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         Metrology:     more books (100)
  1. The Metrology Handbook
  2. Fundamentals of Dimensional Metrology by Roger H. Harlow, Connie Dotson, et all 2002-08-15
  3. Managing the Metrology System, Third Edition by C. Robert Pennella, 2003-09
  4. Fundamentals Of Dimensional Metrology by Connie L Dotson, 2006-11-21
  5. X-Ray Metrology in Semiconductor Manufacturing by D. Keith Bowen, Brian K. Tanner, 2006-01-24
  6. Optical Metrology by Kjell J. Gåsvik, 2002-07-15
  7. Basic Metrology for ISO 9000 Certification by G. M. S. de Silva, 2001-12-15
  8. Practical Engineering Metrology by K W B Sharp, 1964
  9. Practical Engineering Metrology by K. W. B. Sharp, 1966
  10. Handbook of Silicon Semiconductor Metrology
  11. Metrology in Industry: The Key for Quality by French College of Metrology, 2006-03-31
  12. Precision Spindle Metrology by Eric R. Marsh, 2007-10-04
  13. Christopher Columbus, Cosmographer: A History of Metrology, Geodesy, Geography, and Exploration from Antiquity to the Columbian Era by Fred F. Kravath, 1988-04
  14. Historical Metrology: A New Analysis of the Archaeological and the Historical Evidence Relating to Weights and Measures by Algernon Edward Berriman, 1970-02-25

1. Agilent Technologies Metrology Forum
Agilent s metrology Forum offers enlightenment to the uninitiated and soulfood for fellow practitioners of the calibration art. metrology Forum,
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Quick Search About Agilent Industries International Online Stores ... Technical Support Metrology Forum Metrology Forum Education Events Library "The Metrology Forum offers enlightenment to the uninitiated and soul-food for fellow calibration practitioners." This is our special interest site devoted to calibration issues. Navigate the Metrology Forum using the buttons in the right margin. Each of the introductory pages feature a description of the type of material to be found in that section. If you only have limited time to browse, here's a potpourri of teasers from our pages.
Take a Closer Look
So, you've had your instrument calibrated and it's returned with a new cal label and certificate. Great but did you ever wonder about the certificate's content? What does it all mean and why is it important?
Cal Techs Must be Certified
The competence of some 17025-accredited cal labs' personnel must now be officially certified. Time to get studying...

2. Image Metrology Measurement And Visualization Software
Image metrology, software for scanning probe microscopy measurements and 3D visualization. This take a look at Image metrology !
Image Metrology, software for scanning probe microscopy measurements and 3D visualization
This page is best seen with a browser supporting frames For further information about image metrology and image processing topics: take a look at Image Metrology !

3. Michigan Metrology: 3D Surface Finish Roughness Texture Wear WYKO Veeco
At Michigan metrology we provide, fast, confidential 3D surface texture finish, roughness wear profiles, micro Ra measurements, and wyko veeco analysis for industry. 1000's of Projects for 100's
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them. Since 1994 Michigan Metrology has provided advanced 3d surface finish, flatness and wear measurement and analysis expertise to solve problems related to friction, wear, sealing, adhesion, NVH and more for components such as sensors, clutches, implants, brakes, gears, and bearings. Working personally with leaders in automotive, chemical, materials, biomedical and aerospace fields, Michigan Metrology has helped solve many problems and optimize many designs and processes. For more information please click here to visit the table of contents

4. Metrology Digital Marketplace For Quality In Manufacturing
Resource for professionals in the measurement and inspection industry Information on metrology, inspection software, calibration, ultrasonic testing, optical
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Products Suppliers Categories Articles Downloads Buy Online Buyer's Guide Product Showcase Market Research Reports ... Help Welcome to Metrology Would you like more information on calibration? Want to hear about the latest inspection software available? Looking for ways to measure and test components and materials? Need to identify and select suppliers ? Then you need the expert advice of Metrology, the premier sourcing site for the metrology industry. In addition, keep up with the latest information in the metrology community through: FREE Newsletters FREE Job Search FREE Trade Publications FREE Consultant Locator
Special Features Innovation Leap In Gear Measurement: New Gearpro Bevel And Gearpro Involute Software Generation With GearPro for coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), Carl Zeiss Industrial Measuring Technology (IMT) is laying the foundation for a new generation of gear software. This is the first gear software that systematically utilizes state-of-the-art data processing technologies, such as graphically interactive user interfaces and...
For more information

Featured Products Probe Extension Kits
Designed to provide a near endless combination of length extension and offset angles Get more info!

5. Metrology Metro - Metrology, Calibration And QA/QC Resources
Resources for metrological and calibratory information, both US and SI, including quiz, events, books, jobs and contacts for sponsors and advertisers in Renfrew, Pennsylvania.
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... Link to Us Events: Submit or View Discussion: TOC Search Topics Post Topic Guest Book: Sign or View Correspond: Contact Info Sponsor Advertise Metrology Metro ("MM") welcomes you to our directory of metrology, calibration, and quality resources and services. This is your resource spot for metrological and calibratory information. Metrology Metro provides an annotated, categorized, and searchable directory of metrology, calibration, and QA/QC Web sites resources and services . Technically speaking, this site can be referred to as a vertical metrology portal (vortal) or niche site. MM is your site, and you are all invited to participate in its construction and implementation. Please help our efforts by submitting your metrology resource today. is independently owned and operated. For contact details, please visit our Contact Info page What is Metrology?

6. Metrology Society Of Australia
metrology Society of Australia. For people. interested or about venue and theme will be available by August 2004. The metrology Society of Australia's 6th Biennial Conference
Metrology Society of Australia
For people
interested or
involved in
MSA 2005 will be held in September or October 2005 Details about venue and theme will be available by August 2004 The Metrology Society of Australia's 6th Biennial Conference
National Events Diary What's happening around Australia World Events What's happening around the world Members Advertisements Updated 15/03/2004 Items for sale/to buy, and jobs wanted/available
Metrology News
"Chemists may be forced to change their value for one of nature's fundamental numbers, Avogadro's constant, following more-accurate measurements on a crystal of pure silicon." So says Joanne Baker in an article for Nature.
Further details: -
VAM Web Site
) Posted 16 Oct 2003
Programmable Bandwidth RF Power Analyzer is Optimized for High Speed Production Testing

Keithley Instruments, Inc. announced the release of its Model 2800 RF Power Analyzer, engineered specifically for high speed testing of wireless phones, RFIC power amplifiers, and related RF devices. The Model 2800 incorporates a unique architecture that for the first time provides RF power measurements at the speed needed in production, with superior measurement quality, in an instrument far more cost-efficient than traditional solutions. The high measurement speed provided by the Model 2800 can reduce test time substantially, significantly cutting test costs.

7. Veeco Instruments: Solutions For A Nanoscale World.
Veeco Instruments Inc, with its Nexus, Optium and Dektak product lines, provides benchmark instruments for metrology and process equipment that support


Veeco Instruments and receive a free gift!
document.write(' '); ABOUT VEECO NANOTHEATER Veeco provides metrology and process equipment systems for industry leaders in the semiconductor, data storage, telecom/wireless and scientific/research markets. More

Stylus Products
PROCESS Deposition Etch Ion Sources MBE ...
Buy MBE Parts

8. Geometry In Action: Metrology
metrology. metrology is the science of measurement of objects at all scales NIST's project on "Computational Geometry and metrology" includes the use of geometric techniques
Metrology Metrology is the science of measurement of objects at all scales. The NIST's project on "Computational Geometry and Metrology" includes the use of geometric techniques including mesh generation in computer simulations to study the accuracy and precision of coordinate measuring machines (machines which measure the dimensions of parts in a three-dimensional coordinate system). There are also connections with geographic information systems relating to problems of surveying or otherwise measuring large areas of land. One type of problem of particular interest in manufacturing is determining from a sequence of measurements the tolerance of a part; that is, its departure from the Platonic ideal form of its design. There has been some related work in the computational geometry community, on problems such as constructing the minimum width annulus containing the boundary of an input figure (a measure of its roundness) however there has been little systematic treatment of such problems. Chee Yap recently spoke on this subject at the 5th MSI Worksh. on Computational Geometry; his talk pointed out the possibility of designing algorithms that take advantage of some known structure in a sequence of measurements, and of coupling measurement and computation in an adaptive probing algorithm.

Site include informations about legislation, publications, standards library, technical committees, WTO enquiry point and Codex alimentarius.
About DZNM Legislation Publications Standards Library ... (WSSN)
DZNM Bulletin
LATEST NEWS ... E-mail contact: CROINFO 2004
Knowledge Management

10. UNMS SR Http://
Contains information on legislation and tender announcements.

11. Default
Exports instruments for use in control and in workshops for mechanical industries, aeronautics, cars. Location in Southern France.

12. Solartron Metrology - High Performance Analogue And Digital Linear Measuring LVD
Solartron metrology manufacture analogue and digital linear measuring LVDT transducers and probes using contact methods with associated conditioning and
Last updated
World Leaders in the Art of Linear Measurement Product Quick Find:
Choose a Product... Linear Encoders - LE/12 - LE/25 IBox Digital Probes - Spring Push - Pneumatic Push - Feather Touch Probes Universal Gauges - Block Gauge Digital Readouts Orbit - Digital Input/Output Module - Happy Light - Power Supply Interface Module - Network Card - Orbit Excel Support Pack Analogue Gauge Probes - Spring Push - Pneumatic Push - Vacuum Retract - Special Application Probes - Environmental - Feather Touch Probes Displacement Transducers - Mach 1 Series - SM Series - MD Micro Series - DC Spring Return - DC Miniature - Submersible - Optimum Series LVDT Conditioning Electronics - CAH - GPM - BICM The world's largest supplier of Analogue Gauging Probes Digital Probes and linear measuring LVDT transducers.
Solartron Metrology measurement technologies are used worldwide wherever accuracy and consistency are critical to the process. Our range of LVDT Displacement Transducers Linear Encoders and Conditioning and Display Electronics makes us a leading supplier of precision measurement products. "For the ultimate in accuracy, repeatability and outright performance, the world of industry turns to Solartron"

13. International Organization Of Legal Metrology
International Organization of Legal metrology. OIML Secretariat International Bureau of Legal metrology 11, rue Turgot F-75009
News, Events, Meetings

Berlin 2004


OIML Structures

BIML Role and Contacts

Development Council

OIML Bulletin

Free Access Downloads
Catalog of Publications Database Query OIML Membership Technical Committees Registered Certificates Issuing Authorities Liaisons Restricted Access Members' Access Site Plan Site Plan International Organization of Legal Metrology OIML Secretariat: International Bureau of Legal Metrology 11, rue Turgot - F-75009 Paris - France Tel.: +33 1 48 78 12 82 Fax: +33 1 42 82 17 27 General e-mail: Who to contact at the BIML: Click here NEWS and UPDATES

14. Digital Metrology Solutions
The value of a measurement is in the application of its result. That's why Digital metrology Solutions has developed the world's first surface texture measuring this component's functionality?". Digital metrology Solutions is equipped to handle
Coming Soon:
Let's face it. Whether it's roughness or waviness, a single surface texture measurement cannot adequately describe the entire surface. That's why Digital Metrology Solutions has developed the world's first surface texture software package designed specifically for multi-measurement shop-floor applications. The application is nearing completion and will support a variety of instruments while providing the latest surface texture parameters and analysis tools. Keep watching for the release announcement, or for more information, contact Digital Metrology Solutions
Current Solution Focus:
Roundness and Harmonics Measurement
...on the Shop Floor
Wouldn't it be nice to measure roundness and harmonics quickly and easily on the shop floor? That dream is now a reality! Find out more in the Solutions section!
And don't forget OmniSurf!
OmniSurf is an "all in one" surface texture package providing the latest profile analysis techniques and the ability to access data files from most, common surface texture instruments. With OmniSurf you can easily perform complex analyses for critical surface applications including sealing, sliding, loading, appearance, optics, adhesion, etc.

15. Allan's TIME (Time Interval Metrology Enterprise)
New Unified Field Theory shows relationship between gravity, mass, energy density, weak and strong nuclear force fields; evidence and discussion.
David W. Allan's
Time Interval Metrology Enterprise New Unified Field Theory Research Publications Truth is Light Home Search

(Page Navigation)
Unified Field
Overview ... Official Time (U.S.)
accurate to 0.4 seconds
Loading Logo (Flash Image) DAVID W. ALLAN A unified field theory, including a new theory for gravity and experimental evidence, is introduced by an internationally recognized leader in the field of ultra-precise time and frequency measurements, David W. Allan "After the third tribulation, a new source of energy will be discovered that taps the earth's magnetic field." Hopi Prophecy Detection of UV Radiation Coming from Gravitational Diallel-line Quantum Transitions "Physicists have already brought most of the forces of nature into a single underlying theory. The ultimate theory will incorporate gravity as well." Steven Weinberg

16. Untitled Document
Cosponsored by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Theme metrology The Process of Providing Good Measurements. metrology QUESTIONS?


Edinburgh Engineering
Virtual Library
Search Engine
Join us in Salt Lake City
More information at
Contact us at:

Cal Lab Magazine
6136 Mission Gorge Rd, Suite 224 San Diego, CA 92120 USA Tel : +1.619.281.6250 Fax: +1.619.281.6279 COMING UP ... Jun 9-10 Quality Expo. Novi Expo Center, Novi, MI (Detroit) Manufacturing conference and exhibition. Products on exhibition include: CMMs, DMMs, software, gages, data collection, calibration equipment, automatic gaging and more from over 200 top suppliers including, Instron, Mahr Federal, Minitab, Mitutoyo, Nikon, Optical Gaging Products, Promess, Renishaw, and Sheffield Automation. Free education sessions: Panelists from the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG), National Institute for Standards (NIST), Ford and Chrysler, will present "Global Harmonization Efforts to Achieve Metrology Interoperability" on Wednesday, June 9, 2004 at 10:00am. Panel session "New Trends in Dimensional Metrology" moderated by Dirk Dusharme, technology editor at

17. Agilent | Agilent Technologies | Metrology Forum Contents
Home Products Services Test Measurement Technical Support metrology Forum. Articles, Basics, Download, metrology News Events,
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Quick Search About Agilent Industries International Online Stores ... Uncertainty Under Review Click above for a useful selection of more calibration-oriented websites operated by other organizations. Meeting the Requirements of ISO17025 A2LA Schedules Revision of 17025 Initiated CNAL (PR China) Schedule ... Metrologist Honored

18. Redirect Inquiries To The Foundation Metrology Website At Http://members.optusne
New investigations into the earliest Egyptian measuring systems. Includes the Saqqara Ostraca and Petrie's 1883 book in online version.
New investigations into the earliest Egyptian measuring systems
introducing the Saqqara ostraca known as the "saddle-back roof" sketch
The Foundation Metrology site has a new home.
Please adjust your bookmarks and links. If you are not re-directed within a few seconds click here.

19. Instrument & Gauge Calibration Service From Metroplex Metrology Lab
Source of calibration and metrology services. Calibrate a wide range of equipment from dimensional to electronics.
Lab Code 200262-0 Where all your Metrology needs are "MET"! Company Profile Services Facilities Products ... Contact Us This site best
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of these browsers:
Click to Download! Metroplex Metrology Lab, Inc. 2309 E. Loop 820 North Fort Worth, Texas 76118-7103 Phone: 817-589-8300 Fax: 817-589-8311 Outside D/FW Metroplex: 800-308-6010 Metroplex Metrology Lab has been a leading source of accurate, dependable metrology and calibration services for over two decades. MML offers manufacturers a comprehensive list of calibration service capabilities. Our standards are among the best in the industry and our lab maintains direct traceability to the National Institute of Standards and Technology and is NVLAP Accredited. Throughout North America, over 2,000 international companies in the fields of medical, automotive, oil, aerospace, telecom, government, and others have come to rely on Metroplex Metrology Lab and our instrument and gauge calibration services. In 1996, Metroplex Metrology Lab relocated to a large, modern facility in Fort Worth, Texas after 20 successful years in Bedford, Texas. We currently operate one of the few state-of-the-art labs in the nation. Our instrument / gauge calibration facilities include a physical/dimensional lab, a torque, mass and pressure lab, and an electronics lab.

20. Marsh Metrology
DC + low frequency, physical/dimensional calibration services. NIST traceable calibration service onsite at your facility, or in our Burlington, Ontario laboratories.
MARSH METROLOGY An 17025 Accredited Division of ACS DC + Low Frequency, Physical/Dimensional Calibration Services On-Site Calibration Company Profile Service Specialists Marsh Metrology provides NIST Traceable Calibration Service on-site at your facility, or in our Burlington, Ontario laboratories. ACS is ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited. Our Staff of trained technician’s average more than 10 years of experience gathered from U.S. Military, OEM laboratories, manufacturing and commercial calibration facilities. Mission Statement We envision that Accredited Calibration Services will be recognised as the best in what we do. We will be regarded as a high quality fixed and mobile calibration laboratory for a diverse customer base. Our customers are the focus of our efforts, and their complete satisfaction is measured. we are committed to and have a responsibility to the field of metrology in North America to continuous improvement of our services to consistently meet and surpass the needs and requirements of our customers. To meet these goals, it will be our policy to supply error free services, on time, to our customers. Further, all of our employees will be involved in our Quality Systems Program. We believe that

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