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         Water Polo:     more books (100)
  1. 101 Offensive Water Polo Drills by Peter J. Cutino Sr, Peter J. Cutino Jr, 2001-10
  2. 101 Water Polo Defensive and Conditioning Drills by Peter J. Cutino Sr, Peter J. Cutino Jr, 2001-12
  3. Swimming: Sprints, Medleys, Diving, Water Polo, & Lots, Lots More (Zeke's Olympic Pocket Guide) by Jason Page, 2000-07
  4. Water polo by Gus [from old catalog] Sundstrom, 2010-06-26
  5. The Men of USA Water Polo 2011 Calendar by USA Water Polo, 2010-08-31
  6. Water Polo (Sports from Coast to Coast) by Tracie Egan, 2004-08
  7. SportSpectator Water Polo Guide (Basic Waterpolo Rules and Strategies) by Bryan Jones, 2004-12-15
  8. Water Polo the Y's Way by Chuck Hines, 2008-12-17
  9. UNDERSTANDING WATER POLO by Dante Dettamanti, 2009-10-14
  10. SportSpectator Water Polo Guide: Basic Waterpolo Rules and Strategies by Bryan Jones, 2005-09
  11. Water Polo by Charles F. Cicciarella, 2000-04
  12. The Complete Book of Water Polo: The U.S. Olympic Water Polo Team's Manual for Conditioning, Strategy, Tactics and Rules
  13. How to play water polo
  14. How to Play and Teach Water Polo by Charles Hines, 1969-08

1. United States Water Polo Home Page
water polo NEWS water polo TRIVIAL PURSUIT CONTEST, click here. 05/03/04, 13th Annual Collegiate III Women s water polo National Championships Results.
[ Home ] Donations Drug Education Message Board Membership ...

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... (or type m on Your Keyboard WATER POLO NEWS WATER POLO TRIVIAL PURSUIT CONTEST, click here USA Men Run Away with Second Half Against Greece, 10-5 2004 Women's 20-Under Championship - Day Three, Commerce, CA Azevedo Claims Third Straight Peter J. Cutino Award ... FOX 40

2. FINA Water Polo Rules And Regulations
/* Static Top Menu Script By Constantin Kuznetsov Jr. ( Featured on For full source code and installation instructions to this script, visit */ FINA WATER POLO RULES
NEW RULES 2002-2005
(Table of Contents) WP 1
Field of Play and Equipment
WP 2
Goals ... Email

3. H2O Polo - An Interactive Community For Water Polo Players
H2O Polo is a realtime interactive site for the sport of water polo with daily news, scores and schedules posted by the water polo players, coaches and fans! would build its content every day, a
Welcome to H2O Polo ! When H2O Polo began in 1995 we envisioned a site where the users would build its content every day, a virtual network of water polo correspondents on teams around the world. Thanks to evolution of Web technology, that day is here. Now you, the water polo player and fan have the opportunity to interact, dynamically (in real-time) with this site. We invite you to submit your water polo news and links today! The information you submit will appear on the site immediately! The Player of the Week is traditionally the player who has gone the extra meter to help his or her team win. Yet, this honor can be bestowed for many other worthy deeds, so nominate someone for this prestigious award.
The Eggbeaters Forum
- New Version Released is a crazy, daily compilation of news and commentary from water polo teams and individuals. Featured is everything from team news, scores, team updates and tournament summaries to road trip stories and boasts about big wins.
is our list of other water polo sites on the World Wide Web. Currently, we list collegiate and club teams (in the U.S. and abroad) and water polo resources. We envision this list growing quickly to feature more teams, leagues, etc. Add a link!

4. WH2O Water Polo
Gay, lesbian, and straight masters water polo club based covering the Greater Los Angeles area.
WH O Water Polo is a United States Water Polo Masters team consisting of a variety of men and women water polo enthusiasts. We are one of the oldest water polo teams registered with International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics , and hold the most IGLA Championship titles of any team. Congratulations to WH O Water Polo!
We placed 1st and 3rd in the Open Divsion and 4th in the Women's Division.
IGLA 2003 - San Francisco
All Water Polo and Swim workouts - /month
Visit the Membership page for payment options.
Regular water polo workout schedule Culver City Glassell Park Roosevelt High Thu Sat Sun
Full Team
Women's Team
Full Team
We often have to move or cancel workouts due to the nature of renting time at pools. Please consult the Calendar for any changes to the times and locations of workouts. Check the Maps to help direct you to all pools. All WH2O workouts are open to both men and women. The primary focus of Saturday water polo workouts is the development and training of our women's team. Men are more than welcome to attend Saturday workouts, just as women are welcome, and encouraged, to attend Thursday and Sunday workouts. Join WH2O-waterpolo
for water polo team announcements Last Updated May 13, 2004

5. SF Tsunami Water Polo
SF Tsunami water polo A gay, lesbian and straight-friendly water polo team based in San Francisco, CA. San Francisco Tsunami water polo is a Bay Area based straight-friendly water polo team. We
San Francisco Tsunami Water Polo is a Bay Area based straight-friendly water polo team. We have a large number of players of varying abilities on our active roster and we travel locally and around-the-world to compete, play, and have fun! All players are welcome.
12 teams from all over the US recently converged on the beautiful Soda Aquatic Center to compete in the 3rd Annual Tsunami de Mayo Invitational Water Polo Tournament. In short, competition was absolutely fierce! The level of play was very high as a few teams were in preparation for the upcoming USA Masters Water Polo National Championships. Teams placed as follows: 1. Burlingame Masters, Burlingame, CA (tied 1st and 2nd)

6. EWPRA Home Page
water polo Team Listings
© 1994-2003, EWPRA

7. Water Polo

8. World Wide Aquatics Catalog: Water Polo Links
International links of resources, team, competitions and clubs.
Links for Polo Lovers Go to Our Water Polo Items in our online catalog
(see our new Tyr Predator water polo suit too)
US Water Polo
International Water Polo
College Teams
Olympics and World Competitions
Water Polo Referee Links
Water Polo Coach Links

worldwide water polo news and results, greek championship, european cups, world and european championships.
23 April 2001
The winners of the last edition A.N.C. GLYFADA (GRE) were placed second in the Event, Uralochka ZLATOUST (RUS) and SZENTESI V.K. (HUN) finishing third and fourth respectively.
Two players shared the throne of the top goalscorers, Stavroula Kozompoli (A.N.C. GLYFADA) and Natalia Shepalina (Uralochka ZLATOUST) scoring a total of ten (10) goals each.
The winning team of G.S. Orizzonte CATANIA
Cristina Conti, Yvett Higgins, Marni Colquhoun, Moira Vaccalluzzo, Tania Di Mario, Silvia Bosurgi, Giusi Malato, Cinzia Ragusa, Ann Dow, Maddalena Musumeci, Francesca Pavan, Chiara Brancati, Marina Mure.
Coach: Mauro Maugeri
At its first participation in the European Club Cup Competitins, DUNAUJVAROSI V.S.E. (HUN) took the silver medal, and the home club of Mediterrani BARCELONA (ESP) the bronze. Olympiakos PIRAEUS (GRE), also novice in the Cup, came fourth.
The winning team of SKIF MFP MOSCOW
Marina Akobiia, Galina Rytova, Ksenia Kisseleva, Ekaterina Solodko, Svetlana Kouzina, Anna Klotchkova, Olga Kalkova, Veronika Linkova, Irina Tolkounova, Daria Adeleva, Maria Iaina, Ekaterina Vasselieva, Marina Perevalova.

10. Http:// - Pi³ka Wodna W Polsce - Water Polo In Poland
News, history, clubs, photographs, links, and contacts.

11. Collegiate Water Polo Association
Latest News, Schedules Results, School Profiles, Coaching Resource Information, General Information, Officiating Information, Frequently Asked Questions,

12. UCI Water Polo Unofficial & Original Home Page
UCI water polo. University of California, Irvine Intercollegiate Athletics UCI water polo Pages Index Official UCI WP Home Page. Team Page. Alumni Home Page. Recruiting Info. Newland's Home Page. United States water polo, Inc.
University of California, Irvine Intercollegiate Athletics UCI Water Polo Pages Index Official UCI WP Home Page ...
UCI Women's Water Polo
Revised:Monday, 12-May-97 12:04:41 PDT For more information about UCIWP send e-mail to: Edward H. Newland, Head Coach

Local (Pacific) Time: Wednesday, 26-May-04 15:11:58 PDT This Page has been accessed times since August 15, 1995

13. Introduction To Water Polo
What is water polo? Media Guide Home Page Glossary of Terms Positions in water polo. An Introduction to Rules and Strategy in
USA WATERPOLO 2002 - 2004
What is Water Polo? Media Guide Home Page
Glossary of Terms
Positions in Water Polo An Introduction to Rules and Strategy in Water Polo
Water Polo can be a confusing game for spectators. The whistle is constantly blowing and the play never stops, even when someone is excluded for a penalty. In addition, there are several misconceptions about the game, including how the players keep their horses swimming. Well hang in there, because the following information should help to make the picture much clearer.
The standard course for a Water Polo game is 30 x 20 meters, but non-championship games may be played in a pool not less than 20 x 10 meters. The pool should be all deep, with championship games played in a minimum depth of 2 meters. Goals are positioned at each end of the course. Each team has seven players. Six are field players and one goalkeeper, who guards a .9 meter high by 3 meter wide goal at the end of the field of play.
The object of the game is to throw a ball into the opponent's goal and to prevent members of the opposing team from scoring on your goal.

14. Website Unavailable
Tameside's swimming and water polo club. Teaches youngsters from beginners to competitive standards.

15. 2000 Olympics--Water Polo From WWA
Details the schedule, results, team rosters, biographies, rules, links, how to watch the sport at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.
Schedule and Results Grabbing, holding, kicking, wrestling all while treading water. Sound fun? Water polo is one of the toughest games on the planet and has been an Olympic sport since 1900. This year, women join the party, as Sydney will mark the first time women will compete at the Olympics! See the Water Polo schedule and results About Water Polo
The average water polo player will lose between 5 and 10 pounds during the Olympic tournament, while swimming up to 2 miles per game and dodging balls thrown at 40-50 miles per hour! Look out! Familiar with terms like eggbeating, hole set, and wet shots? Find out more about this awesome sport at our About Water Polo page It's very complicated... learn how to watch a game at our Watch Water Polo page GEAR for Water Polo players Are you inspired by the Olympians? Want to start a training program yourself? See our

16. Water Polo Canada - Gloucester Ontario Canada
water polo Canada. We would like to thank the following funding partners for the support they have provided to develop water polo in Canada.
Water Polo Canada
Unit 12 - 1010 Polytek
Gloucester, Ontario Canada K1J 9H9
(613) 748-5682 (tel) (613) 748-5777 (fax)


We would like to thank the following funding partners for the support they have provided to develop water polo in Canada.
Nous aimerons remercier nos partenaires financiers suivants pour leur soutien dans le développement du water polo au Canada.
Boulevard Travel Unit 12 - 1010 Polytek
Gloucester, ON
(613) 748-5682 (tel)
(613) 748-5777 (fax)

17. Collegiate Water Polo Association

18. Watch Water Polo
How to Watch water polo. The Pool. A water polo pool is 25 or 30 metres by 20 metres, with a minimum one metre area behind each goal line.
How to Watch Water Polo The Pool A water polo pool is 25 or 30 metres by 20 metres, with a minimum one metre area behind each goal line. The 2m, 4m and 7m lines are easily distinguished on the side of the pool by coloured markings: goal line: white; 2m line: red; 4m line: yellow; 7m line: green. The Game Water polo can best be described as contact soccer in a pool, in which athletes use their arms, not their legs, to throw the ball through the opponent's goal. Each team has seven players in the pool at one time, including a goalie whose duties are the same as their soccer and hockey counterparts. They are the only players who may touch the bottom of the pool in defending the three-metre goal area. Goalies are also the only players who may touch the ball with both hands. Play begins with both teams lined up at opposite ends of the pool and the ball held in a ring at the centre of the pool or dropped from the side of the pool by the referee. Teams sprint to the centre in an attempt to gain the first possession. Players may move the ball by passing it through the air or across the water's surface to a teammate, or by carrying the ball while swimming or dribbling. This is similar to dribbling in basketball, except the ball floats on the water's surface as opposed to bouncing on the floor.

19. Australian Water Polo Home Page
Welcome to. AUSTRALIAN water polo Inc. The official website of Australian water polo Inc. This site updated daily. Maintained by Russell
Welcome to AUSTRALIAN WATER POLO Inc. The official website of
Australian Water Polo Inc.
This site updated daily Maintained by Russell McKinnon, AWPI Media Manager, FINA Press Commission Web site design and animation by Mandurah Graphics (08) 9535 8858 Latest news and info on: Sydney 2000 Olympics, Mens World Cup Sydney 99, rules of water polo, about water polo, FINA and swimming, Australian Institute of sport, Australian Water Polo Officers, Western Australia Water Polo, South Australia Water Polo, Tasmania Water Polo, Victoria Water Polo, New South Wales Water Polo, Queensland Water Polo, Northern Territory Water Polo, State Contacts, Clubs in State Associations, Doping policy, how to run a water polo championship, products, merchandise, calendar of events, competitions, National League Water Polo Australia, Australian National Championships, Australian Club Championships, Australian Country Championships, International Championships, Water polo Players, National Teams, Australian Water Polo History.

Has training schedules for swimming, synchro and waterpolo, plus history, fees and news, photographs and results from competition. This Gloucestershire club also has a diving section.



Annual Reports
Founded President - Nigel Jones MP What's new in Synchro? 2004 Fixtures What's new in swimming? Club Championships 400 Results 2004 Fixtures Cotswold League Results What's new in water polo? 2004 Fixtures Western Counties Finals Last Update: 16 May, 2004

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