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         Architecture:     more books (100)
  1. The Economic Benefits of Enterprise Architecture by Jaap Schekkerman, 2005-08
  2. Architecture Explained by Neil Stevenson, 2007-10-26

Information about the schools including programs and courses, faculty activities, online portfolios and alumni organisation.
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A Dialogue With Time

Arch. SU-ASEAN Link Meeting

Keynote Speaker
a dialogue with time
to Tran Bich Thuy
Opening 26 April - 14 May 2004
at the art gallery of the faculty of Architecture,
Silpakorn University, Na Phra Lan Road.
(Acrobat) ¼èÒ¹ Ê¡Í.(Entrance) ( Word) (Acrobat) PROCEEDINGS Silpakorn Architectural Discourse 3rd Symposium “CURRENT : REFLECTION OF SOCIETY ” 422 ˹éÒ, ISBN 974-600-755-6 102 ˹éÒ, ISBN 974-600-747-5 "Ê׺ÊÒ¹ÀÙÁԻѭ­Òä·Â ¡éÒÇä¡ÅÍÂèÒ§ÊÒ¡Å ÊéҧʤìªØÁª¹·ÕèÂÑè§Â×¹" ¡ÒáÊ´§¼Å¨ÐÊÁºÙ³ìàÁ×èÍãªéâ»á¡Á Internet Explorer 5.0 Ë×ÍÊÙ§¡ÇèÒ

142. Singapore Institute Of Architects
A national organization representing architects in Singapore including information on career prospects, design reviews, competitions, events and awards.
Welcome to Singapore Institute of Architects ...

143. University Of Michigan A. Alfred Taubman College Of Architecture + Urban Plannin
University of Michigan A. Alfred Taubman College of architecture + Urban Planning 2000 Bonisteel Boulevard Ann Arbor, Michigan 481092069 Telephone (734) 764
University of Michigan A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning
2000 Bonisteel Boulevard
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-2069
Telephone (734) 764-1300 Fax (734) 763-2322 Email

The Regents of the University of Michigan

U-M Internet Publishing Policies, Guidelines, and Instructions
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144. Sacred Geometry And Armenian Architecture
Discussion of sacred numbers and relation to the classical temple of Garni and early churches. Part of a tour provided by Arminco.
Sacred Geometry and Armenian Architecture

Ugh! Geometry on a tour? I bet you thought you passed that class long ago. If you can bear to remember your geometry classes, you will find that the origins of mathematics and how it was used by the ancients to construct their cities and temples has not changed that much over time, it has just become more complex (and has fueled the success of hand calculators). The essentials remain the same: a circle, a square, a rectangle, and the myriad permutations of those forms. Exactly where geometry came from we are not sure, but the source has moved a little East of where people used to think it came from. From Classical Greece, where it received its most philosophic and poetic applications (and from where Western cultures inherited it), geometry’s origins moved first to Egypt and Mesopotamia, and then to the Armenian plateau, where the earliest known cities are located. For without geometry, you cannot build anything, and its knowledge was key to survival, and believed to be a key to unlocking the secrets of the universe. Almost literally, geometry meant contact with the gods. It was considered a way of imitating the structure where the sun (probably the first god) and the moon (probably the second god) governed the natural order early man believed if he could “map” the universe, he would be able to predict the whims of gods, who sent punishing droughts, floods and pestilence on the land around him.

145. International Archive Of Women In Architecture At Virginia Tech
The International Archive of Women in architecture (IAWA), established in 1985, is a joint program of the College of architecture and Urban Studies and the
IAWA Special Collections University Libraries CAUS ... Virginia Tech
The International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA) , established in 1985, is a joint program of the College of Architecture and Urban Studies and the University Libraries at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). The purpose of the archive is to document the history of women's involvement in architecture by collecting, preserving, storing, and making available to researchers the professional papers of women architects, landscape architects, designers, architectural historians and critics, and urban planners, and the records of women's architectural organizations, from around the world. The IAWA focuses primarily on collecting the papers of those who practiced at a time when there were few women in the field (before the 1950's). The IAWA collects this information to fill serious gaps in the availability of primary research materials for architectural, women's, and social history research. The IAWA also collects books, biographical information, and published materials as part of its mission to act as a clearinghouse of information about all women in architecture, past and present. The IAWA also collects books, biographical information, and published materials as part of its mission to act as a clearinghouse of information about all women in architecture, past and present.

146. Ukrainian Architecture
Series of illustrated articles by various authors, some scholarly, on historic buildings in the Ukraine and built by the Ukrainian community elsewhere. - Ukraine-related Products and Services
Ukrainian Architecture
Wooden Church/Memorial in Curitiba, Brazil
First Ukrainian Church in Canada
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
St. Elias Church, Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Golden Gates of Kyiv
St. George Church, Drohobyc, Ukraine
Church In Ruins Oleh Iwanusiw
Churches of Ukraine: Peremyshl Eparchy Vasyl Slobodian
Wooden Churches of Eastern Europe
Ukrainian Wooden Churches (Dr. Mykhailo Dragan)
Other sites
Architectural bureau Y. Lositsky
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147. The Fat Channel Architecture, Art, And Design.
architecture, art and design to your desktop fresh from Fat, London. Modern architecture from Fashion architecture Taste.

148. IdeaWan
Wan Burhanuddin of Universiti Sains Malaysia provides definitions and links useful to students, including details of courses at the university.

Migrating to Wan Burhanuddin Webteam HBP USM , 2000. Updated 07 Apr 2003

149. University Of Southern California: School Of Architecture
University of Southern California School of architecture.
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150. Architecture Of Italy - Great Buildings Online
Italian buildings in the Great Buildings Online database images, descriptions and sources.
Architecture of Italy Visit the Home Design Store for great values! DesignWorkshop Classic HomePAK PC Draft KitchenPAK ... Store Italy Architecture Resources The Eyewitness travel guides in general provide excellent architectural coverage within a general-purpose guide format, and their edition for Italy is no exception: Eyewitness Travel Guide : Italy . DK Publishing, Inc., First Edition 2000. ISBN 0789404257.
An excellent travel guide for Italy, with great maps and illustrations. Available at - Five Stars
Abbey of Pomposa
, by unknown , at near Ferrara, Italy, 800 to 1100. American Academy in Rome , by McKim, Mead, and White , at Rome, Italy, 1913. Arch of Constantine , by unknown , at Rome, Italy, 315. Arch of Severus , by unknown , at Rome, Italy, 205. Arch of Titus , by unknown , at Rome, Italy, 81. Banca Popolare di Verona , by Carlo Scarpa , at Verona, Italy, 1973. Baths at Ostia , by unknown , at Ostia, Italy, circa 150. Brion-Vega Cemetery , by Carlo Scarpa , at San Vito d'Altivole, Italy, 1970 to 1972. Casa del Fascio , by Giuseppi Terragni, at Como, Italy, 1936. Castle del Monte , by unknown , at Apulia, Italy, 1240 to 1250.

151. Principles Of Virus Architecture
Principles of Virus architecture. The complex arrangements of macromolecules in the virus shell are minute marvels of molecular architecture.
Principles of Virus Architecture
(and a little bit of history)
Design of the protein shell
The complex arrangements of macromolecules in the virus shell are minute marvels of molecular architecture. Specific requirements of each type of virus have resulted in a fascinating apparent diversity of organization and geometrical design. Nevertheless, there are certain common features and general principles of architecture that apply to all viruses. In 1956, Crick and Watson proposed on theoretical considerations and on the basis of rather flimsy experimental evidence then available, principles of virus structure that have been amply confirmed and universally accepted. They first pointed out that the nucleic acid in small virions was probably insufficient to code for more than a few sorts of protein molecules of limited size. The only reasonable way to build a protein shell, therefore, was to use the same type of molecule over and over again, hence their theory of identical subunits The second part of their proposal concerned the way in which the subunits must be packed in the protein shell or capsid. On general grounds it was expected that subunits would be packed so as to provide each with an identical environment. This is possible only if they are packed

152. ADmain
Information about contemporary and historical architecture tours around London.

153. AIAS
student opinions on the Board of Directors of The American Institute of Architects (AIA), Accociation of Collegiate Schools of architecture (ACSA), National

154. Newhome
Offer traditional gouach renderings as well as digital watercolor, digital photo real, and pencil sketching.

155. Planet Architecture
CDRoms on architecture monographs of architects, with typologies public institutions to single family houses.

156. Architecture And Town Planning
The history of architecture in Brazil, in particular the creation of the modern capital Bras­lia, hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Relations.
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157. Architecture Week 2004 | June 18 - June 27 Organised And Managed By Arts Council
Fashion and architecture at The Museum of London 21 June 7pm with with author Bradley Quinn, architect Sarah Wigglesworth and fashion designer Arkadius.
Architecture + Arts Day Out Making Architecture events ...
the future - student shows

Search events Advanced Search Browse Events Event Guides Education ... Organisers For general information and updates register your email address here ; or to receive postal updates call us on 020 7973 5246
Brutalist Beauty 22 June 6pm: National Theatre Artistic Director Nicholas Hytner, actor Fiona Shaw and architect Mark Foley debate the merits and misfortunes of the National Theatre.
Fashion and Architecture at The Museum of London 21 June 7pm with with author Bradley Quinn, architect Sarah Wigglesworth and fashion designer Arkadius. Chaired by Alice Rawsthorn.
: Architours, Jason Bruges, Lucy Orta, Lone Twin
From a semi-detached house to a huge office block, architecture is around us. Notice your built environment and see the possibilities it has to offer you. This year there will be over 350 events discovering different aspects of architecture - something will be relevant to you and the way you live.
Photo: Peter Guenzel Why not organise an event for the celebration of contemporary architecture?

158. Town Planners - Pretoria
Rooted in the Pretoria Architectural Society which was founded in 1945.
but1 = new Image but1.src = "pics/m1.jpg" but2 = new Image but2.src = "pics/m2.jpg" but3 = new Image but3.src = "pics/m3.jpg" but4 = new Image but4.src = "pics/m4.jpg" but5 = new Image but5.src = "pics/m5.jpg" but6 = new Image but6.src = "pics/m6.jpg" but7 = new Image but7.src = "pics/m7.jpg" but8 = new Image but8.src = "pics/m8.jpg" but9 = new Image but9.src = "pics/m9.jpg" Town planners in Pretoria can be found through the institute of architecture in pretoria. Town planners are an important part of any development, and needs to be done by professional town planners. Index 3 Information Jobs Design ... Argitekte

159. Welcome To Isfahan!
Online architectural photography tour of Isfahan by Thomas Rochford of Anglia Polytechnic University.
Welcome to Isfahan.
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160. La Galerie D' Architecture - Exposition Exhibition - Livres Books - Gallery In P
architecture des expositions , des livres , un cafe a Paris. A new place 1999-2003 - La Galerie d architecture.
Version PDA
Bienvenue sur le site de La Galerie d'Architecture
Welcome to the site of The Architecture Gallery
Version PDA
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La Galerie d' Architecture Mesure d'audience et statistiques ...
Classement des meilleurs sites, chat, sondage
This site presents the Architecture Gallery in Paris and the agenda of events : current and forthcoming exhibitions, scheduled conferences. This site proposes also a virtual gallery based on the previous exhibitions since the opening of the gallery on Sept. 1999. R
Exposition du 12 mai au 26 juin 2004
Un ensemble de projections vidéo diffuseront, étape par étape, les différentes phases du chantier depuis l'an 2000 jusqu'à la livraison du bâtiment en 2004, à travers l'examen du concept de détournement du " Hof " berlinois, la concrétisation de celui de la " trajectoire ", déjà expérimenté pour le concours de la bibliothèque de Jussieu (1993), ou encore la décomposition des divers matériaux utilisés à travers l'accrochage de leur échantillon.

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