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  1. Dying to Win: Doping in Sport And the Development of Anti-doping Policy by Council of Europe, Barrie Houlihan, 2003-12-31
  2. Advances in sports nutrition: examining fat loss and muscle mass accretion as major drivers in the sports nutrition market.: An article from: Nutraceuticals World by Jeff Feliciano, Luke Bucci, 2003-05-01
  3. Banning doping in sport: an impossible dream.(the last word): An article from: CrossCurrent - The Journal of Addition and Mental Health by Catherine Carstairs, 2004-12-22
  4. Sports nutrition trends: there is a lot of activity in the sports nutrition market and experts predict that it will continue to experience healthy growth ... An article from: Nutraceuticals World by Marie Spano, 2005-07-01
  5. Coming clean: Bob Costas, one of the first to speak out about the use of performance-enhancing drugs in baseball, shares his latest views on the subject.(KNOW ... An article from: The Sporting News by Ken Rosenthal, 2005-06-10
  6. The misuse of drugs in horse racing: A survey of authoritative information on medication of race horses by Robert O Baker, 1978
  7. Therapeutic Medications in Sports Medicine by Malissa Martin, William N. Yates, 1998-06
  8. Construction d'un probleme public autour du dopage et reconnaissance d'une specialite medicale public issue ''dope in sports'' [An article from: Sociologie du travail] by C. Brissonneau, O. Le Noe,
  9. Fabrizio Santos: "I never take a drug in my life!".(Heads_Santos): An article from: Thrasher
  10. Steroids in sports: a race between cheaters and those who wish to prevent them.: An article from: Earth Focus One Planet-One Community by Justin Divney, 2007-03-22
  11. The Crooked Path to Victory: Drugs and Cheating in Professional Bicycle Racing (Cycling Resources) by Les Woodland, 2003-07
  12. Sport and Exercise Pharmacology by Stan Reents, 2000-07
  13. Performance Enhancing Medications and Drugs of Abuse
  14. Faust's Gold: Inside The East German Doping Machine by Steven Ungerleider, 2001-06-09

81. Coping With Drugs And Sports
Coping With drugs and sports By Elizabeth Ann Nelson Many teens turnto steroids to enhance their athletic performance, unaware

82. Topics In Sport - Drugs
Chief executive of the Australian sports Drug Agency, Natalie Howson, discussesnot only how we combat the new wave of drugs, but also the growing cynicism
Drugs in Sport
Other Topics

Looking for Sport Information?

INTRODUCTION The Australian Sports Commission assists National Sporting Organisations to develop anti-doping policies and apply the policies in cases of alleged doping offences. The Australian Sports Drug Agency is responsible for drug testing, education and the development of anti-doping systems. Agency services include the Drugs in Sport Handbook, Hotline and Wallet card which provide athletes with information on the status of medications in sport. More information on these products and contact information can be found through the ASDA website. World Anti Doping Code The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has developed a World Anti-Doping Code (WADC) to promote and coordinate world-wide efforts against doping in sport through the harmonisation of doping control. The WADC will provide the framework for effective anti-doping rules and programs and is based on the key principles supporting the fight against doping in sport. An integral process in the development of the World Anti-Doping Code (WADC) is consultation with all stakeholders. With the release of Draft 1 of the Code, WADA has invited and encouraged all stakeholders to conduct their own consultation process.

83. Do Drugs Enhance Sports? - Daily Iowan - Sports
Do drugs enhance sports?, point/counterpoint, Daily Iowan, a newspaperof University of Iowa. Do drugs enhance sports? point/counterpoint.
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Do drugs enhance sports?
Published: Tuesday, February 25, 2003 YES:
The talk about baseball's death was deafening in the years following the strike of 1994. The national pastime might not have stood up from its debilitating wheelchair without a boost from Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire.
Accordingly, these two athletes likely required modern-day supplements to reach beyond the mark of Roger Maris.
Sosa went through a miraculous physical change throughout the mid-90s, putting on extra muscle. To obtain mass that swiftly, a supplemental aid stronger than the Flintstones vitamins Sosa reportedly used must have been involved.
The year after 1998's home-run race, Mark McGwire publicly admitted to using creatine, a legal supplement. Sosa stands by his Flintstones story.
Maris' record was destroyed by two athletes performing to the peak of human ability. It was supplements that made the home-run race possible, at least in the case of McGwire.

84. Sport
The Manchester United and England defender missed a drugs test on 23 September and disparitiesbetween FA policy and those of many other sports, with athletics

85. Drugs In Sport | Drug Use In Sport
genetics sports performance drugs Genetics and Performance Now scienceis getting to the long and the short of how genes influence performance
drugs in sport
Drugs in sport
Use the following Drugs pages to legally improve your speed, strength and stamina. Alternatively, click on a different category on the left or 'search the library'.
Alpha lipoic acid and acetyl L-carnitine: could alpha lipoic acid and acetyl L-carnitine combine to form the Elixir of Life?
Zinc supplements and athletes' immune systems
Conjugated linoleic acid: is conjugated linoleic acid really a magic route to fat loss and a healthy old age?
Pseudoephedrine and phenylpropanolamine: ephedrine decongestants are not ergogenic
Ibuprofen muscle soreness: Does Ibuprofen reduce the painful effects of delayed-onset muscle soreness?
Vitamin C: post-exercise Vitamin C does not aid recoveryf rom delayed-onset muscle soreness
Steroid side effects: steroid side effects may persist after withdrawal
Dietary Supplements
Ergogenic Aids - Oxygen Supplementation
Ergogenic Aids: Nasal Strips How Creatine Can Prevent Mental Fatigue Swimming Stroke Technique Training: Here's an overview of the basics of technique for all strokes (plus a bit extra) and specific training needs Chronotype and Performance: More research on the larks and the owls Gender verification at the Olympics Creatine and endurance athletes - The correct dose of creatine can help endurance athletes - without making them gain weight Factors modifying creatine accumulation in human skeletal muscle Women suffer most muscle damage after strenuous exercise HMB supplement benefits may not be so significant for trained athletes

86. SummaryofNCAARegulations20020004
drugs All sports If the Reinstatement. Bylaw Non-NCAAathletics organization positive drug test - All sports If
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Drugs - All sports:
If the NCAA tests you for the banned drugs listed in Bylaw and you test positive (consistent with NCAA drug-testing protocol), you will be ineligible to participate in regular-season and postseason competition for one calendar year (i.e., 365 days) after your positive drug test and you will be charged with the loss of a minimum of one season of competition in all sports. A policy adopted by the NCAA Executive Committee establishes that the penalty for missing a scheduled drug test is the same as the penalty for testing positive for the use of a banned drug. You will remain ineligible until you retest negative and your eligibility has been restored by the NCAA Committee on Student-Athlete Reinstatement. [Bylaw]
Non-NCAA athletics organization positive drug test - All sports:
If you test positive for banned substances by a non-NCAA athletics organization, you must notify your director of athletics regarding the positive drug test. You also must permit the NCAA to test you for the banned drugs listed in Bylaw 31.2.3. 1. If the result of the NCAA drug test is positive, you will lose all remaining eligibility during the season in which you tested positive and an additional season of competition.

87. Random Mutterings...: Lance On, Drugs And Sports.
March 06, 2004. Lance on, drugs and sports. Check program.Screw the players unions because drugs can ruin sports.
Random mutterings...
March 06, 2004
Lance on, drugs and sports.
Check out Lance's interview on . There's some pretty interesting stuff in there including Lance's open letter to the director of the World Anti-Doping Agency, his leadout for US Postal sprinter Max Van Heeswijk win in stage 3 of the Tour of Murcia, and how his year is going so far. Interesting note: In 45 racing days, Lance was tested 22 times. He's probably one of the most tested athletes in the world, as he should be since he's the most dominant cyclist (if not endurance athlete) in the world right now. Given the current steriod scandals in the US right now, the athletes and the sports leagues in the US should take this as an example and plan out a more comprehensive drug testing program. Screw the players unions because drugs can ruin sports. Just as I wouldn't respect Lance if he was a doper and I wouldn't respect Barry Bonds or Mark McGuire or any other athlete here if they were dopers. Who cares if Barry hit 72 or McGuire hit 60+, if they doped, they didn't get to their achievements in a fair manner. TrackBack
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88. Drugs And Sports -
drugs and sports Jämför priser, frakt och leveranstiden på böcker i svenska ochutländska Internetbutiker. drugs and sports ISBN 1410903397.
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Drugs and Sports
Clive Gifford

Raintree/Steck-Vaughn October, 2003 Paperback
ISBN: Jämförelsekorgen
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89. Comedy Sports News, Spoof Sport Stories, Football Satire And Sporting Madness -
drugs IN SPORT the truth With drugs an increasing part of modern sport, we askedan expert to test the effects of recreational drugs on various sports.
news parody, satire, topical comedy, sport, football, celebrity stars and fashion - wreckered - the UK's leading comedy newspaper printed in scotland home archive sitemap advertise ... about us Edition # 8
World news through our eyes frontpage newsbox yourwreck sports lifestyle motoring stars SEX OLYMPICS
Olympic sports mandarins are assessing sex as an Olympic event. Following the success of the recent Amsterdam Sex Olympics, the IOC is giving consideration for calls to make sex an official Olympic event.
Jan Weuters, head of the IOC steering committee admitted that colleagues have been studying video tapes and DVDs of the Amsterdam event. Said Weuters, " With synchronised swimming and ballroom dancing now part of the Olympic curriculum, it may only be a matter of time before sexual activity is recognised as a genuine sport".
While the IOC is reluctant to release details, it is believed that the proposal contains suggestions for a so-called "Sexathon" whereby international teams would compete in a knock-out tournament of three rounds, comprising tests of duration, orgasm volume and a freestyle event.
Spectator friendly
Supporters of the proposal cite criteria such as stamina, style and artistic content and point to the global popularity of sex not only as a hobby among consenting adults, but as a genuine and inclusive spectator friendly event. Further, say activists, sex fulfils The Olympic Truce resolution, "Building a peaceful and better world through sport and the Olympic Ideal".

90. Drenched In Drugs
The lists of drugs banned in various sports run into thousands of compounds including food supplements as well as prescription drugs commonly used for
Update Drenched in drugs
Beyond biking

Blood doping
'roid rage
Gasping for air, Marco Pantani shows winning form in the Giro d'Italia. Unfortunately, his blood showed signs of doping, and he was heaved from the 1999 race. Photo by Kai Uwe Bohn and courtesy of Bill Mitchell
Another Tour de Pharmaceuticals?
1 JULY 1999.
Pantani, the best hill-climber in the business showed signs but no proof of a banned drug that stimulates the growth of red blood cells. These cells ferry oxygen to the muscles. To an endurance bike racer, red cells are more critical than a hot bike or a rich sponsor. The problem with the drug in question is this: too many blood cells make the blood too thick, leading to deadly clots. Pantani, humiliated, says he won't start the Tour de France on July 3. The Tour is cycling's toughest and most prestigious race, a grueling 21-day marathon across more than 2,200 miles of French countryside and Alpine peaks that would make the average cyclist puke or hitchhike. Last year, Pantani won a Tour that most fans want to forget. In 1998, the widespread eagerness to swallow or inject performance-enhancing chemicals caused the removal of seven teams. Rather than traditional sprints across finish lines, television news featured arrests and cars crammed with banned drugs.
Things may not be a whole lot more promising this year. In late May, the French Cycling Federation said half of the 134 pro riders active in France showed in their urine signs of one kind of doping or another. As of this writing, two teams have already been ejected from the 1999 Tour.

91. The Physician And Sportsmedicine: Psychoactive Drugs And Athletic Performance
Clin sports Med 1992;11(2)379401; Eichner ER Ergolytic drugs in medicineand sports. Am J Addiction 1992;1 100-114; Brukner P drugs in Sport.
Psychoactive Drugs and Athletic Performance
Thomas L. Schwenk, MD
THE PHYSICIAN AND SPORTSMEDICINE - VOL 25 - NO. 1 - JANUARY 97 In Brief: Some psychoactive drugs have actual performance-enhancing side effects. However, many actually decrease performance, primarily because of adverse cardiovascular effects and impaired judgment. Athletes and nonathletes alike may be knowingly or unknowingly exposed to psychoactive substances if they use over-the-counter, recreational, or prescription drugs. Many national and international sports federations ban or limit psychoactive drug use. The physiologic actions of psychoactive drugs and their use by high school and college athletes are discussed here. P sychoactive drug use by high school and college athletes is extraordinarily common. A survey of Chicago area high school athletes (table 1) (1) revealed use of various over-the-counter and prescription medications as well as legal and illegal psychoactive drugs. Anabolic steroids, which have received considerable attention in the sports medicine literature, were used relatively infrequently. A more recent study of varsity-level college athletes in the Midwest showed similar results (2), in particular high utilization of smokeless tobacco; alcohol, including binge drinking; and marijuana. At least one study (3) showed that the use of alcohol by athletes was greater than that by sedentary college students. Table 1. Prevalence of Psychoactive Drug Use Among 1,117 Male High School Athletes in the Chicago Area

92. Drugs In Sport News
drugs in Sport News May 2004. drugs in Sport review of 2003 A selection ofthe more interesting articles that appeared on drugsInSport during 2003.
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Drugs in Sport News June 2004 Balco founder 'to name' athletes on steroids [04/06/04] The United States Olympic team's preparations for the games in Athens, already mired in a steroid-abuse scandal, plunged towards crisis last night as it emerged that the founder of a supplements laboratory is ready to expose several leading US athletes who used illegal drugs [Guardian, UK] USADA Turns Focus to Sprinter Montgomery U.S. doping officials have turned their focus to sprinter Tim Montgomery, meeting with his attorney Wednesday as part of their investigation into the BALCO steroid scandal [New York Times, USA] Doping Cases May Stay Open Beyond Deadline Though U.S. Anti-Doping Agency officials are working hard to determine whether to bring charges against athletes suspected of performance-enhancing drug violations before the July 9-18 U.S. Olympic team trials in track and field, the agency might not close all of its cases before that deadline, USADA Director of Legal Affairs Travis T. Tygart said yesterday [Washington Post, USA] Subscribe to our mailing list: To receive the latest ' Drugs in Sport ' news by E-mail on a fortnightly basis please enter your E-mail address below:

93. Drugs In Sport International Summit: Home
The International drugs in Sport Summit is an international meeting of governmentministers responsible for sport, hosted by the Australian Minister for Sport

94. Coward White Now Out To Reduce Her Time
sports talkshow hosts and indignant civic critics blabber feverishly about the horrorsof sold-out Wrigley Field and the circus that is Wrigleyville infested
Home News Sports Business ...
Coward White now out to reduce her time
Kelli White man, does she have a body. Delts by Bowflex. Abs by U.S. Steel. Quads by Zeus. It's funny to discover the sculpted, now-disgraced 2003 world champion in the 100 and 200 meters goes only 5-4, 135 pounds. The muscle machine who draped herself in the American flag after those historic double wins at Stade de France in Paris looked so much bigger in her skintight running suit. Guess that's what drug-assisted, ultra-low body fat and ultra-high definition can do for a woman. White finally was busted by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency on Wednesday and suspended for two years from all track competition. Actually, what happened was that White finally decided to stop lying and admitted what had been alleged for some time, and even documented by recent evidence: that she has taken performance-enhancing drugs to get to the top. She is part of the BALCO laboratory federal investigation, the one that keeps unwinding like a rolling ball of string. BALCO came up with a new designer steroid called THG a while back, and combined with a who's-who client list of renowned athletes and a total lack of moral compunction, the shuttered company has become the epicenter of the drug scandal that threatens the dimming integrity of not only Olympic sports, but major-league baseball and the NFL.

95. Drugs In Sport
Volume 5(6) April, 2000. drugs IN SPORT. This sixth issue of Volume 5 of CoachingScience Abstracts reviews articles concerned with drugs in sport.
Volume 5(6): April, 2000
This sixth issue of Volume 5 of Coaching Science Abstracts reviews articles concerned with drugs in sport. The entries in this issue have served as a resource for the editor when trying to understand this complex and undesirable phenomenon. It is far from being exhaustive of the topic. Other resources that are related to this issue's topic are as follows: This table also includes a link to the IOC web site that lists all banned substances. That site can be viewed or downloaded. To read or copy the contents, it is necessary to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your machine.
    Dr. Larry Weisenthal, Personal communication, (1999)
    Click this link for a downloadable list presented in Adobe Acrobat format
    Dr. Kaz Latven, (1995). Nichols Institute Substance Abuse Laboratory, Mission Valley, San Diego
  • 96. Drug In Sport - Summit Information
    INTERNATIONAL drugs IN SPORT SUMMIT. In the Jackie Kelly, MP, launcheda comprehensive Tough on drugs in Sport strategy. This strategy
    INTERNATIONAL DRUGS IN SPORT SUMMIT In the lead up to the 2000 Olympics, the Australian Government has reaffirmed its continuing commitment to taking a leading role in tackling drugs in sport issues. In May 1999, the Australian Minister for Sport and Tourism, the Hon. Jackie Kelly, MP, launched a comprehensive Tough on Drugs in Sport strategy . This strategy includes a range of interdependent initiatives aimed at deterring the use of banned performance enhancing drugs in sport. The International Drugs in Sport Summit is a major element of Tough on Drugs in Sport. The International Drugs in Sport Summit
    The International Drugs in Sport Summit is an international meeting of government ministers responsible for sport. It is hosted by the Australian Minister for Sport and Tourism and held from 14 - 17 November, 1999, at the Sheraton on the Park Hotel, Sydney, Australia. Summit aims
    The Australian Minister for Sport and Tourism has identified a number of aims for the International Drugs in Sport Summit. These are to:

    97. Globe Of Blogs ::: Browse By Weblog Topic ::: Activism ::: Drugs In Sports
    Globe of Blogs Browse by Weblog Topic Activism drugs inSports. Clericuzio clericuzio (http//

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    99. Adis
    In addition to producing a range of specialized drug information products, Adisworks closely with you to provide strategic and tactical support for all your
    arMenu1 = new Array( "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", 'About Adis','page.asp?objectID=145',0, 'Wolters Kluwer','page.asp?objectID=34',0, 'Wolters Kluwer International Health and Science','page.asp?objectID=144',0) arMenu2 = new Array( "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", "", 'Argentina','page.asp?objectID=150',0, 'Brazil','page.asp?objectID=119',0, 'France','page.asp?objectID=124',0, 'Germany','page.asp?objectID=125',0, 'Hong Kong','page.asp?objectID=151',0, 'Italy','page.asp?objectID=152',0, 'Japan','page.asp?objectID=122',0, 'New Zealand','page.asp?objectID=147',0, 'Spain','page.asp?objectID=120',0, 'United Kingdom','page.asp?objectID=123',0, 'United States of America','page.asp?objectID=121',0) Adis International is a company whose enthusiasm and vision match your own. Working in partnership with you in the global healthcare market, Adis' highly skilled professionals deliver unparalleled service by combining energy and knowledge with expertise, insight and flair. We strive to set new standards and pioneer new ideas. Adis provides total communications solutions for the pharmaceutical and related industries. In addition to producing a range of specialized drug information products, Adis works closely with you to provide strategic and tactical support for all your healthcare communications needs.

    100. Advertising Age
    signed a threeyear agreement to title sponsor the PGA Tour s Western Open and isexpected to brand the golf tournament with its Cialis drug, executives close

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