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         Sports Trivia:     more books (100)
  1. Rick Barry's Super Sports Trivia Game (Buzztime Trivia) by Rick Barry, 2004-12
  2. 767 Sports Questions Your Friends Can't Answer by Arco, 2005-09-23
  3. The Boston Sports Wiz Trivia Quiz by Charles Ryan, Harry Patterson, 1999-12
  4. The Sports Junkies' Book of Trivia, Terms, and Lingo: What They Are, Where They Came From,and How They're Used by Harvey Frommer, 2005-10-25
  5. Big League Trivia: Facts, Figures, Oddities, and Coincidences from our National Pastime by Madison McEntire, 2006-02-17
  6. All-Star Sports Puzzles: Basketball: Games, Trivia, Quizzes and More! (All-Star Sports Puzzles) by Jesse Ross, 2007-09-28
  7. Sit & Solve Scratch Trivia: Sports (Sit & Solve Series) by Peter Scher, Andrew Brisman, 2007-04-01
  8. The Bathroom Sports Quiz Book by Jack Kreismer, 2003-01
  9. Boston Sports Firsts: The Trivia Book About Boston's Major Pro Teams by Owen Finnegan, 2007-04-15
  10. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sports History and Trivia by Mike McGovern, 2001-09-14
  11. All-Star Sports Puzzles: Hockey: Games, Trivia, Quizzes and More! (All-Star Sports Puzzles) by Jesse Ross, 2007-09-28
  12. Husker Sports Trivia (Trivia Fun) by Lowell Greunke, Low Greunke, 2000-08
  13. All-American Sports IQ Test: Ultimate Playbook of Trivia,Teasers and Puzzles by Sporting News, 2004-09-01
  14. All-Star Sports Puzzles: Baseball: Games, Trivia, Quizzes and More! by Jesse Ross, 2008-02-28

1. Sports Trivia At FunTrivia
sports trivia quizzes and games, visitors can create their own.

2. SPORTSCRIBE.COM - Sports Trivia
Special trivia sections on Pele, Joe Montana, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Golf Masters.
Search Sports Calendar Column ... Trivia MORE SPORTSCRIBE: Home Menu Sports Media ... Toronto Maple Leafs

3. Interactive Internet Sports
A complete interactive sports site with trivia, chat, games, contests, and more. sports trivia If you are a sports nut, you ll love our trivia contests.
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If you are a sports nut, you'll love our trivia contests. Each month we serve up 30 new questions to challege your sports knowledge. Plus you'll find over 5,000 trivia questions in our trivia archive
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4. Sports Trivia, Baseball Trivia, Football Trivia At Interactive Internet Sports
sports trivia, baseball trivia, football trivia, trivia, sports, baseball, football, Today s Scores. Test your knowledge by playing our sports trivia contests.
sports trivia, baseball trivia, football trivia, trivia, sports, baseball, football
Today's Scores MLB NFL
New Trivia
(June 2004) General Sports Football Baseball
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How much do you really know about sports? Test your knowledge by playing our Sports Trivia contests. The contests are separated into three sections: football baseball , and general (covers every sport, from soccer to swimming). 30 New questions are added each month and all past questions can be found in the Trivia Archives . The archives contain over 5,000 questions! All contest entries are checked in real time and the answers are provided as soon as you hit the submit button. Search the trivia archive for questions on your favorite sport, team, player, etc... Exact Match Search Submit Questions Know an interesting sports fact that would make a great trivia question? Click here to send comments

5. Sports Trivia
Home Web Guide Trivia. sports trivia. Your guide to the best web sites for sports trivia baseball, bowling, football, golf, hockey
Home Web Guide Trivia
Sports Trivia
Your guide to the best web sites for sports trivia -
baseball, bowling, football, golf, hockey, and more.
Other Trivia Categories:
Miscellaneous Bible Movies Music Places Television Click here for trivia books Detroit Tigers Trivia Page
New tigerish questions each week. Formula One Trivia
Three sets of 10 trivia questions, graded for Beginners, Novices and Experts. Frosty's Hockey World Monthly Trivia Contest
The definitive hockey trivia site on the web. Each month's Trivia Champion is awarded either a Boston Hockey Company or a "Puckman" Hockey T-Shirt AND a Bobby Orr promo card. Trivia
More baseball trivia than you can shake a stick at! Liam Maguire's NHL Hockey Trivia
A fine hockey trivia site with a monthly contest by the author of the book Liam Maguire's Hockey Trivia Nevada Bob's 19th Hole Trivia
10 questions all about the US Open. Daily Trivia Challenge
Answer 5 randomly-selected auto racing questions. Get at least 4 out of 5 correct, and you qualify to enter a daily drawing for a RacingOne t-shirt Sports Gear Quiz 25 entertaining questions about equipment used in sports - one section of The Ultimate Trivia Quiz Sports Trivia The trivia experts at Interactive Internet Sports come up with challenging and entertaining questions each week. The questions are separated into three sections: football, baseball, and general (covers every sport, from soccer to swimming). Questions are updated each Monday morning and all past questions can be found in the Trivia Archives.

6. Athletic Sports Trivia
. sports trivia. Check out Defining Sports have a question, comment or just want to contact about sports trivia, please contact us here
Check out - Defining Sports... - Defining Sports... - Defining Sports... Kevin Olson Enterprises Trivia tests your sports knowledge. This page is updated monthly. Last updated 1-20-04. Look for the trivia answers at the bottom of the page.
Even the late, great Albert Einstein couldn't answer all the questions in's Trivia page correctly! Here he is in total frustration after spending all week trying to answer every question. Good luck to you!
1. World famous pro-wrestler Goldberg was once an all-city high school football player from what city?
A. Long Beach, CA
B. Cincinnati, OH
C. Tulsa, OK
D. Tampa, FL
2. Lincoln High of Tacoma, WA, goes by what unique and appropriate nickname?
A. Abes
B. Logs
C. Presidents
D. Emancipators
3. Who of the following all-pro running backs was once named Parade Magazine All-American as a linebacker?
A. Marshall Faulk
B. Edgerrin James C. Eddie George D. Jerome Bettis
4. How many former California high school players appeared in last summer's Major League All-Star Game?

7. Games And Sports Trivia, Uncommon Facts About Athletes And Play Time - Trivial T
Trivial Trivia is a collection of interesting facts and uncommon information and extraordinary bits of knowledge about a wide variety of subjects. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sports History and
Trivial Trivia corsinet sites Brain Candy

Design Web

Great Links

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recommended: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sports History and Trivia link us
Trivial Trivia - Categorical Trivia
Unusual, unique, and uncommon facts about a diversity of subjects:
Trivia about games and sports
(56 facts) A perfect game in baseball is one in which the same player pitches the entire game without allowing any player of the opposing team to reach first base by any means. At Jack Russell Stadium in Clearwater, Florida, on June 26, 1985, organist Wilbur Snapp played "Three Blind Mice" following a call by umpire Keith O'Connor. The umpire was not amused, and saw to it that Mr. Snapp was ejected from the game. Babe Ruth hit his first major-league home run on May 6, 1915. He was playing for the Boston Red Sox at the time. 'The Sultan of Swat' went on to smash 714 round-trippers before he retired, as a New York Yankee, in 1935. Baseball rules were codified in 1846 by Alexander Cartwright of the Knickerbocker Baseball Club.

8. Power Play: Sports Trivia (playstation: (2002))
Reviews and information for power play sports trivia.
var zflag_nid="369"; var zflag_cid="6/1"; var zflag_sid="1"; var zflag_width="468"; var zflag_height="60"; var zflag_sz="0"; Total Reviews:
Power Play: Sports Trivia
Ubi Soft
Power Play: Sports Trivia
for Playstation
Ubi Soft GENRE(S)
Puzzle, Trivia PLAYERS
E (Everyone) RELEASED
May 7, 2002
Don't miss out on any new releases. Get the Metacritic Games Newsletter delivered to your inbox! var zflag_nid="369"; var zflag_cid="6/1"; var zflag_sid="1"; var zflag_width="120"; var zflag_height="600"; var zflag_sz="8"; Take on 4,000 brain-bruising questions from the wide, wide world of football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. Show what you know with 2 Tenacious Trivia Modes - Tournament: Up to 4 players face off to decide who's got the fastest fingers and the maddest skills, and Last Man Standing: Avoid 5 wrong answers and go for the longest winning streak in history. Climb the ranking ladder, reach the Hall of Fame, and become a Trivia Legend. GameZone Playing alone is fun, but the thrill is going head to head with opponents as would happen in a "real world" setting.

9. Lockerjock: Your Source For Sports Trivia
What offbeat sport do you secretly enjoy watching? NASCAR Figure Skating Track and Field XGames Bowling Rodeo. 5/09/04 My ISP changed
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June 6, 2004
1981 - Carl Lewis became the first athlete to win both a track and field event in the same outdoor championship since Jesse Owens in 1936.
1956: Bjorn Borg
1970: Randy Jordan
What youth sport has the most psycho parents?
Baseball Tennis Track and Field All of them Wow, SWAT cleans up and takes contest #101 contest #102 , and contest #103 . He won contest #101 with a perfect score. hohawk and fogclac battled for second place. My ISP changed the location of what LJ needs to calculate the leaders and send the mail (java.exe) and didn't tell me, so the leaderboard and mail hasn't gone out for a week, doh! Fixed it this morning. Oh yeah, Happy Mother's day too. The start of a new year is a great time to ask you guys where you would like to see LJ go. What other features would you like to have? A few old timers may remember me talking about user created contests a couple years ago. I did write that software but never deployed it. Is that something you would like to see?

10. Sports Trivia Australia
Answer questions on Australian sports to win cash prizes.

11. Sports Trivia Game
This is where the applet would be if your browser supported java, but it doesn t. Main Page of IQ Tests, Puzzles, Games More!
This is where the applet would be if your browser supported java, but it doesn't.

12. Sports Trivia Links
sports trivia. Australian Rules Football Brisbane Lions Trivia Quiz Sports Magazine); AthleQuiz (In French); Bob s sports trivia Forum; Bob s Trivia Quiz Sports;
Sports Trivia
Australian Rules Football
  • Brisbane Lions Trivia Quiz Auto Racing / Motorcycle Racing
  • Al's Burnout Box Trivia
  • Autobody Online Auto Trivia Contest
  • Formula One Trivia
  • The Holland Sentinel: NASCAR This Week ...
  • RPM Allen's NASCAR Trivia Games Baseball
  • All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Baseball Trivia
  • Babe Ruth Game Page
  • Baseball Statistics and Trivia
  • Baseball Trivia Contest ...
  • Ultimate Baseball Trivia Board Game: Sample Questions Basketball
  • Hoffy's Haven NBA Quiz
  • Meadowlands Madness
  • Sporting News Michael Jordan Quiz
  • Ultimate Basketball Board Game: Sample Questions Boxing
  • CRYNET Boxing Trivia Quiz
  • Tale of the Tape: Boxing Trivia Quiz Football
  • ChicagoSports: Bears-Packers Quiz
  • College Football Hall of Fame: Answer and Win
  • Football Trivia Contest
  • Football Trivia Quiz ...
  • Mike Keith: The Trivia Quiz (Tennessee Titans)
  • The Packer Quiz
  • Packer Trivia
  • Rams Trivia Challenge
  • The Sporting News: Football's 100 Greatest Players Trivia ...
  • Washington Post: The Redskins Book: Trivia Quizzes Golf
  • British Open Trivia Quiz
  • How Much Do You Know About the U.S. Open?
  • The Ultimate Masters Trivia Quiz Gymnastics
  • Gymn Trivia Hockey
  • Dallas Morning News: How Well Can You Identify Stars?"
  • 13. Sports Fans Of America Association
    Portal to thousands of sports sites on the net. Fans in action, sports trivia, fan opinion polls, membership, contests, fantasy leagues, sports jobs, tickets, travel, collectibles, fan news, magazines, books, music, movies, events, health, recruiting, games, financing, chat, chapters.

    14. Coffee Break
    we can continue giving you these free daily features. sports trivia Sports Anagram Sports Cryptogram Old Testament sports trivia Sports Anagram Sports Cryptogram Old Testament

    15. Have A Question, Need An Answer, Ask The Old Buzzard
    Help with student's homework, financial problems, health concerns, sports trivia, legal questions and dreams.
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    This site is best viewed with Explorer 5.X @800x600 The Old is about fun, entertainment and enjoyment, while answering questions of inquisitive minds. Individuals are encouraged to ask any question, without the need to identify themselves. The Old Buzzard can help with student's homework, financial problems, health concerns, sports trivia, legal questions and dreams. Readers will find the site to be educational and funny while it provides answers to many puzzling thoughts and misunderstandings. Have a Question, Need an Answer, Ask the Old Buzzard Email Address
    Leave your email address, and we will email you once your question has been answered. Because The Old is a family site, inappropriate material or adult type questions will not be answered. The Old Buzzard will respond to questions in a timely fashion, but answers will not be immediate. Individuals can ask for a "public" or "private" response. The Old Buzzard Search for an Answer How many 12 oz aluminum cans in a pound Full or empty? If full, then with what?

    16. Fanwear Sports Trivia Game - Boxscore sports trivia. Fanwear, sportswear, apparel, tshirts, jackets, pants, shorts, sports, clothes, NFL sports trivia Game.
    Sports Trivia Game Gifts Balls Sport Sets Drinkware ... Tape Measure
    All In-stock Items Ship Out Within One Business Day.
    Click on a button for more information or to buy that item.
    CD-ROM Sports Trivia Game
    A Game of Sports Knowledge, Strategy, and Luck
    Easy to Play, Multiple Choice
    Added Bonus: Box Score Jr. for Young fans included on the CD
    Price: $19.95
    Screen Shot
    BOX SCORE™ is a CD-ROM Sports Trivia Game. Through a special arrangement with the makers of BOX SCORE™, we are able to offer an online Shockwave version of the game for you to try. To play the game you'll need to use Microsoft's web browser or the AOL web browser. Click here to open the game in a new web browser window . When the new window opens, read the information below the gameboard, then click the word "Play" on the Game board. If you would like to purchase the full CD-ROM version of the game, see the information above.
    All In-stock Items Ship Out Within One Business Day. Click on a button for more information or to buy that item. FANWEAR 176 Harris Road Bedford Hills, NY 10507

    17. SPORTS TRIVIA - Online Java Game Preview
    Visit The Arcade Machine Internet Entertainment Center and check out sports trivia, the online Java game. sports trivia Game Preview.
    Game Preview
    This is a PICTURE (static preview) of SPORTS TRIVIA . This preview is designed to show quickly what the game looks like and how it fits on your computer screen. To find out more about this game or to go ahead and play, use the selection buttons below. SPORTS TRIVIA is pixels wide and pixels high, so your browser window must be able to accomodate that size in order for you to be able to play. SPORTS TRIVIA is created by Uproar.

    18. Coffee Break Sports
    sports trivia , Sports Anagram , Sports Cryptogram , Old Testament , New Testament , Animal Quiz. Daily sports trivia Daily Sports Anagram. Daily Sports Cryptogram.

    19. Legends Of Sport
    sports trivia Legends of Sport main trivia page trivia questions for all sports plus lots of statistics, and the Web s largest sports poll.

    20. Power Play: Sports Trivia - PlayStation Game
    Power Play sports trivia for PlayStation by Ubi Soft. Recent Sports Games. •, MLB 2005. Power Play sports trivia. Publisher Ubi Soft. Developer Ubi Soft.
    HomeAd = ''; OAS_sitepage = ''; OAS_listpos = 'Right,Top,TopRight,Bottom,Right2,Right3'; GameZone Downloads Shop KidZone ... Cheats I Reviews I News I Categories More Sections! Home PSX Previews Publishers Other Platforms Dreamcast Nintendo 64 GZ Sections Home Main Contests Hardware Links Hot Links Online Casinos Online Games Online Sites Ultra Link Win Free Games Action/Arcade Adventure Classics Sports ... Sports Power Play: Sports Trivia
    Recent Sports Games MLB 2005
    Power Play: Sports Trivia Publisher: Ubi Soft Developer: Ubi Soft ESRB: E Platform: PSX Media: Release Date N Amer
    GZ Review
    Prepare for tip-off; Power Play Sports Trivia is engaging and demands your best game.
    Full Review
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    Submit Reviews ... Game Maps Site Last Updated - 06/06/2004 GZ Highlights! Headlines Entertainment Retail... Rascal Racers™ to Shi... New Releases ... NBA ShootOut 2004

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