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  1. Sports Cinema - 100 Movies: The Best of Hollywood's Athletic Heroes, Losers, Myths, & Misfits of the Silver Screen by Randy Williams, 2006-10-01
  2. Time Magazine December 24 2007 the Top 10 Everything of the Year: Books, Movies, Sports, Songs, Theatre, Religion, Breakups, Scandals and More (Vol 170 No 26)
  3. 'Action sports' movies pushing Rhino further away from its origins. (Media & Technology).(Warner Strategic Marketing orders youth and action sports films): ... article from: Los Angeles Business Journal by Andy Fixmer, 2003-05-19
  4. What Do You Know? : Movies, Sports, Music, TV, Bible, History by Dwayne II; Chadick, Carla (editor) Hines, 1999
  5. Great Sports Movies by Frank Manchel, 1980
  6. Sports Movies: A Guide to Nearly 500 Films Focusing on Sports (Cinebooks Home Library Series, No 5)
  7. Teaching With Movies: Recreation, Sports, Tourism, and Physical Education by Teresa Love O'bannon, Marni, Ph.D. Goldenberg, 2007-08-30
  8. TV producer shoots to cash in on video market. (Eagle Productions produces sports, outdoors, videos) (company profile): An article from: San Diego Business Journal by Linda Howanietz, 1987-01-05
  9. Time Magazine September 8 2003 Special Report: What's NextOur Fearless Forecasts in the Worlds of Science Medicine Tech Sports Design Movies & More by Time Magazine, 2003
  10. Sports in the Movies by Ronald Bergan, 1985-08
  11. The Video Source Book: 1994 Supplement : A Guide to Programs Currently Available on Video in the Areas of : Movies/Entertainment Sports/Recreation F
  13. King Football: Sport and Spectacle in the Golden Age of Radio and Newsreels, Movies and Magazines, the Weekly and the Daily Press by Michael Oriard, 2004-02-28
  14. Carpe Diem 2.(PRODUCT TESTING): An article from: ATV Sport by Jerrod Kelley, 2005-12-15

1. - Page2 - Page 2's Top 20 Sports Movies Of All-Time
Page 2 s Top 20 sports movies of AllTime Page 2 staff Here s how the columnists and editors of Page 2 ranked the Top 20 sports movies of All-Time.
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Page 2's Top 20 Sports Movies of All-Time
Page 2 staff Here's how the columnists and editors of Page 2 ranked the Top 20 Sports Movies of All-Time. Each of the 15 voters was asked to select his or her top 20 movies (20 points were award for No. 1, 19 points for No. 2, etc.). For more details on the voting, see the bottom of the page. (And for our review of each film, click on the highlighted titles below.) THE TOP 20 Rank, movie Page 2's review Bull Durham
(206 points) The dialogue is sharp and funny, the baseball sequences are accurate and the prevailing sexual tension triumphs throughout. Rocky
(204 points) Rocky Balboa remains the lovable lughead of an underdog who will register with the everyman inside all of us. Raging Bull
(172 points) A definitive movie about any sport has yet to be made, but this one comes closest. There's nothing formulaic or feel-good. Hoosiers
(167 points) While "Rocky" shows what one individual can do in the face of overwhelming odds, "Hoosiers" is the ultimate parable for the underdog "team." Slap Shot
(166 points) Paul Newman demonstrates how goofball sports movies ought to be done (this should be required viewing for Adam Sandler).

2. Sportsology.Net - Sports Movies & Video News & Reviews
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3. Sport Psychology Movie Database - Alphabetical Index
(SPMD). Welcome to the Sport Psychology Movie Database (SPMD)! This website contains information about sports movies that have a sport psychological theme.
The Sport Psychology Movie Database (SPMD) Welcome to the Sport Psychology Movie Database (SPMD)! This website contains information about sports movies that have a sport psychological theme. Either click the links below to go to the listings of movies, or if you are a first time visitor, you may want to read the information that is below the links. Alphabetical Index Theme Index Sport Index Using Movies in Teaching and Consulting ... SPMD related Links What is the SPMD? The Sport Psychology Movie Database (SPMD) is a listing of movies that depict sport psychology themes. The purpose is to provide a resource for sport psychologists to find movies to enhance their teaching and their consulting. The list of titles was compiled from input by the members the SPORTPSY discussion group. Each movie in the database is indexed by the theme(s) depicted and by the sport or activity that is central to the movie. How do I use the SPMD? The SPMD has three indexes: an alphabetical listing, a theme listing, and a sport listing. From each index you can go to information on the specific movies.

4. - Page2 - Page 2's Top 20 Sports Movies Of All-Time
Page 2 s Top 20 sports movies of AllTime Probably the best constructed of all sports movies. We re introduced to a team, given
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Page 2's Top 20 Sports Movies of All-Time
OUR COUNTDOWN: No. 4: Hoosiers (167 points) Year released: Cast: Gene Hackman, Barbara Hershey, Dennis Hopper, Maris Valainis. What we like: Hackman's hardscrabble, heart-of-gold performance; a batch of unforgettable scenes: Jimmy's "I'll make it" guarantee in the huddle, Ollie's underhanded game-winning free throw, coach Dale pulling out the tape measure in the massive arena before the state finals and Dale sticking to his principals early on, even if meant playing with four players or keeping the town's best players off the squad; it still ranks as perhaps the ultimate David-Goliath sports flick. What we're willing to overlook: Hershey's stiff, stodgy school-marm turn; the fact that Dale never really seemed to do much "strategic" coaching. Probably the best constructed of all sports movies. We're introduced to a team, given a chance to learn to like them, and then we root for them like they're the favorite team we grew up with. No gimmicks. No obvious attempts to pull at our heartstrings. No love story. Just a great high school basketball game with the underdog coming out on top. Page 2 columnist Bob Halloran While "Rocky" shows what one individual can do in the face of overwhelming odds, "Hoosiers" still ranks as the ultimate parable for the underdog "team." Norman Dale's coaching strategy really consists of one simple philosophy always put the team first and trust your teammates. No wonder hundreds of high school coaches are still showing this film the night before the big game.

5. - Goes To The Movies - Dan George: They're No. 1 - Friday May 09,
a perfect time to reflect on good movies. And not just good ones great ones. The best sports movies of all time Frank Deford Why sports movies stink. Virtual Reality
The Web
By Dan George, If there's anything sports fans love more than a good game, it's a good sports movie. OK, OK, it doesn't even have to be that good. Heck, we admit it we kinda liked The Replacements Still, with the Academy Awards fresh in our minds, this is a perfect time to reflect on good movies. And not just good ones great ones. The best sports movies of all time. So here they are, our picks for the top movie in each sport. That's right, 20 sports, 20 No. 1 movies. From auto racing to wrestling. Some are obvious, some debatable and some may just make you say, "What no Over the Top (One note: For simplicity's sake, we've considered movie movies only. No documentaries, no TV flicks. That's why, as wonderful as they may be, there's no Hoop Dreams , no The Endless Summer , no Brian's Song So roll 'em! Check out our picks, hear what we have to say, then let us know what you think BASEBALL Bull Durham
Stars: Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins Director: Ron Shelton
Why It’s No. 1: Nothing says baseball like minor league baseball, and this is

6. UGO's Top 11 Sports Movies
masthead. UGO s Top 11 sports movies. Featured article by Reg Seeton, contributing editor. Every once in a while, you get to do a list [UndergroundOnline] :: UGO HUBS -choose- Battlestar Galactica Charlie's Angels Indiana Jones James Bond 007 Lord of The Rings The Matrix Spider-Man Tomb Raider GAMES DVD MUSIC TECH ... Wrestling
UGO's Top 11 Sports Movies
Featured article by Reg Seeton , contributing editor
Every once in a while, you get to do a list that blends two separate entities into one. This time out we have movies and sports, inspired by the coming of the sure-to-be-inspiring-in-its-own-right Kurt Russell Olympic hockey flick, Miracle (watch the trailer here ). For all us sports fans in the film world, there have been many movies made that have been true to the game and stood the test of time. In this examination of the Top 11 Sports Movies, I've decided to narrow down field to what I feel are some of the more memorable movies that have left a lasting mark on not only fans, but the game as well. Although these may not be home-runs, three-pointers, touchdowns, or TKOs in your book, they've certainly made some noise among movie fans and sports enthusiasts alike. If you think you've got game, just sit back, put on your favorite jersey, and check out the list. And unlike your local stadium, admission is free!
#11 - Happy Gilmore
Oddly enough, this one takes care of two sports, hockey and golf. Well, three, if you tie in Carl Weathers and boxing from his Apollo Creed days in

7. Sports Channel Homepage
Sports Review. Our Top 11 sports moviesOur Top 11 sports movies We lace ‘em up for a look at the best in jock cinema. Sports Feature.
@import url("/styles/channels/sports/new/default.css");> [UndergroundOnline] :: UGO HUBS -choose- Battlestar Galactica Charlie's Angels Indiana Jones James Bond 007 Lord of The Rings The Matrix Spider-Man Tomb Raider GAMES DVD MUSIC TECH ... Sports Channel [Homepage]
The NBA Finals: Showtime Showdown
The Lakers and the Pistons. Flash versus bang. Let the battle begin.
Featured Editor
James Daily of Rush Magazine
E3 2004 Games Guide

The lovely Victoria Pratt shows off her stuff and the coolest videogames headed into your home this year with our exclusive guide to the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

8. - Goes To The Movies - The Greatest Sports Movies - Wednesday July
The Web. The Greatest sports movies. Ever since parttime boxer Elmo Lincoln became the screen's first Tarzan, in 1918, the movies have been linked with sports, reaching the heights of Olympia and the depths of Space Jam. 4, 2003, issue of Sports Illustrated. Sports Illustrated's Greatest sports movies
The Web
The Greatest Sports Movies Ever since part-time boxer Elmo Lincoln became the screen's first Tarzan, in 1918, the movies have been linked with sports, reaching the heights of Olympia and the depths of Space Jam . But which are the best? Our process was democratic and unscientific. We solicited nominations from our staff, then lateraled them back and forth in meetings, in e-mails and around the Goobers dispenser until reaching consensus which, naturally, provoked more debate. Our top 10 selections are revealed below. To see which flicks round out the rest of the Top 50, pick up a copy of the Aug. 4, 2003, issue of Sports Illustrated Sports Illustrated's Greatest Sports Movies Bull Durham
The Baseball Hall of Fame might not want Tim Robbins and Sarandon (or their liberal politics) on display at Cooperstown, but as wild-armed pitcher Nuke LaLoosh and a philosophizing Baseball Annie named Annie, they are assured of celluloid immortality. Some of the best-remembered scenes (particularly the candlesticks-make-a-nice-gift mound conference) strain credulity, but writer-director (and former minor leaguer) Ron Shelton has superb storytelling chops. Best of all, Costner, as crafty catcher Crash Davis, is a team player, having not yet maxed out on the self-importance scale.
  • Read the SI review
  • See the trailer Rocky
    In America's bicentennial year Rocky Balboa became the first of the post-Vietnam War heroes, a frenzied expression of old-fashioned individualism. A slow-on-the-uptake palooka who gets a chance to survive a fight with the heavyweight champ (Apollo Creed, played with panache by Weathers), Balboa has a Philadelphia story with heart and purity and just enough cruelty for resonance. Stallone informed his loser with a colossal goofiness that was impossible not to watch. He was so convincingly sincere that audiences actually jumped
  • 9. - Page2 - Give These Movies Some Love
    Where's the love for Sly Stallone, Chuck Norris, Henry Winkler and Hooch? Right here! including last summer's big blowout, Page 2 Goes to the Movies, which included our top 20 sports movies of all time.
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    Give these movies some love
    By Bill Simmons
    Page 2 columnist
    It's not just any week here on Page 2 ... it's "Underrated Week." Apparently, my editors were watching too much Discovery Channel; within a few weeks, they'll be making me write something for "Shark Week." Then again, gimmicks aren't a bad thing for the page, mainly because they give everyone on staff a chance to get involved: Writers, editors, interns, janitors, even Gino Bona. Just so I wouldn't feel left out, they asked me to write about my favorite underrated movies. Twist my arm. Every other potential column can wait another week: the NBA offseason shuffle; Kobe breaking every Colorado Penitentiary League scoring record in the books; Grady Little being determined to make Pedro throw 125-plus pitches every game until his arm falls off; and the quote of the summer, and maybe my lifetime ... "Welcome to the OC, b! This is how we do it in Orange County!" PAGE 2's UNDERRATED WEEK We celebrated the underrated and unappreciated all week at Page 2.

    10. Outsports: Top Movies For Gay Sports Fans And Athletes
    Here are the most watchable sports movies for sports fans who, to borrow a phrase, see a different game. . 10. The Endless Summer (1966).
    Sports and gay athletes and sports fans: information on jocks, sports news and more. We encompass the sporting passions of gay and lesbian sports fans everywhere. Get news and post your opinion. Movies Sport Sections Baseball

    College F'ball ...
    Interact Clubhouse
    Local Sections View Member Profiles
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    Features Community Outreach
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    Making A Difference
    ... Week In Review For the Eyes Locker Rooms Picture This Other Sections About Outsports Entertainment Gay Sports News Olympics ... E-mail A Perfect Ten The Best Sports Films For Gay Guys By Phil Walsh Special to Outsports
    Hot, steamy days in the upper deck. Beer swigged. Sleeveless T-shirts, biceps showing. The grunt of a pack of men in a football scrimmage on a late fall afternoon. The resigned and disappointed look on a rookie’s face when he realizes he’s been cut. Coaches named "Stud". Cotton clothing for golf, rough wool for football. Cigars in the clubhouse. Taped ankles, buzz cuts, and the crunch of cleats in a sand-covered dugout.

    11. E! Online - Features - The Top Ten - Sports Movies
    True Hollywood Story . Features . Special Reports . Top 10s . Live Events . Awards Shows. Have you got the goods for one of our cool shows in production? Find out! Ask the Answer B!tch even have
    June 06, 2004 True Hollywood Story Features Special Reports Top 10s ...
    Fashion Police:
    Oh, baby! Kate Hudson shows the world she's back in fighting form
    B!tch Why can't big-buck stars get buck naked for their own sex scenes?
    The Awful Truth:
    Halle rocks, Paris sticks by Nick, Olivier dines like a diva
    How does Harry walk through walls? Potter's magic secrets are revealed!
    We've Got Your All-Time Hall of Fame Right Here
    by Daniel Frankel

    Seventh-game, sudden death-overtime drama. Clutch plays from underdogs who come through huge And best of all, you don't even have to be a sports fan. Because the best films about rings, diamonds and courts are about more than sports: They're about people, relationships, spirit andgoshdarnitreal American values. Even though we can't think of one he was in, every good sports movie is really a Jimmy Stewart movie in disguise. We've got the 10 best right here. So, call up a friend, grab a dog and a cold one and hit the La-Z-Boy. The following series is guaranteed to go all 10 pages. And, please, no wagering. to number 10
    101 Best Kept Secrets
    What stars don't want you to know; new, 10 p.m.

    12. Sports Movies & Music
    A recommendation list of sports movies music. Sports History Home Page Movies Music. sports movies Music. Movies, Music ( 1)
    Sports History Home Page
  • Movies, Music
  • Webmasters: Add a Link Visit the FAQ Farm for job search FAQs resume samples insurance FAQs , and other tasty bite-sized bits of knowledge. Bare walls? Browse 24hr Posters for classroom posters fine art vintage art posters Edward Hopper ... sports team posters , and much more. Sports history books and items from Amazon

    13. RateItAll - Ratings And Reviews Of Best Sports Movies
    This page allows you to view ratings and reviews for Best sports movies. Click on the yellow rate...... Best sports movies.
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    Featuring 1,189,138 Opinions! Join Login Logout Help ... User Page SEARCH FOR:

    14. Pioneer Press 07/25/2003 OUR TOP 50 SPORTS MOVIES
    OUR TOP 50 sports movies. Members of the Pioneer Press sports staff, never ones to avoid a sporting rated his or her favorite 25 sports movies. We then scored them

    15. Sports Movies - Read Reviews & Compare Prices At
    sports movies comparison shopping information at compare prices from across the Web and read sports movies reviews from other consumers before
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    Movies All Categories Appliances Books Clothing Computers Electronics Mobile Phones Music Office Software Toys Video Games
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    Thriller Rating Ex PG U Uc Re-sort by ... Sorted by: Price Sorted by: Name Kyokushin-Kai Karate - From Beginner To Black Belt at 6 Stores Starring: See Product Details AKA: Girl Skater at 5 Stores See Product Details FA Cup Golden Moments at 3 Stores See Product Details Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huck Jam at 3 Stores Starring: Tony Hawk See Product Details Heavy Weather Power Boating at 6 Stores See Product Details David Leadbetter - Simple Secrets For Great Golf at 6 Stores Starring: David Leadbetter (Pres/Narr) See Product Details David Leadbetter - The Short Game at 6 Stores Starring: David Leadbetter (Pres/Narr) See Product Details David Seaman Presents Goalkeeping Nightmares at 6 Stores Starring: David Seaman (Pres/Narr) See Product Details Manchester United - Play Like Champions at 6 Stores Directed by: Barry O'Riordan Starring: John Simm (Pres/Narr) See Product Details Inside England Rugby - Sweet Chariot at 6 Stores See Product Details Liverpool - 3 Managers (Box Set) (Three Discs) at 6 Stores See Product Details Secret Life Of Formula 1 at 6 Stores See Product Details Sailing In Heavy Weather at 6 Stores See Product Details David Leadbetter - Practice Makes Perfect at 6 Stores Starring: David Leadbetter (Pres/Narr)

    16. Steve Ouellette: Top Moments In Sports Movies
    05/16/04. Top moments in sports movies. By day, I’ma PressRepublican sports writer. By night, however, I sometimes moonlight as a movie reviewer.


    P-R C olumnist
    Steve Ouellette: "You had to ask"
    Top moments in Sports Movies
    By day, I’m a Press-Republican sports writer. By night, however, I sometimes moonlight as a movie reviewer. Occasionally, the two jobs intersect. ESPN, Sports Illustrated and any number of lesser sources have pumped out lists of the greatest sports movies of all-time in recent years, so I’m not going to do that. (Well, OK, top five: "Hoosiers," "Breaking Away," "Hoop Dreams," "Rocky," "Bull Durham"). Instead, I’ve been thinking ... what are the best moments in sports movie history? The best lines, the best scenes? Since there have been literally dozens of movie scenes throughout the years, there will be many disagreements with the following list. Remember, this is my personal opinion, so there will be no Lou Gehrig speech from "Pride of the Yankees," there will be no tear-jerking moments from "Brian’s Song," there will be no slow motion "Chariots of Fire" running to the sounds of Vangelis. This was going to be a Top Ten list, but it was too hard to cut down. Here are my Top 15 Moments in Sports Movie History:

    17. 50 Greatest Sports Films
    Greatest Sports Films of AllTime. Top 20 sports movies of All-Time. 50 Greatest sports movies of All-Time. Sports Illustrated (August 4, 2003).

    18. Virtual Cards, Flowers, Holidays, Gifts , Kisses, Hugs, Movies, Sports
    There for you. Retirement Sorry Invitation New Baby, sports movies Wedding General, Birthday Friendship Love Business. Something Amazing You Can Also Send.
    Today's Pick

    Virtual Flowers!
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    Virtual Cards!
    Events coming Up April April fools


    Book day
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    Events gone By March Palm Sunday Make up your own holiday day Happy b'day for ... Eiffel Tower day * Number represent dates Happening Now! Happy Baisakhi (April 13) Tap Dance Day (April 13) ... (April 17th) There for you Retirement Sorry Invitation New Baby ... Business Something Amazing You Can Also Send Keep in Touch Car Racing Genaral Horoscope Current Favourites on the Movie Front Vanilla Sky A Beautiful Mind Cool Stuff! Reminder service Free Newsletter Put in your email Virtual Gifts! Read Greeting! E-mail us! Top 10 last week Easter Smile Kiss Birthday General ... Money Search Looking for a card? How to delete scheduled cards? put our banners on ... to us

    19. Wind Sports - Action Extreme Summer And Winter Sports
    galley. Extreme sports movies are also available. The galley includes kite surfing, kitewing, skate sailing and ice sailing pictures.
    @import "";
    Wind sports
    Wind Sports - Wind powered action and extreme sports - Kitewing, ice sailing, kite surfing, outdoor, kite boarding, ice kite, skiing...
    The Wind Sports resource
    We promote wind powered ecological and innovative summer and winter sports! We focus on new action and extreme sports for both summer and winter use. is a free extreme and action sports news, article, review, picture and video clip recourse. We cover stories and info about kitewings, kite surfing, ice sailing and ice boating, skate sailing, landsailing, mountainboarding, snowboarding, skiing, sports history, and more. We also provide sports gear and equipment reviews and online sports shops and store listings. Extreme and actions sports online forum. Discuss kite surfing, wingsailing, ice sailing and other action sports. Take a look or answer our online extreme sports poll
    Extreme and action sports
    Extreme sports or action sports are sports is a general term for a collection of sports that often feature a combination of speed, height, danger and stunts. The definition of 'extreme sport' is evolving and during the 1970-80's, only sports such as hang gliding have been considered extreme. Today, the definition has evolved to include sports that offer adrenaline rushes as well. Snowboarding, snowblading, skateboarding, kite surfing etc. are classified as extreme or action sports.

    20. MSN Member Directory - Browse By Interest
    Šo©©e®§tä®_4», F, 14, Alaska, United States, Humor Movies Music Men Hawaii. ×GrEeNy×, F, 15, Ohio, United States, Winter sports movies Music TV/Radio Men.

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