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         Athletes:     more books (100)
  1. Fixing Your Feet: Prevention And Treatments for Athletes by John Vonhof, 2006-07-30
  2. Darwin's Athletes: How Sport Has Damaged Black America and Preserved the Myth of Race by John Hoberman, 1997-11-03
  3. What Athletes Are Made Of
  4. College Admissions for the High School Athlete by Jack Disalvo, Theresa Foy Digeronimo, 2001-05
  5. Ryan Howard (Amazing Athletes) by Jeff Savage, 2008-02
  6. The Female Athlete's Body Book : How to Prevent and Treat Sports Injuries in Women and Girls by Gloria Beim, Ruth Winter, 2003-04-02
  7. Build A Better Athlete: 16 Gymnastic Exercises for Your Horse by Leslie Webb, 2006-10-23
  8. Keeping Your Kids Out Front Without Kicking Them From Behind: How to Nurture High-Achieving Athletes, Scholars, and Performing Artists (Psychology) by Ian, M.D. Tofler, Theresa Foy DiGeronimo, 2000-10-01
  9. How to Be Like Women Athletes of Influence: 32 Women at the Top of Their Game and How You Can Get There Too (How to Be Like Series) by Pat Williams, 2007-10-15
  10. Shaquille O'Neal (Amazing Athletes) by Ross Bernstein, 2004-11
  11. Feeding the Young Athlete: Sports Nutrition Made Easy for Players and Parents by Cynthia Lair, 2002-08-08
  12. College Athletes for Hire: The Evolution and Legacy of the NCAA's Amateur Myth by Allen L. Sack, Ellen J. Staurowsky, 1998-07-30
  13. Mental Training for Peak Performance: Top Athletes Reveal the Mind Exercises They Use to Excel by Steven Ungerleider, 2005-09-15
  14. Dual Role: A Success Plan for Student-Athletes by Elwood III Scales, 2003-12

61. MediaETHIOPIA - Ethiopian Athletic Legends
Ethiopian athletes The Abebe Bikila Message Board for Ethiopian athletes Airyour views, congratulate the athletes, see more information and more.
Ethiopian Athletics Legends Abebe Bikila Mammo Wolde Miruts Yifter Derartu Tulu ... Message Board for Ethiopian Athletes Ethiopian Athletes: In the second part of the 20-th century, many of Ethiopia’s proudest moments had come when one of her children won a major international athletics competition. The legendary Abebe Bikila gave humanity lasting images of triumph, humbleness and victory. Who will forget the site of this man running bare-foot in the cobbles of Rome-totally unexpected and unassuming-only to win the most prestigious of all running feats, the Marathon? How about the Mexico City Olympics of 1968 when injury sidelined Abebe? Sport writers and broadcasters had ruled about a victory by an Ethiopian when the light-hearted but brave Mamo Wolde run the race of his life to bring the Gold medal to his country. How about Derartu Tulu and her victory lap in Barcelona in 1992? Ethiopia’s green, yellow and red flew high and tall in beautiful Barcelona and a legend was born. The mind races to Atlanta in 1996. A hot and humid day and the women’s marathon. Who had expected the humble but strong-as-steel Ethiopian queen by the name of Fatuma Roba to lead the race almost unchallenged all the way to the finish line?

62. Team Hammer
Canadian racing team formed from Team Skreeming Fury and Team Adventure athletes. Racing schedule, biographies, race results, photos and sponsor list. Links to Adventure training and orienteering.

63. NCAVA.ORG - National Coalition Against Violent Athletes
Our purpose is to educate the public on a variety of issues regarding athletes andviolent behavior, while also providing support to the victims, including but

64. Athletes And Eating Disorders
AAP outlines medical concerns for female athletes An updated policy from the AmericanAcademy of Pediatrics stresses that while exercise is important and
AAP outlines medical concerns for female athletes
An updated policy from the American Academy of Pediatrics stresses that while exercise is important and should be promoted in girls for health and enjoyment, pediatricians should be aware of health problems that may occur in female athletes. The policy covers important health issues that impact female athletes including disordered eating, menstrual dysfunction and decreased bone mineral density (osteoporosis). The original AAP statement on female athletes only addressed menstrual dysfunction, also called "amenorrhea." Coming to terms UConn's Ralph struggled with eating disorder
Connecticut basketball star Shea Ralph struggled with anorexia nervosa, which depleted her to the point that she needed help getting out of bed. After a knee injury in 1997, Ralph said, she was afraid she would gain weight. "I flipped," Ralph said in Sunday's Hartford Courant. "And I just didn't eat." Exercise excess? Experts say there can be too much of a good thing
Jessica Weiner’s exercise routine was unlike that of most 14-year-olds, an age when many girls drift away from exercise. Weiner spent four to six hours every day working out. She devoted the wee hours of the morning to the gym, returning after school to take a turn on every exercise machine. “Bike, treadmill, stair machine, weights — you name it, I did it,” she says.

65. Judo For Blind Athletes
Information about Judo competition for blind athletes from the most comprehensiveJudo site on the net with complete references on Judo history, principles
Judo for Blind Athletes
For more information see:
Return to the Judo Information Site or Do Judo! now
For more information about visually impaired Judo competition in the U.S. please email Walter Dean Neil Ohlenkamp Encino Judo Club and

66. - Women In Sports Women's Sports
A site dedicated to providing role models of women athletes that validate women's accomplishments and perpetuate a new vision of women's abilities, autonomy and self determination.
Women will find the courage and daring to follow their goals.
Women in Sports is dedicated to providing role models of women athletes that validate women's accomplishments and perpetuate a new vision of women's abilities, autonomy and self determination. Women will find the courage and daring to follow their goals.
NEW Forum to talk about Women in Sports.
Ask questions. Provide answers. Plus much, much more.... Do you need to talk to other athletes?
Do you want advice from other women about sports?
The Women in Sports Forum is just what you need. Resources
Send Feedback!

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67. SportsMed Web -- Health Info For Athletes
The SportsMed Web is an educational project designed to provide health informationfor athletes. Photos. Collection of pictures of athletes in action.
Welcome to the
SportsMedWeb (TM)
The information source for sports medicine
This project is a non-profit, educational site designed for endurance athletes.
Health, nutrition, and training information for athletes Photos Collection of pictures of athletes in action Links Other web sites of interest Last update Sun, Feb 15, 2004

68. UW Triathlon Team
An allinclusive team for student athletes to train and learn from each other. News, workout schedule, and links.
The UW Triathlon Team website has moved to
Please update your bookmarks.
If your browser is not automatically redirected, click here

69. Creatine Supplementation In Athletes: Review
Creatine Supplementation in athletes Review. by Mark A. Jenkins, MD. TheATPcreatine system is not important for endurance athletes.
Creatine Supplementation in Athletes: Review
by Mark A. Jenkins, MD
If you haven't yet heard of creatine supplementation you soon will. It is being promoted as a muscular performance enhancer, and there is scientific evidence to support this. Unfortunately, claims have escalated beyond science, and now athletes from a wide variety of sports have begun taking this substance. The pursuit of performance enhancing potions has historically been like the alchemists dreams turning lead into gold. Too often the latest fad turns out to do nothing or is harmful. Although creatine supplementation offers short-term limited benefits, whether or not it is harmful long term has yet to be fully determined.
Physiology of creatine in exercise
The key to understanding creatine supplementation is to appreciate that it only helps with certain activities. A basic review of what creatine is, and how it is used in the body will help you understand how supplementation might be beneficial. First, the basics. Muscle cells generate mechanical work from an energy liberating chemical reaction ATP is split into ADP and P (phosphate). ATP can be used by muscle cells very quickly, but there is only an extremely limited supply usually only enough for a few seconds of high intensity work. When the ATP is gone, work stops. Fortunately, the body has several ways to convert ADP back to ATP. The fastest method is to move the phosphate group off of phosphocreatine and onto ADP. This yields ATP which is immediately available for muscular work and creatine. There is enough phosphocreatine to keep ATP levels up for several more seconds. So at this point we've moved from 2 - 3 seconds of all-out work (ATP) to almost 10 seconds (ATP + creatine). The body can recharge creatine back to phosphocreatine, but this takes time (approximately 30 - 60 seconds). This ATP + creatine system makes up the fastest component of the anaerobic system, and is most used by power athletes. A good example is trench warfare in football (i.e., 6 seconds of all out force, followed by 45 seconds of standing around).

70. Index
Created in 1980 to help Highland Games competitors keep up with each other and to provide more structured competition for people.
Welcome to the BHSA/RMSA transitional website. The RMSA's board of directors (of which I am a member) has decided to use this site to help provide timely updates to our members and help move us in the direction of a complete redesign of the RMSA's domain site. I will be updating the site as soon as I receive any new information whether it be regional results, athletic entry forms, schedule updates, or a new volume of our new online newsletter. NEWS UPDATE: June 02, 2004 We just mailed the June issue of the newsletter . Hopefully you have enjoyed February's issue. On this issue we have taken the next step and went to a printer, so you should see a marked improvement in the print quality. We have had great participation from all of the newsletter contributors, thank you all. I hope that everyone is getting a lot of great information from the Pure Power articles ( Pure Power Magazine ) every issue of "Heavies" will feature an article from Pure Power, Plus RMSA members are eligible for a 10% discount on subscriptions. We have nothing but positive things to say about Pure Power and encourage anyone looking for a source for solid training information to take advantage of the discount and get a subscription. Please send in Pictures from around the region and nominations for member profiles and Entry Forms that you would like in the next issue. If anyone has suggestions for future newsletters, please contact one of the

71. ISHOF-International Swimming Hall Of Fame
Honors the achievements of outstanding athletes and contributors in swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming and water safety, and preserves the history of aquatic sports.


Programs and Services
Board of Directors
International Congress
Board of Trustees
Honoree Selection
Map/Driving Directions ISHOF HONOREES Honorees Listed By: Last Name Selection Category Country Class Nomination and Selection Information ISHOF AWARDS Gold Medallion Award Presidential Honor Award ISHOF Service Award Grande Dame Award Paragon Awards Al Schoenfield Media Award G. Harold Martin Award John K. Williams, Jr. International Adapted Aquatics Award Yutaka Terao Award Irving Davids/Captain Roger W. Wheeler Memorial Virginia Hunt Newman International Award MUSEUM Museum Introduction Museum Displays International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame International Masters Swimming Hall of Fame HENNING LIBRARY MUSEUM GIFT SHOP MEMBERSHIP CALENDAR OF EVENTS ... CONTACT US HOME PAGE J.E. Clark Photographics SEE WATER CATCH FIRE The 2004 World Swimming Championships are coming to Indianapolis and Conseco Fieldhouse October 7-11, 2004.

72. Athletes' Stories
athletes Stories. Like their modern counterparts, ancient athletes had a wayof capturing the public s imagination. Begin reading athletes Stories.
Athletes' Stories
Like their modern counterparts, ancient athletes had a way of capturing the public's imagination. Several ancient authors such as Pindar, Pausanias, Strabo, and Dio Chrysostom record the noteworthy exploits of some of the best-known Olympic victors of ancient times.
Philadelphia MS4842
Tondo: seated youth, upper half.
Photograph by Maria Daniels, courtesy of The University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Click below to begin reading about some of the more famous ancient Olympic victors. Begin reading Athletes' Stories Click on any of the names to read about that particular athlete: To read more about these topics, see Further Resources. This exhibit is a subset of materials from the Perseus Project database and is . Please send us your comments

73. Welcome To The Pets Channel
Search for dog names based on gender, letter, or categories, such as actors, athletes, and presidents. Vote for your favorite dog names.
var cimsCid = '21'; var cimsUid = ''; // Tacoda category stamp var dartCatStamp = "petw_petwtool_petwpetnamefind"; Tacoda_AMS_DDC_addPair("dartCatStamp", dartCatStamp);

iVILLAGE'S BEST: setImp('spn,prpl,bnav,0604') Summer Shape Up Self-Tanning Tips setImp('spn,yh,pers,bnav,0604') What Men Think Infertility Treatments
SEARCH: iVillage the Web you are here: iVillage pets tools pet name finder
Breed Selector
Pet Adoption Center Pet Gallery Pet Name Finder ... How Smart Are You? Test Your IQ!
TOPICS Adoption Cats Dogs Living with animals ... Pets A-Z
Cat Breeds
Dog Breeds Chats Pet Experts ... Tools
Pet Gazette iVillage News more newsletters find a name! Ever tried to think of a name and drawn a blank? Browse through this huge listing by category, letter, and gender. It's easy and fun! But where does that name come from? What does it mean? One click of your mouse will lead you to all you need to know. favorite names We want to hear from you. What is your favorite pet name? Place your stamp on the Pet Name Finder by voting or sending in your suggestions. need help?

74. WIAC Men's Basketball
Official site featuring news, conference history, results, standings, and featured athletes.
2003-04 WIAC Season Preview

Team Pages
Athletes of the Week

2003-04 All-Conference Team

2004 WIAC Tournament

2004 NCAA Division III Tournament Bracket
Listen To UW-Stevens Point's Game-Winning Shot To Win The National Title
UW-Stevens Point Uses Buzzer-Beater To Win First National Championship

UW-River Falls' Melzer Named NABC West District Player of the Year, Bowen Named Coach of the Year
Five Named To All-West Region Team UW-Stevens Point Wins Overtime Thriller To Advance To "Final Four" ... All-Time Standings
(Since 1966) Past Team Champions WIAC NCAA Tournament History NCAA Division III Statistics ... National Association of Basketball Coaches Official Basketball of the WIAC UW-Stevens Point 2004 NCAA Division III Champion UW-River Falls 2004 WIAC Champion Back to the WIAC home page (c) 1999 Board of Regents of the

75. USA Gymnastics Online: National Team Athlete Index
HOME . INDEX OF USA NATIONAL TEAM athletes. Bios are posted in AdobePDF format. Download Acrobat Reader for free here. Gymnastics
Bios are posted in Adobe PDF format. Download Acrobat Reader for free here
Gymnastics webmasters: see also " Linking to and copying biographies


FURR, Jason
YIM, Tabitha
Individual Members:



Juniors Junior International Juniors Juniors Class I (Jr. Elites 16-18 years old): ABDULLAH, Taqiy HAAGENSEN, Wesley HELSBY, Derek HORTON, Jonathan ... YAMAUCHI, Tyler Class II (Elite Juniors 14-15 years old: BROOKS, Chris

76. Home Of Athletics
Dedicated to some of the world's greatest athletes, past and present.
var site="sm4loscount"

77. Athletes' Performance Institute
Copyright athletes Performance 2004 Site designedby McAndrewKaps, Inc. Photography by Jorg Badura.

McAndrewKaps, Inc.
Jorg Badura


"Athletes' Performance is the best decision I have ever made with regards to improving and educating myself as an athlete. I just wish I had made it sooner." Mia Hamm Five Athletes' Performance Clients Selected in First Round of NFL Draft
Athletes' Performance Expands to AEG's Home Depot Center in Southern California

Performance Apparel

Training Tools

78. - We Help The Student Athlete Make It To College!
Provides information about the application and recruitment process for collegebound student athletes, including advice from coaches, regulations, and highlighted institutions.
CampusChamps has all the information a student-athlete needs to find a college, apply for admission, and get financial assistance.

79. National Association Of Shooting Sports Athletes
Postal Results Select Month. Match Results Select
Postal Results
Select Month March 2004 February 2004 January 2004 December 2003 November 2003 October 2003
Match Results
Select Match NASSA PTO - 3/04 Texas JOPC - 2004 NASSA PTO - 12/03 NASSA PTO - 9/03 NASSA PTO - 6/03 NASSA PTO - 3/03
(Adobe PDF Format)

80. Full-Length Biographies Of Sports Heroes And Discount Sports Memora
Library of sports biographies, covering the top athletes in the most popular sports.
June 6 Bjorn Borg, 1956
Who else was born today?
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Phil Villapiano
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Who has a better seat for sports history as it unfolds than the men and women who cover the games and the athletes who play them? That's the idea behind JockBio Storytellers, the most recent addition to our impressive library. This feature picks the brains of sportswriters, delving deep into the drama they have witnessed firsthand on the sports world's frontlines. We think that JockBio Storytellers is the perfect complement to JockBio Classic and JockBio Legends, series that breathe life into players who were giants in their day. For indexes of all three, follow the link below. Click here for the complete listing
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