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         Military Science:     more books (100)
  1. Best Military Science Fiction of the 20th Century
  2. A Craving for Blood by Mark H. Walker, 2006-08-08
  3. Nature of the Beast (Military Science Fiction Series) by Richard Fawkes, 2004-08-01
  4. Military Leadership: In Pursuit Of Excellence
  5. The Art of Deception in Warfare (A David & Charles military book) by Michael Dewar, 1989-08
  6. Military Operations Research: Quantitative Decision Making (International Series in Operations Research & Management Science) by N.K. Jaiswal, 1997-02-28
  7. Operational Logistics: The Art and Science of Sustaining Military Operations by Moshe Kress, 2002-06
  8. The Complete Paratime (Ace Science Fiction) by H. Beam Piper, 2001-03-01
  9. 21st Century Soldier: The Weaponry, Gear, and Technology of the Military in the New Century by Editors of Popular Science, Frank Vizard, et all 2002-10
  10. Trillions for Military Technology: How the Pentagon Innovates and Why It Costs So Much by John A. Alic, 2007-09-04
  11. Elements of military art and science: or. Course of instruction in strategy, fortification, tactics of battles, &c., embracing the duties of staff, infantry, ... to the use of volunteers and militin. by Michigan Historical Reprint Series, 2005-12-21
  12. The Clone Alliance (Ace Science Fiction) by Steven L. Kent, 2007-10-30
  13. Military Technology (Cool Science) by Ron Fridell, 2007-07-30
  14. Elements of Military Art and Science (Illustrated Edition) (Dodo Press) by H. Wager Halleck, 2007-02-16

1. Military Science
Information Resources for military science. Top of Page. Comprehensive military science Sites. EINet Galaxy Announcements, events, organizations, etc.
Information Resources for Military Science
Contents: *Comprehensive Military Science Sites *Electronic Publications *Military Base Closure *Military History ... *Related UCSB Webs
Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), etc.

2. Science Military Science
Interesting WWW Sites about Science military science Fresh Scientific and Educational Resources Available Now on the Internet INTERESTING WWW SITES ABOUT SCIENCE. Science military science. Armed forces resources, from BUBL (en) military science Other Military Links ( en) military science Resources, from

3. - Search Results: Military Science
Reviews on military science Books written by consumers at science

4. Books On-line: Call Numbers Starting With U
The OnLine Books Page. Call Numbers Starting With U. U military science. Airborne Operations A German Appraisal by United States Army (HTML at US Army CMH);

5. Military Science
military science. Table of Contents. Databases Indexes. Fulltext Electronic Resources. Directories. Military Internet Sites. Internet Sites. Current News. Related Virginia Tech Links. About the Librarian. Databases and Indexes Virginia Tech University Libraries. The military science Page. LiveRef - On-line Reference During selected weekday
military science
Table of Contents
Full-text Electronic Resources Directories Military Internet Sites Internet Sites Current News Related Virginia Tech Links About the Librarian
Databases and Indexes
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6. Index
Highlights the programs, courses, training and requirements for the Army ROTC program for students seeking a commission upon graduation.



7. Military Science Research At UCSB Libraries
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8. Æ Aeragon - Site Index
Aeragon traces the development of military science and technology through modern history and how the technology has been incorporated into civilian uses.
Introduction US Civil War Air Transportation Ordnance ... Top of Page
Military Technology Transfer User Agreement,

9. SOSIG: Military Science
military science, Editor British Library of Political and Economic Science. You are here Home Government Policy military science. About SOSIG What s new
Military Science Editor: British Library of Political and Economic Science You are here : Home Government Policy > Military Science
in Government Policy
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Government Policy
Search in whole catalogue current section Top 50 sites in Government Policy Advanced Search Thesauri Map of the Government Policy section Browse Sub-Sections Air Forces Departments of Defence Land Forces Military Alliances (eg NATO) ... Space Warfare Internet Resources Listed Alphabetically Sort: by resource type Europe UK For a short description click the title. To access the resource directly click Editor's Choice (key resources in this subject) International Relations and Security Network RAND All Resources Aerade - Gateway to Quality Aerospace and Defence Resources on the Internet America's Overseas Garrisons: the Leasehold Empire by Christopher T. Sandars (2000) Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies ... 2004 SOSIG

10. WPI Department Of Military Science- Background
when General Thomas Gage, British Military Governor of Massachusetts, was ordered to Department of military science Worcester Polytechnic Institute. 100 Institute Road, Worcester
A Brief History:
Minute Man Monument at Lexington Green
"By The Rude Bridge That Arched The Flood,
Their Flag to April's Breeze Unfurled,
Here Once The Embattled Farmers Stood,
And Fired The Shot Heard Round The World."
On the 15 of April 1775, when General Thomas Gage, British Military Governor of Massachusetts, was ordered to destroy the rebel's military stores at Concord. To accomplish this he assembled the "Flanking units", including Light Infantry and Grenadiers, from his Boston Garrison. In charge he put Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith and Marine Major John Pitcairn. He also composed a relief column under the command of Lord Hugh Percy to leave 6 hours after the main column. In an attempt at secrecy he did not tell his officers his plan until the last minute. The problem with his security measures were that Boston had become a glass fishbowl. All rebel eyes were watching to see the British' next action, and when the garrison committed to an action, the Americans knew their every move. At midnight on the 19th of April the British column, consisting of 650-900 troops left Boston, crossed the Charles River, followed closely by the alarm rider Paul Revere. As the British marched towards Concord, the entire countryside had been alerted to their presence, and rebel militia was deployed to meet them.

11. WPI Department Of Military Science- Battle Of Breed's Hill / Bunker Hill
Battle of Breed's Hill / Bunker Hill. A Brief History. After retreating from Lexington in April, 1775, the British Army occupied Boston for several months. Department of military science Worcester Polytechnic Institute. 100 Institute Road, Worcester, MA 01609-2280
Battle of Breed's Hill / Bunker Hill
A Brief History
General Howe served as the commander of the British main assault force and led two costly and ineffective charges against the Patriot's fortifications without inflicting significant casualties on his opponents. After obtaining 400 reinforcements which included sorely needed ammunition for his artillery, Howe ordered a bayonet charge to seize Breed's Hill. In this third attempt, the British were finally able to breach the breastworks of the American redoubt and the Patriots were forced to retreat back to the mainland. This battle, though victorious, proved costly for the British. Of the 2400 British soldiers in Howe's command, the 1054 casualties accounted for nearly forty percent of their ranks. The American casualties were 441, including 30 captured, with most being inflicted during the retreat. The battle served to proved to the American people that the British Army was not invinsible. It became a symbol of national pride and a rally point of resistance against British rule.
Overview of Events Precipitating Battle

12. BUBL LINK: 355 Military Science
Home Search Subject Menus AZ Dewey Countries Types Updates Random About. 355 military science. 355 military science
BUBL LINK Catalogue of selected Internet resources Home Search Subject Menus A-Z ... About
355 Military science
355 Military science: general resources
355 Military science: national centres

355.825 Nuclear weapons

356 Land forces and warfare
359 Naval forces and warfare

13. Military Science
Annotated links to sites with information about military science. military science. See also United States Federal Government Agencies to Military Periodicals (Air University Library) List
Military Science
See also:
United States Federal Government Agencies
  • ACEnet Military Guides
    • Online version of Guide to the Evaluation of Education Experiences in the Armed Services, which has been the standard reference work for recognizing learning acquired in military life. Courses can be searched by criteria or keywords. Occupations can also be searched by criteria.
    • Aerfiles
      • "Claims to be "the Internet's most comprehensive all-American aviation historical reference and research site, presently listing more than 10,000 types of U S aircraft with their specifications and data, and informative text as found."
      • Alabama Archives: Military Records
        • "This subject file contains various records which document the participation of Alabamians in various wars. The information was compiled by ADAH staff. Included is information on the Revolutionary War; the War of 1812 and the Creek War of 1814-15; the Second Creek War; the Texas War of Independence; the Mexican War; the Spanish-American War; World War I; World War II; the Korean War; and the Vietnam War. Included are clippings, compiled information about people and events, brochures, reference correspondence, photocopies and transcripts of original documents and various printed materials."
        • American Civil War Collections
          • The Electronic Text Center is home to a variety of primary source material on the American Civil War, including letters, diaries and newspapers. Letter collections include search able transcriptions as well as digital images of the manuscripts.

14. Combined Arms Research Library
Library information and electronic resources for military science. Supports the US Army Command and General Staff College and the Combined Arms Center at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
C ombined Arms Research Library Fort Leavenworth, Kansas CGSC Home CARL Home Library Information Resources ... Digital Library
ITEMS OF INTEREST ASK A LIBRARIAN File Viewers Look for Journal Articles Privacy Notice ... What's New End of repetitive links
Combined Arms Research Library
The C ombined Arms Research Library (CARL) is a comprehensive military science reference and research center located in the south wing of Eisenhower Hall at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. A general collection, composed of fiction and popular nonfiction works, is incorporated into CARL. The fiction and children's books are located on the second floor of the library. Our mission
  • Support the College's instructional and research programs through ownership of or access to appropriate print and computerized resources. Provide assistance to Fort Leavenworth and other DOD offices and installations in their search for useful information resources. Promote the better understanding of effective ways to use these resources by soldiers, their families, and DOD civilians.

15. WPI Department Of Military Science- Staff Rides
of the topics commonly taught in the K12 curriculum. The Department of military science is honored to have our web site chosen.
Staff Rides
Staff Rides are an instructional vehicle for conveying historical lessons from past campaigns to the leadership of the Army in the present. The aim of the staff ride is to bring to life past battles to provide examples of leadership and examine the various factors of battle such as tactics, terrain, communications, leadership and the psychological factors of combat. The key concepts to be addressed in the staff rides are the Nine Principles of War , which should be addressed at each stage of the battle site investigation. The effects of the terrain should also be investigated, and the phrase O.C.O.K.A. defines these effects in terms of military importance. The following links will lead to packets of detailed information regarding staff rides to historical battle sites in New England. Included will be logistical support in the area and local sources of information. There will also be descriptions of the battles, and images where appropriate. The Discovery Channel School has selected this web site as a valued Internet resource for the thousands of teachers who visit the web site. The Discovery School features hundreds of pages of lesson ideas and activities for many of the topics commonly taught in the K-12 curriculum. The Department of Military Science is honored to have our web site chosen. Maintained by

16. C\wp8data\LCC Outline For Web - U
OUTLINE CLASS U military scienceFor military history, see D-F for details) Subclass U military science (General)Subclass UA Armies Organization, distribution, military situation

17. WPI Department Of Military Science- Boston Tea Party
Department of military science Worcester Polytechnic Institute 100 Institute Road, Worcester, MA 01609-2280 Phone +1-508-831-5268 - Fax +1-508-831-5809
Boston Tea Party
On May 10, 1773, parliament authorized the East India Tea Co to export a half a million pounds of tea to the American colonies for the purpose of selling it without imposing upon the company the usual duties and tariffs. It was their intention to try to save the corrupt and mismanaged company from bankruptcy. The effect was that the company could undersell any other tea available in the colonies, including smuggled tea. The disruption to American commerce was unacceptable to many, including Sam Adams of Boston. On November 27, 1773, three ships loaded with such tea landed at Boston and were prevented from unloading their cargo. Fearing that the tea would be seized for failure to pay customs duties, and eventually become available for sale, Adams and the Boston Whigs arranged a solution. On the night of 16DEC73, a group of colonists, thinly disguised as Mohawk Indians, snuck aboard the ships and dumped 342 chests of tea in to Boston Harbor. The sabotage was denounced by Boston's less radical population, and applauded by those more radical. England's response was the passing of the Intolerable Acts which precipitated the forming of the First Continental Congress to consider united resistance.

18. Your Search:
WPI Department of military science The Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) is an which combines college electives in military science and Leadership with practical common Scien

19. Invincible Defense Technology Command Center
3 No. 1 Spring 1992. New military science Is Warmly Received in Moscow. By Dr. David R. Leffler. October, 1978. Worldwide tensions are mounting.
Last updated 18 Apr 04 News from The Graduate School of The Union Institute - Vol. 3 No. 1 Spring 1992 New Military Science
Is Warmly Received
in Moscow
By Dr. David R. Leffler (TM) and TM-Sidhi program, part of a discipline known as Maharishi's Vedic Science and Technology, after is founder, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.
General-Major Markov presenting Dr. David R. Leffler with the N.E. Zhukovskij Air Force Engineering Academy Medallion after Leffler's lecture there on 3 Jan 92 The purpose of the intervention was to test the coherence-
creating effects
of this technologyits ability to reduce collective stress in specific regions, and by implication, in the world as a whole. While these first results were convincing to Maharishi and the volunteers who participated, over the next dozen years another forty studies, such as the one on the Lebanon war, were carried out for scientific documentation. In the Lebanon study, the predictions and publicly available measures to be used were specified in advance for scientific review boards in North America and Israel. The outcomes of this and other such experiments are now published in several journals, including Journal of Conflict Resolution and Journal of Mind and Behavior
Dr. David R. Leffler standing outside of the Theoretical Problems Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences with Dr. Rimiliy Avramenko (left), one of Russia's leading Vacuum State physicists and Chief of the former USSR Military's top secret project codenamed, "Veedal", and Dr. Vladimir I. Krementsov (right), Head of the Laboratory of the Scientific Research Institute of Radio Device Engineering, Russian Academy of Sciences.

20. Department Of Military Science
MSG Carver selected as Eastern Region Instructor of the Year! UR ROTC s MSG James Carver was selected as the best instructor in


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MSG Carver selected as Eastern Region Instructor of the Year!
UR ROTC's MSG James Carver was selected as the best instructor in the Eastern Region which includes 132 senior ROTC programs. MSG Carver will receive his award at the Army ROTC Cadet Command national awards ceremony in May in Nashville. At that time the national winner will be announced.
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