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         Sports Psychology:     more books (100)
  1. Tennis (Sport Psychology Library) by Judy L. Van Raalte, Carrie Silver-Bernstein, 1999-10
  2. In the Zone: Transcendent Experience in Sports (Arkana) by Michael Murphy, Rhea A. White, 1995-08-01
  3. Sociology of Sport by Howard L. Nixon, James H. Frey, 1996-01-01
  4. Sport Psychology: The Key Concepts (Routledge Key Guides) by Ellis Cashmore, 2002-06-21
  5. The Social Psychology of Sport by Gordon W. Russell, 1998-07-17
  6. The Cheers and the Tears: A Healthy Alternative to the Dark Side of Youth Sports Today by Shane Murphy, 1999-02-19
  7. Sport and Spirituality: An Introduction (Ethics & Sport) by Parry/ et. al, 2007-10-11
  8. Developmental Sport and Exercise Pychology: A Lifespan Perspective
  9. Imagery In Sport by Tony Morris, Michael, Ph.D. Spittle, et all 2005-07-11
  10. Essential Readings in Sport and Exercise Psychology
  11. Sport Hypnosis by Donald Liggett, 2000-02
  12. Exercise Psychology by Janet Buckworth, Rod K. Dishman, 2002-02
  13. Sports Talk: A Dictionary of Sports Metaphors by Robert A. Palmatier, Harold L. Ray, 1989-03-24
  14. Outlines & Highlights for Sport Psychology: Concepts and Applications by Cox, ISBN: 0072972955 by Cram101 Textbook Reviews, 2007-08-29

101. Sport And Exercise Psychology
Division 47 of the American Psychological Association (APA). European Federationof Sport psychology. Listname sportpsy Sport psychology mailing list.
Sport and Exercise Psychology
See for information about the Colorado Biathlon Club
Professional Organizations
American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD)
Journals: Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, Strategies, JOHE, JOPERD
American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology (AAASP)
Journal: Journal of Applied Sport Psychology
Division 47 of the American Psychological Association (APA)
European Federation of Sport Psychology
International Society for Sport Psychiatry (ISSP)
ISSP holds an annual conference in conjunction with the meeting of the American Psychiatric Association. For membership information contact: Daniel Begel, M.D., President
316 North Milwaukee Street, Suite 318
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202
Phone: (414)271-2900
North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (NASPSPA)
Journal: Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology
Human Kinetics Publishers, Inc.

102. AAASP Online
have made it easy to find information related to applied sport psychology, certifiedconsultants, health and exercise psychology, as well as our organization.

103. AAASP Online
Applied Sport psychology. Applied sport psychology people and athletes.AAASP focuses on three areas of applied sport psychology
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What's New About AAASP Contact AAASP ... Links and Resources
Applied Sport Psychology
What is Applied Sport Psychology?
Health and Exercise Psychology Perfomance Enhancement and Intervention Social Psychology
Certified Consultants
Certified Consultants
Become a Certified Consultant Find a Certified Consultant
AAASP Annual Conference
Conference Highlights Conference Locations Submission Guidelines ... Currency Exchange Rates
Applied Sport Psychology
Applied sport psychology involves extending theory and research into the field to educate coaches, athletes, and parents with the goals of AAASP focuses on three areas of applied sport psychology: AAASP offers information in our three focus areas intended for athletes, coaches, parents, and people interested in applied sport psychology. To help you understand applied sport psychology, we also include:

104. American Board Of Sport Psychology - Home
ISSPis a premier publisher of information and resources in the fields of sport psychology,sport management, sport sociology, coaching, and physical education.
Site Map Log On Sunday, June 6, 2004 Home Certificates Curriculum ABSP Journal ... Chair's Page The American Board of Sport Psychology CERTIFICATION, CREDENTIAL REVIEW and TRAINING in SPORT PSYCHOLOGY for: 1. Psychologists 2. Masters Level Practitioners and Clinicians 3. Masters Level Educators, Coaches and Trainers 4. Coaches, Trainers and Athletes Psychologists The American Board of Sport Psychology offers credential evaluation and issuance and certification in SPORT PSYCHOLOGY to qualified persons holding a regionally accredited Doctorate in PSYCHOLOGY (Ph.D., PsyD, Ed.D.)or who are licensed/certified as clinical and/or applied psychologists. Since the use of the occupational designation Psychologist is restricted by law, preventing practitioners without a doctorate in psychology from calling themselves Sport Psychologists , other certification bodies have created generic terms such as Sport Psychology Consultant, Sport Psychology Practitioner, Performance Enhancement Specialist, and Performance/Mental Coach to accommodate and entitle members with both psychology and non-psychology backgrounds under a common non-distinguishing title. Such designations often do not adequately reflect or convey the background and qualifications many doctorate holders in psychology and sport psychology have Essentially, doctorate level psychologists have no

105. The Mental Edge
The Mental Edge. Sport psychology. Welcome to the Mental Edge! OtherSport psychology Links. A quick explanation of sport psychology.
The Mental Edge
Sport Psychology
Welcome to the Mental Edge! Sport psychology is an emerging field in the worlds of psychology and athletics. For many elite-level, professional, recreational, and even youth athletes, successful performances, cannot simply be reduced to superior physical performance. Concepts such as mental imagery, goal setting, motivation training, and relaxation are the basis for strong mental preparation whether it be for a team or an individual sport, for a coach or an athlete. Perhaps you have heard the phrase, "Winning is 90% mental and 10% physical," or you have considered incorporating imagery to enhance your performance, but you still do not understand everything you would like to know about sport psychology Well in that case you are not alone. Even if you are comfortable with the concepts, you can gain important insights from a sport psychology consultant. The Mental Edge is a source of valuable information whether you are a coach, an Olympic athlete or even a weekend warrior. There is no sport too obscure, or person too good to benefit from the proven concepts of sport psychology. The Mental Edge has provided in depth information for coaches and athletes in all realms of athletics including figure skating, wrestling, basketball, rowing, tennis and field hockey, to name a few. Additionally, we have provided sport psychology seminars for schools including MIT, Boston College, University of Virginia, Cornell University, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and Boston University.

106. SPORT PSYCHOLOGY: Mental Training For Every Player.
Winning Sport psychology for Every Player . A Two, Part Comprehensive PsychologicalTraining Program for Baseball. CD ONE. Relaxation and Imagery Conditioning
"Winning Sport Psychology for Every Player" A Two, Part Comprehensive Psychological Training Program for Baseball CD ONE Relaxation and Imagery Conditioning to train your body and mind to relax and perform at their best CD TWO Subliminal Suggestion and Self-programming : to enhance the development and maintenance of a positive attitude The Two Part Basic Mental Training Program is only Positive results are guaranteed or your money back . We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express and checks by phone, fax and e-mail. For more information click here Visit HOME Free Tapes Free E-Zine Free Affirmations ... Alternate Site! UNLOCK THE HIDDEN POWERS OF YOUR MIND AND GAIN A COMPETITIVE EDGE! A new, web-based system of psychological training specifically designed for baseball now assures that players that use it will have a significant advantage over their opponents. Now not only major league players but every player who uses this two part basic mental training system will master the mental skills needed to consistently perform at their best.
Through the use of CDs, tapes and unlimited electronic consultation with

107. Sport Psychology: Mental Training For Peak Athletic Performance -The Online Sour
Sport psychology Winning Mind Games for Every Athlete . Dr. Relax is Dr. Gary A.Beale. Our programs represent the latest advances in Applied Sport psychology.
"Sport Psychology: Winning Mind Games for Every Athlete"
Dr. Relax
"...I was able to realize a dream...I set the World record in the bench press. Thank You Dr. Beale for the dream of a lifetime."
Tammy Dianda , Powerlifter A Multi-Part Comprehensive Psychological Training Program for Athletes
Relaxation and Imagery Conditioning to train your body and mind to relax and perform at their best CD TWO Subliminal Suggestion and Self-programming : to enhance the development and maintenance of a positive, winning attitude Other Winning Athletes Who Use Our Programs: Marion Clignet
Olympic Silver Medal, World Champion Rick Gunther
Ultra-marathon World Record Mark Gilmartin, Golfer
Amateur Champion Brock Marion,
Defensive Back
Miami Dolphins US Parachute Team , World Record Holders Rob Kish , Transcontinental Record Holder, RAAM Winner More Wining Athletes Register for the drawing for a free Personalized Subliminal Tape.
E-mail Me Free Workbook Free CD Free E-Zine Free Affirmations ... Ask Dr. Relax

108. Mental Equipment
September 2000 Mental Equipment The Smart Tennis/Sport psychology Tour 2000. February2000 Mental Equipment Illustrations of Progress in Sport psychology.
Mental Equipment
Archive Latest Mental Equipment Article Send a message to Dr. John Dr. John's Smart Tennis Book Page Smart Tennis Book at ... Dr. John's Bio The Tennis Server

  • Editor's Letter EXPLORE THE TENNIS NET:
  • Dr. John Murray's Mental Equipment Archive 1995 - Present
  • Greg Moran's Circle Game Archive
  • David Higdon's Net Game archive
  • The merits of playing college tennis before turning pro
  • Daily tennis news sources
  • Tennis Equipment Tips ...
  • Unsubscribing from Tennis Server INTERACTIVE. The Mental Equipment Archive
  • May 2003 Mental Equipment
  • April 2003 Mental Equipment : Delray Beach International Tennis Championships 2003
  • April 2002 Mental Equipment : Delray Beach International Tennis Championships 2002
  • January 2002 Mental Equipment : Performance Advice for the New Year
  • December 2001 Mental Equipment : Fighting Through Fatigue
  • November 2001 Mental Equipment : The Importance of Belief in Tennis
  • October 2001 Mental Equipment : Turn on your Auto-Pilot
  • September 2001 Mental Equipment : Enhancing Your Hard-Drive to Succeed
  • August 2001 Mental Equipment : Your 5 Greatest Problems
  • July 2001 Mental Equipment : Use Humor in Coaching
  • June 2001 Mental Equipment : ID Your Key Needs
  • May 2001 Mental Equipment : An American Ericsson
  • April 2001 Mental Equipment : Delray Beach Revisited
  • March 2001 Mental Equipment : Getting Professional About Your Tennis
  • February 2001 Mental Equipment : Scouting Your Opponent's Mental Skills
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    110. APA Division 47 - Exercise And Sport Psychology
    Division 47 Exercise and Sport psychology. Click here to go directlyto the website of Division 47 - Exercise and Sport psychology.
    Division 47 - Exercise and Sport Psychology
    Click here to go directly to the website of Division 47 - Exercise and Sport Psychology. Division 47 - Exercise and Sport Psychology brings together psychologists, as well as exercise and sport scientists, interested in research, teaching, and service in this area. The APA Running Psychologists is an affiliated group of Division 47. The Division currently has committees on diversity issues and education and training. The Division sponsors preconvention workshops at the APA convention. The Exercise and Sport Psychology Newsletter is published three times a year. Membership Application: President: Judy Van Raalte, PsyD, Springfield College, Springfield, MA Secretary-Treasurer: Bradley Hack, PhD, Raleigh, NC Newsletter: Exercise and Sport Psychology Newsletter (three issues per year)
    Editor: Robert Harmison, PhD, Argosy University, Phoenix, AZ
    • Spring 2003 (Volume 17, Number 1), arrived May 22, 2003
    • Summer 2003 (Volume 17, Number 2), arrived July 28, 2003
    • Fall 2003 (Volume 17, Number 3), arrived February 11, 2004

    111. General Information On Sport Psychology And Related Disciplines
    Olympics Information
    U.S. Teams and Olympic Sports Information
    Commonwealth Games
    Women's Sports Information
    Disabled Sports Information
    Organizations, Institutes

    112. NASPSPA
    The North American Society for the psychology of Sport and Physical Activity isa multidisciplinary association of scholars from the behavioral sciences and
    About NASPSPA
    Executive Committee


    Employment Center
    ... Bulletin Board
    The North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity is a multidisciplinary association of scholars from the behavioral sciences and related professions. The Society functions to:
    • Develop and advance the scientific study of human behavior when individuals are engaged in sport and physical activity
    • Facilitate the dissemination of information
    • Improve the quality of research and teaching in the psychology of sport, motor development, and motor learning and control
    The abstract submission process is complete.
    Click to view the Conference Program
    YOU CAN RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP NOW (if you have not already done so). YOU CAN REGISTER FOR THE CONFERENCE NOW AND YOU CAN MAKE HOTEL RESERVATIONS. Click the Conference Information Link on the left nav bar.
    Please register by June 1 . Pre-registering is much easier than registering on-site at the door. Note that credit cards are processed manually so they do not immediately post to your account. For questions or information regarding:
  • membership, contact Gabriele Wulf (
  • 113. Human Kinetics - Journals
    Activity and Health; Journal of Sport Exercise psychology; Journalof Sport Management; Journal of Sport Rehabilitation; Journal of

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    114. Human Kinetics - Journals
    Edition Gould, Daniel, 2003 Foundations of Sport Exercise psychology3rd EditionWeinberg, Robert, 2003 Advances in Sport psychology-2nd Edition Horn, Thelma

    115. Sport Psychology Movie Database - Alphabetical Index
    The Sport psychology Movie Database. (SPMD). Welcome to the Sport psychologyMovie Database (SPMD)! This website contains information
    The Sport Psychology Movie Database (SPMD) Welcome to the Sport Psychology Movie Database (SPMD)! This website contains information about sports movies that have a sport psychological theme. Either click the links below to go to the listings of movies, or if you are a first time visitor, you may want to read the information that is below the links. Alphabetical Index Theme Index Sport Index Using Movies in Teaching and Consulting ... SPMD related Links What is the SPMD? The Sport Psychology Movie Database (SPMD) is a listing of movies that depict sport psychology themes. The purpose is to provide a resource for sport psychologists to find movies to enhance their teaching and their consulting. The list of titles was compiled from input by the members the SPORTPSY discussion group. Each movie in the database is indexed by the theme(s) depicted and by the sport or activity that is central to the movie. How do I use the SPMD? The SPMD has three indexes: an alphabetical listing, a theme listing, and a sport listing. From each index you can go to information on the specific movies.

    116. Sport Psychology Links At SPORTPSYC
    Sport Psyc 5; Athabasca University resource page 3; Canadian Societyfor Psychomotor Learning and Sport psychology 5; Coaching science
    5 = Highly relevant to SPORTPSYC ....... 1 = Has some relevance to SPORTPSYC

    117. Sport Psychology Home
    students. Details about courses in sport psychology, current research,and upcoming sport psychology events are available. Specifics
    Welcome! The focus of our program is developmental sport and exercise psychology, with specific interests in self-perceptions, motivation, and significant other influences (parents, coaches, peers) on physical activity and sport participation in youth through older adults. Please feel free to browse out site for information on our faculty and students . Details about courses in sport psychology, current research , and upcoming sport psychology events are available. Specifics about the annual University of Virginia Sport Psychology Conference are available as well. Are you a prospective student ? If so, click here for more information. Here are some pictures from the 2003 Team Building Picnic... Sport Psychology Home Faculty Students Prospective Student Information ... UVA Sport Psychology Conference Page last updated on September 24, 2003 by Cheryl Stuntz

    118. About Sport Psychology
    Mind Plus Muscle Home, What is Sport psychology? Questions and Answers.Do you or area. What is sport psychology? Sport psychology
    What is Sport Psychology?
    Questions and Answers
    Do you or the athletes you coach:
    • have trouble staying focused during competition?
    • lack confidence during games?
    • choke during important competitive events?
    Are you looking for a competitive edge? Are you concerned with your child's experience in organized youth sports? Are you looking for a way to improve your sport or exercise experience? If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, then you should read this brochure for useful information about sport psychology. During the last two decades sport psychology has received significant and increasing attention from athletes, coaches, parents, and the media. Consider, for example:
    • The growing number of elite, amateur, and professional athletes who acknowledge working with sport psychology professionals.
    • Coaches at the high school and university levels who seek sport psychology professionals to work with their athletes and teams on game preparation, team cohesion, communication skills, and other areas that affect performance.
    • Major universities, where sport psychology professionals are being added to athletic department staffs to assist athletes with life skills development and to improve coping with the demands of being a student-athlete.

    119. Mental Skills Ltd - Applied Sport Psychology
    Mental Skills Applied sport psychology services for athletes, coaches,teams and organisations. May 23rd 2004. HOME. What is sport psychology?
    June 6th 2004 Enter a keword(s) or phrase to search our articles. Our Services
    Mental Skills Ltd. provide a range of sport psychology c onsulting and support services to individuals, teams and sports organisations. Our range of sporting and professional experience means that have a team of consultants that can cater for most performance needs. Perhaps you are training better than you are performing, lacking motivation, suffering from a loss of confidence or hindered by anxiety we can help. Perhaps as your team isn't working as well as it should, or relationships are strained? Contact us and find out more. Sport Psychology Uncovered
    Sport Psychology is a term which is banded about more and more today in books, magazines, in the media, but in our experience some people are still unclear about what exactly it is and role it has to play. Whether you want to know what sport psychology is and what sport psychologists do cut through the jargon , or find out about careers in sport psychology read our comprehensive guide to the field.

    120. August 4, 2000, Hour Two: Sport Psychology
    Hour Two Sport psychology. The 2000 summer Olympics kick off nextmonth in Sydney, Australia, and this summer Olympic hopefuls are
    SCIENCE FRIDAY... Science Friday Archives August Hour Two: Sport Psychology The 2000 summer Olympics kick off next month in Sydney, Australia, and this summer Olympic hopefuls are competing for a place on the American team. It's a good bet that those athletes are at least a little faster, stronger, or has more endurance than Mr. Joe Average. But are there psychological differences that help separate these exceptional athletes from the rest of us, beyond better reflexes and faster reaction times? Talk to an athlete about their sport, and you're likely to hear them mention the importance of being able to focus on their performance ... or to "get into the zone." Some scientists are studying "the zone," trying to figure out just what it is. And psychologists are working with athletes to try to teach them how to hone their mental edge to improve their performance. Join guest host Joe Palca on this hour of Science Friday for a look at the psychology of winning. Are the brains of the best athletes wired differently?

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