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1. Welcome To The Idiots On Unicycles Homepage
mountain unicycling (Muni). MUni Tech. Other Uni stuff. Welcome to theworld of MUni (mountain unicycling). What s it all about ?
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I diots O n U nicycles You are Visitor number to the I.O.U. Homepage Welcome to the IOU homepage, choose your interest Area:
Mountain Unicycling (Muni)
MUni Tech Other Uni stuff Welcome to the world of MUni (Mountain Unicycling). What's it all about ? Its about learning to unicycle, and then making it even harder for yourself by taking across various genders of rough terrain. All you need is a MUni . Now, I'm no expert, but I'll have ago at anything. Here's a selection of outings we took pictures of:... Nov 97 Dec 97 Jan 98 Feb 98 Feb 98 The New Forest Farley Mount Belgium Stockbridge Downs ... Return to the New Forest April 98 April 98 April 98 June 98 Dec 98 Dec 98 Baddesly Uni-Surf Giraffes Polaris ... Xmas May 99 Sept 99 Apr 00 May 00 Nov 00 Fev 01 B-M-W Coker Head B-M-W-2 Auckland,NZ ... SD U.S.A June 01 June 01 Sept 01 RedBull Training Red Bull MUni Tech: Well, having had a unicycle since September 1997, I can tell you I am still no expert, but I know a little more now. Slowly but surely I' learning my crank length from my crank strength... What I can tell you about is my old MUni and my DMATU . I've documented how I built my Ultimate Wheel . And now I've recently converted a 24" Pashley into a 28" SDG Pashley, see my

2. Mountain Unicycling (MUni)
mountain unicycling (MUni). What is MUni? Bruce Bundy at the ConfluenceUphillMUni stands for mountain unicycling. It s also known
Mountain Unicycling (MUni)
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  • MUni Weekends
  • John Foss Home
    What is MUni?
    MUni stands for Mountain Unicycling. It's also known as Rough Terrain Unicycling, All Terrain Unicycling, or even UMX. Like mountain biking, you don't need a mountain to do it. It's just the act of riding unicycles off road. MUni has been a sort of revolution in the unicycling community, sparking a tremendous effort to build better, stronger unicycles. Some of this new technology will of course spread to other types of unicycles as time goes by. There is just something satisfying about taking a unicycle, an inherently unstable vehicle, and riding it in places nobody thought it could go. These early years of MUni have showed vast strides in the types of terrain that can be successfully ridden by unicycle. Certainly anyplace a bike can go, a unicycle can follow. And we can still turn sharper, and fit through narrower spaces than the bikes! This site is intended as a resource area for MUni, as well as an information point for the
  • 3. Mountain Unicycling Frequently Asked Questions
    Find answers to common questions about the sport, technique, and equipment; includes links to the author's favorites resources.
    Mountain Unicycling Frequently Asked Questions
    Table of Contents:
    1. General
  • What is Mountain Unicycling?
  • Why Mountain Unicycle?
  • Is Mountain Unicycling dangerous?
  • When should I Mountain Unicycle? ...
  • Where can I get more information on unicycling? 2. Technique
  • What skills can I practice to help my MUni technique?
  • How do I ride over rough terrain
  • How do I ride down hill?
  • How do I ride uphill? ...
  • Where should my foot go on the pedal? 3. Equipment
  • The definitive source for Unicycling Equipment: The Unicycle Source
  • Helmet, Knee pads, Gloves
  • Wheel ...
  • Review of Commercial Unicycles
  • I. General
    1. What is Mountain Unicycling?
    Mountain Unicycling(MUni for short this name was coined by Duncan Castling and is a trademark of Pashley Cycles) is the art of riding off- road on uneven terrain such as grass, dirt, rock, ice, snow, etc.
    2. Why Mountain Unicycle?
    Mountain Unicycling is a challenging and rewarding sport. It combines the finesse and precision required to stay on one wheel with the sheer power and endurance required to ride over rough terrain. Mountain Unicycling teaches balance, quick reaction time and concentration. Physically, mountain unicycling is an incredibly challenging sport. Unicycles are direct drive, so it is impossible to coast. That means you are always pedaling, uphill and downhill, which adds up to a good workout. You will certainly get in good shape after a few days of MUniing. Mountain Unicycling is especially attractive if you live far from trails. A unicycle will fit in any trunk, while most bicycles require expensive and annoying racks. You can take a unicycle almost anywhere you go. Most of all, MUniing is fun! It is a good chance to spend some time out doors among nature and have a blast doing it.

    4. Mountain Unicycling Santa Cruz 03/20/99
    mountain unicycling, Santa Cruz Ca., 03/20/99. Daniel, Geoffrey, Nathan, John, Bruce,Matt. Along the trail. This is beautiful country for mountain unicycling!
    Mountain Unicycling, Santa Cruz Ca., 03/20/99 Daniel, Geoffrey, Nathan, John, Bruce, Matt Here is a photo of the group of Mountain Unicyclists that gathered in Santa Cruz on March 20th, 1999 to ride some of the local trails in the surrounding mountains. (I'm on the far right, hiding behind a branch). I origianlly met this group through the internet back in 1997; and first met them face to face while attending the "Muni" (mountain unicycle) weedend at Northstar Tahoe. This group meets monthly to ride different trails in different locations in the west. My thanks go out to John Foss for his efforts coordinating and planning the monthly events! This shot was taken at the beginning of the trail. The area we were riding through is mountain lion country as can be seen by the warning sign in the photo. I must confess that out of this group I was the most inexperienced mountain unicyclist of the bunch, and I found myself typically at the back of the pack. There was one point on the trail where I was a few hundred yards behind the group and out of their sight while traveling up up a muddy stretch of road. While I was going along, I noticed large paw prints, clearly from a full grown mountain lion who had passed by just a few moments before our arrival. (Actually I believe the rest of the group was driving him along in front of the group). It was kind of creepy to realize that by being the straggler I must have appeared as the "sickly" straggler of the prey. For a little while, I felt as though I must have had a "free lunch" sign around my neck as far as my position on the food chain is concerned.

    mountain unicycling site with tips and tricks, product reviews, FAQs, links, and news.
    Purchase above Items From Our Online Store We're in the area takin' care of ya!
    This site created and maintained by Muni riders for those interested in MUni. Check bulletin board forum "Local Rides" for information about weekly MUni rides. email Happy trails! PDF Down Loads: - CNC Handle Installation Guide (50K)
    - Aluminum Fork Setup Guide (65K)
    - DLF-86 MUni Hub Tech Bulletin (117k)

    6. Rocky Mountain News: Sports
    There's nothing quite like unicycling, particularly mountain unicycling. Maybe the closest thing mental and gymnastic aspects of mountain unicycling are remarkably similar to rock,1299,DRMN_2_2252543,
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    Autos Jobs Homes ... Travel Deals Search site for: Home News Sports Business ... Columnists Sports poll Do you agree with Bill McCartney that CU football players are more successful than other CU graduates after leaving school?
    Drew Litton See the sometimes silly world of sports through the pen of News cartoonist Drew Litton. Click here
    Fan mailbags Got sports questions? We got answers.
    Ask our experts.
    Getting started
    One-track minds By Price Coleman, Special to the News
    September 12, 2003
    There's more to adventure sports than speed, altitude and attitude. Consider mountain unicycling, for example. If your personal tastes lean more toward the mental than the macho, MUni, as it's sometimes known, might be just your thing. In an era of sports extremism, it's an intriguing oxymoron - low speed but high intensity. GetAd('31', false, 'c1', 120, 600, 'SPORTS_ARTICLE_DETAIL', ''); Make no mistake: While mental focus and concentration are basic requirements, the sport is plenty physical. As you progress from Klutz 101 to negotiating dirt single-track, you'll discover MUni's profound impact on core strength and conditioning, balance and centering, legs and lungs.

    7. Rough-Terrain Unicycling - 97.04
    no matter the weather, Peck has gone mountain unicycling nearly every day twice a day most weekends a name "muni " short for "mountain unicycling" (a name, Peck feels, that
    Return to the Table of Contents. A P R I L 1 9 9 7
    Riding a unicycle up and down mountains requires the balance of a gymnast and the temperament of a teenager
    by Michael Finkel

    W HY the red unicycle was left in the Seward, Alaska, dump and what inspired George Peck's wife, Carol, to bring it home are both unclear. "I'm a salvager and recycler," is all she will say. "She's a dump rat," Peck says. Carol put the unicycle in the garage, and Peck found it there. This was almost fourteen years ago. His life hasn't been the same since.
    "I glom on to things," Peck says. "He gets obsessed," Carol says. Peck taught himself to ride the red unicycle no books, no instructors. He practiced daily for more than a month before he could wobble up and down his driveway. Then he attempted to take the unicycle onto the roads. Riding a unicycle is as precarious as it looks the "cone of balance," as Peck calls it, is extraordinarily precise. A pebble can be enough to put you on your back. So can a patch of sand or a gust of wind or a crack in the pavement. This may be why the red cycle was tossed into the dump: Seward is possibly the worst spot on the planet in which to ride a unicycle. The place is all sand and gusts and cracks, not to mention ice and snow and logs and boulders and mountains.
    Return to Flashback: Weird Sports
    Peck learned to ride his unicycle under all conditions. He discovered how to make the cycle hop, and he honed the skill until he could pop over logs two feet in diameter. He figured out how to power through boulder fields, how to jump up and over picnic tables, how to turn in ankle-deep mud. He became skilled at riding in dried-out riverbeds, across frozen lakes, up mountain trails, and through wind-crusted snow. This is clearly not what unicycles were designed to do. When the red unicycle fell apart, Peck drove to Anchorage and bought a new one. When that broke, he ordered another. After a dozen more were destroyed, he began designing his own.

    8. Welcome To -- Let's Unicycle!
    John Foss shows off the world of unicycling with lots of photos, information, and fun. Home of the CA Mountain Unicycle Weekend. Roller coaster photos also found here. mountain unicycling. Yes
    W e l c o m e t o

    Presented by John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone Mountain Unicycling
    Yes, "MUni" is the coolest form of unicycling yet. Find out just how far off road a unicycle can go! 2004 California Mountain Unicycle Weekend Lake Tahoe. High altitude, spectacular scenery, killer trails, and not the same as last time! Photo Albums Nearly all of my digital photo "albums" are stored at . Have a look through, or even order yourself some prints! Things not to do on a unicycle. We really mean it. You will be amazed at what people have, but shouldn't have, done with unicycles! Garage Page Most people have a home page. This is the Garage Page. Lots of unicycles in here. Good thing I don't have a basement page... John's Winter Photo Gallery . Winter beauty , winter fun , winter unicycling , and winter in Gold Country . Plus 1990 Soviet Union trip pictures. What's New:

    9. CTUni
    A site devoted to unicycling in the Northeast and specifically in CT. Extreme unicycling. Members, rides, events, and contacts.
    Click here to continue. CTUni

    10. | Mountain Unicycle
    mountain unicycling is not as hard as it sounds. If you re lookingfor a fun, challenging sport, give mountain unicycling a try.

    SPATTER Mountain unicycle
    by Joe 'Mojoe' Kisley Hello, my name is Joe. I'm a beater fixie rider, turned track rider, turned singlespeed mountainbiker, turned offroad unicyclist. I love the simplicity of fixed gears and single speed bikes, and I always figured I'd get a unicycle some day, if only to get me around my driveway. Then I heard about munimountain unicycle. I remember my first muni sighting, in a ad in the back of Dirt Rag magazine. It was a picture of Kris Holm descending a really steep rock on a knobby-tired unicycle. It was love at first sight. I knew right there that I had to have one. Two weeks later, I took delivery. It took a couple of days to learn to ride from the front door to the gatepost. In a week I was commuting to work, two miles each way. In three weeks, I ventured offroad. Mountain unicycling is not as hard as it sounds. Once you've got your balance, going offroad is easy. Start out with easy trails and progress from there. Like singlespeeding, muni makes the easy trails hard again. For a while, anyway. Then they get easy and you have to search for more challenging terrain. The key to successful muni is learning to keep power to the pedals. Over rough ground and on steep hills, that means pulling up on the front of the seat. I have a gizmo called a 'Reeder' handle bolted to front of mine to make it easier.

    11. Calgary Mountain Unipsychos - Offroad Mountain Unicycling
    The Calgary Mountain Unipsychos club is a group of extreme mountain unicyclists. 3Dmodeled unicycles used on our mountain unicycling videos.
    Please Bookmark and Link only to the home page at:
    Main Tips ... Links This is the design of a T-Shirt for our riders. 3D modeled unicycles used on our mountain unicycling videos.
    Kananaskis - Sept, 2003 A few shots along Prairie link trail with the automn leaves.
    Kananaskis - August, 2002 A shot at Fullerton loop. Peter, Andrew, Mike and Jerry (left to Right) Couple of shots along the trail. It has a fair number of ups and down that are a great workout on a muni! Thanks to Jerry and Andrew for bringing cameras, we got some decent action shots of some jumps and trails along the route... And we got a few sweet shots of a few of my better jumps with the perfect scenic background... I know we'll be back...
    May 6, 2002 Geophysicists Convention - Trials demonstration with Norco Factory Trials Rider Jered Jesperson
    Unipsycho Extreme Video Stills - December 3, 2001
    Clips from
    Unipsycho Extreme

    PrairieView Valley - October 3, 2001 Typical trail high along the valley of the PrairieView Trails... Section of downhill we just had to try down to the creek.

    12. Calgary Mountain Unipsychos - Offroad Mountain Unicycling
    The Calgary Mountain Unipsychos is a mountain unicycling Club which has been startedby some active Calgary riders to help generate more interest in the
    Please Bookmark and Link only to the home page at:
    Main Tips ... Links The Calgary Mountain Unipsychos is a Mountain Unicycling Club which has been started by some active Calgary riders to help generate more interest in the extreme sport of mountain unicycling in and around the Calgary, Alberta area. We have various levels of riders from beginners to advanced and enjoy various kinds of terrain from freestyle street riding to trials and extreme offroad in the Rockies so everyone is welcome! Rides
    I (Mike here) have been travelling a lot this summer so I haven't been around to plan many rides. I have however, still got out to the mountains many times whenever I have been in town and had a few hours to spare. I encourage other members to use the forum (and email list) to plan some rides in the coming months. Fall, 2003
    News There is a news article clipping from the Mount Royal College Journal about the Calgary Mountain Unipsychos! Check it out here Article in Mount Royal College Journal about CMU
    We hope this site will be of some use to you whether you live in the Calgary area or not, but if you do please

    13. MUNIac - The Movie
    A Ben Turley Production, this mountain unicycling film features Dallin Stoker and Cannon Smith in Idaho unicycling action, spills, and music.
    HTML Version FLASH Version HTML Version FLASH Version

    14. Mountain Bike Unicycling
    Find Muni mountain bike unicycling - resources here. mountain unicycling (Muni) FAQs, photos and event listings can be discovered here. Features a great deal of mountain unicycling tips and
    About Sports Mountain Biking Home ... MTB Dictionary zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Safety MTB 101 Photos Health Nutrition ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
    Stay Current
    Subscribe to the About Mountain Biking newsletter. Search Mountain Biking MUni [Mountain Bike Unicycling]
    Guide picks MUni is also known as Rough Terrain Unicycling or All Terrain Unicycling. Just you, the trail and one single wheel.
    Idiots on Unicyles

    Much information about mountain bike unicycling can be found at this page. Lots of photos. Mountain Unicycling (Muni)
    FAQs, photos and event listings can be discovered here. MUni
    Learn all there is to know about the pioneers of MUni including Kris Holm and John Foss. Rough Terrain Unicycling
    Michael Finkel of the Atlantic Monthly writes about his experience as a MUni rider. Suspension MUni
    Features a great deal of mountain unicycling tips and photos. Topic Index email to a friend back to top Our Story ...
    User Agreement

    15. Mountain Unicycling
    mountain unicycling. mountain unicycling (also known as MUni) is a sport whichinvloves riding unicycles offroad. History of Mountain-unicycling.
    Main Page See live article Alphabetical index
    Mountain unicycling
    Mountain unicycling (also known as MUni ) is a sport which invloves riding unicycles off-road. Mountain unicycling usually takes place on mountain unicycles, which are equipped with fat tires and rugged frames for off-road cycling. Regular unicycles are also commonly used in mountain unicycling, since mountain unicycles are relatively rare. Mountain unicycles can be ridden on the same terrain as a mountain bike . Mountain unicycling is a slower-paced sport than mountain bicycling , since unicycles are more difficult to ride than bicycles, and cannot coast.
    Each year, many unicyclists gather for the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend.
    History of Mountain-unicycling
    Mountain unicycling has been around for a while; a more detailed history should go here.
    External links

    16. MUni
    So you've never heard of mountain unicycling? is the title of this group of FAQs provided to beginners.
    So you've never heard of a Mountain Unicycle?
    A little Q and A
    Yes that's right, Mountain Unicycling, and no I'm not kidding. You've probably seen a couple pictures by now, and you probably have a bunch of funky questions. With almost a decade of unicycling and a couple years of mountain unicycling under my belt, I'd like to claim that I've heard them all (but I'm always surprised). So here's a few questions I get a lot along with some answers.
    Q: Does that take a lot of Balance
    A: Yes, otherwise I'd fall off (OK that's the smart mouth answer)
    Q: Are you in the circus?
    A: No, are you? (That's a smart mouth answer too).
    I wouldn't ask a unicyclist this question. To say its a big fat put down is an understatement. You might end up with a unicycle where the sun don't shine. More serious questions:
    Q: How do you stop? (there aren't any brakes on a unicycle)
    A: You just stop pedaling. A unicycle is direct drive. Direct drive means that the pedals are attached directly to the axle no gears, no chain, no brakes, etc (look at this picture ). So to stop, all you have to do is stop pedaling. Its kinda like walking you don't need brakes to stop walking, you just stop stepping and wala, you stop.

    17. Mountain Unicycle
    The mountain unicycle (also called a muni) is a unicycle that has either beenconstructed or modified for mountain unicycling. mountain unicycling FAQ.
    Main Page See live article Alphabetical index
    Mountain unicycle
    The mountain unicycle (also called a muni ) is a unicycle that has either been constructed or modified for mountain unicycling . Mountain unicycles typically use a 26" or 24" mountain bike wheel, and may also have brakes and suspension to improve their off-road capabilities. Unlike their two-wheeled counterparts, mountain unicycles have only a single gear (that is, fixed wheel); riders vary their speed by changing their pedalling cadence. To go up steep inclines, riders often hop sideways up the hill. On descents, some riders freewheel their unicycle by using their feet as brakes on the tire, a technique known as gliding Today there are hundreds of mountain unicyclists riding all kinds of terrain across the world.
    External link

    mountain unicycling. No that s not me, It s Kris Holm, the world MountainUnicycle Champion from Vancouver and his riding level is in my dreams!

    Department of Computer Science
    Index email Brian Travel Mountain Running ... UofC email Search MOUNTAIN UNICYCLING Crazy but not stupid!
    Photo stolen from Kris's web site.
    No that's not me, It's Kris Holm, the world Mountain Unicycle Champion from Vancouver and his riding level is in my dreams! Bored of mountain running or mountain biking? Try the same trails on a Unicycle! Tools Of The Trade: Norco Trials Uni
    20" wheel. 150mm tapered cranks, Miyata seat. I learned the basics on it. It's good for trials (tricks etc) but wont stand a big drop. Kris Holm 24 MUni
    The Pig as it's know is a lot better on mountain trails than the 20". 170mm splined cranks, Velo seat, Gazz tire.
    The extra wheel size and the big tundra tire make a lot of difference riding over roots and rocks. The ground clearance for the pedals made the biggest impact for me. It's even got a Magura hydraulic brake, which is great for long down hill runs.
    I really wanted a Wilder 6160 which has a super light frame but the cost was to high. Also I wanted to play with the brake and there are no brake bosses. Pig has a high wow factor!

    19. Mountain Unicycling - Encyclopedia Article About Mountain Unicycling. Free Acces
    encyclopedia article about mountain unicycling. mountain unicycling in Free onlineEnglish dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia. mountain unicycling. Unicycling
    Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
    Mountain Unicycling
    Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Mountain unicycling , also known as MUni , while not a sport A sport consists of an everyday activity carried out with a purpose and in an environment different from everyday: for competition, enjoyment, to attain excellence, for the development of skill, or some combination of these. The difference of purpose is what characterises sport, combined with the notion of individual (or team) skill or prowess. Therefore jumping over a hurdle in front of thousands in an indoor arena is a sport, whereas jumping a stream during a country walk is simply an attempt to keep one's feet dry.
    Click the link for more information. , involves riding unicycles
    A unicycle is a one-wheeled human powered vehicle. Unicycles are similar to, but less complex than, bicycles.
    Unicycles comprise a few key parts: the wheel and axle, the frame, the seat, and cranks and pedals. The wheel is the main part of the unicycle; it is essentially a bicycle wheel with a special hub so that the frame and cranks can attach to the side. Unicycles use direct drive, with the crank's rotation directly connected to that of the wheel. The frame sits above the wheel, and the seat is located on top of the frame.
    Click the link for more information.

    20. Unicycle Trials - Encyclopedia Article About Unicycle Trials. Free Access, No Re
    See also mountain unicycling mountain unicycling, also known as MUni,while not a sport, it invloves riding unicycles offroad. trials
    Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
    Unicycle trials
    Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Unicycle trials are an activity in which participants attempt to ride a unicycle
    A unicycle is a one-wheeled human powered vehicle. Unicycles are similar to, but less complex than, bicycles.
    Unicycles comprise a few key parts: the wheel and axle, the frame, the seat, and cranks and pedals. The wheel is the main part of the unicycle; it is essentially a bicycle wheel with a special hub so that the frame and cranks can attach to the side. Unicycles use direct drive, with the crank's rotation directly connected to that of the wheel. The frame sits above the wheel, and the seat is located on top of the frame.
    Click the link for more information. over obstacles without any part of the rider touching the ground. The obstacles traversed can be set up specifically for the purpose of unicycle trials, but are often walls, railings, ledges and other "street furniture" found in an urban environment. Obstacles are traversed using various moves. Hopping is achieved by suddenly forcing the unicycle pedals downwards while holding the seat, the reactive forces resulting from the compression of the tire lift the unicycle into the air. Jumping is a similar to hopping, except that the unicycle seat is held in front of the rider to allow greater height to be achieved. Pedal grabs and crank grabs involve a hop or jump to land the unicycles

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