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         Athletes:     more books (100)
  1. Built to Win: The Female Athlete As Cultural Icon (Sport and Culture Series, V. 5) by Leslie Heywood, Shari L. Dworkin, 2003-07
  2. Strength & Power for Young Athletes by Avery Faigenbaum, Wayne L. Westcott, 2000-04
  3. Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports and Why We're Afraid to Talk About It by Jon Entine, 2001-01
  4. Physiological Tests for Elite Athletes: Australian Sports Commission
  5. The ADHD Affected Athlete by Michael E. Stabeno, 2007-02-05
  6. Carly Patterson (Amazing Athletes) by Jeff Savage, 2005-05-30
  7. The High School Athlete's Guide to College Sports: How to Market Yourself to the School of Your Dreams by College Bound Sports, 2005-07-25
  8. The Sports Medicine Bible for Young Athletes by Lyle Micheli, Mark Jenkins, 2001-09-01
  9. Strength Training for Young Athletes by William J. Kraemer, Steven J. Fleck, 2004-10-11
  10. The Ultimate Athlete by George Leonard, 2000-09-30
  11. Draw 50 Athletes: The Step-by-Step Way to Draw Wrestlers and Figure Skaters, Baseball and Football Players, and Many More... (Draw 50) by Lee J. Ames, 1989-04-01
  12. Game Face: What Does a Female Athlete Look Like? by Jane Gottesman, 2003-05-13
  13. Athlete by Howard Schatz, Beverly Ornstein, 2002-10-01
  14. The Student Athlete's Handbook: The Complete Guide for Success by Perry Bromwell, Howard Gensler, 1997-09-25

41. The Athlete's Foot
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42. Athletes For Education
A nonprofit organization of present and former professional athletes, entertainers, business leaders to serve as positive role models. Contains past and upcoming events, purchases, special programs, and celebrity profiles.
SAN DIEGO, CA 92190 PHONE: (619) 583-4955
FAX: (619) 287-0358
No photographs or images may be used from this site without the express written consent of Steven Haynes.

43. Akira's Battle Athletes Gallery
Image gallery from both the OAV and the TV series.
since 18.02.99 Battle Athletes Gallery
If links are broken, use this mirror

please also inform me last update
Log of updates New pictures are in the red border, updated or rescaned are in green. TV Opening Pictures gallery My Battle Athletes page (Russian) Anna's secret gallery MP3 Collection Battle Athletes Media Page updated 5-July-99 I've put my mark on all this pictures, because too many people take them on their pages without asking my permission.
Kanzaki Akari Kris Christpher, Anna Respighi, Tanya Natdhipytadd
Erikku Robatsu, Kanzaki Oozaemon, Karashima Yumika, Kannonji, Midoh Tomoe
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Or you can buy artbook by yourself, scan it, clean it...
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"...If you want to do it, do it now! If not, then leave!"
© Gendo Ikari (Evangelion) LINKS TO OTHER PAGES
New project (28.05.2001):

44. Athletes In Action Canada
News, Vision, Reports, athletes, Opportunities, Contact Us, Donations. In ThisIssue. About AIA. News Vision Reports athletes Opportunities Contact Us Donations.

45. Welcome Home Page Power Player Sports
Site about student athletes in New York State area, who want to maintain their athletic ability and also their education with Sylvan Learning Centers.
Welcome Power Player Sports and Academics We are currently under construction and updating site! Please come back to visit us, we should be up and running within the month. Thank you for your patience! The Heart, The Soul, The Power of Dreams, The Future! That's what it is all about, the future and that is our kids! In today's fast paced world, no one suffers more than the kids, there is no time for them, no nurturing, not enough guidance or positive thoughts. They are on their own, making decisions that kids shouldn't have to make. Playing doesn't come easy, as there is no such thing, its now guns, gangs, cliques, sex, drugs, and alcohol, they face it, every single day. Could you imagine what it must be like being afraid to go to school! It seems as though there are no dreams left for them, what have we done? It's time to give back to our is time to prove that Dreams Have Power! Our mission is that Power Players Sports and Academics, will deliver services that are specifically designed for the needs of student athletes and individually tailored for academic progress. We intend to fulfill this mission by giving extra effort to students in need of basic fundamentals in reading and mathematics, thereby, providing increased opportunity to finish high school and enter college. We are a part of the Community Youth Services industry. Our target market is all student athletes and their parents in the New York State Area

46. Athletes, Coaches, Umpires, And Related Workers
athletes, Coaches, Umpires, and Related Workers. Those athletes who do make itto professional levels find that careers are short and jobs are insecure.
Skip Navigation Links Latest Numbers U.S. Department of Labor
Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook OOH Search/A-Z Index BLS Home Get Detailed Statistics ... Find It! In DOL Printer-friendly version ( HTML PDF
Athletes, Coaches, Umpires, and Related Workers
Nature of the Work Working Conditions Employment Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement ... Sources of Additional Information
Significant Points
  • Work hours are often irregular; travel may be extensive.
  • Career-ending injuries are always a risk for athletes.
  • Job opportunities for coaches, sports instructors, umpires, referees, and sports officials will be best in high school and other amateur sports.
  • Competition for professional athlete jobs will continue to be extremely intense; athletes who seek to compete professionally must have extraordinary talent, desire, and dedication to training.
Nature of the Work About this section Back to Top We are a nation of sports fans and sports players. Interest in watching sports continues at a high level and recreational participation in sports continues to grow. Some of those who participate in amateur sports dream of becoming paid professional athletes, coaches, or sports officials but very few beat the long and daunting odds of making a full-time living from professional athletics. Those athletes who do make it to professional levels find that careers are short and jobs are insecure. Even though the chances of employment as a professional athlete are slim, there are many opportunities for at least a part-time job related to athletics as a coach, instructor, referee, or umpire in amateur athletics and in high schools, colleges, and universities.

47. :: Proathlon : Multisport : Internet ::
Triathlon and multisport news and photos from around the world. Including Hungarian athletes homepages as well as an online shop. English, Maygar
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Home, athletes, athletes Their performance and courage symbolise the Olympic spirit. Seethe profiles of the following athletes GOULD,?Shane?Shane GOULD.


Their performance and courage symbolise the Olympic spirit.
The myth of the hero always emerges from profound emotional experiences. Each Olympian bears a message of sharing, respect and resolve.
Discover more than 250 profiles!
Access the profiles of Olympic heroes by choosing below the first letter of his or her last name.
B C D ...
Heroes search
See the profiles of the following athletes: IVANOV Vyacheslav Rowing (URS) ANDRE Georges Athletics (FRA) KARPPINEN Pertti Rowing (FIN) AGASSI Andre Tennis (USA) CACHO RUIZ Fermin Athletics (ESP) OLYMPIC MEDAL WINNERS To access an athlete's medal tally, you can either search by name or consult the complete results database of Olympic medal winners by using the medal winners search. Medal winners search OLYMPIANS In ancient times, as today, to be an Olympic athlete was a supreme honour. Ancient Olympic champions were looked after by their fellow townsfolk for the rest of their lives, although they also enjoyed the redoubtable honour of fighting in the front line. Today, nearly 100,000 athletes who have competed in the Olympic Games, better known as Olympians, spread the values of Olympism around the world. Learn more TORCH RELAY For the first time, on the occasion of the 2004 Games in Athens, the Relay is taking the Olympic message to all five continents.

49. / .net :: Lo Mejor En Animación Japonesa
Galer­a de im¡genes.

50. This Domain Is Temporarily Not Available.
Scouts boys and girls prep athletes in Illinois and Michigan.
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immediately or risk losing all data on this website. Systems Administrator

51. Athletes And Eating Disorders
Eating disorders continue to be on the rise among athletes, especially thoseinvolved in sports that place great emphasis on the athlete to be thin.
Eating disorders continue to be on the rise among athletes, especially those involved in sports that place great emphasis on the athlete to be thin. Sports such as gymnastics, figure skating, dancing and synchronized swimming have a higher percentage of athletes with eating disorders, than sports such as basketball, skiing and volleyball. According to a 1992 American College of Sports Medicine study, eating disorders affected 62 percent of females in sports like figure skating and gymnastics. Famous gymnasts Kathy Johnson, Nadia Comaneci and Cathy Rigby have come forward and admitted to fighting eating disorders. Cathy Rigby, a 1972 Olympian, battled anorexia and bulimia for 12 years. She went into cardiac arrest on two occasions as a result of it. Many female athletes fall victim to eating disorders in a desperate attempt to be thin in order to please coaches and judges. Many coaches are guilty of pressuring these athletes to be thin by criticizing them or making reference to their weight. Those comments could cause an athlete to resort to dangerous methods of weight control and can do serious emotional damage to the athlete. In sports where the athletes are judged by technical and artistic merit, they are under enormous pressure to be thin, because many of the judges consider thinness to be an important factor when deciding the artistic score. In 1988, at a meet in Budapest, a US judge told Christy Henrich, one of the world's top gymnasts, that she was too fat and needed to lose weight if she hoped to make the Olympic squad. Christy resorted to anorexia and bulimia as a way to control her weight, and her eating disorders eventually took her life. At one point her weight had plummeted as low as 47 lbs. On July 26, 1994, at the age of 22, Christy Henrich died of multiple organ failure.

52. Louisville FCA - Home / What's New
A nonprofit ministry which seeks to instill Godly values in middle school, high school and college athletes and coaches all around the Louisville, Kentucky, area.
F C A is
The central focus of the Bible is Christ God in the flesh. Historically, FCA has emphasized this foundational area of Scripture rather than issues that traditionally divide Christians; the charismatic gifts, systems of prophecy, modes of baptism, church government, sacraments and ordinances, second blessing, gifts of healing, denominationalism and controversial Christian personalities are not addressed in FCA. The local church teaches and defends these doctrines and should be the place these topics are discussed and decided. All questions concerning these issues should be referred to church leaders.
Christ and His work on the cross are the central focus of FCA's mission. Anything that detours us from this course reduces our effectiveness. No issue is worthy of replacing our main focus: Christ and the salvation He offers through faith.
Volunteers were essential in launching FCA and are still a vital link in carrying out the mission. Paid staff have not always been essential to FCA ministry, but volunteers have. As Adult Chapter participants, Huddle coaches, donors or camp participants, volunteers provide the necessary work force to deliver the FCA ministry to coaches and athletes.

53. Welcome To Athletes Edge
athletes Edge is a state of the art Sports Performance Training Facilitydedicated to helping athletes gain the competitive edge.
Athletes Edge is a state of the art Sports Performance Training Facility
dedicated to helping athletes gain the competitive edge. REGISTER FOR OUR

BEFORE MAY 1ST AND SAVE 10%! Programs begin June 14th. Sport Specific Summer Speed, Strength and Conditioning Programs for:

Sessions Begin Monday June 14th We have added to our facility!
Doubled our Strength Training Area
Added another 40X90 Synthetic Turf Field
160 Ft. Speed Zone
Don't forget to check out our regular ACCELERATION and GROUND BASED summer training schedule. For more information call 978-635-0009 or contact:

54. Integrated Sport Solutions
Information and resources on physical preparation strategies for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Join Our


Coaching Group Schedule

For: May
Conference Call Times:
7:45-8:45AM PST
Thursday 7:45-8:45 AM PST Please Dial: Don’t have a passcode? This Months Confidential Interviews: May 12th, 2004 Christian Thibaudeau Not A Coaching Group Member Click Here? HOME Attention readers! If you are looking for our special on our Training and Nutrition Manager click here June 06, 2004 Welcome, My goal for is very straightforward: To help you transform yourself into the best physical specimen you could ever be, and to provide you with strategies you can use to cut through the fitness "fog" and instantly turn your training into a careful systematic "attack" on your body. This targeted attack will take you from mediocre results to results beyond anything you have expected or even hoped was possible for you. What I have done is taken the cutting edge information I use with the World's top athletes and turned it into targeted information that will help everyone from the Elite, Sub-elite, Novice, and Beginner. From fat-loss to strength-gain, I can give you cutting edge research to blow away any plateaus of performance problems you may have.

55. Athletes Online
We have the largest database of High School athletes covering all sportprograms. The TOP RATED Recruiting Service by Student athletes!
OnLine Services

The College Coaches Choice for Athletic Recruiting
Your FREE access to internet communication
with college coaches nationwide!
Why Should I Sign Up? What do other people think of the service? Overview
If you are not sure how to get started: High School Students ....Click over to the Student Sign-Up area and find out how you can get the recruitment odds in your favor by making your Athletic Profile available to college coaches from coast to coast....... or get a quick Overview before you get started. Make sure you browse the Benefits page. If you are already a member, but something has changed....
High School Coaches ......First, Register Yourself in our database, then go out to our Team Registration page and get the players you coach noticed. College coaches ...Search our College Coach Database and find a hot new prospect. We have the largest database of High School Athletes covering all sport programs. Athletes Online is your direct link to college coaches nationwide. This service is available

56. Standing For Virtue, Abstinence And Respect For Life
Life athletes is an association led by over 300 professional and Olympic athleteswho teach and inspire others to live lives of virtue abstinence and respect
Dale Hellestrae
Frank Reich
Garth Jax
Horace Copeland WELCOME



From Our Newest Videos
"Hi Mom!"
"Pressure" "Mike and Will's Not-So-Excellent Adventure" We Have New Equipment! Life Athletes Commitment Card Life Athletes Briefcase Congratulations to Our 2003 Contest Winners John Mara, president of the New York Giants football team, presents Chris Godfrey with the NY Giants Alumni "Man of the Year" award for his work with Life Athletes. Chris Godfrey and Archbishop Sean O'Malley March for Life in Washington, D.C. Join them on January 22, 2004. Call 202-Life-377 (202-543-3377) for more details. Click here to meet our newest members... Click here to visit some new friends... QUESTIONS: contact us at INTERNET SERVICES PROVIDED BY CYBERLINK, INCORPORATED

57. > Home
Specialist endurance sports coaching with Justin Trolle. Training and program prescriptions for Triathlon, Duathlon, Multisport, Swimming, Cycling and Running athletes from beginner through to the elite international athlete.
Enduro Sport Triathlon Duathlon Running Enduro Sport Triathlon Duathlon Running ...
World Duathlon Championships 2004 ...

58. ANRED: Athletes With Eating Disorders
athletes with eating disorders. This section of the ANRED web site contains thefollowing pages. athletes with eating disorders an overview. Statistics.
Athletes with eating disorders
High achieving, competitive people who base their self-worth on performance excellence and winning seem to be at higher risk of developing eating disorders than mellow couch potatoes. This section of the ANRED web site contains the following pages

59. British Athletes On The Web
Directory of fan sites, personal pages and profiles of British athletes (past and present) on the web.
BRITISH ATHLETES ON THE WEB . Please note some of these pages were prepared for specific events, or reside on low-maintenance sites, so may contain outdated/inaccurate information. Statistical summaries of leading UK athletes can also be found on the Tilastopaja Oy BritishAthletics.Info IAAF (major competition subsections) websites. MEN Harold Abrahams [1] (Sprints)
Harold Abrahams [2]
Harold Abrahams [3]
Sidney Abrahams
(Long Jump)
Larry Achike [1]
(Triple Jump)
Larry Achike [2]
(Triple Jump)
Harry Aikines-Aryeetey
Kriss Akabusi [1]

Kriss Akabusi [2]

Kriss Akabusi [3]

Kriss Akabusi [4]
... Adam Akehurst (Javelin) Jim Alder (Marathon) Fred Alsop (Triple Jump) Steve Backley [1] (Javelin) Steve Backley [2] (Javelin) Steve Backley [3] (Javelin) Chris Baillie Sean Baldock Dominic Bannister (Distance) Roger Bannister [1] (Mile) Roger Bannister [2] (Mile) Roger Bannister [3] (Mile) Roger Bannister [4] (Mile) Roger Bannister [5] (Mile) Jon Barbour (Sprints) Spencer Barden (Distance) Jamie Baulch [1] Jamie Baulch [2] Jamie Baulch [3] Jamie Baulch [4] ... Keith Beard (Javelin) Dave Bedford (Distance) Tim Benjamin (Sprints) Todd Bennett Rob Birchall (Distance) Roger Black [1] Roger Black [2] Chris Bolt (Distance) Anthony Borsumato Adam Bowden (Steeplechase) Chris Brasher (Steeplechase) Robbie Brightwell Jon Brown (Marathon) Nick Buckfield [1] (Pole Vault) Nick Buckfield [2] (Pole Vault) Jack Buckner [1] Jack Buckner [2] Mike Bull (Pole Vault) Tim Butt Andy Caine (Distance) Daniel Caines [1] Daniel Caines [2] Daniel Caines [3] Darren Campbell [1] (Sprints)

60. Sports Coach - Athletic Coaching And Training Advice
Brian Mackenzie, the UK's highly experienced senior athletics coach provides fitness and training advice for athletes.
To receive regular free groundbreaking training tips submit your email address
Subscribe to Successful Coaching, the world's No.1 source of advice for
Coaches, Athletes and Sports Science Students
*TeacherNet website says more about our training programs than any words we could ever dream up. We have listed further down in this message a batch of independent testimonials like this one that demonstrate just how effectively guidance and motivation can be delivered through the written word. Making good athletes better As the areas covered in the current issue are key to the success of your athlete, we have included this in your starter pack. The pack is now available on a trial basis at a nominal cost. Try for 60 days So readers of this message can try our advice with the minimum possible risk, we have priced our trial starter pack at just $9.99. This is to cover our administration and processing costs. Please note this special trial offer is open over the next four days only. For this nominal sum you receive a great deal of material: three sample issues and a batch of valuable books and reports with a total value of Click here for full contents of your starter pack.

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