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         Track And Field:     more books (100)
  1. Peterson Field Guide to Animal Tracks: Third Edition by Olaus J. Murie, Mark Elbroch, 2005-11-10
  2. USA Track & Field Coaching Manual by USA Track & Field, 1999-10-07
  3. Fundamentals of Track and Field-2nd by Gerry Carr, 1999-07-15
  4. Coaching Youth Track & Field by ASEP, 2008-01-02
  5. Bill Bowerman's High-Performance Training for Track and Field (Third Edition) by Bill Bowerman, Bill Freeman, 2008-12-09
  6. High-Performance Training for Track and Field by William J. Bowerman, William H. Freeman, 1990-09
  7. Track & Field Omnibook by Ken Doherty, 2007-01-01
  8. The End of Amateurism in American Track and Field (Sport and Society) by Joseph M. Turrini, 2010-05-13
  9. Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Track & Field (Ultimate Guide to Weight Training...) by Robert G. Price, 2007-03-01
  10. The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Track and Field (The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Sports, 27) (The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training ... Guide to Weight Training for Sports, 27) by Robert G. Price, 2003-06-01
  11. Athletics 2010: The International Track and Field Annual
  12. Track and Field Omnibook by John Kenneth Doherty, 1985-03
  13. Basic Track & Field Biomechanics 2nd Edition by Tom Ecker, 1996-01-01
  14. Peak When It Counts : Periodization for American Track and Field (4th ed) by William H. Freeman, William H. Freeman, 2001-09

1. USA Track & Field
USA Track Field The national governing body for track and field, runnning, and race walking in the United States!

2. American Track And Field
American track and field,
Go to a Publication Near You! americanTRI Athletics Athletes HI Chicago Athlete Colorado Runner Footnotes Inside Texas Running Michigan Runner Midwest Running New England Runner New York Runner Northwest Runner Oklahoma Runner RaceCenter Northwest RunMinnesota Runner Triathlete News Runner's Gazette Running Journal RUNOHIO Silent Sports Tail Winds Washington Running Report
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MAGAZINE Advertise Subscribe eNewsletter Subscribe RUNNING NETWORK MENU National News National Features Training Tips Product Reviews ... Interview with Christian Cantwell Christian Cantwell (photo) CLICK HERE FOR MORE . . . Regional News National News 5-26-04 Top milers competing at Big Blue National Invitational 5-26-04 Christian Cantwell Teleconference Excerpts 5-25-04 Deepest field ever in the Pre Classic Women's 1500 5-25-04 Phillips sets world leader in Mexico ... Andrea Ratkovic's Olympic Training Journal #8 Regional Features Special: Running Network's Spring 2004 Shoe Review Training for Cross Country? Then Click here!

3. Masters Track & Field Home Page
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4. The Masters Track And Field Home Page
This Web site is the world's premier gateway to the world of masters track and field, with meet results, rankings, meet calendars and results, news, opinions, photos and the biggest collection of



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5. Page 1 - DyeStat - The Internet Home Of High School Track
Phil Price's highlights Saturday was a wonderful day for a track meet in OKlahoma. The weather for once was calm but the track and field action was anything but that
  • Page 1 today THIS WEEK - Great state meet action from coast to coast. Bradley Harkrader and Ryan Deak trade wins in CO state meet; Ashley Owens sizzles, Katelyn Kaltenbach triples. Jenny Soceka 12-4 is 2nd best ever in WI.. Coming WEEKLY HONOR ROLL We now have 662 DyeStat Elite performances posted this week, including 160 from the California Southern Section Division Finals and 56 from the Illinois Girls State Meet. NATIONAL RANKINGS New lists as of May 24. Jim Spier's US Top 5, Jim Spier and John Blackburn's Junior National qualifiers, and Bob Gourley's List (hammer). Alan Webb gets "gorilla" off his back.
Team Camp Aug 2-6 DyeStat on-site Next June 3-5 Great Southwest June 5 Golden South June 18-19 AOC Raleigh June 24-27 Jr Nationals
Camp Directory "If your goal is to reach high school runners, there is no better place to advertise than Advertising with not only gave us a broader audience, it noticeably boosted our camp attendance."
Drew Ryun, director
Jim Ryun Running Camps
DyeStat Camp Directory

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THIS WEEK LAST WEEK Weekly Honor Roll ... DyeStatCal - California CAMP DIRECTORY Page 1 pre-Aug 02 THE NIKE LIST
National Leaders
2004 US Outdoor NOTE: Hamdheld times will not be considered for US#1 at 400 meters and below. Marks missing wind readings may also be ignored.

6. EverythingTrack&Field - M-F Athletic Company
Retails apparel and equipment, such as discus, javelins, and pole vault poles.
Keyword or Item # (use only numbers, no "A") Advanced Search Throwing Equipment Jumping Equipment Shoes and Apparel ...
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Looking to improve your performance? To get yourself in tip-top shape? Visit our sister site, Perform Better , and see how much we can do for you!
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TRAINING ZONE Pole Vault High Jump Shot Put Discus ... Hurdles Emphasis on teaching fundamentals is provided in a relaxed atmosphere. Boy’s and Girls build a sound foundation of knowledge in their event so they may continue to improve their performance. More Info YOUR ONLINE TRACK AND FIELD SPECIALIST For more than 40 years, we've been selling products to meet the needs of high school and college track teams. We use our knowledge and consistent performance to please the coach, the athlete and the school alike. We invite you to explore our site and see why we're #1 in the business or call us toll free at 1-888-556-7464. Sign In Help Contact Us About Us ... M-F Athletic Co., Inc. Policies and Procedures

7. HYOGO Track And Field
What's NewI ‹àŒI‹L”O‘I”²—¤ã
” ª‰w“`ƒGƒ“ƒgƒŠ[


ŽQÆF 2002”N“x•ºŒÉŒ§ŠÖŒW‹£‹Z“ú’ö Œ§“àE‚»‚Ì‘¼ƒƒWƒƒ[‘å‰ï‚Ì“ú’ö‚Å‚·B¡‚Ì‚Æ‚±‚댧“à‘å‰ï‚̂݁B¡Œã’ljÁ‚µ‚Ä‚¢‚«‚Ü‚·š Œ§“à‹£‹ZêƒKƒCƒh V’…î•ñ l‹Cƒ‰ƒ“ƒN •ºŒÉŒ§‚¨‚æ‚Ñ—¤ã‹£‹Z‚ÉŠÖ‚·‚éƒTƒCƒg‚̃T[ƒ`ƒGƒ“ƒWƒ“‚Å‚·B‚¨‚·‚·‚߂̃y[ƒW‚ȂǁA‚Ç‚ñ‚Ç‚ñ“o˜^‚µ‚ĉº‚³‚¢Bš Ž›“c“I—¤ã‹£‹ZWEB •ºŒÉŒ§ogŽÒƒAƒhƒŒƒXƒuƒbƒN •ºŒÉŒ§‚Ì’†ŠwA‚Z‚ŁA—¤ã‹£‹Z‚ð‚³‚ê‚Ä‚¢‚½•ûA‚Ü‚½‚ÍŒ»Ý‚³‚ê‚Ä‚¢‚é•û‚̃AƒhƒŒƒXƒuƒbƒN‚Å‚·BV‹K“o˜^‚̍ہAu‚ЂƂ±‚Ɓv—“‚É‚Í ‰½”N¶‚Ü‚êi¼—ïE”¼Špj ‚©‚𖾋L‚µ‚ĉº‚³‚¢B‚Ü‚½AŠwZ–¼‚Í ‚ŁAŠÝ’n‚ÍŽsE‹æ‚ ‚½‚è‚Ü‚Å‚Å‚¨Šè‚¢‚µ‚Ü‚·B ƒTƒCƒg“àŒŸõ –K–âŽÒ” since2001.01
6/29@•ºŒÉ‘IŽèŒ Œ‹‰ÊŒfÚ •ºŒÉ—¤‹¦@70Žü”NŽ NEW •ºŒÉ‚Z—ð‘ã100Œ†‚²ˆÄ“à
NEW ¡”N“x‚ÌŒ§‚Z5000mƒ‰ƒ“ƒLƒ“ƒO‚Å‚·B13•ª‘ä‚©‚ç17A18•ª‘ä‚܂ŃŒƒxƒ‹–â‚킸ŒfÚ‚µ‚Ü‚·B‘å‰ïŒ‹‰ÊA‚²Ž©g‚Ì‹L˜^‚Ç‚ñ‚Ç‚ñ•ñ‚µ‚ĉº‚³‚¢B ‹L˜^•ogZ•ñŒfŽ¦” up •ºŒÉ—¤ã‘IŽè–¼ŠÓ NEW ‚à‚Á‚Ə[ŽÀ‚³‚¹‚Ä‚©‚ç‚ÆŽv‚¢‚Ü‚µ‚½‚ªA‚¢‚‚ɂȂ邩•ª‚©‚ç‚È‚¢‚Ì‚Åup‚µ‚Ü‚µ‚½B‚¢‚«‚È‚èÁ‚¦‚é‚©‚à‚µ‚ê‚Ü‚¹‚ñB‚Ú‚¿‚Ú‚¿XV‚µ‚Ü‚·B ‹¦—ÍŽÒ‘å•åWII Œg‘Ñ—pƒTƒCƒg URL‚ði-mode‚É’Ê’m‚·‚é URL‚ðJ-PHONE‚É’Ê’m‚·‚é ’µ–ô‘IŽè•KŒ©IJumper's BBS
... II î•ñŒðŠ·ROOM NEW •ºŒÉ—¤ãBBS •ºŒÉ—¤ãƒ`ƒƒƒbƒg ŠwZ•ÊŒfŽ¦”Â

8. Raider's Online: Women's Track And Field
Raider women's official site. Outlook, coaching staff, schedule, and roster.

Pictures, news, history, training tips, rankings and results from the world of track and field.

(Picture above L-R: John Carlos setting 100yd World Record of 9.1 at 1969 West Coast Relays in Fresno,CA.)
Visit the John Carlos Website:
NOAH NGENY, captured gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The new Champion at 1500 Meters is the phenomenal Kenyan middle distance star. Noah defeated the great Hicham El Guerrouj, Morocco,(the current World Record holder) to capture the Olympic Gold. Ngeny is also the current World Record Holder for 1000 Meters at 2:11.96. He is one of the fastest 1500/Mile runners of all time. His Olympic winning time for 1500 meters was an Olympic Record performance of 3:32.07 GAIL DEVERS, USA is a two-time Olympic Champion at 100 Meters. Gail won the 100 Meters at both the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games. She is also the 1999 World Champion and American record holder for the 100 Meter Hurdles at 12.37. Marion Jones, 5-Time Olympic Medalist is shown here capturing the 2000 Sydney Olympic 100 Meter Gold Medal. Her gold medal time was 10.75 for 100 meters. She also captured gold at 200 meters with a season best time of 21.84. Her other medals were as follows: Long Jump Bronze - 22'8-1/2" (1st Heike Drechsler, Germany 22'11-1/4", 2nd Fiona May, Italy 22-8-1/2" placed 2nd on better 2nd jump); 4x100 Meter Relay Bronze 42.20 (Bahamas Gold 41.95); 4x400 Meter Relay Gold 3:22.62. Marion won (3) Olympic Gold Medals, and (2) Olympic Bronze Medals at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.
S.F. Prep Sports

10. Track And Field
track and field Add URL track and field - Add URL. Advertise - track and field Advertise - track and field. Books - Track Field Books - Track Field.
Track and Field - Add URL
Track and Field - Add URL Advertise - Track and Field
Advertise - Track and Field Africa and Asia - Track and Field
Track and Field - Africa and Asia Athletes - Track and Field
Track and Field - Athletes Best Performances (World) - Track and Field
Track and Field - Best Performances (World) Best Performers (World and Continental) - Track and Field
Track and Field - Best Performers (World and Continental) Best Performers (Africa by Country) - Track and Field
Track and Field - Best Performers (Africa by Country) Best Performers (Asia by Country) - Track and Field
Track and Field - Best Performers (Asia by Country) Best Performers (Europe by Country) - Track and Field
Track and Field - Best Performers (Europe by Country) Best Performers (Outside Africa, Asia and Europe) - Track and Field
Track and Field - Best Performers (Outside Africa, Asia and Europe) Books - Hurdle Books - Hurdle Books - Jump Books - Jump Books - Marathon Books - Marathon Books - Multi Events Books - Multi Events Books - Pole Vault Books - Pole Vault Books - Race Walking Books - Race Walking Books - Running A-M Books - Running A-M Books - Running N-Z Books - Running N-Z Books - Sprint Books - Sprint Books - Throw Books - Throw Other Continental Championships - Track and Field Track and Field - African, Asian, Commonwealth and Pan American Championships/Games

11. Caribbean Track & Field Forum
This site exists to facilitate discussion on championship prospects for caribbean athletes.
This site exists to facilitate discussion on Championship prospects for Caribbean athletes. Of course, discussion of other athletes, especially as it relates to the chances of Caribbean athletes, is most welcome. We ask that all observe the commonly accepted rules of nettiquette and refrain from vulgar and abusive behaviour. This Board is intended for high level, intellectual, discussion between TRUE athletics fans. We welcome those who wish to share their vast knowledge and passion, as well as those who merely wish to learn. The site reference time is Central European. May you all have a good time here!
Work At Home

12. Track & Field League
Regular competition for clubs/athletes on the Isle of Man.
MANX HARRIERS FULL TRACK AND FIELD LEAGUE Results to round 9 - thanks to Amanda Macnair. Excel files Under 9 Boys Under 9 Girls Under 11 Boys Under 11 Girls ... Junior, senior veteran The files are all saved at Pictures from round 9 Search this site powered by FreeFind

13. BotniaGames 2004
Annual international track and field meeting in Botnia Hall, Korsholm, Vaasa. Includes an arena plan and event timetable.

14. Concordia (WI) Men's Track Index
Falcon men's official site. Schedule, results, roster, coaching staff, school records, recruiting information, past season information, and links.

Weight Lifting Camps
National Championships

She will run the 3000 meter steeplechase for the fifth time in her life at nationals. She is ranked 9th in the nation. Two others Concordia tracksters, Loveth Anyanwu and Rick Hutchins were very close at the last meets, along with Bishop Sparks, who needed to attend military basic training at the same time as nationals, but they will need to join a strong recruiting class and other strong returnees to gear up for the 2004-05 campaign. This is Amanda's second national meet appearance this school year, having raced at cross country nationals in November. She is a two-time NCAA Academic All-American and two-time Concordia University Wisconsin Female Athlete of the Year.

15. EverythingTrack Field - M-F Athletic Company
MF Athletic is Everything track and field - equipment, training information, camps and clinics, discussion board, newsletter, and more! THE track and field specialist for more than 40 years. Visit the Training Zone for Track Field articles on technique and training done by top level coaches. YOUR ONLINE track and field SPECIALIST. For more than 40 years, we've

16. IAAF International Association Of Athletics Federations -
, Sakorafa is given green light to try for Athens 19 May 2004 – At 47 years of age any track and field athlete would hardly be seen as a safe bet Home News Athletes Journals Statistics ... Official Partners
var baseUrl='/index.html'; Do you know who will win a share of the TDK Golden League Jackpot? 26 May 2004 – Who last year predicted that Maria Mutola would become the first athlete ever to win the 1 million ... var baseUrl='/index.html'; IAAF to honour the memory of Fanny Blankers-Koen in Hengelo 26 May 2004 – The greatest ever female track and field athlete Fanny Blankers-Koen (NED) who passed away aged 85 years ... var baseUrl='/index.html'; Götzis prepares to hold its 30th Combined Event party 25 May 2004 – Next weekend in Götzis, Austria a very special occasion in Combined Events – Decathlon and Heptathlon - history ... var baseUrl='/index.html'; Other News ISTAF moves back to Berlin’s Olympic stadium
25 May 2004 – Berlin, Germany - This year’s ISTAF which takes place on Sunday 12th September has ... Stringfellow out of Olympic contention
25 May 2004 - Reigning men's World Indoor Long Jump champion Savante Stringfellow (USA) is ... Plenty of stiff competition for the top rank in Ostrava
25 May 2004 - The stars for the first European stop on the IAAF Super Grand Prix circuit in ...

17. Remko's Track And Field Pages
A new design for my site! Finally We have started today (May 20th, 2001) updating all pages. We will be adding pages after checking all links. What's new November, 18th, 2001. Updated Dutch road

18. Uk_women
National club competition with 4 divisions of 8 teams.
UK WOMEN'S TRACK AND FIELD LEAGUE The site for the UK Women's Track and Field is being developed by a third party The webmaster of this site holds no responsibility for any inaccuracies on the new site (THIS LINK WILL BE ACTIVATED ONCE THE SITE IS READY)

19. - Appalachian State Track & Field And Cross-Country
by the men, both Mountaineer squads claimed the Southern Conference Outdoor track and field Championship Sunday This Saturday, the ASU track and field team will compete at the
SCHEDULE/RESULTS ROSTERS STAFF FACILITIES ... CONTACT LATEST MEET RESULTS Southern Conference Champs Appalachian High School Invite Sea Ray Relays Charlotte Invitational ... Championships A TRADITION OF EXCELLENCE 2004 Indoor Track and Field Women's SoCon Champions 2003 Outdoor Track and Field Men's SoCon Champions Women's SoCon Champions 2003 Indoor Track and Field Men's SoCon Champions Women's SoCon Champions 2002 Cross-Country Men's SoCon Champions Women's SoCon Champions 2002 Outdoor Track and Field Women's SoCon Champions Men's SoCon Champions 2002 Indoor Track and Field Women's SoCon Champions Men's SoCon Champions Mountaineers successfully defend Southern Conference outdoor titles Suzanne Makinson vaults her way to 16th place at the national championships. (

Information about regional and national corporate track and field events, how to form a team, and the nonprofit USCAA organization.

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