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         Sports Psychology:     more books (100)
  1. Sports Psychology (USSA Elite Performance Series)
  2. Riding Out of Your Mind:Equestrian Sport Psychology by April Clay, 2005-12-01
  3. Drugs And Sports (Library in a Book) by Fred C. Pampel, 2007-03
  4. Case Studies in Sport Psychology (The Jones and Bartlett Series in Health and Physical Education) by Bob Rotella, 1997-07-24
  5. Developing Sport Psychology Within Your Clinical Practice: A Practical Guide for Mental Health Professionals by Jack J. Lesyk, 1998-02-13
  6. Complete Guide to Sport Education by Daryl Siedentop, Peter A. Hastie, et all 2004-08-30
  7. Foundations of Exercise Psychology by Bonnie G. Berger, David Pargman, et all 2006-10-30
  8. Sports Psychology : The Will to Win (Peak Performance Special Report Series)
  9. Handbook of Research in Applied Sport And Exercise Psychology: International Perspectives
  10. Clinical Sport Psychology by Frank L., Ph.D. Gardner, Zella Moore, 2005-11-09
  11. Why Johnny Hates Sports by Fred Engh, 2002-04
  12. Practical Philosophy Of Sport And Physical Activity by R. Scott Kretchmar, 2005-01-15
  13. Sport Mechanics for Coaches by Gerald A. Carr, 2004-03
  14. A History And Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education: From Ancient Civilizations to the Modern World by Robert A Mechikoff, Steven G Estes, 2005-07-21

81. Knitting Circle Rowse History Centre
Extensive resources on lesbian and gay issues with special emphasis on higher education. Includes art, biography, film, government, historical essays, law, literature, music, poetry, psychology, science, sociology, sports, book reviews, related links, and other topics.
The Knitting Circle
General information list people topics related sections
Rowse History Centre

Personal information, articles on literature, books, sports, scitech, philosophy, psychology.
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83. - Why Take Risks? The Psychology Of Risk Taking
An introduction to the psychology of risktaking behavior, focusing upon the personality profiles associated with high-risk sports and health-risk behaviors.
The emotional response to risk Psychoanalytic theory Evolutionary perspectives ... David J. Llewellyn Welcome to - a website which provides an introduction to the psychology of risk taking for general readers, and specialised support for psychologists. Introduction - Risk taking behaviours such as rock climbing, gambling and drug taking represent one of the most perplexing problems in the field of psychology. The need for safety is fundamental, are people who take huge risks therefore illogical or mentally ill? Recent research findings shed an altogether different perspective on these behaviours however, and it seems that normal people are motivated to take risks as a result of their psychological makeup and the nature of the situation they find themselves in. Psychological profiles The degree to which all risk taking behaviours can be categorised by a universal "risk taking personality" remains controversial. Many contemporary researchers now adopt more sophisticated multidimensional models of risk taking personality which stress both the similarities and differences across risk taking domains.

84. Health
Courses on community health and sports studies, nursing and midwifery, occupational therapy, psychotherapy, applied psychology and physiotherapy.
Nursing Midwifery Pharmacy Technician Paramedic Nursing Midwifery Pharmacy Technician Paramedic ... Help

85. Tracksys Ltd - Software For Studying Behaviour
Traksys develops and markets software for behavioural analysis including sports science, entomology, psychology, market research and ergonomics. Academic and other large research organisations are buyers and codevelopers.
Observe Understand Communicate Software Solutions for Behavioural Research Tracksys Ltd, Vernon House, 18, Friar Lane, Nottingham, NG1 6DQ. Tel 0115 952 0446. Fax 0115 952 0447

86. Triathlon Store -
A virtual university that provides personalized one on one coaching online and conducts group seminars for endurance athletes focusing on the following areas triathlon, running, cycling, swimming, psychology, sports medicine and nutrition.

Xterra Wetsuits
Triathlon Training
Program Manuals


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87. Obirin University
Offers B.A. degrees in English, Chinese, languages and information studies, psychology, health and sports science, arts and culture, economics, international studies, business, as well as advanced degrees in international studies. In Machida City.

88. Don't Panic Yet...
Some information from a study about panic among divers, and related issues, by Dr. William Morgan, director of the Sport psychology Laboratory at the University of WisconsinMadison and the principal author of the study.
I'm Afraid We Must Talk About...
A silent, serene paradise that's the usual picture of the watery world of scuba diving. But is there terror in paradise?
Yes, according to a new study that suggests episodes of panic or near-panic may explain many recreational diving accidents and deaths. In a national survey, more than half of divers reported experiencing at least one panic or near-panic behavior, says William Morgan , director of the Sport Psychology Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the principal author of the study. image courtesy of UW Sea Grant Institute, photo credit UW-Madison News Service. The panic attack was often spurred by something that a non-diver would deem serious entanglement, an equipment malfunction or the sight of a shark. But the attacks don't make things better, Morgan says they can lead to irrational and dangerous behavior. If divers and instructors knew more about the phenomenon, Morgan adds, they could screen out people who might be susceptible to life-threatening panic attacks. What to learn more about panic underwater?

89. South Coast Taekwondo And Hapkido
Offers psychology of sports and traditional Taekwondo training. Includes pictures, affiliations, and contact details. Located in Aldinga Beach, South Australia.
Visitors since 14 February 2000
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90. John Gallacher A Consultant Hypnotherapist
Bournemouth Practitioner specialises in emotional and psychological problems, stress elimination, business and sports motivational psychology.
John Gallacher
DHP AIIP Acc.HYP MNCH (Acc) MBHA Consultant Hypnotherapist Specialist in Emotional and Psychological Problems,
Stress Elimination, Motivational Psychology for
Business and Sports, since 1980
Member of the Hypnotherapy Register
NHS and BUPA Registered
Telephone +44 (0)1202-721904 ( Poole, UK) Find me by clicking here . A map will open in a new window. Use the zoom buttons to get the exact location. Links Hypnotherapy in Brighton Stop Smoking West London Max Kirsten Clinical Hypnosis This Bournemouth WebRing site owned by John Gallacher
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91. Sports Coach - Psychology
This has led coaches to take an increasing interest in the field of sportpsychology and in particular in the area of competitive anxiety.
The increased stress of competitions can cause athletes to react both physically and mentally in a manner which can negatively affect their performance abilities. They may become tense, their heart rates race, they break into a cold sweat, they worry about the outcome of the competition, they find it hard to concentrate on the task in hand. This has led coaches to take an increasing interest in the field of sport psychology and in particular in the area of competitive anxiety . That interest has focused on techniques which athletes can use in the competitive situation to maintain control and optimise their performance. Once learned, these techniques allow the athlete to relax and to focus his/her attention in a positive manner on the task of preparing for and participating in competition. Psychology is another weapon in the athlete's armoury in gaining the winning edge
The 4C's
Concentration, confidence, control and commitment (the 4C's) are generally considered to be the main mental qualities that are important for successful performance in most sports.
  • Concentration - ability to maintain focus Confidence - believe in one's abilities Control - ability to maintain emotional control regardless of distraction Commitment - ability to continue working to agreed goals
The techniques of relaxation , centering and mental imagery can assist an athlete to achieve the 4C's.

Offers B.A. degrees in English, Chinese, languages and information studies, psychology, health and sports science, arts and culture, economics, international studies, business, as well as advanced degrees in international studies. In Machida City.
The Reconnaissance Japan Program is an academic program for foreign students from around the world who wish to learn about, and personally experience, Japan. Students may participate in Reconnaissance Japan for either a single semester or an academic year.
The program offers Japanese language skills and training courses from the introductory to advanced levels.
A wide variety of culture and civilization courses on Japan taught in English is also offered each semester.
Reconnaissance Japan allows students from other countries to learn about and experience Japan within the supportive environment of Obirin University's Center for International Studies.
3758 Tokiwa-machi, Machida-shi, Tokyo 194-0294 Japan phone:+81-42-797-5419 (Direct)

93. Fylde College Homepage
sportsorientated college at Lancaster University, housing the Departments of Maths and psychology.
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94. Science Support With Total Sports Psychologist: Sports Web Hosting UK
Training mental toughness to individuals and teams in order to achieve goals in sports and physical training.
Total Sport Psychology (TSP)
n tact Form
Sport Psychology at TSP...
Are you serious about reaching your performance potential?
Are you tired of performing below your capabilities?
Could you benefit from an individualised injury recovery plan?
If any of the above sound familiar then you could benefit from working with a sport psychologist. The TSP sport psychologist provides psychological skills training techniques to individuals and teams that are designed to aid in the development of mental toughness.
  • Adherence to training Control of anxiety levels Development of evaluation and reflection skills Concentration skills training Teambuilding Effective competition preparation strategies Quality practice/rehabilitation sessions Improved motivation Enhanced confidence
Mental toughness is an extremely important attribute to possess if optimum performance is required. Your most powerful resource is your mind. To attain peak performance it is necessary to train both the mind and the body. Most of us already use a variety of psychological skills training techniques through trial and error. The aim of the TSP sport psychologist is to speed up and enhance this process by introducing and systematically developing appropriate techniques for specific occasions. The TSP sport psychologist ultimately aims to bring you the performer as close as possible to your peak performance on every occasion.

95. Sport Psychology
with Karlene Sugarman,M.A. Practical skills to help everyone improve their performance in sports.

96. Psychology: Sport Psychology: AmoebaWeb
What s New? Sport psychology. Choosing a Sport psychology ProfessionalAPA, sports and Performance psychology Self Help Magazine.

97. Excitingfutures
Site in England offers sports and business psychology consultation.

98. Sport Psychology
psychological aspects as is clear from his papers on Psychopedagogy of sports (1962), The psychological phenomenon in sports (1963), psychology of sports.
Jaume Cruz
Bellaterra (Barcelona)




ABSTRACT Sport Psychology in Spain has a short history. However, several pioneers played a major role in the international recognition of this discipline, in the foundation of the International Society of Sport Psychology and in the organization of the 1st and 3rd World Sport Psychology Congresses. Despite that, Sport Psychology did not excite much interest among Spanish psychologists until the mid eighties. There was a predominance of laboratory research on perceptual motor skills and personality, during the sixties and seventies.Followed, from 1985 onwards by work on motor development, coach assessment and psychological preparation for competition. In the last decade, Sport Psychology in Spain has consolidated its status among scholars and scientists and is responsible for the creation of stable jobs in Sports' clubs and federations. There is a nexus between this development and the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Barcelona'92. 1.HISTORICAL BACKGROUND TO SPORT PSYCHOLOGY IN SPAIN

99. Sport Psychology Books
Sport psychology General Heading Sport — psychology sports ! More Specific Headings General Heading sportpsychology sports — ! More Specific Headings
Sport Psychology Books
For information on jobs, internships, and conferences in sport psychology please scroll down. Titles Advances in Sport and Exercise Psychology Measurement Counseling College Student-Athletes: Issues and Interventions Directory of Graduate Programs in Applied Sport Psychology Directory of Psychological Tests in the Sport and Exercise Sciences ... Sport Psychology: Linking Theory and Practice Jobs, Internships, and Conferences Sport Psychology Jobs Sport Psychology Internships Sport Psychology Conferences Sport Psychology Links

100. American Psychological Association Exercise And Sport Psychology
Sport psychology Proficiency. 2003 Student Travel Award Competition. Sport psychology Lab Profiles by UNT Center for Sport psychology. Last updated on

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