Dover, pp. 84-86, 1987. Bunch, B. Mathematical Fallacies and Paradoxes. New York: Dover, 1982. Carnap, R.

88. Howstuffworks "Someone Told Me That If There Are 20 People In A Room, There's A
This phenomenon actually has a name it is called the birthday paradox, and it turns out it is useful in several different areas (for example, cryptography
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Someone told me that if there are 20 people in a room, there's a 50/50 chance that two of them will have the same birthday. How can that be?
This phenomenon actually has a name it is called the birthday paradox , and it turns out it is useful in several different areas (for example, cryptography and hashing algorithms ). You can try it yourself the next time you are at a gathering of 20 or 30 people, ask everyone for their birth date. It is likely that two people in the group will have the same birthday. It always surprises people! The reason this is so surprising is because we are used to comparing our particular birthdays with others. For example, if you meet someone randomly and ask him what his birthday is, the chance of the two of you having the same birthday is only 1/365 (0.27%). In other words, the probability of any two individuals having the same birthday is extremely low. Even if you ask 20 people, the probability is still low less than 5%. So we feel like it is very rare to meet anyone with the same birthday as our own. When you put 20 people in a room, however, the thing that changes is the fact that each of the 20 people is now asking each of the other 19 people about their birthdays. Each individual person only has a small (less than 5%) chance of success, but each person is trying it 19 times. That increases the probability dramatically.

89. Welcome To Paradox
Rock band from England. History, news, show dates, sound files, and album information.
Paradox - The Midlands Premier Classic Rock Band. Currently recording their debut album, check out for more details, MP3s and upcoming gigs in your area.

90. Paradox Online - Free Browser Based Strategy & Empire Management Game
paradox Online is an free browser based Strategy/Empire Management game with RPG Elements, unique strategics and resource model. Login. username password
Login username:
Development Started around september 2001,
first beta done within 2 weeks.
Combat ticker coding took an
approx 40hour coding marathon. August 2003 Marko "Fador"
Viitanen joined the development
team. To date Hannu "CoZa" Ylikotila
has helped us a bit with his
web-design skills. (If you
remember chinese theme, base design was his, Aleksi "Skal Tura" Ursin had to make a lot of changes to it) domain was acquired 29-mar-2003. To date approx 85% of the code has been done by Aleksi "Skal Tura" Ursin, and 15% by Marko "Fador" Viitanen.(Incl. Admin controlpanel) create account forgot password? boards manual Paradox is an web based strategy game, you get to control your own empire and try to rule your own piece of universe!

91. Sunder Land Adirondack Vacation Cottages
Offers seven vacation rentals located on paradox Lake. Information includes photos, descriptions, rates, activities, availability, and directions.
Sunder Land
A family centered business operated by the Sunderlands since 1950 General Information Recreation Accommodations Cottages ... Reservations General Information
  • All cottages are lakeside on mountainous terrain. The area is secluded in a quiet cove with a gently sloping sand beach safe for young children. Rowboats, canoes, and kayaks and two mountain bikes are available for rent on the premises. Guests furnish required cushions and/or life vests for each occupant We do not allow powerboats. Small electric motors (3 hp or less) permitted. You may bring a rowboat, canoe, kayak, or sailboat. Our guests are not permitted to have motorized watercraft at SunderLand or docked elsewhere on the lake. Supermarkets are in Schroon Lake and Ticonderoga . Post Office is one mile. The phone at our office is available for emergencies only; please bring a cellular phone if possible. Sorry no pets. 5% off multiple week rentals. 15% off (at least one week rentals) if you come to SunderLand before June 19 th and after Labor Day. Partial week rentals, depending on availability. One-night rentals (off-season): $150 per night.

92. Technology Review: MIT's Magazine Of Innovation
The Palladium paradox Why we have everything to fear about the next operating system out of Redmond. By David Weinberger Insight October 25, 2002,
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93. UConn-MIT 02 Conference
A conference to be held at the University of Connecticut, USA, on 11th13th October 2002.
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UConn-MIT Conference
Liars and Heaps:
The Logic and Semantics of Paradox
Sponsored by
University of Connecticut Humanities Institute

MIT Philosophy and Linguistics Department
UConn Philosophy Department
University of Connecticut Research Foundation
The general topic is paradox . Papers will focus on semantic-logical paradoxes, vagueness and soritical paradoxes, or combinations of the two. Some topics to be covered include contextual approaches to vagueness, contextual approaches to semantic-logical paradox, paraconsistent approaches to paradox, absolutely unrestricted quantification, and the prospects of a unified approach to both semantic-logical and soritical paradox.

94. The Paradox Of Choice [June 06, 2004]
The paradox of Choice. A recent book, The paradox of Choice Why More is Less by Barry Schwartz, has been getting quite a bit of attention lately.
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The Paradox of Choice
Jim Cushing (May 19, 2004 6:30PM PT)

A recent book, The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less less satisfied as the are offered more choices. I tend to believe he's right. The Java world alone offers plenty of anecdotal evidence. For instance, after occasional frustration with Eclipse's quirky slowdowns, I decided to give JEdit a try. Out of the box, JEdit has a fairly basic feature set, but the vast selection of plugins is its selling point. So I downloaded JEdit, after deliberating a moment on which download site to choose (

95. Einsteins Incompleteness Argument
Another site describing the EPR paradox.
One of the first physicsts to be publically troubled by the philosophical interpretations of quantum mechanics was Albert Einstein. In 1935, he co-authored a paper which was intended to show that Quantum Mechanics could not be a complete theory of nature. The arguments in the EPR paper are very similar to ones which Einstein himself made in correspondences to friends, but are not exactly the same. The first thing to notice is that Einstein was not trying to disprove Quantum Mechanics in any way. In fact, he was well aware of its power to predict the outcomes of various experiments. What he was trying to show was that Quantum Mechanics could not be a complete theory of nature and that some other theory would have to be invoked in order to fully describe nature. The argument begins by assuming that there are two systems, A and B (which might be two free particles) , whose wavefunctions are known. Then, if A and B interact for a short period of time, one can determine the wavefunction which results after this interaction via the Schroedinger equation or some other Quantum Mechanical equation of state. Now, let us assume that A and B move far apart, so far apart that they can no longer interact in any fashion. In other words

96. Paradox Entertainment
Profiles About Contact. Latest news 200404-22 paradox Entertainment and PAN Vision conclude an important agreement 2004-03-10 Crusader Kings goes gold!




Latest news
Paradox Entertainment and PAN Vision conclude an important agreement

Crusader Kings goes gold!

Paradox Entertainment launches new corporate web site

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97. Welcome To Paradox Interactive
Full service web design company based in Utah; includes Coldfusion applications, ebusiness, animations, and hosting.
Get your own ".com", ".net", ".org" domain name (i.e. A unique domain name helps customers identify and find your site. A leading website design company in Utah. We build custom websites, web applications, and e-business. We also provide e-commerce website design and development, custom web-based ColdFusion applications, and reliable hosting services.

98. Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox -- From Eric Weisstein's World Of Physics
from Eric Weisstein's Treasure Trove of Physics
Modern Physics Quantum Physics Quantum Mechanics General Quantum Mechanics
Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox

A paradox first enunciated by Einstein et al. (1935), who proposed a thought experiment that appeared to demonstrate quantum mechanics to be an incomplete theory. The usual view of quantum mechanics says that a wave function determines the probabilities of an actual experimental result and that it is the most complete possible specification of the quantum state. Einstein et al. believed the predictions of quantum mechanics to be correct, but only as the result of statistical distributions of other unknown but real properties of the particles. Bohm (1951) presented a paper in which he described a modified form of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen thought experiment which he believed to be conceptually equivalent to that suggested by Einstein et al. (1935), but which was easier to treat mathematically. Bohm suggested using two atoms with a known total spin of zero, separated in a way that the spin of each atom points in a direction exactly opposite to that of the other. In this situation, the angular momentum of one particle can be measured indirectly by measuring the corresponding vector of the other particle. Bell (1964) subsequently formulated Bell's inequalities , which seemed to be a physically reasonable condition of locality which imposed restrictions on the maximum correlations of the measurements of a pair of spin 1/2 particles formed somehow in the singlet state and moving freely in opposite directions. This inequality can be tested in a laboratory experiment because the statistical predictions of quantum mechanics are incompatible with any local

99. IToE (Impressionist Theory Of Everything) - The Role Of Paradox
The Impressionist Theory of Everything explores the concept that paradox is a natural mechanism in the universe responsible for a cycle that is not resolvable.
The Impressionist Theory of Everything (IToE)
Main Menu (to return to the main menu click Introduction What is paradox? The concept of IToE Why Impressionist? The fundamentality of dualism ... Two key concepts of IToE
Topic Summaries and Document Links for IToE: 1. The Philosophical Concept: Its Mathematics and Geometry Chapters 1.1 to 1.9 2. Application of IToE to EPR-Type Phenomena Chapters 2.1 to 2.2 ...
Author and Background
Introduction What is paradox? In the search for the rational understanding of infinitude, through studies in philosophy and physics, paradoxes arise as absolute barriers to the creation of any context of a final theory. Is this issue resolvable through new and more complex concepts, or alternatively, is it possible that the existence of paradox is a prerequisite in the construction of what is fundamental and universal?
The concept of IToE The Impressionist Theory of Everything (IToE) examines the above question and its impact on the process of observation and the conclusion. The role of dimension and its development is a central concept. Given that the universe represents a dimensionally infinite structure, IToE studies how dimensionality grows from a null condition for empirical dynamic processes and theoretic structures.
The formal structures of observation and conclusion do not properly represent this cross-dimensional growth because formal descriptions require a fixed structure of identities and relationships. By contrast, the cross-dimensional development described in IToE is not fixed but rather crosses absolute boundaries for how these properties are defined.

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