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  1. Environmental Policy Paradox, The (5th Edition) by Zachary A. Smith, 2008-02-02
  2. The Thyroid Paradox: How to Get the Best Care for Hypothyroidism by James K., M.D. Rone, 2007-06-15
  3. The Paradox of God and the Science of Omniscience by Clifford A. Pickover, 2004-04-03
  4. The American Paradox: Spiritual Hunger in an Age of Plenty by David G. Myers, 2001-09-01
  5. The Sexual Paradox: Men, Women and the Real Gender Gap by Susan Pinker, 2008-03-11
  6. Global Marketing and Advertising: Understanding Cultural Paradoxes by Marieke K. de Mooij, 2005-03-17
  7. Paradoxes of Gender by Judith Lorber, 1995-09-27
  8. Jevons' Paradox and the Myth of Resource Efficiency Improvements (Earthscan Research Editions)
  9. Zeno's Paradoxes
  10. The Information Paradox: Realizing the Business Benefits of Information Technology by John Thorp, Fujitsu Consulting's Center for Strategic Leadership, 1999-02
  11. The Polio Paradox: What You Need to Know by Richard L. Bruno, 2002-07
  12. The Sanctions Paradox : Economic Statecraft and International Relations (Cambridge Studies in International Relations, 65) by Daniel W. Drezner, 1999-09-13
  13. Hidden Iran: Paradox and Power in the Islamic Republic by Ray Takeyh, 2006-10-03
  14. The Paradox of Change: American Women in the 20th Century by William H. Chafe, 1992-03-26

41. Foreign Affairs - The Saudi Paradox - Michael Scott Doran
The Saudi paradox Michael Scott Doran From Foreign Affairs, January/February 2004,
The Saudi Paradox
Michael Scott Doran

From Foreign Affairs January/February 2004
Summary: Saudi Arabia is in the throes of a crisis, but its elite is bitterly divided on how to escape it. Crown Prince Abdullah leads a camp of liberal reformers seeking rapprochement with the West, while Prince Nayef, the interior minister, sides with an anti-American Wahhabi religious establishment that has much in common with al Qaeda. Abdullah cuts a higher profile abroad but at home Nayef casts a longer and darker shadow.
Michael Scott Doran is Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University and Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations.
Middle East


Keeping it in the Family

By F. Gregory Gause III
Foreign Affairs, May/June 2004 The Road to Damascus By Steven Simon and Jonathan Stevenson Foreign Affairs, May/June 2004 Martyrs: Innocence, Vengeance, and Despair in the Middle East Joyce M. Davis. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2003. Mes Frères Assassins Mohamed Sifaoui. Paris: Le Cherche Midi, 2003.

42. Zeno's Paradox Of The Tortoise And Achilles (PRIME)
An article in the Platonic Realms.
Basic Math
Biography Calculus Comp Sci Discrete Economics Foundations Geometry Graph Thry History Number Thry Physics Statistics Topology Trigonometry eno of Elea ( circa 450 b.c.) is credited with creating several famous paradoxes , but by far the best known is the paradox of the Tortoise and Achilles. (Achilles was the great Greek hero of Homer's The Illiad .) It has inspired many writers and thinkers through the ages, notably Lewis Carroll and Douglas Hofstadter, who also wrote dialogues involving the Tortoise and Achilles. The original goes something like this: The Tortoise challenged Achilles to a race, claiming that he would win as long as Achilles gave him a small head start. Achilles laughed at this, for of course he was a mighty warrior and swift of foot, whereas the Tortoise was heavy and slow. Achilles said nothing. Zeno's Paradox may be rephrased as follows. Suppose I wish to cross the room. First, of course, I must cover half the distance. Then, I must cover half the remaining distance. Then, I must cover half the remaining distance. Then I must cover half the remaining distance . . . and so on forever. The consequence is that I can never get to the other side of the room.

43. Foreign Affairs - The Saudi Paradox - Michael Scott Doran
The Saudi paradox By Michael Scott Doran From Foreign Affairs, January/February 2004 Summary Saudi Arabia is in the throes of a

44. Parrondo Paradox
Parrondo paradox simulation and a demonstration of the ratchet effect.
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Cut The Knot!
An interactive column using Java applets
by Alex Bogomolny
Parrondo Paradox
June 2001 ... two ugly parents can have beautiful children ...
Doron Zeilberger on receiving the 1998 Leroy P. Steele Prize Parrondo's Paradox is a double shocker. Counter to common intuition, it is possible to mix two losing games into a winning combination. This is a good news. But do not rub your hands just yet. The theory does not apply to casino games. Learning about it all must be its own reward. On the positive side but shaky ground, Sandra Blakeslee reported last year in NY Times that Dr. Sergei Maslov from Brookhaven National Laboratory had shown that if an investor simultaneously shared capital between two losing stock portfolios, capital would increase rather than decrease. (On the downside, as of the time of writing, it was too early to apply his model to the real stock market because of its complexity.) Since the Paradox has been reported a couple of years ago, many real world and abstract examples has been thought up that make it more palatable. Indeed, monetary rewards apart, a combination of negative trends may lead to a positive outcome. Brooke Buckley, an undergraduate student from Eastern Kentucky University

45. Zeno And The Paradox Of Motion
3.7 Zeno and the paradox of Motion. The Eleatic school of philosophers was founded by the religious thinker and poet Xenophanes (born
3.7  Zeno and the Paradox of Motion
The Eleatic school of philosophers was founded by the religious thinker and poet Xenophanes (born c. 570 BC), whose main teaching was that the universe is singular, eternal, and unchanging.  "The all is one."  According to this view, as developed by later members of the Eleatic school, the appearances of multiplicity, change, and motion are mere illusions.  Interestingly, the colony of Elea was founded by a group of Ionian Greeks who, in 545 BC, had been besieged in their seaport city of Phocaea by an invading Persian army, and were ultimately forced to evacuate by sea.  They sailed to the island of Corsica , and occupied it after a terrible sea battle with the navies of  Carthage and the Etruscans.  Just ten years later, in 535 BC, the Carthagians and Etruscans regained the island, driving the Phocaean refugees once again into the sea.  This time they landed on the southwestern coast of Italy and founded the colony of Elea , seizing the site from the native Oenotrians.  All this happened within the lifetime of Xenophanes, himself a wandering exile from his native city of

46. Paradox Networks & Security: Digital Security Consultants
UK based network security consultants, specialising in penetration testing, server hardening, telecommunications security and systems integrity assessment.
Security Alerts
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Penetration Testing
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Server Hardening
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Firewall Solutions Packet Filtering Network Perimeter Firewalls Email Virus Scanning Secure Hosting Secure Shared UNIX Hosting Managed Dedicated Servers Secure Application Hosting Secure Development Client Login Systems Mailing List Administration Web Applications A complete solution for any size business. We monitor all the major security mailing lists, websites, usenet groups and hacker resources for up to the minute vulnerability warnings and patches. Targeted advisories are dispatched immediately.

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48. Ask Dr. SETI: Hungarians And The Fermi Paradox
Find out if Hungarians are really descendants of Martians.
Ask Dr. SETI:

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Chapter 2: Biochemistry
Hungarians and the Fermi Paradox Dear Dr. SETI:
What's this I hear about SETI and Hungarians? Supposedly it has something to do with the Fermi Paradox. MH, Hungary The Doctor Responds:
Physicist Enrico Fermi, said to be a firm believer in the existence of extra-terrestrials, was frustrated by the lack of firm evidence of their existence. Reasoning that advanced civilizations should by now have filled the Galaxy, Fermi came downstairs for lunch one afternoon at Los Alamos and blurted out his now-famous question, "Where are they?" "They are among us," it is reported that Hungarian-born physicist Leo Szilard responded, "but they call themselves Hungarians." Apparently, Szilard's comment had some cultural and historical basis. The following passage is from The Curve of Binding Energy by John McPhee (1973, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, pp. 104-105): So perhaps Szilard was trying to let his Italian-born colleague in on the secret. As it happens, I met with Teller recently, and can attest to the fact that he still has a thick Martian accent. He reminisced about Fermi's famous question, and when queried about Szilard's response, answered quite vehemently: "No! We're Martians!"
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entire website The SETI League, Inc.

49. Paradox - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
paradox. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the logic concept. Borland paradox Types of paradox. Common themes
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
This article is about the logic concept. Borland Paradox is a database management tool.
The Monty Hall paradox: which door do you choose? A paradox is an apparently true statement that seems to lead to a logical self-contradiction, or to a situation that contradicts common intuition. The identification of a paradox based on seemingly simple and reasonable concepts has often led to significant advances in science philosophy and mathematics In moral philosophy , paradox plays a particularly central role in debates on ethics . For instance, an ethical admonition to "love thy neighbour" is in (not just contrast but) contradiction with an armed neighbour actively trying to kill you: if he or she succeeds, then, you will not be able to love them. But to preemptively attack them or restrain them is not usually understood as very loving. This might be termed an ethical dilemma ; another example is the conflict between an injunction not to steal and one to care for a family that you cannot afford to feed except with stolen money. Table of contents 1 Types of paradox
2 List of paradoxes

2.1 Veridical paradoxes

50. From Paradox To Paradigm
Alternative theory for RT based on dragged ether. Dragged ether is consistent with stellar aberration and the Dopplereffect. No-more paradoxes, inconsistencies or contradictions.
Quantum mechanics and the Relativity Theory are incompatible. Somewhere something must be wrong. In 1727 Bradley observed the star y-Draconis and measured the stellar aberration. Science concluded unjustly that dragged ether could not exist. Michelson and Morley proved without doubt with their famous experiment in 1887 that ether in absolute rest could not exist. After both ethers were denied the Special Relatively Theory of Einstein was inevitable. The propagation of forces and light through vacuum became mysterious and almost unexplainable; time and space became relative. Science unjustly rejected the hypothesis of the dragged ether. So the Relativity Theory is not indisputable anymore. The existence of dragged ether still is a scientific possibility. Exploring the possibilities of the dragged ether, it was "easy" to find mathematical and physical explanations for relativistic observations. The scientific explanations the ether is giving for yet unexplained and mysterious physical phenomena are vast. Elementary and atomic particles like electron, positron, proton, neutron, deuteron, photon and neutrinos reveal their existence in simple mathematics

51. Fermi Paradox - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Fermi paradox. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Proposed efforts. The Argument Over the Premise Behind the Fermi paradox. ET Phone Home.
Fermi paradox
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Radio telescope observations play a role in validating the Fermi paradox The Fermi paradox is a paradox proposed by physicist Enrico Fermi that questions the possibilities of finding intelligent extraterrestrial life . More specifically, it deals with the attempts to answer one of the most profound questions of all time: "Are we (the earthlings) the only technologically advanced civilization in the Universe?". The Drake equation for estimating the number of extraterrestrial civilizations with which we might come in contact seems to imply that we should not expect such contact to be extremely rare. Fermi's response to this conclusion was that if there were very many advanced extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy , then, "Where are they? Why haven't we seen any traces of intelligent extraterrestrial life e.g. probes, spacecraft or transmissions . Those that adhere to the premise behind the Fermi paradox often refer to that premise as the Fermi principle The paradox can be summed up as follows: The commonly held belief that the universe has many technologically advanced civilizations combined with our observations that suggest otherwise, is paradoxical, suggesting that either our understanding or our observations are flawed or incomplete

52. Paradox
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53. Paradox
Translate this page Informationen und News über den Kosmos. Astrologie, Ufos, Ausserirdische und ihr Wirken. Prognosen und astrologische Berechnungen.
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54. The Paradox Band Music
MPEG3 and Microsoft Media Player audio music clips and band information.
The Paradox Band Site
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55. Index
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56. Paradox Development
Welcome to the paradox Development website. paradox Development is an independent company that creates entertainment software for home console systems.
Welcome to the Paradox Development website. Paradox Development is an independent company that creates entertainment software for home console systems. We are located in Moorpark, California, about halfway between L.A. and Santa Barbara.
Official box cover coming soon Backyard Wrestling 2
There goes the neighborhood
Read more at IGN.
Download Wallpaper

Backyard Wrestling

Don't try this at home
Backyard Wrestling allows you to step out of the the staleness of the wrestling genre, and into a groundbreaking new world of open ended gameplay. Punish your opponent in highly interactive sprawling environments implementing instruments of pain like thumbtacks, barbed wire, light bulbs, stop signs, baseball bats, tables, fire - as well as the environment itself. Prepare yourself to endure inhuman amounts of pain, and take incredible risks, as you leap from breathtaking heights to beat your opponent, and be crowned "The King Of Hardcore". X-Men: Next Dimension
X-Men Next Dimension is the only fighting game that recreates the epic superhero battles from comics and film. Leaving the traditional arena, you carry your battles across expansive 3D levels, using advanced fighting combos, aerial combat and dynamic environments to wreak havoc on your foes.

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58. Model Theory. Goedel's Completeness Theorem. Skolem's Paradox. Ramsey's Theorem.
Introductory essay by Karlis Podnieks, constituting appendices 1 and 2 of his book `Around Goedel's Theorems'.
model theory, Skolem paradox, Ramsey theorem, Loewenheim, categorical, Ramsey, Skolem, Gödel, completeness theorem, categoricity, Goedel, theorem, completeness, Godel Back to title page Left Adjust your browser window Right
Appendix 1. About Model Theory
Some widespread Platonist superstitions were derived from other important results of mathematical logic (omitted in the main text of this book): Goedel's completeness theorem for predicate calculus, Loewenheim-Skolem theorem, the categoricity theorem of second order Peano axioms. In this short Appendix I will discuss these results and their methodological consequences (or lack of them). All these results have been obtained by means of the so-called model theory . This is a very specific approach to investigation of formal theories as mathematical objects. Model theory is using the full power of set theory. Its results and proofs can be formalized in the set theory ZFC Model theory is investigation of formal theories in the metatheory ZFC. The main structures of model theory are interpretations . Let L be the language of some (first order) formal theory containing constant letters c , ..., c

59. Audio Paradox
audio paradox news (01.07.04). new compilation appearance. Our brand-new track Rotation will be released on the next installment of Automata Magazine.
audio paradox - news (01.07.04) new compilation appearance
Our brand-new track Rotation will be released on the next installment of Automata Magazine
Null Factor remix
Our remix of Null Factor's "Disrupted" is available on their CD "Purity". Null Factor website
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the next album Pre-production and songwriting continues for our next album.
The current lineup:
Matthew Edwards (Dallas, TX),
Kane Kelly (Dallas, TX),
Josh Pyle (Chicago, IL), Kris Rosentrater (Seattle, WA), and River Tunnell (Dallas, TX) Current tracks for the release include: Division of Vision, Consumed, Reason (full version), We Decay, New Language, The Damage (doesn't look as bad from out here), Do Not Follow, and Isolate Anywhere. Tracks are in various stages of production, and the names may change at any time. We're also narrowing down material from over 40 works-in-progress. Enough for a couple records. As to be expected, members are involved in a number of other projects (see above), also in various stages of completion.

60. UFO Paradox
Information on UFOs, the UFO coverups and government conspiracies.
UFO Related


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Astronomy Astrophysics

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Government Conspiracies

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... Links UFO Paradox Information relating to UFOs, the UFO cover-up and Government Conspiracies. Read about a sighting from RI Add our page to your favorites! Search our site or the Web WWW UFO Paradox A UFO is the reported perception of an object or light seen in the sky or upon the land, the appearance, trajectroy, general dynamic, and luminesence behavior of which do not suggest a logical, conventional explanation and which is not only mystifying to the original percipients but remains unidentified after close scrutiny of all available evidence by persons who are technically capable of making a common sense identification, if one is possible. -Dr. J. Allen Hynek, PhD Astronomy Contact Us

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