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         Sports Psychology:     more books (100)
  1. Foundations of Sport And Exercise Psychology by Robert S. Weinberg, Daniel Gould, 2007-02-28
  2. Sport Psychology: Concepts and Applications by Richard H Cox, 2006-04-06
  3. Applied Sport Psychology: Personal Growth to Peak Performance by Jean M. Williams, 2005-08-08
  4. Pure Sport: Practical Sport Psychology by John Kremer, 2008-03-03
  5. Sports Psychology Basics by Andrew Caruso, 2004-09
  6. Exploring Sport and Exercise Psychology
  7. 101 Ways to Be a Terrific Sports Parent: Making Athletics a Positive Experience for Your Child by Joel Fish, Susan Magee, 2003-12-30
  8. Coaches Guide to Sport Psychology: A Publication for the American Coaching Effectiveness Program Level 2 Sport Science Curriculum by Rainer Martens, 1987-08
  9. You vs. You: Sport Psychology for Life by Wayne Mazzoni, 2006-01-01
  10. Applying Sport Psychology: Four Perspectives
  11. Handbook of Sport Psychology
  12. Coping with Sports Injuries: Psychological Strategies for Rehabilitation
  13. Sport Fans: The Psychology and Social Impact of Spectators by Daniel L. Wann, 2001-01-08
  14. The New Toughness Training for Sports: Mental Emotional Physical Conditioning from One of the World's Premier Sports Psychologists by James E. Loehr, 1995-11-01

1. Mind Tools - Sports Psychology
sports psychology. Introduction to sports psychology. Tools for sports psychologyDeciding What You Want Out of Sport; Building SelfConfidence;
Mind Tools site has been upgraded. Click here to visit the new site. Helping you to think your way to an excellent life!
Sports Psychology

2. Psychwatch - Sport Psychology Page
Provides easy access to Sport Psychology resources. is both directly and indirectly related to the field of Sport Psychology. If you should find a link or useful site Association of sports psychology German Sport Psychology Site

3. Athletic Insight - The Online Journal Of Sport Psychology
The online journal of sports psychology. Provides a forum for sports psychology topics.

4. Competitive Advantage: Sports Psychology And Mental Toughness
Welcome to Dr. Alan Goldbergs Competitive Advantage, you're online source for the latest and most effective sports psychology and mental toughness ideas, products and problem solving services in
"Dr. Alan Goldberg is a nationally known expert in the field of applied sports psychology and the former sports psychology consultant for all of the teams at the
University of Connecticut."

Even the fastest, strongest, smartest and most skilled will underachieve if they concentrate on the wrong things, are unable to quickly let go of mistakes or bad breaks, lack self-confidence or can't handle the pressure of competition. If you leave the mental side of performance to chance, then you're more vulnerable to performance problems like excessive nervousness, psych-outs, choking, slumps and blocks. To be more consistently successful you have to learn to harness the power of sports psychology to help you think like a winner and develop mental toughness. What is mental toughness? In sports psychology, mental toughness is a combination of learned skills that will help you raise the level of your training and competitive performance:
These include:
  • Goal Setting Stress Management Self-Confidence “Reboundability” Winning Concentration
As a coach, a working knowledge of sports psychology techniques will help you become more effective and therefore much more successful with your athletes. Knowing how to get the most out of your players at “crunch time” and how to avoid the mental traps that far too many coaches fall into will enhance your technical skills as a coach and give you the competitive advantage. Train your athletes to use mental toughness skills and they'll regularly compete to their potential.

5. Sprague Sports Psychology - Mental Training To Achieve Your Peak Performance
Peak performance consultations for amateur and professional athletes and businesses.
Ready to Win?
Let Sprague Sports Psychology
show you how you can enhance your
Athletic Performance
Business Performance
Home Sport Psychology About Dr. Sprague ... Guest Book Designed By Last revised: 01/00.
Sprague Sports Psychology
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6. Lou Ferrigno Sports Psychology Interview
Interview transcript provides insight into his bodybuilding technique and experience.
Lou Ferrigno: Sports Psychology Interview
Professional Bodybuilder / Actor; interviewed April 9, 1994 Lou Ferrigno is perhaps best known as the actor who played the "Incredible Hulk" during the early and mid-80's. Yet, others have known him has the a giant competitive bodybuilder during the Schwartzeneggar era. At 42 years of age, after 17 years from competitive retirement, Ferrigno has made his move back up into the light, placing in the top ten in the Mr. Olympia lineup. Lou is quick to point out that there's more to come... In the mean while, Mr. Ferrigno is continuing his acting career in "Cage" and promises his new autobiography about his life's struggles to hit the shelves soon. Manhattan, Kansas, USA many had the opportunity to witness this true success story at a posing exhibition at the 1994 NPC Big 8 Regional Bodybuilding Championships at Kansas State University. After a standing ovation of over 1200 screaming fans and four eye boggling encores later, I was able to interview Lou during a limousine ride back to the Kansas City International Airport. James : Apart from being a famous bodybuilder and an actor, what is it like to be large, just huge. What are peoples' reactions and what is your response to this?

7. European Federation Of Sports Psychology
FEPSAC is composed of national societies for sports psychology in European countries.

8. Mind Tools - Sports Psychology - Introduction
Goal Setting Introduction to sports psychology. by James Manktelow. Links.References. Goal Setting Return to sports psychology page
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Goal Setting
Introduction to Sports Psychology
by James Manktelow Your body is a mass of muscles and nerves linked together into the central processing unit that is your brain. This series of articles on sports psychology seeks to show you how to use that central processing unit to its greatest effect in controlling your body to give optimum sporting performance. The section takes two separate approaches:
  • A tools based approach explaining the three fundamental sports psychology tools:
    • Goal Setting
    • Imagery and Simulation
    • Flow and Flow Control
  • An application based approach explaining how to use the tools to their maximum effect.
Enjoy the Mind Tools Sports Psychology section - lessons you can learn here apply to high performance living both inside and outside sport.
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9. Mind Tools - Sports Psychology
sports psychology. Introduction to sports psychology. Goal Setting for Motivation and SelfConfidence. Deciding Your Goals. Setting Your Goals Effectively. Where Goal Setting Can Go Wrong. Achieving

10. Golf Psychology Instruction
Golf psychologist Dr. Patrick Cohn provides sports psychology and golf instruction for golfers and teams.

11. Sport Psychology Help By Dr Victor Thompson, Registered Clinical Sports Psycholo
Details of help offered by Dr Victor Thompson for athletes, coaches and managers. Includes information about what it is and its importance.
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LATEST NEWS: Read Dr Victor Thompson's article The mind of a champion in the current edition of the 220 Triathlon Magazine
This site gives information on sport psychology and on the sports psychology help you can receive by telephone or face-to-face in London , UK. I have helped to improve the performance of athletes in a wide range of sports including golf, tennis, cricket, triathlon, football, shooting, rowing, and motor racing.
My aim is to help you overcome the psychological barriers to your peak performance.
Dr Victor Thompson, Clinical Sports Psychologist

Psychological factors are involved in every sports performance and influence both training and competitions. They affect (in a positive or negative way) the performance of all athletes, whether elite, professional, amateur or novice. Much of my work as a Sports Psychologist involves helping athletes develop their psychological skills to:
  • Improve confidence Improve concentration Create powerful images (visualize)
In my experience improving psychological skills often leads to a significant improvement in athletic performance . This is backed up by substantial scientific research (Details of these studies are found on the Bibliography page). These studies have demonstrated that:

12. Sports Psychology: Sports Psychologist Natalie Newton, Ph.D., Inc. - Sport Psych
Directory of sports psychologists and experts, PGA instructors w/sports psychology training, college education info, weekly sports tips, sports books and reviews, speakers and counseling, great established in 1995 Fortes fortuna juvat
Photograph of Dr. Natalie Newton by Douglas Kirkland, c.1993. Above: 1) Newton sets a cycling record 2) Yiannis Kouros of Greece wins the Westfield Run Ultramarathon in Australia - Newton was the Motivational Consultant for the Race. is dedicated to providing you with resources to improve your play ability, understanding, and enjoyment of sports. Find experts to help with your mental game, use the Advice Line for weekly free advice from sports psychology experts and athletes, and de-stress and control your anxiety with Dr. Newton's golf audiotape. Need a dynamic Speaker or Seminar on Sports Psychology, Organizational Psychology, or Personal Coaching? Scan to the bottom of this page for information on booking international sports psychologist Dr. Natalie Newton for your organization or getting one-on-one advice. Sports Psychology Experts Data Bank Locate a sports performance expert or sports psychologist with the right credentials and experience to custom fit your needs. Listings by sport. Personal and executive coaching also available. Professional Golfers' Sport Psychology Program - Certified PGA Golf Instructors' Data Bank Find a certified PGA Professional near you for the most comprehensive mechanical and mental golf game learning experience of your life. This elite list contains PGA Professionals with the PGSPP specialized sports psychology training to assist you with improving your play ability at any level. Professionals are listed by state.

13. Stress Management Relaxation Techniques Motivation For Peak Performance Training
Your premier source for mental training, peak performance, and sports psychology. Books, videos, CDs, and online programs on mental training and maximizing performance for coaches and athletes.
What Peak Performance Strategies Can Do For You With peak performance training, athletes can overcome performance barriers. Peak performance teaches athletes how to develop the traits of champions.
  • Boost your Motivation to succeed Picture yourself winning with Visualization skills Develop Peak Performance Skills such as the ability to relax by using relaxation techniques Build Your Concentration: The skill of full attention Learn stress management for High Performance
Peak performers have a winning edge. They view problems as challenges. They capitalize on their talent. They have an expectation for success. They handle disappointments with renewed drive and motivation.
Others can learn the mental skills that peak performers may have developed on their own. Some top performers have high motivation, stress management skill, and effective relaxation techniques naturally. You can have these skills by doing certain practices.

14. Sports Psychology: Index
SPORTS PERFORMANCE PSYCHOLOGY. Read related Questions Answers by Professionals. Athletes and Personality Type by Cristina Bortoni Versari, Ph.D. Belief, Self Talk and Performance Enhancement by

Seeking the assistance of a therapist can be a difficult process ...
Read related by Professionals Athletes and Personality Type by Cristina Bortoni Versari, Ph.D. Belief, Self Talk and Performance Enhancement by Joe Kolezynski. M.B.A., M.A. Benefits of Circuit Weight Training by Corey Crane Choking in Big Competitions by Kaori Araki Eating Disorders and Athletes Riann L. McVey The Essence of Imagery in Tennis by John F. Murray, M.S High Percentage of Car Accidents Due to Inattention Rather Than Lack of Driving Ability APA Press Release How Can Athletes Be Helped in Order to Keep Violence Off the Court? by Claire Alvies How to Love Exercise by Cristina Bortoni Versari, Ph. D. How to Reach Your Achievement Zone Is Your Stress IQ Hurting Your Performance? by Mick G. Mack, Ph.D The NBA Rookie Career Transition Dov Friedmann by Kurt A. Krueger, M.S.Ed.

15. Standup Productions
Offers sports psychology workbooks for athletes and coaches interested in mental training and conditioning.
Home About Us Catalog Contact Info ... Web Links Standup Productions Progressive Psychological Performance For Sports Series.
Available in and currencies
Select a Sport Badminton Baseball Basketball Coaching Curling Cycling Football Goaltending (Hockey) Golf Hockey Racquetball Rowing Running Soccer Softball Sports Squash Swimming Table Tennis Tennis Volleyball Workbooks also available The perfect performance enhancement tool for sport enthusiasts and coaches who are interested in mental training......and those who would just like to try it. How would you like to increase your performance with only 15 minutes of work 3 times per week? Sport Psychology made easy ......
AND AFFORDABLE (Only $15.95):
no reading quick results for the recreational to competitive players Check out our online store catalog
You can also find us at:
About Us Catalog Contact Info ... Web Links Standup Productions Standup Productions
3216 Napier Street Vancouver, British Columbia, V5K 2X1 Canada

16. Sport Psychology OverSite
Cycling. Cycling and sports psychology articles from the Cyclotherapist. back totop. Football. Rationale for sports psychology in a Division 1 Football Program.
This document is divided into the following categories: Topics: Affirmation Arousal/Anxiety Focus Flow ... Visualization Sport-Specific: Baseball Basketball Cycling Figure Skating ... Weightlifting Other Miscellany Publications Organizations Academic Programs ... Other Indices See also Other OverSites John's Home Page
Sport Psychology OverSite
Tennis great Jimmy Connors has said that winning is at least 90% mental. Below are some resources for taming the opponent within. If you are new to the field of sport psychology, here is a brief description Send comments and additions to John Cady (one note: I'm just an amateur, so for questions, you probably want to check with the experts
Belief, Self-Talk and Performance Enhancement

by Joe Kolezynski. M.B.A., M.A. The Power of Pre-event Thought
by Craig Townsend Accentuate the Positive
affirming your way to better golf Thought Awareness, Rational Thinking and Positive Thinking
part of the Mind Tools site back to top
Arousal, Underarousal, and Anxiety
Is Your Stress IQ Hurting Your Performance?

17. The Optimal Performance Institute
Nutrition, sports psychology, natural health, naturopathy and health club management.
Click here to download a message from the President
(1 mb WAV Audio)
(Image from Dr. John Farley's appearance on the 6 Second Abs infomercial currently airing nationally and internationally.) Click here to listen to audio messages Skip terms Getting accepted. Tuition How it all works ... Contact Us Address: 1030 E. El Camino Real, #322, Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Phone: 866-796-6716 OPI and The Optimal Performance Institute are trademarks of The Optimal Performance Institute

Mental game coaching, sports psychology resources, mental game Enhance your mental toughness with mental game coaching from leadingsports psychology expert, Dr. Patrick Cohn. Apply mental game

19. :: Welcome To Korea Sport Science Institute
Conducts research and scholastic activities in the fields including exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports psychology, and sports sociology.

20. - Mental Game Coaching Tips, Sports Psychology Resources, Mental Game Training,
Search our vast database of mental game coaching and sports psychology articlesand tips! Read more articles on mental game coaching and sports psychology.
Over the course of his career as a mental game coach and expert in sports psychology, Dr. Cohn has written numerous articles on how to enhance mental toughness and maximize athletic potential through solid mental game strategies. His success tips have helped coaches; athletic trainers; parents of aspiring athletes; and junior, high school, collegiate, amateur and professional athletes uncover the secrets to improve performance or maximize potential. Find an Article by: Sport:
Auto Racing Baseball Basketball BMX Equestrian Football Golf Gymnastics and Dance Hockey Sailing Skydiving Tennis Other Article Topic:
Comfort Zones Composure and Emotional Control Course Management Fear of Failure Flow and Peak Performance Focus and Attention Game Plans and Strategies Goal Setting Mental Preparation Momentum Motivation and Commitment Perfectionism Effective Practice Pre-Performance Routines Pre-Shot Routines Psychology of Putting Self Limiting Expectations Self Confidence Stress Reduction Teamwork and Communication All Or search by keywords:

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