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  1. Berlin Games: How the Nazis Stole the Olympic Dream by Guy Walters, 2007-08-01
  2. The Olympic Games: ATHENS 1896 - ATHENS 2004 by DK Publishing, 2004-05-17
  3. Turnaround: Crisis, Leadership, and the Olympic Games by Mitt Romney, Timothy Robinson, 2007-06-08
  4. The Complete Book of the Summer Olympics: Athens 2004 Edition (Complete Book of the Olympics) by David Wallechinsky, 2004-07-25
  5. The Economics of Staging the Olympics: A Comparison of the Games 19722008 by Holger Preuss, Marcia Semitiel García, 2004-12-30
  6. The Olympics' Strangest Moments: Extraordinary But True Tales from the History of the Olympic Games (Strangest series) by Geoff Tibballs, 2004-04-01
  7. Inside the Olympics: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Politics, the Scandals, and the Glory of the Games by Richard W. Pound, 2004-06-01
  8. Hitler's Olympics: The 1936 Berlin Olympic Games by Christopher Hilton, 2006-10-25
  9. The Encyclopedia of the Summer Olympics (Watts Reference) by David Fischer, 2004-07
  10. The Ancient Olympics: A History by Nigel Spivey, 2006-06-08
  11. Olympic Turnaround: How the Olympic Games Stepped Back from the Brink of Extinction to Become the World's Best Known Brand by Michael Payne, 2006-01-30
  12. The Olympics at the Millennium: Power Politics and the Games
  13. The Olympics: A HISTORY OF THE MODERN GAMES (2D ED.) (Illinois History of Sports) by Allen Guttmann, 2002-01-30
  14. The Political Olympics: Moscow, Afghanistan, and the 1980 U.S. Boycott by Derick L. Hulme, 1990-12-30

21. Cassius Duran
Brazilian diver, who has participated at Fina Grand Prix, Panamerican Games, and olympic games. Includes profile and photos.
Designed by Ronaldo Carone Jr

The olympic gamesThe olympic games. In the ancient times, four great game festivals were held on Greek land The Isthmians, The Nemeans, The Pythians and The olympic games.

Thesis examining the methodology of the covert action teams authorized by Prime Minister Golda Meir to find and assassinate those individuals responsible for the attack on the Israeli athletes at the Munich olympic games in September 1972. Specifically, the study addresses whether the operational and tactical methods utilized in this counterterrorist effort were successful relative to the original operational objectives.
COUNTERING TERRORISM: THE ISRAELI RESPONSE TO THE 1972 MUNICH OLYMPIC MASSACRE AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF INDEPENDENT COVERT ACTION TEAMS by Alexander B. Calahan GS-12 Graduate Class Thesis submitted to the Faculty of the Marine Corps Command and Staff College in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Military Studies April 1995 The views in this paper are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Department of Defense or the U.S. Government EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Title: Countering Terrorism: The Israeli Response to the 1972 Munich Olympic Massacre and the Development of Independent Covert Action Teams. Author: Alexander B. Calahan Thesis: The purpose of this study is to examine the methodology of the covert action teams authorized by Prime Minister Golda Meir to find and assassinate those individuals responsible for the attack on the Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic games in September 1972. Specifically, the study addresses whether the operational and tactical methods utilized in this counterterrorist effort were successful relative to the original operational objectives. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank Mr. George Jonas for his candid conversation regarding Avner's team, which was so vital to this study. I would also like to give special thanks to my thesis advisor, Dr. James H. Anderson, my second mentor, Mr. N. Richard Kinsman, and my third reader and year-long faculty advisor, Dr. Donald F. Bittner. Additionally, I would like to acknowledge the military officers and civilian faculty of the U.S.M.C. University, Command and Staff College for allowing me the opportunity to participate in a unique learning experience.

Five cities to compete to host 2012 olympic games Paris (FRA), New York (USA), Moscow (RUS), London (GBR), and Madrid (ESP)* were today accepted by the
World Environment Day

The organising committees of the forthcoming Olympic Games have created special projects to mark World Environment Day on 5 June. These activities are part of a... [ Full story
More Olympic news

Media center
(press releases, media advisories, etc.)
68 days left... Programme Tickets Visitors info Direct access Athens 2004 Torino 2006 Beijing 2008 Vancouver 2010 International Olympic Committee Olympic Museum Lausanne National Olympic Committees International Sports Federations The International Paralympic Committee Olympic Studies Centre Olympic Television Archive Bureau World Anti-Doping Agency Olympic Spirit Right to Play OGKS TORINO 2006
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D - 1524
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25. Athènes 2004 > Lexique Officiel
English, French, Japanese, Greek. Multilingual browse and search options. By the French INSEP (National Institute of Sport and Physical Education), Olympic committees, and other organizations. 46 winter and summer sports.
Lexique des sports
olympiques d'été
Lexique des sports
paralympiques d'été
Lexiques des précédents jeux : Jeux d'hiver de Salt Lake City 2002 (267 pages - anglais / français) Jeux d'été de Sydney 2000 (514 pages - anglais / français) ... (Ministères, Délégations, Comités, etc...) Conception et Réalisation : Angie Interactive
Avec le soutien de la DGLF © INSEP 2003
INSEP-Publications 11, avenue du Tremblay - 75012 Paris - France

26. Olympic Games Links
olympic games Links. Click here for Olympic Stuff Links. UK Click Here. UK Click here. UK Click here. Top News 5/17/045/23/04 for the olympic games.
Olympic Games Links Click here for Olympic Stuff Links UK Click Here UK Click here UK Click here This page has links that will help you find the latest news and best sites about the Olympic Games Visit our Olympic Games Stuff Links to find cool Olympic gear Top News 5/27/04-6/6/04 for the Olympic Games 6/6/04 Olympic flame burns bright in Melbourne Yahoo 6/5/04 On The Beach for the Summer Olympics Around the Rings 6/5/04 Final Test Events For Athens Olympics Access Hollywood 6/4/04 'P. Diddy' To Carry Olympic Torch ... Click here for previous news articles about the Games since 1998 Olympic Sports Links Winter Alpine Skiing Biathlon Bobsled Cross Country Skiing ... Speed Skating Summer Baseball Basketball Boxing Cycling ... Volleyball The Official Olympic Sites International Olympic Committee
Salt Lake City 2002

Athens 2004

Torino 2006
... Beijing 2008 Future Olympics Media Info 2004 Olympicanadiana Web Guides to the Winter Olympics Boston Herald 2002 Games Canoe - 2002 Games Guide CBS 2002 Winter Olympics CNN 2002 Winter Olympics ... Salt Lake Tribune 2002 Games Web Guides to the Summer Olympics Lycos Olympic Guide Yahoo 2000 Olympics Coverage Sports Sites for Olympics News Olympics Internet Search
CNN/Sports Illustrated Olympics
ABC News Olympics News BBC Olympic News ... - Many Olympic Links

27. 2002 Olympic & Paralympic Education
THE FIRST olympic games ATHENS, 1896 Mirror Site in USA Mirror Site in Brasil. Information, Awards, Mail. Information, Awards, Mail. Enhanced for browsers supporting HTML 2.0.

28. Vonetta Flowers - Welcome
Vonetta Flowers of Birmingham, Alabama and her women's bobsled partner Jill Bakken compete in the XIX Winter olympic games in Salt Lake City.
I would like to thank you for your support during the 2002 Winter Olympics. I appreciate the love that you've shown through your letters, donations and prayers. It’s been a very exciting year and I am thrilled to have had this opportunity to represent my city, state and country.
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29. Olympic Games
2772 Years of olympic games Information about Ancient Olympia, its Museum and the Collection for the olympic games, about the olympic games in Ancient Greece
Olympic Games
Athens 1896
Pages about the First Olympic Games that were held in Athens in 1896. Created by ORAMA, Inc
2772 Years of Olympic Games
Information about Ancient Olympia , its Museum and the Collection for the Olympic Games , about the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece and the athletic events . By the Hellenic Ministry of Culture
Olympics Through Time
Pages about the history of the Olympic Games . A project of the Foundation of the Hellenic World
The Spirit of Ancient Olympics
The starting point of the Olympia Project of the Hellenic Electronic Center (HEC).
100 years Olympic Games
These pages focus on the spirit of the games, with useful information on the Greek team of track and field, endorsed by S.E.G.A.S. By Internet Hellas
Hellenic Olympics
Valuable information concerning mainly the history of the Games. By Ariadne
Hellenic Olympic Team Results
The accomplishments of our athletes in the Atlanta Olympic Games. Updated in an hourly basis! Created by ORAMA, Inc
Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games
The Official 1996 Olympic Web Site , by the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games (ACOG) and IBM
Atlanta 1996 Paralympic Games
The Official 1996 Paralympic Games Web Site
The Olympic Movement
The WWW Home Page of the International Olympic Comittee (IOC).

30. National Olympic Committee Of Ukraine
Official site of Ukraine's NOC. Information on current issues and preparations for the summer olympic games in Athens.
Kyiv: Salt Lake: Structure of NOC History of NOC Staff Partners and sponsors ... Archive
News 2 of October 2003
from the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine on the Olympic Day Run 2003
According to decision of the Executive Committee of the NOC of Ukraine (Resolution # 16 dated 24 April 2003), regional divisions of the NOC of Ukraine in close cooperation with local sports organizations held the Olympic Day Run on 23 June 2003 or during the days close to this date. The Olympic Day Run in 2003 was traditional festival of sport and physical culture in which wide sections of the population took part. This day became one more important contribution to the promotion of the Olympic movement in Ukraine. Summarizing the reports, which were collected by the NOC of Ukraine we can state that Olympic Day Run 2003 in Ukraine was organized at the appropriate level. Preparation to the event, its conducting and results were widely highlighted by mass media and TV. Herewith we would like to inform that taking into account IOC recommendations the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine together with its regional divisions provided the holding of the Olympic Day Run as sports festival in 19 regions of Ukraine with the total number of participants - 517 044. There follow some examples and data on the Olympic Day Run held in some regional divisions: 1. Vinnytsya regional division of the NOC of Ukraine:

The olympic games of Ancient GreeceTHE olympic games. OF ANCIENT GREECE. The Task. Your task is to discover as much as you can about the olympic games in Ancient Greece.

32. ThinkQuest : Library : The Olympic Games
Index Olympic Games
The Olympic Games
This informative website is intended for you to gain a deeper understanding of the Olympic Games. The history of the games, memorable moments, and an email service for updates on the Olympic games are major parts of the site. Languages: English. Visit Site 1999 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Languages English Students David Northville High School, Northville, MI, United States Patrick Northville High School, Northville, MI, United States YIM The Chinese High School, SINGAPORE, Singapore Coaches Suzanne Northville Public Schools, Wixom, MI, United States Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site. Privacy Policy

33. Ancient Olympics @ University Of Pennsylvania Museum Of Archaeology & Anthropolo
Multimedia article.
when were

the first Games
were the athletes
amateurs or pros
... sources/credits Olympic Links
The Official Website of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games

The Official Website of the Olympic Movement

Ancient Olympics Virtual Museum

... Our Web Exhibits want more?
w ere the ancient games better than ours? More fair and square? More about sports and less about money? Are modern games more sexist? More political? Have we strayed from the ancient Olympic ideal? During this Olympic season, you may hear from announcers, critics, commentators and even athletes that the Olympic games are too commercial, too political, too "professional." Or that the judging is too nationalistic. It's easy to assume that the ancient Olympic Games were different, that ancient Greek athletes were pure in mind and body, that they trained and competed for no other reason than the love of physical exercise, fair competition and to honor their gods. But
is this
really true?

34. Sydney Olympic Games Information
image GamesInfo image GamesInfo image GamesInfo image GamesInfo image Welcome to Gamesinfo, the archived sites from the Sydney 2000 Olympic Paralympic Games.

Australia A-Z
Sports Games Venues
Torch Relay

Australia A-Z
Sports Games Venues
Torch Relay
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Information on the Clogging portion of the AAU Junior olympic games, including competition rules and results.
AAU JUNIOR OLYMPIC GAMES AAU HOME CLOGGING "Uniting the Art of Dance With the Athletics of Dance" HOW TO QUALIFY (new Qualifications) QUALIFIED TEAMS RULES CONFIRMED TEAMS COMPETITION SCHEDULE ENTRY PACKET PLEASE READ!) HOTEL ... JUDGES (2004 Judges) AAU CLOGGING BOARD EMAIL US AAU JUNIOR OLYMPICS GAMES COMPLETE HANDBOOK 2003 AAU JUNIOR OLYMPICS RESULTS ... 2004 AAU JUNIOR OLYMPIC GAMES The AAU has formed an alliance with the four clogging organizations throughout the country to provide an opportunity for Cloggers to compete in the AAU JUNIOR OLYMPIC GAMES as a dance form and help Unite the artistry of dance with the athletics of dance. CLOGGING ORGANIZATIONS AMERICA ON STAGE AMERICA'S CLOGGING HALL OF FAME CLOGGING CHAMPIONS OF AMERICA

Celebrating the history and spirit of the olympic games.
The symbol of the union of sport, art and culture - exhibitions, events, shows, seminars, conferences, concerts...
A universe filled with history and emotion.

37. Olympics -
Click here.). The olympic games Winter 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Information on the 2000 olympic games in Sydney, Australia.
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The Olympic Games: Winter 2002 in Salt Lake City, Utah Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, was where the year 2002 Winter Olympics were held. For information on Utah, click here . For a page on Utah's flag, click here The year 2002 Winter Olympic Games are being held in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. The opening ceremonies were on February 8, 2002. The closing ceremonies were on Sunday, February 24, 2002. The events in the Winter Olympics include: ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating, snowboarding, luge, bobsleigh, skeleton (a type of sledding), curling, cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing, slalom, downhill (Alpine) skiing, ski jumping, Nordic combined (skiing plus ski jumping), and biathlon (skiing and shooting). The Flag of the Olympic Games The flag of the Olympic Games has five interlocking rings (blue, yellow, black, green, and red) on a white ground. The rings represent the five parts of the world that were joined together in the Olympic movement: Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. The motto of the Olympic Games is "Citius, altius, fortius" (meaning "Faster, higher, stronger" in Latin).

38. Georgia International Horse Park
Served as the site for the 1996 olympic games equestrian events. Offers a worldclass venue for all equestrian events, breed shows, and competitions. Provides a map of the park, information on equestrian facilities, stadiums, and rider accommodations.

39. Steve Redgrave
The official site of the Olympic Gold medalist in five consecutive olympic games, including Sydney.

The olympic games in the Ancient Hellenic World A Virtual MuseumWe are starting a new site collecting thoughts and concerns about the modern olympic games, and would value your input. Please follow

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