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         Petroleum Engineering:     more books (100)
  1. Petroleum economics and engineering: An introduction (Chemical processing and engineering) by Hussein K Abdel-Aal, 1976
  2. Petroleum Engineering Fundamentals 3RD Edition by Maynard M Stephens, 1952
  3. Fundamentals of Logging - Petroleum Engineering Conference April 1956 by University of Kansas, 1956
  4. Petroleum Engineering and Technology Schools, 1996-97 (Annual)
  5. The Petroleum Systems Engineering Program at The University of Regina.: An article from: SaskBusiness
  6. PAKISTAN: Letter of intend for proposed construction of $480,000,000 refined products pipeline, CHINA PETROLEUM ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION CORP. (CPECC) ... & Plant Operations in the Developing World
  7. The Integration of Geology, Geophysics, Petrophysics and Petroleum Engineering in Reservoir Delineation, Description and Management: Proceedings of
  8. PAKISTAN: Letter of intend for proposed construction of $480,000,000 refined products pipeline, CHINA PETROLEUM ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION CORP. (CPECC) ... Opportunities in Asia & the Pacific
  9. Understanding Petroleum Reservoirs: Towards an Integrated Reservoir Engineering and Geochemical Approach by Cubitt, 2004-01
  10. Developments in Petroleum Engineering: Offshore Drilling, Strength of Tubulars, Drilling Practices, Reservoir Characterization by Lubinski, 1988-10-12
  11. Introduction to Petroleum Reservoir Analysis (Contributions in Petroleum Geology and Engineering) by L. F. Koederitz, A. H. Harvey, et all 1989-03
  12. U.A.E.: Project design contract award for planned $55,000,000 college of petroleum engineering, ABU DHABI NATIONAL OIL CO. (ADNOC) [U.A.E.] & NBBJ SPORTS ... Opportunities in Africa & the Middle East

81. International Office Of UPB,China
BACK. Department of petroleum engineering. The Department of PetroleumEngineering, with respect to research and reaching, is split
University of Petroleum, Beijing, China, located in the famous scenery Changping District, very close to Great Wall and Ming Tombs, is one of the Key universities in China.
Ie 6.0 Last updated: April, 2004 800*600 or 1024*768

82. Gabor Takacs's Home Page
Professor of petroleum engineering in Miskolc, Hungary.
Welcome to
Gabor Takacs's HomePage!!
  • Hello....My name is Gabor (Gabe) Takacs and I live in Miskolc, Hungary. I am a university professor and Head of the Petroleum Engineering Department at the University of Miskolc and teach various courses in Petroleum Engineering.
This is a recent photo with me at my office desk.
  • In my spare time (can only get some during summer) I do sailing and windsurfing. Also enjoy working with computers especially notebooks (just using my fourth Toshiba). Back in 1988/89 I was a Visiting Professor at Texas Tech University in Lubbock and enjoyed life over there very much. I found Texans very friendly and made several friends among them. So, to anyone reading this in Texas:
Howdy, folks! You like the music, I bet.
Visit other parts of my Home Page:
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Mail Address: Toldi 3, H-3525 Miskolc, Hungary
Phone/Fax: 36 46 411 648 Originally created: Nov. 17, 1996

83. Qualification Standards For GS-881
Operating Manual. Qualification Standards for General Schedule Positions. IndividualOccupational Requirements for. GS881 petroleum engineering Series.
United States Office of Personnel Management
Operating Manual
Qualification Standards for General Schedule Positions
Individual Occupational Requirements for
GS-881: Petroleum Engineering Series
The text below is extracted verbatim from Section IV-B of the Operating Manual for Qualification Standards for General Schedule Positions (p.IV-B-143), but contains minor edits to conform to web-page requirements. Use the GS-800 individual occupational requirements for Professional Engineering Positions Page created 22 March 1999

84. 2145 Petroleum Engineers
2145. Petroleum Engineers. Employment requirements A bachelor s degree inpetroleum engineering or in a related engineering discipline is required.
Quick Search Find an occupational description by entering its four-digit NOC code.
Petroleum Engineers Petroleum engineers conduct studies for the exploration, development and extraction of oil and gas deposits; and plan, design, develop and supervise projects for the drilling, completion, testing and reworking of oil and gas wells. Petroleum engineers are employed by petroleum producing companies, consulting companies, well logging or testing companies and in government and research and educational institutions.
Example Titles
drilling engineer, oil and gas
petroleum engineer
petroleum engineer, completion
production engineer, oil and gas
reservoir engineer, petroleum
subsea engineer
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Main duties
Petroleum engineers perform some or all of the following duties:
  • Conduct feasibility assessment studies for developing new oil and gas fields
  • Direct and monitor oil and gas drilling operations
  • Develop drilling programs, select sites and specify drilling fluids, bit selection, drill stem testing procedures and equipment
  • Direct and monitor the completion and evaluation of wells, well testing and well surveys

85. 510 Petroleum Engineering
Engineering ELibrary, Sweden. 510 petroleum engineering.
Engineering E-Library, Sweden
510 Petroleum Engineering

86. Geophysical & Geological Consultants -- Interactive Interpretation & Training, I
Outsourcing geoscience for the upstream petroleum industry geophysics, geology, petroleum engineering, geochemistry, workstation rental. Landmark and GeoQuest software.
Upstream outsourcing for the Petroleum Industry: Geology, Geophysics, Petroleum Engineeing and related professional disciplines. We have experience throughout the world, and our own offices and workstations (Unix and Windows) here in Houston. Click here to continue. Lynx Friendly!

87. Petroleum Engineering - Wikipedia
petroleum engineering. petroleum engineering is involved in the exploration andproduction activities of petroleum at the upstream end of the energy sector.
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88. LTRO - Locate The Remaining Oil
Development petroleum engineering consultants offering expertise in oil and gas field development.
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LTRO Locate The Remaining Oil
Home Page
About Page
Development Petroleum Engineering Consultants
What is LTRO all about.
What is LTRO all about.
LTRO is all about Locating The current Remaining Oil or gas, and assessing future opportunities in a producing field. It is all about generating displays and assessments to help fully understand past field performance. By understanding the past field performance we can generate work programs to get at the remaining reserves. This is the basic premise behind our reservoir management endeavors.
For Further Information.
send an e-mail request to:

89. Department Of Mining And Petroleum Engineering
Master degree In petroleum engineering. The Department of Mining and PetroleumEngineering offers a master’s degree program in petroleum engineering.
New Bachelor Degree Program in Petroleum Engineering (Freshmen 2002) New Bachelor Degree Programs in Geo-Resources Engineering (Freshman 2002) Bachelor Degree Programs ( Mining Engineering) Bachelor Degree Programs ( Petroleum Engineering) ... Home Curriculum Faculty Member Students Activities News ... Links Master degree In Petroleum Engineering The Program The curriculum provides an extensive study in petroleum engineering which emphasizes on upstream activities, oil and gas exploration and production. This program will serve industrial demand of highly competent petroleum engineers who are able to conduct both scientific and engineering investigations to solve various problems related to exploration and production of oil and natural gas. Degree Requirements The program requires 24 credits of course work and 12 credits of research work. All students must take a compulsory graduate seminar. A student must present an acceptable thesis and pass an oral examination in the field of Petroleum Engineering. Students who have insufficient basic knowledge in Petroleum Engineering must take some appropriate undergraduate courses. These undergraduate courses will not be counted as graduate credits. Students who have fulfilled the requirements of the program with the Cumulative Grade Point Average of at least 3.00 with a period of study of at least four semesters and no more than ten semesters will be awarded the degree of Master of Engineering in Petroleum Engineering.

90. Department Of Mining And Petroleum Engineering
New Bachelor Degree Program in petroleum engineering (Freshmen 2002).The Department of Mining and petroleum engineering currently
New Bachelor Degree Program in Petroleum Engineering (Freshmen 2002) New Bachelor Degree Programs in Geo-Resources Engineering (Freshman 2002) Bachelor Degree Programs ( Mining Engineering) Bachelor Degree Programs ( Petroleum Engineering) ... Home Curriculum Faculty Member Students Activities News ... Links New Bachelor Degree Program in Petroleum Engineering (Freshmen 2002) The Department of Mining and Petroleum Engineering currently offers two undergraduate programs namely Georesources Engineering and Petroleum Engineering. Mining Engineering program is replaced by Georesources Engineering Program where three majors mining, hydrogeological and resources engineering are conducted. These two existing programs are designed to prepare graduates for mining, resources, hydrogeological, petroleum, and related industries both in Thailand and abroad. These programs also facilitate graduates to carry on to higher education.
Courses are designed to give students basic knowledge in both sciences and engineering fundamentals as well as professional subjects of the fields. Optional courses are also offered as electives to accommodate special interest of students or special need of the industry. Practical training are compulsory to familiarize students with industry. English, humanities, and social sciences courses are also requirement of the programs so that students have opportunity to broaden their views as well as English skill.

91. Vision Petroleum Engineering And Reservoir Technology
petroleum engineering and Reservoir Technology. Ultimately the goal ofthe petroleum engineering discipline is to produce hydrocarbons.
Research Programmes
Petroleum Engineering and Reservoir Technology The Petroleum Engineering Section addresses fundamental problems within the mainstream of Reservoir and Production Engineering research, drawing on the multi-disciplinary expertise available within the Faculty of Applied Earth Sciences and other Faculties, in particular the Centre for Technical Geosciences, and in co-operation with other research centres in the oil industry. Research concentrates on fundamental issues related to the flow of fluids in the reservoir and the near wellbore region, and of related topics in groundwater hydrology. Research is planned or ongoing on the following broad topics:
  • Reservoir flow modelling honouring multi-scale geological heterogeneity Multiphase fluid flow modelling in porous media Inflow performance

92. Petroleum Engineering
Home Browse petroleum engineering, You are not logged in Log in Registernow. Whole Catalogue Just petroleum engineering. petroleum engineering.
Whole Catalogue
Just Petroleum Engineering
our complete range of titles in Petroleum Engineering
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Petroleum Engineering
Pipeline Rules of Thumb 5E, 5th Edition

Now in its fifth edition, the Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook has been and continues to be the standard resource for any professional in the pipeline industry. A practical and convenient reference, it provides quick solutions to the everyday pipeline problems that the pipeline engineer, contractor, or designer faces. Pipeline Rules of Thumb Handbook assembles hundreds of shortcuts for pipeline construction, design, and engineering. Workable "how-to" methods, handy formulas, correlations, and curves all come together in this one convenient volume.
Formulas and Calculations for Drilling, Production and Workover 2E, 2nd Edition

LAPEYROUSE, NORTON The most complete manual of its kind, this handy book gives you all the formulas and calculations you are likely to need in drilling operations. New updated material includes conversion tables into metric. Separate chapters deal with calculations for drilling fluids, pressure control, and engineering. Example calculations are provided throughout. Gas Turbine Engineering Handbook 2E, 2nd Edition

93. Welcome To The School Of Mining And Petroleum Engineering In The Department Of C
Dedicated to the search for mineral/hydrocarbon reserves and their production in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner.
The new location is You will be automatically redirected to the new web site.

94. CUED - Division D: Geotechnical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering & Structures
Geotechnical Engineering, petroleum engineering Structures. Theresearch topics grouped under the umbrella of this division may
The research topics grouped under the umbrella of this division may be loosely categorised as those addressing issues related to civil engineering problems. There are four major sub-divisions as shown on the left. The work of the Geotechnical group is based on the principles of soil mechanics which can address topics as diverse as clean-up of contaminated land and assessing the effects of earthquakes, to the design of underground spaces. Petroleum engineering researches into the problems related to extraction of oil: from drilling to pipeline stability and the effects of ice damage on Arctic pipelines. Structures research covers a wide range of topics from the structure of a DNA molcule, to the safety of bridges to the design of deployable structures to be used in outer space. The Centre for Sustainable Development addresses the growing concern of all engineers to ensure their projects are sustainable within the context of today's society.
Site produced by CUED Multimedia Group

95. Research In Petroleum Engineering
Department of Engineering Current Research Topics 2004. PetroleumEngineering. Current research topics in petroleum engineering
Department of Engineering - Current Research Topics 2004
Petroleum Engineering
Professor A C Palmer
Ice forces on offshore structures; ice mechanics
Arctic pipelines, ice gouging, strudel scour
Reliability of pipeline systems
Shallow water flows
Interaction between pipelines and unstable seabed
Energy policy and global warning [Back to Current Research Topics Index Engineering Department Home Page Last modified: April 2004 (pmp)

96. Perspective On Maglev Transit And Intro Of The PRT Maglev
Galen J. Suppes, Department of Chemical petroleum engineering, The University of Kansas.
A Perspective on Maglev Transit and Introduction of the PRT Maglev
by Galen J. Suppes The University of Kansas 4006 Learned, Lawrence, KS 66045-2223 (913) 864-3864, FAX (913) 864-4967 email:
A critical review of maglev trains and convention wheeled trains was presented in an attempt to identify performance advantages of maglev. Traditionally claimed advantages of maglev were not found to hold up to wheeled train systems incorporating similar non-contacting propulsion; however, performance advantages were identified for velocities greater than 500 mph (805 km/hr). At these high velocities, travel at atmospheric pressure is not practical, and so, an analysis was made for applications in tubes of reduced pressures. The feasibility of a personal rapid transit (PRT) system designed with maglev suspension and for travel in tubes of reduced pressure was evaluated. The PRT maglev would have superior service capabilities yet no obvious technological barriers. An economic comparison to maglev train systems suggested that the PRT maglev costs about 40% less while providing appeal to a broader audience. Proposed performance advantages of the PRT maglev include reduced energy consumption, reliance on electrical power, and significantly reduced transit times as compared to air or train systems. A practical approach to implementation is presented and consists of initially using lower velocities, higher tube pressures, and PRT vehicles connected as train units. Proposed evolution of the system includes attaining higher velocities and incorporating superconductive elements in the rail embodiments.

97. Petroleum Engineering
Home » Short Courses » By Subject » petroleum engineering. petroleum engineering.Professional Development courses in the Petroelum Engineering field
Quick Navigation Imperial home page A-Z of Departments Courses Research Alumni Faculty of Engineering Faculty of Life Sciences Faculty of Medicine Faculty of Physical Sciences Tanaka Business School Spectrum (College Intranet) College directory Help Note: Your browser does not support javascript or you have javascript turned off. Although this will not affect your accessibility to the content of this site, some of the advanced navigation features may not be available to you. Home Short Courses By Subject Petroleum Engineering Note: Some of the graphical elements of this site are only visible to browsers that support accepted web standards . The content of this site is, however, accessible to any browser or Internet device.
- Civil Engineering

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- Environmental

- Infor. Technology
- Petroleum Engineering
Petroleum engineering
Professional Development courses in the Petroelum Engineering field:

98. Oil And Gas Engineering Program
petroleum engineering at Dalhousie is viewed as a specialized disciplinewithin oil and gas engineering. The focus of our petroleum
Faculty of Engineering
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Oil and Gas Engineering at Dalhousie U niversity is a key component of the Engineering Faculty's education and research activities relating to the energy industry T hese activities draw upon concepts, principles, techniques, resources and experience associated with the Faculty's broad range of disciplinary departments (biological engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical and computer engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, and mining and metallurgical engineering) Particular attention is paid to Atlantic Canada's oil and gas sector. Petroleum Engineering at Dalhousie is viewed as a specialized discipline within oil and gas engineering. The focus of our petroleum engineering education program is on fundamental engineering knowledge and skills associated with the production, transport, processing and utilization of petroleum products. The MEng degree program in petroleum engineering complements the Faculty's eight accredited BEng degree programs. The Dalhousie Faculty of Engineering is committed to excellence in education and research relating to the energy industry. Our approach is characterized by

99. NAIT - Petroleum Engineering Technology

100. Petroleum & Geosytems Engineering
Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. Welcometo the 1 petroleum engineering graduate school in the United States!
Prospective Students Current Students Faculty Staff ... Events Department Chairman:
Dr. Mukul M. Sharma, Chairman
Department Phone:
Fax: (512) 471-9605 Mailing address and Map
The University of Texas at Austin
Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering
1 University Station C0300
Austin, TX 78712-0228
Geological C0
Hagedorn Outstanding Young Grad

Student Paper Contest Winner
... Pi Ep Tau Induction
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