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  1. Major Problems In American Sport History (Major Problems in American History Series) by Steven Riess, Thomas Paterson, 1996-12-17
  2. A People's History of Sports in the United States: From Bull-Baiting to Barry Bonds: 250 Years of Politics, Protest, the People, and Play (New Press People's Histories) by David Zirin, 2008-06-01
  3. Day by Day in Jewish Sports History by Bob Wechsler, 2007-11-01
  4. A History And Philosophy of Sport and Physical Education: From Ancient Civilizations to the Modern World by Robert A Mechikoff, Steven G Estes, 2005-07-21
  5. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Sports History and Trivia by Mike McGovern, 2001-09-14
  6. Tailgating, Sacks, and Salary Caps: How the NFL Became the Most Successful Sports League in History by Mark Yost, 2006-10-02
  7. Sports Illustrated: The Basketball Book (Sports Illustrated) by Editors of Sports Illustrated, 2007-10-23
  8. A Brief History of American Sports by Elliott J. Gorn, 2004-02-16
  9. Chicago Bears History (IL) (Images of Sports) by Roy Taylor, 2004-08-30
  10. Cleveland Browns History (OH)(Images of Sports) by Frank M. Henkel, 2005-07-11
  11. Squash : A History of the Game by James Zug, 2003-09-23
  12. Jimmie Foxx: The Pride of Sudlersville (American Sports History Series) by Mark R. Millikin, 2005-09-28
  13. Womens' Sports History by Allen Guttmann, 1991-06-28
  14. A History of Drug Use in Sport: 18761976: Beyond Good and Evil by Paul Dimeo, 2007-08-20

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4. Sports History
Web sites, yellow pages, gift ideas, articles, a buying guide, an image gallery, and more for people interested in history of sports. Welcome to the sports history info guide. Sports Q A Send
Welcome to the sports history info guide.
Do you know sports? Are you familiar with the teams or players in the MLB, NBA, NHL, or NFL? How about the Olympics, racing, sailing, scuba diving, or wrestling? Or maybe you have questions of your own. Come participate in the new interactive Sports FAQ forums at FAQ Farm . Check them out: baseball basketball football hockey ... racing , and more.
Ed Hinton, the author of "Daytona," tells engaging, personal stories from the early days of America's premier racing event. Read about "The Fight" in 1979 Dale Earnhardt in 1981 Richard Petty's last race in 1992 , and Jeff Gordon in 1993
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.: Driver #8
This is Junior's personal account of his rookie year in the Winston Cup series, starting with Daytona.
Sports Posters
Browse huge directories of sports posters, including basketball posters featuring everyone from Yao Ming to MJ and Shaq football posters golf posters hockey posters ... biking and racing posters
Baseball Team Forums
Share information and ask questions about the Blue Jays Cardinals Diamondbacks Expos ... Yankees , or any other MLB team
The New York Yankees' "First Inning"
Read the story of the early years of the New York Yankees, from 1914 to 1939.


6. Sports History
sports history get information on sports history from the early 1900's to the present. sports history. Multiple resources on the history of sports from the early 1900's to the present,
Sports History
Multiple resources on the history of sports from the early 1900's to the present,
including football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, golf, boxing, triathlon,
horseracing, soccer, and the Olympics.
Fast Relief from Arthritis pain, soreness, sprains, nasal congestion
Complete Boston Red Sox: The Total Encyclopedia of the Team

"World Series Tickets"
"NCAA Tickets"
"Basketball Tickets"
A Brief History of the Game of Golf

Baseball 2000
- Read original articles that cover 100 years of Baseball. Look back at 99 years of baseball history, and ahead with Player Previews for the 2000 season. Over 500 pages of information. College Football Hall of Fame Hockey Research Association - preserving and promoting hockey history and statistics through responsible and accurate research. International Boxing Hall of Fame NBA History Olympics Through Time - The evolution of the Olympics from Prehistory and Antiquity up to their modern revival in 1896. Detailed information about all the winners in Antiquity and a VRML representation of the temple of Zeus at Olympia. Olympic Winter Games: History - official sites of the International Olympic Committee Pro Football Hall of Fame Total Baseball - Complete coverage of all sports, updated continuously sports news, sports stats, features and commentary plus TotalCasts, personality sites and official college sports school sites.

7. Sports History
sports history. Professional Organizations. International Association for the Philosophy of Sport (IAPS Australian Society of sports history. British Society of sports history
Sports History
Professional Organizations
Journals in Sports History
Sports History by Sport
General Sports History
Baseball History
Basketball History

8. Sports History
A recommendation list of sports history readings. sports history Home Page History Clippings. sports history Clippings. Sports ( 1)
Sports History Home Page
Sports History Clippings
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    9. Index
    Australian Society for sports history. About. News. Publications. Conference. Membership. Links. Scholars. ASSH at AHA Conference 2004. Last
    Australian Society for Sports History About News Publications Conference ... ASSH at AHA Conference 2004
    Last modified: 1 May 2004
    Contact Webmistress Search ASSH Website

    10. Publications
    Publications. Australian Society for sports history. The Australian Society for sports history produces two main publications, which appear twice yearly.
    About News Publications Conference Membership Links Scholars Publications Australian Society for Sports History CONTENTS
    Sporting Traditions

    ASSH Bulletin

    Order Form

    Submission Details
    The Australian Society for Sports History produces two main publications, which appear twice yearly. The Society's journal, Sporting Traditions , is a fully refereed journal that promotes the serious study of sport in society. Articles should deal with the economic, political, social, legal or philosophical significance of sporting activity. Whilst most of the articles in the past have been on Australian sport and have an historical focus, articles on other societies and on contemporary sport may be submitted for consideration. The journal also contains a strong reviews section. To submit material to Sporting Traditions , please contact the editor, Dr Rob Hess. The ASSH Bulletin is a biannual publication that publishes local and amateur histories, award winning student essays, short articles and opinion pieces, book and conference reviews and provides information more generally about the progress of the Society. As a courtesy to members, we also publish book notices and include flyers on recent publications in our mailouts to members. For non-members, this service is available at a fee. To submit work to the Bulletin, please contact the editor, Dr Tara Magdalinski. Return to Contents
    Return Home
    Sporting Traditions Editor Rob Hess , Victoria University
    Reviews Editor Bernard Whimpress
    Associate Editors

    11. History Of Women In Sports Timeline - Part 1- To 1899
    The St. Lawrence County Branch of the New York State of AAUW provides women s sports history resources on the Internet. History of Women in Sports Timeline.
    to 1899
    History of Women in Sports Timeline
    Part 1 - to 1899
    "Bicycling has done more to emancipate woman
    than any one thing in the world."
    Susan B. Anthony, suffragist, 1896
    • 776 B.C. - The first Olympics are held in ancient Greece. Women are excluded, so they compete every four years in their own Games of Hera, to honor the Greek goddess who ruled over women and the earth.
    • 396 B.C. - Kyniska, a Spartian princess, wins an Olympic chariot race, but is barred from collecting her prize in person.
    • 1406 - Dame Juliana Berners of Great Britain writes the first known essay on sports fishing. She described how to make a rod and flies, when to fish, and the many kinds of fishing in her essay, “Treatise of Fishing with an Angle.”
    • 1552 - Mary, Queen of Scots (1542-87), an avid golfer, coins the term “caddy” by calling her assistants cadets. It is during her reign that the famous golf course at St. Andrews is built.
    • Sarah Kemble Knight (1666-1727) sets out alone on horseback from Boston to New Haven and later New York, keeping a diary of her travels, which was published in 1825 as The Journal of Madame Knight
    • 1722 - British fighter Elizabeth Wilkinson enters the boxing ring.

    12. Women's Sports History Resources
    Women s Sports Foundation. Index to Women in Sports Biographies. History of Women in Sports Timeline. Biographies of Women in Sports. Biographies of women golfers.
    Women's History Resources
    Women in Sports
    Women's Sports Foundation Index to Women in Sports Biographies History of Women in Sports Timeline Biographies of Women in Sports Biographies of women golfers The Women's Professional Volleyball Association (WPVA) was created in 1986 when a group of professional women that included former Olympic and collegiate All-American volleyball players joined together. 96 Years of Women in the Olympics International Association of Olympic Gold Medalists The History of Women's Basketball - More than a century of women's hoops precedes the WNBA, with biographies of the WNBA players. Lady Hoopsters , a History of Women's Basketball in America by Linda Ford History of Women's Basketball , a webpage that provides information about the development of the women's game as well as its current history, with links, bios, and other interesting information. Women's Basketball Hall of Fame , with the history and current events in women's basketball. History of women's soccer Legendary Ladies of Baseball , the history of Women's Professional Baseball. Women in Baseball Index of USA gymnastic athlete biographies.

    13. Sports History Of China
    Search. China Online sports history of China. Part 1 Before the Western Han Dynasty. More of this Feature.
    zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About China Online Home Essentials ... Daily News zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Arts Chinese Language Entertainment Geography ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
    Stay Current
    Subscribe to the About China Online newsletter. Search China Online Sports History of China Part 1: Before the Western Han Dynasty More of this Feature Part 2: Tang to Yuan
    Part 3: Minority Sports

    Join the Discussion "What does Confucianism say about evolution and creation?"

    Related Resources Chinese Ghost
    Town God Temple

    Articles by Topic

    Some known ancient cultural relics have provided evidence that health-building activities appeared in China over 4,000 years ago. By the time of the Western Zhou Dynasty (1066-771 BC) archery and cauldron lifting had emerged as sports activities in their own right. To get a complete and vivid picture of the development of ancient China's sports, go to the China Sports Museum, which lies in the southeastern corner of the National Olympic Sports Center in the northern suburbs of Beijing. It is an octagonal spiral building flanked on one side by a huge sloping wall with its highest point protruding out of the center of the structure. The huge wall, 36.5 meters high and looking like a large flag or a mountain peak reaching up to the sky, symbolizes the pinnacle that China's athletes reach for. Displayed in its six exhibition halls are over 1,000 photos, 800 objects, 300 historical documents and cultural relics, 30 sand table models and 20 rubbings and paintings reflecting China's more than 5,000 years of sports culture and many sports activities of her 56 ethnic groups.

    14. EDUCATION & SPORTS: History On The Seabed
    History on the Seabed. Water covers more than twothirds of the surface of our planet. The Baltic with all its bays and inlets is
    History on the Seabed W ater covers more than two-thirds of the surface of our planet. The Baltic with all its bays and inlets is only a small drop in that ocean, but for marine archaeologists and divers it is a fascinating and rewarding place. Systematic exploration of the treasures that it holds is only now beginning as new methods are adopted. Finnish researchers cannot hide their enthusiasm. Most of the oceans are kilometres deep, with some trenches in the Pacific plunging to depths in excess of ten thousand metres. The Baltic, by contrast, has an average depth of only 55 metres. In fact, it is one of the smallest, shallowest, most island-dotted and shoaliest seas in the world. For as long as the seas have been sailed, hundreds of vessels that have strayed off course or lost their battles with storms have ended up at the bottom of the Baltic, especially in its countless bays and inlets. Floor plates believed to have belonged to a Viking ship have been found in the Gulf of Finland. As research methods become more systematic, much more is likely to be uncovered. The Roman historian Tacitus reported nearly two millennia ago that the Germans obtained the furs they valued so highly "from beyond the unknown sea", i.e. the Baltic. The Vikings' eastward expeditions took them through the Gulf of Finland and on to Lake Ladoga. Over the centuries, fierce sea battles have been fought for control of that vital trade artery the Baltic. One indication of its continuing importance is that bristles with air and naval bases. Small wonder, therefore, that the waters of the

    15. Topps Sports Collectibles | Topps Sports History
    Topps sports history. The history of Topps dates back to 1938, when Topps opened its doors as a gum manufacturer. In 1947 things

    Sports Card

    Brands Baseball


    ... Topps Sports



    Topps Sports History The history of Topps dates back to 1938, when Topps opened its doors as a gum manufacturer. In 1947 things started to change with the hiring of Sy Berger. By 1951 Topps was on its way to trading card history. In 1952 the first set of the modern age of trading cards was born, along with the 1952 Mickey Mantle card. To this day, it is still the most cherished and sought-after set (and card) in the industry, and it has become an industry icon. As baseball has changed, so have Topps baseball cards. Topps purchased the Bowman Company in 1956 and soon after established the standard 2 ½ x 3 ½ card dimensions the industry uses today. The introduction of Stadium Club in 1992 and Finest in 1993 continued Topps dominant position in baseball and the card category as a whole. By 1957, Topps was producing cards in all four major sports. TOPPS IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF THE TOPPS COMPANY, INC.

    16. Topps Sports Collectibles | Topps Sports History
    trade if they intend to keep Kent, who could also play first base instead of JT Snow. ©2002 The Sports Network. All Rights Reserved.

    Sports Card

    Brands Baseball


    ... Topps Sports



    Jump to: Is Davis through with 'Skins? Zeile in, Stanton Out Giants sign Alfonzo Harrington to miss final two games Detroit Lions quarterback Joey Harrington will sit out the final two games of the season because of an irregular heartbeat, head coach Marty Mornhinweg announced on Monday. Harrington played one series during the Lions 23-20 loss to Tampa Bay on Sunday, but was taken to the hospital for tests and observations after falling ill with the heart problem. Doctors said Harrington's heartbeat had returned to a normal rhythm before he was hospitalized. The rookie quarterback, who has had no previous heart troubles, will miss the rest of the season for precautionary measures only, according to Mornhinweg. "Based on consultations with our team doctors, training staff and the attending physicians at Henry Ford Hospital, we believe this is the best decision for Joey," said Mornhinweg. Harrington, the No. 3 overall pick in the 2002 draft out of Oregon, has started 12 of the 14 games so far this season for the Lions. He has completed 215-of-429 passes for 2,294 yards with 12 touchdowns, but has also been intercepted 16 times.

    17. Archaeology And Sports History
    Archaeology and sports history. Sometimes, the results of excavations gave to scholars the idea of following a particular subject of history sports history.
    A Bequest Unearthed Phoenicia Encyclopedia Phoeniciana
    Archaeology and Sports History
    900 pages on
    Search Phoenicia
    Get a Search Eine For Your Site
    TRANSLATE this page By Dr. Labib Boutros
    Late Director of Athletics
    American University of Beirut (LIB)
    Paper delivered at the international seminar on the theme "History of Sport Science" (6th - 10th November 1979, Berlin (GDR). This is one of many articles by Dr. Boutros on this site. See also " Phoenician Sports Founded the Olympic Games " Dr. Labib Boutros Journalist and professor of sport, Dr. Labib Boutros, born in 1935 in Beirut (Lebanon), was doctor in pedagogy of sports sciences of the Martin Luther University of Halle (GDR). After pursuing competition sport with success, he was swimming champion and recordman several times. He was selected to take part in the 1969 Universiad. He devoted himself to training, journalism and was the sports anchor of a major Lebanese television station. He was a second prize winner at the Mexico Olympic Games in 1968 competition open to all world journalists. Polyglot, Labib Boutros spoke Arabic, French, German and English. Dr. Boutros passed away in 1997.

    18. Memorable Moments In Sports History
    Memorable Moments in sports history. Winning is not a sometime thing, its an all time thing. You don t win once in a while, you don
    Memorable Moments in Sports History Winning is not a sometime thing, its an all time thing. You don't win once in a while, you don't do things right once in a while. You do them right all the time. There is no room for second place, there is only one place and that's first place Vince Lombardi After viewing this site you can click on the link below, there will be no annoying pop up windows or some bogus site at the other end.You will be accessing some of the best Vintage Sports multimedia on the Web. .jjjjfjjjjjjjjjjjjjfffffffmm.mmmmmmmmmmlllll. j s g T he Immaculate reception, Even though the Steelers didn't even make it to the Superbowl in 72, this catch is probably the most famous in NFL history.(.wav1 :18) jj immaculate reception.wav j jj. In 1962 while playing with the San Francisco Warriors,Wilt Chamberlain scored an incredible 100 points in a Single game * 1/50th of the women he claims to have slept with.(.asf 49 sec) chamb.asf In game 5 of the 1956 World Series, Don Larsen pitched a perfect game(.asf 1:04

    19. History Channel Sports History
    History Channel Index of Topics / sports history sports history, Folder, Discussions, Posts, Last Post. Hockey, 80, 550, 0049PM May 12, 2004.

    20. Long Island Sports History
    Composite image by Linda Maleski The Pioneer Spirit Long Island s place in America s sports history is significant and surprisingly rich.

    The Vault Family Stories
  • Heritage Partners ...
    Home Page

    Composite image by Linda Maleski
    The Pioneer Spirit

    Long Island's place in America's sports history
    is significant and surprisingly rich.
    A Chronology

    Snippets of history from 1664 to the present. Three Locals Who Became Legends
    SPECIAL EDITION: A VIRTUAL POSTER B A S E B A L L Buddy System Harrelson embodied the spirit of the Mets. H O C K E Y Isles' first captain laid groundwork for greatness. F O O T B A L L At The Center John Schmitt blocked for the best. B A S K E T B A L L Great Guards Cousy and Lieberman were pioneer points. H ORSE R ACING Belmont: From 'Plain' to Extraordinary Roosevelt Raceway: The Rise and Fall H IGH S CHOOLS The Elite 33: Picking the Best Is a Real Test L ACROSSE Local Heat, National Spotlight C OLLEGES Hofstra's Tiny 20: Big Men on Campus G OLF Shinnecock: A Crucial Link T ENNIS Open Houses: The Best Are Always Welcome O LYMPICS B OXING Fighting for Recognition R UNNING An LI Tradition: Hitting the Road var st_v=1.0; var st_pg='lih'; var st_ci='703'; var st_di='d010'; var st_dd=''; var st_tai='v:1.2.3'; var st_ai='';
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