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         Mountainboarding:     more detail
  1. Mountainboarding (X-Sports) by Eric Preszler, 2005-01
  2. Mountainboarding by A. R. Schaefer, 2005
  3. Mountainboard Maniacs (Take It to the Xtreme) by Pam Withers, 2008-02-15

1. Another World Mountain Boarding Centre In The UK
Another World mountainboarding centre in the UK, mountainboards, all terrain boards, snowboards, snow skiing, extreme sports, extreme activities.
The first dedicated
Mountainboarding Centre
in the UK
Keighley Road, Ogden
Halifax HX2 8XD
Tel. 01422 245196 or
We are now selling boards by the top manufacturers -
MBS, No-Sno, Outback.
We have samples of these boards so you can TRY before you BUY. This page is part of the no frames section If you can read this, your web browser cannot read frames. Our mountainboarding site is built around frames - sorry.

2. Mountainboarding Magazine Home
Welcome to the mountainboarding Magazine website!We are the first printed magazine devoted solely to mountainboarding. It's the fastestgrowing most exciting action sport on the planet. Want to know
home Welcome to the Mountainboarding Magazine website! We are the first printed magazine devoted solely to mountainboarding. I t's the fastest-growing most exciting action sport on the planet. Want to know more about it? Click here. Do you have mountainboarding news? Do you want to advertise with us? Call Off-Road Boarding Magazine at 303-933-2362, or email us at . We look forward to hearing from you. Readers' Choice Awards! In the May/June 2003 issue
Full color!
- DISCLOSURE: An Interview with Leon Robbins
- HULLABALOO: Is Skateboarding Dead?
- 180 ON HOMELESSNESS: Charity Big Air with Blair Weaver
- CHAOS IN KANSAS: Cow Pies and Parties
- BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Learning the Biz with Rob Eakle
- EXPRESSION SESSION: Swiss Cheese or Roast Beef?

3. Turns Of Phrase: Mountainboarding
mountainboarding. This may just be the answer to the continual problem faced by ski resorts—what to offer the customers in the
TURNS OF PHRASE SECTION SECTION INDEX PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE OTHER SECTIONS ARTICLES REVIEWS TOPICAL WORDS WEIRD WORDS FINDING THINGS INDEX (COMPLETE) SEARCH THE SITE SURPRISE ME! WEEKLY NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBE NOW! GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS SUBSCRIBE VIA RSS SUPPORT PAGES ABOUT THE AUTHOR CONTACT THE AUTHOR OTHER WORDS SITES PRONUNCIATION GUIDE MOUNTAINBOARDING mountainboard outbackboards grassboards and dirtboards . Several designs have been produced under this name by various innovators in recent years, some with the wheels in-line, others with them set side-by-side. Sunday River mountainboarding instructor Braden Douglass, 16, believes mountainboarding will catch on at ski resorts, just like mountain biking did more than a decade ago. AP Online , July 2000] Independent on Sunday , July 2000]
Contact the author
for reproduction requests.
Comments and feedback
are always welcome.
Page created 12 August 2000.

4. MountainBoarding On Hiker Central
Mountain boarding resources, tips, and links mountainboarding. RELATED CATEGORIES ON HIKER CENTRAL
Search: Web Audio News Pictures Video
Basics of Mountain Boarding

The mountain board works much like a snowboard. Unlike a snowboard, it has wheels and hurts alot more when you fall. You turn by shifting your weight to either side of the board. Always remember to keep your balance and not to turn to far. Jumping is a little more difficult than turning. If you have a leash pull up on it and do small wheelies. This will also help on bumpy courses. Once you get this down you can try to jump. When you pull up on the leash also pull up your leg to lift the back. While in the air straighten yourself out so your level with the ground. When you land keep your knees bent so you won't break your leg. Mountain Boarding
Mountain boarding is essentially very good fun. The sport itself can be completley safe and controlled or very dangerous, depending where you do it and how good you are!If you've ever snowboarded or skated before you should have no problems getting to grips with it, but just remember to take you time while learning the basics, to stop any bad habits developing. My Sport, Mountain Boarding

5. Dirtheads Is Mountainboarding
Team Dirtheads have been mountainboarding since 1997.

Contact Us

Contact Us

6. AirFusion Mountain Boarding, Helensburgh, Scotland
Information on mountain boarding facility at Drumfork Farm, Helensburgh, Scotland. Fully sculpted boardercross course and freestyle.
mountain boards extreme sports atb scotland
AirFusion mountainboarding Drumfork Farm ATB course
info links e-mail
ATBA UK championships coming to Drumfork ! See the info page.
Tel: 01436 672329
Only 40 minutes from Glasgow
Close to Loch Lomond National Park
Drumfork Farm
We've got boards for all ages and abilities. Beginners are welcome - you won't believe how quickly you'll get the hang of it! Group bookings welcome. Boards and t-shirts for sale. We're open 10am - 6pm at weekends and are happy to open weekdays and weekday evenings for group bookings B B available at the farm if you're planning a longer stay! More info: Slalom, ramps, fully sculpted boardercross course and freestyle snow melts.. dirt doesn't.. What is mountainboarding ? A cross between snowboarding and skateboarding. Big in the US and growing fast in Europe. Try it once - you're hooked. Who is it for ?

7. Mountain Boards, Mountainboards, Mountain Board, Mountainboard, Mountainboarding has all you need for Mountainboards, Mountain Board Gear and mountainboarding Accessories. Brack Lee drops in at Grand Junction during the April 10th Shadow run. 45.00. Ground has all you need for Mountainboards, Mountain Board Gear and Mountainboarding Accessories.
Brack Lee drops in at Grand Junction during the April 10th Shadow run.
Harbinger Gear Package

Regular price: $99.85
Sale price: MBS Scout Mountainboard
Regular price: $139.00
Sale price: Shred Ready AHM 5000
Ground mountain boards

Ride Tour T

... MVM 7, "Roots"
Call Toll Free 1-877-747-9809 or 828-650-9726 Call toll free 1-877-747-9809, International 828-650-9726 or Email

8. Wakeboarding And Mountainboarding
Includes pictures, screen savers, and trick tips.
mountainboarding Wakeboarding mountainboarding Wakeboarding

9. Kite Zone Forum @
Discussions on parakarting, mountainboarding, traction kiting and other power kiting sports.
"); else document.write(""); // >
Kite Zone Forum
Invite Friends! Join Live Chat! 280 registered members Login Register Your Free Account Search Help ... Need help logging in?
Welcome to Kite Zone Forum - Regards the Kite Zone Administrator - Please Note: Shop's advertising on this forum, please check Board Announcements before posting.
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10. Mountainboarding Magazine Past Issues
We are the first printed magazine devoted solely to allterrain boarding. Sometimes we call it mountainboarding. Do you have mountainboarding news?
past issues Do you have mountainboarding news? Do you want to advertise with us? Call Mountainboarding Magazine at 303-933-2362, or email us at . We look forward to hearing from you. Readers' Choice Awards! We used to be called Off-Road Boarding Magazine Take a look at the past issues of the mag.
We sure have had fun putting them together, and we can't wait to get the next one to you... Issue 1 - December 2000/January 2001
The Chinese downhill in Colorado Springs
- Nirvana
- Stiffening your channel truck suspension
- Avoiding injuries
- Method air made easy
- Killer ride, Denver style
- Results from 2000 Dirt Duel Issue 2 - February/March 2001
- X-Games or X-Cluded?
- Nirvana - To bind or not to bind?

11. Forced Descent Productions.  Extreme Gravity Powered Sports Videos.  Free Movi
Produces Extreme Sports videos, with a particular emphasis on snowboarding and mountainboarding. Based in Seattle, Washington.
Welcome to
Forced Descent Productions
Currently in Production:
Forced Descent is working closely with Mountainboard Video Magazine , contributing segments from the West Coast Racing Series 2003, as well as providing the DVD authoring for the upcoming release.
Forced Descent is a video production studio located in the Seattle area, which specializes in the sport of mountainboarding.
Videos for Download:
Currently there is one video available free for download. Download the WRS demo video here.
WRS is a Seattle boardsports organization dedicated to the promotion of all disiplines of board riding (snowboarding, mountainboarding, longboarding, and skateboarding). For more information go to the WRS West website.
Videos Available for Sale:
The 2002 Mountainboard Nationals were awesome! Grab a copy of the 25 min. event video here. Included are some other short vids and a slideshow of some great still photos from the event.
Trailers available here: Large or Small
For more information about this video, or any other questions you may have e-mail Forced Descent Productions here.

12. Dirtboarding/Mountainboarding
The sports dirtboarding/mountainboarding links page of, your skateboard directory and internet guide to the skateboard world.
Skateboard Directory Search Sports > Dirtboarding/Mountainboarding Decks Trucks Wheels Longboards ... Camps Sponsored Links
Skate Warehouse
SkateTalk Chat
A1 Online Shop



Balance Boards
Commercial Sites

Skateboarding Snowboarding Snowskating ... About Us Quick Skate Links Skateboarding Skateboard Companies Trucks Wheels ... Shoes Subscribe to the SkateTalk Insider [Suggest a link] [Suggest a category] Sort Alphabetically Related categories: Deep Carve Longboards Snowboarding
All-terrain boards, and longboards. About their products, photo gallery, message board, and offroad boarding locations. Search Related
Research Gravity Sport
Longboards, street luge, and dirt boards from Calgary, Canada . Team includes Darren Pineau, Ryan Fisher, and Tyler Seitz. Search Related
Rally and Ramping pics and clips from "Josh and Pher". Location: Humboldt County, California . Search Related

13. Mountainboarding Clothing
Manufactures and sells professional mountainboarding clothing.

14. Mountainboarding Clothing
mountainboarding clothing handmade in Seattle
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15. Search: Dirtboarding Mountainboarding
Search our Skateboard Web Index for more about Dirtboarding mountainboarding . Search our Skateboard Web Index for more about Dirtboarding mountainboarding .

16. Al's Likkle World
A guide to windsurfing, kitesurfing, kite-mountainboarding, surfing and other extreme sports in West Wales and beyond.
Looks like your browser is frames-challenged, here's a frame-free page that should be more to your browsers liking

17. Mountainboard, Mountainboarding, Skateboard, Snowboard
mountainboarding. A mountainboard is a cross between a skateboard and a snowboard. Mountainboards are designed to go cross country and can provide a lot of fun.
Come see the Blind Man at play!

actionflite - stunt-plane
bridge bungy, Kawarau


cliff jumping
Extreme Sports DVD

A mountainboard is a cross between a skateboard and a snowboard. Mountainboards are designed to go cross country and can provide a lot of fun. The sport has been going in the UK since the late 1990s, but is still relatively unknown. A lot of people use their boards to ride down grassy hills, sometimes jumping over rocks and ramps. But I have also used mine on snow and sand. When the wind is strong enough, a few of us use our boards with power kites, and can be found doing ridiculous speeds along our local beaches. Once you have got your gear, this sport is fairly cheap. These guys know their stuff and can supply you with everything that you need to get started in mountainboarding. They can also offer you advice on your purchases and in the use of the boards. I have met up with them at several meets, where other boarders from around the country get together to ride their boards, and try out other gear.

18. Coming Soon
Cornish mountainboarding Crew from England. Contains pictures and video clips.
Free Web site hosting - Web Hosting - Choose an ISP NetZero High Speed Internet ... Dial up $14.95 or NetZero Internet Service $9.95
Coming soon
Tranny Surprise
Big Naturals
boys first time ... Busty Girls

19. ::: New Zealand Mountainboarding :::
The ATBANZ EMB met up on Saturday, 17 April minutes are available in the News Section ) *** Pic of the week *** Joe doing doing a Front Flip ) He's still working on nailing those landings, but absolutely beautiful style none the less.
The ATBANZ EMB met up on Saturday, 17 April - minutes are available in the News Section :) ***Video of the week ***
I got emailed this today - it's BRILLIANT!!!!!! The following are updates that have been made to the website. Please check here regularly so as not to miss out on the action :) 4 May 2004 Conrad sent in a pic of Francis taking a big bail at Auckland Domain - have added this to the video gallery. Matt sent in pics of Waihi - check out the "where to ride" section 17 April 2004 Added Joe's front flip video into the video gallery. Really worth watching! 11 April 2004 Troy sent in 2 wicked videos of the Bay Boys being towed behind a van! Looks like crazy fun :) Also updated the "where to ride" section Please click here for past updates home gallery video clips forum ... atbanz

20. BBC - Leeds - Extreme Sports - Mountainboarding - Index
Extreme sports in Leeds including snowboarding, skiing,surfing, skateboarding, mountainboarding, biking and BMX, skydiving, climbing, wakeboarding, kitesurfing
@import url('/includes/tbenh.css') ; Home


A-Z Index

26th May 2004
Text only

BBC Homepage


... Help Like this page? Send it to a friend! Scuz weekender The weekend of the 15 - 16 November was host to the first unofficial Scuz competition and get together held at the Out To Grass mountainboard centre in the Malverns. IT'S ALL DOWNHILL! HAVING A GO BBC Look North's Ben Moore has a session in Roundhay Park. See the footage. Lisa went along to Roundhay Park to try out mountainboarding for herself. See the video. OUT TO GRASS PROFILE WELLY The NOBS riders, went to the All Terrain Boarding Championships for a good weekend's riding. Alastair Moore aka Welly's hero is Jason Lee (MBS team rider and founder). More Mountainboarding Scrub Rider Rhys Crilley aka Scrub rider had some narrow escapes and finds that trees get in the way. Why not have a go?

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