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  1. Classic Contests of Sports. by Bill. Libby, 1974-03
  2. Cougars seek edge in rivalry contest.(Sports)(Confrontation: Oregon hopes to delay Washington State's run for the Rose Bowl.): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  3. Sun Devils fall flat in crucial contest.(Sports): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  4. Everything's cool in OSU quarterback contest.(Sports)(Matt Moore is the clear starter, but Sean Canfield is making noise this spring) : An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  5. IOC Best of Sport Photographic Contest
  6. Chronology of a crazy contest.(Sports)(Chronology): An article from: Winnipeg Free Press by Gale Reference Team, 2007-11-26
  7. Dayton reaches title contest.(Sports)(Semifinal: Pirates oust Myrtle Point 41-16.): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  8. Axemen take first seeding contest.(Sports): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
  9. No love lost: the Norway-United States rivalry has no historical or social roots, but it is the most competitive contest in women's sports.: An article from: Soccer Digest by Michael Lewis, 2003-10-01
  10. Reunion adds spice to key contest.(Sports)(Brooks, Appleby will meet for the first time since Pac-10 tournament incident): An article from: The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR) by Gale Reference Team, 2007-02-24
  11. IMCA (International Motor Contest Association) Yearbook 1964
  12. Fish fans' best friend; Inimitable Edmonds will be behind mic for 1,000th contest Saturday.(Sports): An article from: Winnipeg Free Press by Gale Reference Team, 2007-08-10
  13. Best : The Ioc Best of Sport Photographic Contest
  14. The IOC Best of Sport Photographic Contest by IOC; b90, 1991

1. TITLE 15 , CHAPTER 32
CHAPTER 32 TELECASTING OF PROFESSIONAL sports contests. Sec. 1294. Antitrust laws unaffected as regards to other activities of professional sports contests;
  • Sec. 1291. Exemption from antitrust laws of agreements covering the telecasting of sports contests and the combining of professional football leagues Sec. 1292. Area telecasting restriction limitation Sec. 1293. Intercollegiate and interscholastic football contest limitations Sec. 1294. Antitrust laws unaffected as regards to other activities of professional sports contests Sec. 1295. ''Persons'' defined
  • Search this title:

    2. Progressive Sports Challenge - Fantasy Sports
    Providing fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball and fantasy hockey contests for free. Great prizes. Welcome to Progressive Sports Challenge Fantasy Sports, the home of the ORIGINAL growing The PSC Fantasy sports contests were born from a Fantasy Sports Player's perspective We

    3. Win Cash Prizes, Sports Free Contest Sites, Online Cash Casino Contests
    Double Your Money at Specializing in online money contests, sports handicapping contests, win cash prizes and free sports contests online
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    4. Sports Contests, Guide All Directory
    GuideAll Home Sports sports contests. 2002 MuscleTech Body Transformation Challenge; All Sports Decathlon Association; CBS SportsLine Contests;

    Sports Contests

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    United States Code TITLE 15 COMMERCE AND TRADE CHAPTER 32 - TELECASTING OF PROFESSIONAL sports contests Section 1291.
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    6. SCA Promotions - Promotions - Sports Contests
    Promotions. sports contests sports contests are a great way to tie the action on the playing field to a cash prize for a randomly selected customer.

    7. Using WebParts To Develop Sports Contests
    Using WebParts to develop sports contests. One thing I love doing as a sports journalist and web developer is creating demo apps based on sports.
    Jason Salas' WebLog
    On-air and online: making people laugh, making people think, pissing people off posts - 115, comments - 393, trackbacks - 33
    My Links
    Join me in my lifelong attempt to explore, explain, and exploit human stupidity. Thoughts from a guy tasked to be a software development lead, news anchor, and sports producer at Guam's largest TV station. Commentary on ASP.NET, high-tech marketing, writing, and a look at what color the sky is in my world.
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    Using WebParts to develop sports contests
    One thing I love doing as a sports journalist and web developer is creating demo apps based on sports. In my opinion, one of the coolest and most logical achievements of web development was when circa 1998 put together a web-based contest, in which users would be presented with a straight-down listing of the top 25 college football teams in the nation, and be asked to rearrange them in the order in which the user thought the teams would finish the season and then submit their ballot in the hopes of some sweet prize. As one would expect, correct ballots would be archived, with the winner assumedly selected at random.

    8. Contests From Teen Out Reach Sports
    sports contests Here you can enter to win prizes in different sports contests, free giveaways and sweepstakes. Breeze Winter Sport Rentals Contest WIN WIN WIN!

    9. Our Philosophy On Fantasy Draft Sports Contests
    We are now seeing internet only fantasy sports contests that are being sponsored by several sponors and offering a free entry, however in their contests they
    Previous Home
    Sports Fanatics Player Drafts
    Our Sports Fantasy Drafts' Philosophy
    My basic philosophy has not changed in the 11 years we have been in business, however I have found how time consuming and demanding this business can be. Our fantasy drafts are designed for all sports fans, not just fantasy sports fans! We want our drafts to provide the participants a chance to enjoy sports even more with the added incentive of winning prizes. We feel that these drafts promote a better understanding of sports, better knowledge of who the actual athletes are, as well as a greater understanding of the rules of each sport. Our goal is to run well organized fantasy draftss that are easy to understand, with earlier mailed updates and a personal touch. We mail out our monthly prizes by the 5th of the next month and our end of season prizes within five days of the conclusion of the season. This is unlike most or all other drafts which don't pay out any of their monthly, weekly, or end of season prizes until after the season has ended, and in some cases several months later. Other drafts also require the winners to fill out lengthy reports, or what they call a qualifying statement, and, or release form. This we do not do. If you are a winner, your prize money will be sent to you with no further action on your part.
    We also have a strong feeling about trades. Most other contests offer a certain number of trades, but then allow contestants to purchase additional trades at a price. This type of fantasy draft, with extra trades that cost a fee, encourage contestants to spend money on additional trades, which could become several hundred dollars. Some contestants will buy these extra trades and if you are not willing to spend this extra money you will have virtually no chance of winning any of the prizes.

    10. Qango : Recreation: Sports: Contests
    Home Recreation Sports Contests, Suggest a Site. Recreation, etc. If here. Home Recreation Sports Contests, Suggest a Site.
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    11. Khoj - Directory For Sports Contests
    Click here, You are here Home Entertainment Contests and Polls sports contests. Websites Maruti Suzuki at AutoExpo2004 Maruti Suzuki at AutoExpo-2004.

    Connect Entertainment Lifestyle ... Advertise Search for Khoj WWW Help Filetype Search
    Submit A Site Share your Indian Favourites with us. Help us build Khoj. Click here
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    Maruti Suzuki at AutoExpo-2004

    Maruti Suzuki at AutoExpo-2004 Criccontest
    Web site for contests related to cricket; also has articles, articles, anecdotes, jokes, cricket academies, poll and so on. Trivia and Facts
    The archive of fun facts and trivia. KHOJ INDIA DIRECTORY Arts Business Computers Culture ... Interactives hosted at SifyHosting India's first Level 3 Internet Data Centre
    Sify Ltd,
    1998 - 2004. All rights reserved. See and Privacy Policy. Parental Guidance on pornography Site optimized for Internet Explorer 4.0 and above.

    12. Techdirt Corporate Intelligence: Techdirt Wireless Listening To Sports Contests
    Techdirt Wireless. Listening To sports contests On Your Mobile Phone. Wireless Applications Contributed by mmasnick on Monday, October
    techdirt corporate intelligence
    techdirt books techdirt reports ... feedback
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    Try the Advanced Search Techdirt Wireless Listening To Sports Contests On Your Mobile Phone
    Contributed by mmasnick on Monday, October 6 2003 @ 7:34am
    For some folks, they absolutely need to know what's happening with their favorite college football team. If they're not located in the same town, or the game doesn't happen to be on TV, it's not easy to keep up. So, some friends have started a service that lets users call up a central number and then listen to various college football games on their mobile phones . They say it's a "better way" to do streaming audio, but it would seem to appeal to only the most hardcore fan (though, admittedly, when it comes to college football, there are a lot of hardcore fans). Still, listening to an entire game on a mobile phone seems like a little much (and potentially painful for the ear if you don't have a good speakerphone).
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    Post a Comment Subject: Author: Email: Comment: Features Techdirt Corporate Intelligence Like what you see on Techdirt? Get your own enterprise blog for your company, complete with all the news, summaries, and analysis you need from Techdirt's staff of expert analysts. Let us find, filter, summarize, and analyze the news for you.

    13. Money Matters Sports Contests The Newspapers
    Money Matters sports contests the Newspapers. I have been buying a paper because it runs a contest on a sport I follow. I was
    I have been buying a paper because it runs a contest on a sport I follow. I was told by an imam not to buy the newspaper or participate in this contest. Is such a contest illegal? Is it a form of gambling? Papers and magazines, as well as shops and manufacturers may resort to organizing a contest in order to promote sales. The contest may be in the form of answering certain questions and providing evidence of purchase, or simply by returning certain forms or coupons. All these are no more than promotion techniques. They do not normally involve any increase of the price of the product concerned. They may involve a draw among participants. As such, there is not much wrong with them. When the reader bought the newspaper, he wanted simply to read about the sport he followed. He received that at no extra cost other than the normal price of the newspaper. So, he has got what he paid for. What is more is that he entered a draw offered by the paper. This does not require him to make any new payment. Therefore, it is permissible for him to enter the draw, and for the paper to run the contest. We may mention here that it is permissible to draw lots between a small or a large group of people in order to determine which of them receives a certain benefit. The Prophet, peace be upon him, used to draw lots among his wives to determine who of them would accompany him on a trip he was about to start. Whoever won the draw traveled with him. ~ What is the exact meaning of usury, which is forbidden in Islam? The Qur’an speaks of usury being devoured “manifolds.” Does this mean that bank interest, which is often a small percentage, does not fall under the prohibition? What if a person needs to keep money in the bank for safe keeping, particularly if the security situation in the area makes it risky to keep money at home or workplace? The bank will invest the money. Is it allowed to have a share of the returns?

    14. Contests And Sweepstakes Articles -
    1999 Chinese New Years Chinese New Year, child s play, family entertainment, shopping, sports contests and sweepstakes, top 5 links in a child friendly site.

    Contests and Sweepstakes
    Search The Web Member Central Join Our Community! Login What's New Become a SuiteU Affiliate ... MemberUpdate Suite University About Suite University Suite University News Visit the University Course Listing ... FREE Demo Course New Topics SpiritWell Travel Book Reviews Agora News Foraging Wild Foods ... More... Suite Events Teacher Appreciation Event 2004 Family Focus 2004 In Tune With Johann Sebastian Bach More about Suite101 About Advertise With Suite For more information Home Contests and Sweepstakes
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    and is available for Adoption! Contact Member Sevices for more information. By Emma Byerly Topic Page Articles Links ... Community Bookstore Subscribe Related Subject(s): N/A Building Better Body Image Look in your mirror and smile at what you see. The Last Charge: Culloden and the 'Forty-five The fatal meeting between the Jacobite Army and Hanoverian Army on Drummossie Moor How To Survive An Abusive Relationship You can break the cycle and reclaim your life Articles Articles 1 to 20 Articles 21 to 40 Articles 41 to 60 Articles 61 to 80 ... Articles 81 to 90 Articles 1 - 20 28 June 1999 4th of July Contests and Sweepstakes Canada Day and 4th of July free cards, contests, sweepstakes, shopping site of the week, childrens' play, family entertainment and top 5.

    15. All Contests In Fantasy Sports Drafts With Cash Prizes
    Providing fantasy sports contests since 1993. Fantasy baseball, football, basketball, golf, World Series, and Super Bowl. Cash prizes and no hidden costs.

    International Sports Wagering Announces Successful Debut of Free sports contests on the Internet. International Sports Wagering Inc.
    Casino of the Day Casino of the Month Consumer Advice Corporate Profiles ... What's Cool International Sports Wagering Announces Successful Debut of Free Sports Contests on the Internet International Sports Wagering Inc. (NASDAQ: ISWI) has announced (Dec. 28) the successful debut of its free Internet SportXction(TM) sports wagering cash prize contest. This past weekend it completed three contests on professional football games. There are 17 additional contests scheduled through the end of the professional football season. Cash prizes totaling nearly $10,000 will be given away to single game and grand prize winners. Contest rules, schedule of games and prizes are shown on ISWI's web page at WWW.SPORTXCTION.COM , where the contests are also conducted. The contests are open to anyone over 18 years of age and are void where prohibited by law. They test sports judgment and understanding and also include an element of luck. The contests are played interactively on the Internet while viewing a sporting event on television. ISWI intends to derive revenue from advertising, merchandising, data-mining and other sources in conjunction with its contests on the Internet. "We are excited and enthusiastic about the potential for SportXction (TM) contests on the Internet," said Barry Mindes, Chairman of the Board of ISWI. About ISWI This development is one element of ISWI's previously announced on-line gaming strategy which includes cash wagering from home on both SportXction(TM) and traditional sports wagering in the State of Nevada.

    17. - FREE Real-time Scores, Odds, & Contest For All Major Sports
    Register today and join our sports contests! Save the email, because you will need to the password to gain access to our sports contests.
    Home About Us Contests Create A Contest ... Contact Us adSite='Wagerline' adRegion='Ear' adSite='Wagerline' adRegion='Sports' adSite='Wagerline' adRegion='BUTTON_UR' WinPicks Software Wagertalk Talksport Talkstock ... Logout adSite='Wagerline' adRegion='BUTTON_L1' Baseball NFL College Football Canadian Football ... Search by Date adSite='Wagerline' adRegion='BUTTON_L2' Leaders Today's Games Baseball NFL College Football ... All Sports adSite='Wagerline' adRegion='BUTTON_L3' Forums NFL College Football Canadian Football Arena Football ... Hockey Other Sites Wagertalk Talksport Talkstock MicroBrothers ... Privacy Statement
    Register today and join our sports contests!
    Registering on is fast and easy! All you need to provide is a screen name and an email address. All other information is optional, but a full name and mailing address is required if you want to be eligible for our prizes. Wagerline respects your privacy. The information you enter is stored in a secure database, and will not be sold or transferred to other companies. Your name won't be added to anyone else's mailing list, so don't worry about spam mail. WagerLine simply uses this information so we can monitor our own traffic and contests, and to mail you your prize if you win. After you register, you will be sent a password by email. Save the email, because you will need to the password to gain access to our sports contests. If you want to, you can change your password after you log on for the first time.

    18. PC Contest Listing
    UPDATED DAILY! Sweepstakes, Freebies More! Sportsline USA, Win Cash other Prizes by entering various sports contests. SuperWin,
    HomeAd = ''; OAS_sitepage = ''; OAS_listpos = 'Right,Top,TopRight,Bottom,Right2,Right3'; GameZone Downloads Shop KidZone ... Cheats I Reviews I News I Online I New Releases I Sneak Peeks I Categories More Sections! Home Main 3D Zone Contests Hardware Links Home Page Hot Links Patches Previews Publishers Sneak Peeks Top Rated Ultra Link Win Free Games Other Platforms Dreamcast Nintendo 64 Action/Arcade Adventure Classics Sports ... Contests Contests
    Explore virtually limitless ways to win free games and hardware!
    Win all sorts of other free stuff from sites all over the Internet!
    Contest/Expires Description Win Full Retail Version of PC or Video Games games change weekly. Here's this week's prize. New Kid's Titles are offered every month! Win a complete retail version of CD-ROM products.
    FREE Computer Games every month Bay 9 Sweepstakes Win $50,000 from Bay9!!! Enter every hour, every day! Bingo 24X7 Play Bingo 24 Hours 7 Days a week FREE! Win real cash Prizes! Play a new game every 15 Minutes! Play NOW! CashNet Sweepstakes Find hundreds of Sweepstakes listings in one convenient place!

    19. Intramural Sports - Jobs
    Responsible for officiating Intramural sports contests. Ensure each Intramural Sports contest is delivered in a safe and enjoyable manner.......
    **Homepages/Events/Summaries** Student Membership Signups Upcoming Events! News Classes/Clubs/Sports - A to Z Facilities Summary Fitness/Programs Summary Membership Summary Sports Summary Cal Aerobics TM Cal Massage Therapy TM Cal Rec Club (CRC) TM Cal STAR TM CalFIT TM Health and Fitness Intramural Sports One-On-One Fitness TM Pool Hours Recreational Sports Facility (RSF) Sport Clubs Student Membership Signup
    Intramural Sports - Jobs
    Other positions
    Date Posted:
    Closing Date:
    Open until Filled - Hiring Clinics held at the beginning of each semester.
    Job Title: Rec Program Instructor (Student Officiating Positions)
    Rate: By Agreement
    How to Apply: Pick up a Hiring Clinic Packet from the Recreational Sports Facility 2nd Floor - attend each night of the Hiring Clinics - instruction and evaluation.
    Description: Responsible for officiating Intramural Sports contests. Ensure each Intramural Sports contest is delivered in a safe and enjoyable manner. Responsible for the enforcement of rules, policies, and procedures as outlined in the Intramural Sports Handbook. Responsible for the content of the Intramural Sports Staff Handbook. Assist in preparing Intramural Sports sites for scheduled activities. Responsible for the cleanliness of equipment. Check in/out appropriate game-related equipment. Ensure participants observe Program rules and regulations regarding risk management, safety, sportsmanship, and policies and procedures. Discuss rules and clarify interpretations with participants prior to Intramural Sports contests. Exercise tact, good manners, and courtesy even when situations may become emotional. Maintain a positive and patient attitude at all times. Attend all Intramural Sports All-Staff Meetings and appropriate

    20. Intramural Sports - Policies
    declared. Inclement Weather All Intramural sports contests will be played as scheduled. Most games will be played rain or shine.
    **Homepages/Events/Summaries** Student Membership Signups Upcoming Events! News Classes/Clubs/Sports - A to Z Facilities Summary Fitness/Programs Summary Membership Summary Sports Summary Cal Aerobics TM Cal Massage Therapy TM Cal Rec Club (CRC) TM Cal STAR TM CalFIT TM Health and Fitness Intramural Sports One-On-One Fitness TM Pool Hours Recreational Sports Facility (RSF) Sport Clubs Student Membership Signup
    Intramural Sports - Policies
    Full details may be found on the linked pages and in the Handbook (currently under revision). Extracts are below.
  • Office Hours
  • Medical Coverage
  • Team Manager Responsibilities
  • Eligibility for Intramural Sports ...
  • Rescheduling Request

  • Office Hours
    Monday - Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm. The office is located on the second floor of the Recreational Sports Facility (RSF).
    Medical Coverage
    We strongly recommend personal health insurance for all Intramural Sports participants. Each individual participating in Intramural Sports activities assumes the responsibility for his own health insurance needs. In the event of an injury, the Intramural Sports Program and University of California will not cover payment for treatment.
    Team Manager Responsibilities

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