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         Sports Science:     more books (100)
  1. Nutrition in Exercise and Sport: Third Edition (Nutrition in Exercise & Sport)
  2. Science in Elite Sport by F. Ludescher, 1999-04
  3. High Tech Hot Shots: Careers in Sports Engineering by Celeste Baine, 2004-04
  4. Mortal Engines: The Science of Performance and the Dehumanization of Sport by John M. Hoberman, 1992-06
  5. Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews
  6. Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews, 1984
  7. Strength Training for Sport
  8. Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews, 1989 (Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews) by Kent B. Pandolf, 1989-05
  9. Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews
  10. Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews, 1990 (Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews) by Kent B. Pandolf, 1990-05
  11. Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews, 1992 (Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews)
  12. Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews
  13. Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews, 1991 (Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews)
  14. The Physics of Sports

41. | University Guide | Univ 2002 Sports Science
psychology. Lack of data means we are unable to produce a full score for sports science courses. Instead,11985,-4421080,

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Sorry, but JavaScript is required to view the Education Stats tables. Please revisit this page using a JavaScript-enabled browser. Degrees concerned with the science of exercise, health and sport have blossomed with the increasingly sophisticated use of scientific techniques to improve performance in the sporting world. Academics stress that these are first and foremost academic programmes of study and are very strongly science-based. Students do not have to have any special sporting ability. Areas covered include biomechanics, physiology and psychology. Lack of data means we are unable to produce a full score for sports science courses. Instead we list here those performing well in terms of their official teaching inspections, spending per student and staff/student ratios. Bath, Essex and Sheffield Hallam all manage to score more highly using these measures than Loughborough, renowned as a centre of sporting excellence.

42. Sportslink - The Directory For Athletes, Trainers And Coaches
Sports Psychology sports science Organizations. Institut National du Sport et de l Education Physique (INSEP)National sports science Institute (France).
Sports links for those who are serious about athletic training! If you are actively involved in athletics, the directory offers an extensive, up-to-date sports information and education resource specifically for people interested in athletic training. The directory contains hundreds of comprehensive links to assist competitors, coaches, trainers, researchers, educators, psychologists and the athletic medical community.
The majority of listings consist of national and international organizations of a not-for-profit/non-commercial/non-consumer nature. Every attempt has been made to identify and catalog the most up-to-date, relevant information, providing you with a valuable and easy-to-use athletic training and resource directory and information tool. Note : This site is provided as a free service to the athletic community and is entirely internally funded. We do not accept personal or commercial listings.

Search engine of sports science and training pages, allowing searches by sport or theory; in German and English.
Die ultimative Findmaschine für Sportwissenschaftler, Trainer und Sportler
Sport scientists', coaches' and athletes' ultimate findmachine
Go IT Suche IAT Forum News ... spowis

Institut für Angewandte Trainingswissenschaft

44. University Of Minnesota Morris - Cougar Athletics
The Wellness and sports science Department of the Division of Education provides students with the opportunity to be trained as coaches or to receive an Area
The Wellness and Sports Science Department of the Division of Education
provides students with the opportunity to be trained as coaches or to
receive an Area of Concentration in Sports Management. Course work is
also offered in lifetime activities and fitness. For further
information regarding these programs, please refer to the UMM catalog or
contact Mark Fohl , Discipline Coordinator.

45. Sports Science:  Getting Fit
Explore Science and Technology with Us. (3 s are the best!) Try one of the sports over a period of time and compare your performance with your partner’s.


Find a Council


Girl Scouts USA
... Contact Us... Explore Science and Technology with Us Muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance are important elements of being fit. Different kinds of exercise develop different elements. Check out the following activities and how useful they are to each of the fitness categories. (3 Activity Strength Endurance Flexibility Cardiovascular Aerobics Basketball Biking Gymnastics Jogging Jump-roping Roller skating Soccer Swimming Walking For more information, write for the Get Fit Handbook , Presidents Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, 200 Independence Avenue, SW, Room 738 H, Washington D.C. 20201, or find it online at: © 1998 by Girl Scouts of the United States of America and The Franklin Institute
Your target heart rate (THR) tells you the level of activity that will benefit the most important muscle in your body, your heart.
Your target heart rate should fall in a range, which includes a lower limit and an upper limit. Fill in the following chart by subtracting your age from 220, then multiplying that number by 60% (.60) and then by 80% (.80).

46. Exercise & Sport Science
To EKU Web Entrance, Exercise and sports science Dr. Lonnie Davis, Chair 521 Lancaster Avenue, 231 Moberly Building, Richmond, Kentucky 404753102 (859) 622
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quickmenu(600); Exercise and Sports Science
Dr. Lonnie Davis
, Chair
521 Lancaster Avenue, 231 Moberly Building,
Richmond, Kentucky 40475-3102 (859) 622-1887 Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs Graduate Assistantships EKU ... College of Health Sciences
What is the Department of Exercise and Sport Science?
The Department of Exercise and Sport Science prepares students for both teaching and non-teaching positions in exercise and sport science. In the teaching field are programs that lead to certification in elementary and secondary school physical education . The non-teaching areas include: athletic training physical fitness/wellness management sport management , and a general option
Another area of emphasis is given to the preparation of coaches through the Coaching Endorsement Program which is available to majors from fields of study other than physical education. A third area for students is the area of dance. Students who are interested in studying or performing in the area of dance, may obtain a DANCE MINOR . The coaching endorsement and dance minor information is available by going to the Undergraduate Programs link.

CONSULTANTS IN SPORTING MATTERS Proprietor: Brent S. Rushall, Ph.D.,R.Psy.
4225 Orchard Drive
Spring Valley
USA 91977
Telephone: 619-469-1537 / email: Sport Psychology, Performance Enhancement, Education, Confidential Consultations QUICK LINKS TO PRODUCTS AND SERVICES OF
SPORTS SCIENCE ASSOCIATES Books Tables of Contents of Books Compact Disk Versions of Journals Psychological Tests and Materials ... Consultations Sports Science Associates (SSA) is a group of sports-science professionals from around the world who are dedicated to providing expert useful sports-science support for exceptional athletes and teams. It responds to the wishes of head coaches and program managers to provide valid, reliable, accurate, and worthwhile scientific testing and consultations. SSA recognizes that most academic institutions do not have adequate expertise in the science of the elite athlete. Consequently, SSA locates expert individuals, determined in consultation with the sporting organization officials, and recruits them to provide the highest possible level of consultation and athlete evaluation. SSA is dedicated to working with head coaches and sport organizations to develop the most effective scientific support programs to fit their needs.

48. Sports Science
The Albert Sloman Library. Library homepage. sports science. An outline of some parts of the Library classification relevant to sports science.
The Albert Sloman Library Sports Science
Dictionaries and encyclopedias Journals Indexes and databases Internet resources
Sports Science books are on Floors 2 and , arranged under classmarks GV, QP and R The computer Catalogue tells you where books or pamphlets are, by means of a classmark consisting of letters and numbers, e.g. GV 181.5. Many books on reading lists are kept in the Short Loan Collection on the Ground Floor, still arranged by the same classmarks. Short Loan books are lent for short periods during the day (normally four hours). They can, however, be borrowed overnight from 4 hours before Library closing and must be returned by 10 am on the next day that the Library is open. The detailed screen in the computer catalogue will tell you if one or more copies of that book are on Short Loan. If you are looking for a periodical article , search by periodical title in the computer catalogue. Periodicals have classmarks, like books, and are arranged on the main floors by subject. Recent, unbound parts are in the Reference Room on Floor 1. A number of heavily-used periodical articles are kept at the

49. Welcome To The Department Of Sports Science & Physical Education Homepage
Department of sports science and Physical Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong. Tel
Department of Sports Science and Physical Education,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong.
Tel: (852) 2609 6089 Fax: (852) 2603 5781 Email: This page has been visited times since 20th May, 1998. Last updated: 15th March, 2004. Page designed by: Stephen H.S. WONG, Ph.D. Email:
Maintained by: CHU Wing Leung Email:

50. Weblinks / Science / Sports Science
Information for sports science on sport anatomy and how your body copes with sport. Comes highly recommended for sport science students. Links Science / Sports Science
Weblinks / Science / Sports Science
Tell Someone Add Modify About ... Weblinks Home
  • Adidas Training For Sport - A site based around training programmes made for you by sports experts. Information on how diet, nutrition and massage can help. you improve performance. Information for sports science on sport anatomy and how your body copes with sport. Information on implementations and how to correctly perform skills drills and sports techniques. pop (Added: 9-Oct-2001 By: DJ Hits: 741)
  • Australian National Institute of Sport - Sponsored by Nestle - deals with nutrition for everyday purposes, competition nutrition, and special issues in nutrition. Talks about food balance, carbohydrates, fats and fluids. (Added: 21-Sep-2001 By: de Hits: 503)
  • Canadian Society for Biomechanics - This site contains a wealth of biomechanics data from working research labs, software for biomechanical anyalysis, plus news, weblinks, jokes etc. in the field of biomechanics. (Added: 21-Sep-1999 By: KP Hits: 504)
  • Coach's Information Service - An initiative of the University of Edinburgh and the International Society for Biomechanics in Sport(ISBS). Covers a whole range of sports – including basketball, gymnastics, athletics, golf and so on. Also covers becoming a better coach, strength and conditioning and explosive power in sport. This site is academic and includes references to journals and other articles on-line. It is also worth investigating the links.

51. Sports Science

52. Sport Science Program - Douglas College Calendar
Sport Science Program. (Effective Fall 2004). The CHIN, Alan, BSc (Alberta), MS, PhD (Oregon) Coaching Science, sports science. DUFF
Introduction General Information Credentials Programs ... Home
Sport Science Program
(Effective Fall 2004)
The Faculty of Science and Technology offers two credentials in the Sport Science Program: Sport Science Diploma and Sport Science Diploma in Coaching. If applying to the program please specify, on your application form, which credential you are interested in. Both diplomas are available on a part-time and full-time basis. The wide range of courses in Sport Sciences can lead to university or employment in a variety of community services. The Sport Science Program offeres the skills, training and certification you need for a career in Coaching, Teaching, Health and Fitness, Leisure and Sport Administration and Exercise Science. Working with experienced Sport Science faculty, you will study a wide variety of topics and will have the opportunity to put theory into practice during site supervised sport leadership. Students are strongly advised to consult with an Academic Advisor or a faculty member on transfer program requirements, as well as to consult with the university to which they wish to transfer. See the BC Transfer Guide at for individual course transfer.
Faculty Listing
WILSON, T. Desmond Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology BSc (hons) (Queens, Belfast), MSc (British Columbia), PGeo

53. Sports Science
Contact Sue Hobbs call (01243) 816312 or email Address sports science University College Chichester Bishop Otter Campus College Lane
Search UCC's Website Virtual Campus Tour Contact UCC
UCC Home
... UCC Olympic Winners
Contact: Sue Hobbs
call: (01243) 816312 or
Sports Science
University College Chichester
Bishop Otter Campus
College Lane
Chichester West Sussex
If you want a career in Sports then look no further - Come to University College Chichester for some of the best and most exciting opportunities available in Sports Degrees. The growth in Sports, Exercise, and Management related careers ensure that sport is entering a new and exciting phase of development. Here at Chichester we have an established reputation for sports related research, as well as extensive experience of working alongside elite athletes in our excellently resourced laboratory facilities. We are a member of two National Network Centres in the UK Sports Institute (UKSI) and are the only University sector institution to be mentioned twice in the list of regional centres. We are also a member of the National Sports Medicine Institute (NSMI), and as such are a distinctive provider of Sports Science.

54. USSA Master Of Sport Science Degree Programs
Master of Sport Science. Degree Programs. The Master of sports science degree program at the United States Sports Academy is a 33 semester hour program.
Master of Sport Science
Degree Programs
The Academy offers two different delivery options for completing the Master of Sport Science (M.S.S.) degree program. The master degree can be completed entirely online or through the residential 2-summer plus program. All degree candidates must pas the comprehensive which is taken on-campus in Daphne, Alabama after the completion of all degree requirements. The Academy offers a Master of Sport Science (M.S.S.) degree with majors in the following concentrations: The Master of Sports Science degree program at the United States Sports Academy is a 33 semester hour program. Dual majors are also available in all areas, e.g. Sports Management/Sports Coaching. The curriculum is designed to enable recent college graduates, working professionals and sports enthusiasts to achieve their personal, educational and professional objectives. Each program is flexible and provides meaningful educational and technical preparation.

55. PESLS - Sport Science
aspect of the Department of Physical Education, Sport and Leisure Studies is its dedication to the practical/applied aspects of exercise and sports science.
Sport Science
Sport Science
Aquatics Research Group (ARG) Golf Research Group (GRG) Elite Athlete Assessment Group (EAAG) ... PESLS Dept Home
Sport Science
In addition to conducting research, sport science staff are involved in coach and athlete education, and in providing sport science support for elite athletes through the Scottish and British Institutes of Sport.
Aquatics Research Group The aquatics research group has been established to conduct interdisciplinary research in the area of aquatic sports including swimming, water polo, and kayaking. The following staff collaborate in this group: Win Hayes
School of Education European Coordinator
Further Information
Professor Ross H Sanders
Chair of Sport Science
Further Information
David Saunders
Lecturer in Exercise Physiology
Further Information
Golf Research Group The golf research group has been established to conduct interdisciplinary research in the area of golf. Areas of interest include skill acquisition at all levels of performance and ages, improvement of technique and effect of stress and anxiety on performance. The following staff collaborate in this group:

56. Australian Institute Of Sport - Cricket
sports science Support for Australian Cricket. The CA sports science Program A collaborative program of Cricket Australia and the Australian Institute of Sport.
Sports Science Support for Australian Cricket




AIS Sports

The CA Sports Science Program
A collaborative program of Cricket Australia and the Australian
Institute of Sport Background The CA Sports Science Program commenced in July 2000. It is based at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, allowing access to world-class scientific staff, testing and research facilities. The program was born from a strategic directive initiated by the Commonwealth Bank Cricket Academy in 1999 to incorporate sports science research and servicing activities to a greater extent in their player development programs. Australia has a proud history of high calibre fast bowling back injury research, dating back to Dennis Lillee’s back injury rehabilitation and technique remodeling under the guidance of esteemed sport scientist Dr. Frank Pyke at the University of Western Australia in the early 1970s.

57. Tracksys Ltd - Software For Studying Behaviour
Traksys develops and markets software for behavioural analysis including sports science, entomology, psychology, market research and ergonomics. Academic and other large research organisations are buyers and codevelopers.
Observe Understand Communicate Software Solutions for Behavioural Research Tracksys Ltd, Vernon House, 18, Friar Lane, Nottingham, NG1 6DQ. Tel 0115 952 0446. Fax 0115 952 0447

58. CyclingNZ
News, clubs, links, events, results, articles, retailers, online chat, photo gallery, maps and trails, sports science and product reviews.

Cycling NZ Inc.
News PopupNavigator Java Applet - JDK 1.1.3 needed Links Events Results Profiles ... Competitions
Login Name Password Not a member? Sign-Up Now! Quick Find

CNZ Home
2004 New Zealand Selectors Trials 2004 NZ Road Championships ... Sport Development
Latest CNZ News NZ Olympic Team Named The teams to compete at the Olympics have been named today by BikeNZ's selection panel. In the men's road squad, as expected are, Julian Dean and Jeremy Yates. A little less expected but certainly w... [read more] 2 World Track Titles to New Zealand [Track] That's right Sarah Ulmer won the womens 3000m pursuit and Greg Henderson just won the 15000m scratch race. Holly c...p, what a night for these 2 riders and New Zealand Cycling. Sarah Ulmers ride wa... [read more] World Track Champs - Team Sprint [Track] New Zealand qualified 14th tonight at the World Track champs, while France qualified first, Great Britain second and Spain third. In the second round Germany beat Holland, Spain overcame a fierce Aus... [read more] World Track Champs - Anticipation Building [Track] With the World Track championships starting tomorrow nearly every team was at the velodrome completing final preparations for their events. Each team had time slots to use the Vodafone Arena - a... [read more] World Track Champs Rider Profile - The Young Guns from Te Awamutu [Track] Today's rider profile looks at the up and coming duo of Peter Lathem and Tim Gudsell, who are in the Teams Pursuit squad. These two likeable lads from the South Waikato town of Te Awamutu have picked ...

59. Redirect
The objective of the association is to promote and advance the practice, education and research of medicine and science in relation to sports and exercise.

60. Sports Technology Hotlist
Resource list for research and conferences in the sport science field.
This page contains links and documents describing systems and research that apply computer technology and other advanced technologies to sports and the sports industry. If you know of relevant material not listed here, please let me know. Enter a new site News and Notes Here is an informal paper I've written, Sport Online , that discusses current and future sport technology on the Internet. Comments, corrections, and flames are all welcome. The U. of Calgary Sport Technology Research Centre is organizing a an International Conference on Sport Technology, June 4-6, 2000 in Calgary 1st International Conference on Science and Technology in Climbing and Mountaineering Another site with many sport technology article references. Last modified: 9/99 by Stephen Intille

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