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         Martial Arts:     more books (101)
  1. The Fighter's Body: An Owner's Manual : Your Guide to Diet, Nutrition, Exercise and Excellence in the Martial Arts by Loren W. Christensen, Wim Demeere, 2003-08
  2. Kung Fu and Tai Chi (The Child's World of Sports-Martial Arts) by Ann Heinrichs, 2004-01
  3. Wing Chun Kung-fu: A Complete Guide (Tuttle Martial Arts) by Joseph Wayne Smith Dr., 2006-09-15

141. Martial Arts NY
Covers all aspects of New York martial arts. School directory organized by borough and style, interviews, reviews of books, and movies.
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142. ˆø‚Á‰z‚µ‚Ü‚µ‚½ Japan Index.shtml
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143. Untitled
Offering taekwondo programs for adults and children based at International martial arts. Includes instructor profile, calendar of events, details of programs and contact information.
Prairie Phoenix Martial Arts Home Page What Is Taekwondo Student Programs Consumer Information ... Summer Camp Registration Form Taekwondo
Address is Unit 5 - 2 Donald Street. Phone 204-488-9856 Head Instructor for Taekwondo - William Temple Adult and children's Taekwondo programs are offered in a positive learning environment that reflects the tenets of the art: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control, and Indomitable Spirit. Prairie Phoenix Martial Arts Mission Statement
To enhance our community and its citizens through the positive personal development skills of our training. To provide a safe haven of positive energy and support for our students' mental and physical growth. To provide inspiration of personal excellence through our example as Black Belts in and out of the Taekwondo school. To ensure the long-term growth of the school and its instructors by providing exemplary service. One Week Free Trial. Ongoing Enrollment. No Contracts. Money Back Guarantee.
If you have any questions please contact Mr. Temple direct at Cell: 204-228-9533 or email:

144. V‘Ì“¹F‰p•¶@Martial Arts From Japan
Shintaidomartial arts from Japan. This is Shintaido and other martialartshomepage. SHINTAIDO Jamp; Other martial arts. Your access is No.
Shintaido:Martial arts from Japan
This is Shintaido and other martialarts homepage. Japanese version is here
Last update was@ harmony(42KB) photo by takashi morizumi
SHINTAIDO Jamp; Other martial arts
Your access is No.
This home page is designed to provide comprehensive information of SHINTAIDO and other martial arts from Japan for people who get interested in the field.
Current standard time in Japan:
What's new
Shintaido English
Main page of "martial arts from Japan". a lot of text and picture.
budo Pictures update 00/10/27 14:35
shintaido kyudo aikido shorinji-kenpo Japanese-traditional-martialarts bojutsu Chinese-martialarts. Only Japanese but you can enjoy beautiful pictures
Aoki's Tenshingoso Pictures Library
only Japanese but you can enjoy beautiful pictures
few English
only Japanese
only Japanese
Zen, Kabuki, Bonsai, and other Japanese culture link. update Sep.22 yumi(18KB) photo by Den'nou urano Welcome to Home Page of SHINTAIDO. Here comes the first home page which is specialized in Martial Arts in Japan. We deal with everything in the field of martial arts. We wish to have a frank communication with anyone who are interested in the subject beyond boundaries of martial arts, karate, judo, sumo, aikido, taekwando, and any others. You can access to over 100 martial arts home pages through our home page.There are some servers which provide beautiful pictures. Try some and enjoy them.

145. Golden Eagle Martial Arts Centers - Content
Includes information on self defense, stress management, health, weapons training, wrestling, and other programs offered. Also provides links, class schedules, student resources and calendar of events.
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Plum Blossom International Federation
PRACTICAL SELF-DEFENSE CHOY LI FUT KUNG FU STRESS MANAGEMENT YANG FAMILY TAI CHI CHUAN ... WOMEN'S PROGRAMS MUSCLE SHOALS - 256.436.1099 ATHENS/HUNTSVILLE - 253.457.4458 THIS WEBSITE CREATED AND MAINTAINED BY NOMENTIRA WEBMAESTROS Golden Eagle Martial Arts Centers: Pages List List of available content in Golden Eagle Martial Arts Centers: Available Content Categories Choy Li Fut Chinese Martial Art founded by Chan Heung in 1836 Tai Chi Chuan Class Schedules Weapons Programs ... Our Staff The Instructors Qi Gung Non Categorized Content HOME LINKS CHOY LI FUT TAI CHI CHUAN ... JOIN OUR SCHOOL Golden Eagle Martial Arts Centers PHP-Nuke GNU/GPL license

146. SoYouWanna Study Martial Arts, Pt I
Or maybe the film oeuvre of Steven Seagal is more your cup of green tea (we resorry); nevertheless, you know that the martial arts are for you.
SYW learn the basics of yoga?
SYW lose weight?

SYW be a vegan?

SYW lower your cholesterol?
SYW learn about professional wrestling?

So you've seen Enter the Dragon twenty times, and think you've got what it takes to be the next Bruce Lee (or Jet Li). Or maybe the film oeuvre of Steven Seagal is more your cup of green tea (we're sorry); nevertheless, you know that the martial arts are for you. Maybe you're just fat, lazy, and bored (again, we're sorry) and think perhaps it might be time to do something about it. Well, whatever your reasons for coming here, young disciple, you have come to the right place (as always, when you come to us first). And guess what? We have an opinion! We believe that the martial arts can enable you to accomplish these goals, and many more, while looking damn good doing it. So read on, and become the next Karate Kid , or at least the next Next Karate Kid As when you begin any new physical activity or exercise regimen, you should first visit your doctor for a complete physical check-up. Let him/her know of your plans so that he/she can specifically check for any health problems that might affect your selection of a discipline and your training. Any problems with your cardiovascular system - your heart and blood circulation - will be a concern for any martial art. Other problems, such as with your back, joints, or limbs, may also influence your choice of a martial art. A low impact discipline such as Tai Chi may enable you to acquire physical and mental strength without putting undue stress on your feeble body (and/or mind).

147. Hunter Valley Martial Arts Centre
Professional martial arts studio offering karate programs for all ages. Includes a martial arts wholesale and retail supplies section.
Unit3D, 321 Hillsborough Rd
Warners Bay NSW 2282
  • Full-time martial arts studio We are a Black Belt Studio We teach you Skills and Values for life
Fully Equipped Dojo
  • Suppliers for all martial arts Imports, wholesale, retail
Martial Arts Supplies
Visitors to this website since 30 Nov 99
Site last modified 30/03/04

148. Chinese Martial Arts -
A guide to Chinese martial arts focusing on styles of kung fu, history, practise,training techniques, club instructor profiles and philosophy to aid

Chinese Martial Arts
Sports and Recreation
Search The Web Member Central Join Our Community! Login What's New Become a SuiteU Affiliate ... MemberUpdate Suite University About Suite University Suite University News Visit the University Course Listing ... FREE Demo Course New Topics A Day in the Life LDS Family Humor Beginning Organic Gardening Mental Health for Teens ... More... Suite Events Fibromyalgia: Fighting Invisibility Teacher Appreciation Event 2004 Family Focus 2004 In Tune With Johann Sebastian Bach More about Suite101 About - Select a related topic - Adventure Sports Australian V8 Supercar Ra Backpacking Figure Skating Fishing Golf With A Smile Hikes of the Pacific Nort History of the Martial Ar Horse Racing Indy Racing League (IRL) Martial Arts Motorcycles: Adventure, Mountain Biking NASCAR Cup Racing NBA Basketball NFL Football North America - Crosswo Professional Wrestling RV Lifestyle Scuba Diving Southwest Outdoors Sports Car Racing Sports Issues The Standardbred Race Hor Training for Running White Mountain Backpackin Yankees. No more, no les

149. Oh Do Kwan Martial Arts, Fayetteville, GA (Joaquin Bonilla)
Instruction in Taekwondo, the Korean art of selfdefense.
Meet Master Joaquin Bonilla
Professional Black Belt Instructor
5th Dan

150. Koo Self Defense, Martial Arts, Street Fighting, Videos, Health, Fitness, Physic
All martial arts training systems have been created with artificial movementsthat do not even relate to the real world except for one Koo Self Defense.
Koo Self Defense Welcome to our award winning site one of the most popular visited martial arts and self defense site on the internet!
From January 2002, this site is receiving 6,000+ visitors monthly and increasing! Site Updated May 24, 2004
Search our Site:
Training Programs Offered:
Belts / No Belts Below is a list of all the benefits from our workout KSD Kickboxing Aerobics KSD Anaerobics Anger Management Awesome Knockout Power Balance Boxing Movements Concentration Co-ordination Crunches Dirty Fighting Endurance Health Fitness Flexibility Interval Training Jump Rope Mental Focus Mobility Muscle Fibers
Fast-Slow Twitch Muscle Tone Physical Therapy Plyometrics Power Drills Push-ups Resistance Training Rhythm Self Defense Sit-Ups Speed Drills Stamina Drills Stomach Crunches Stretching Static/Dynamic Street Combat Street Fighting Stress Reduction Strength Total Body Workouts Weight Reduction Yoga Choose E-mail
Should one e-mail address be down due to server technical problem OR
Cartersville, Metro Atlanta, Georgia, USA, Home of the World Youngest Black Belts
VIDEO CLIPS Taken April 2002 Master Koo's personal bag workout up to 3 minutes nonstop Master Koo's speed pushups More of Master Koo's personal bag workout up to 3 minutes nonstop Master Koo's non stop kicking bag work ... Michael Roberson breaking 4 brand new plastic rebreakable boards at his 1st. Degree test September 28, 2002

151. Welcome To Brand X Martial Arts
Mission statement, class descriptions, instructor profiles, photos and articles.

152. Yongnian Taiji Martial Arts Center
This web site has been created for those interested in Taijiquan as well as otherforms of Chinese martial arts. Bookmark this page, other pages may change.
document.write("" + ampmhour + "" + myminutes + ampm) document.write(" " + month); document.write(myweekday + ", " + year + ""); Please Check Out these Resources School Resources Email Account


Health Benefits

Basic Training

Search Now:

Email Us

"Bringing Taijiquan
This web site has been created for those interested in Taijiquan as well as other forms of Chinese Martial Arts. Bookmark this page, other pages may change. Group Photo Qing Cheng Mountain, 2003 Chengdu, Sichuan Province, 2002

153. American Martial Arts Supply
Chuck Norris Speed Bag Platform System.
Home Item Index QUICK SEARCH:
Online Enterprises
260 S. Pantano Rd Suite #242
Tucson, AZ 85710

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154. US OPEN -
US Open ISKA World martial arts Championships FedEx/DHL/UPS 6020 NW 4th PlaceSuite G Gainesville, FL 32607, USA, US Open Hotline (352) 3310260, (352) 331
Competitors Spectators Officials Teams and Groups ...
Frequently Asked Questions

July 2nd - 3rd
Coronado Springs Resort Hotel and Convention Center in Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA

Each year, the US OPEN and ISKA World Martial Arts Championships weekend presents an experience unique to the martial arts. The location itself is in the heart of Disney World and sets the stage for a fun and magical weekend of thrilling competition and activities for everyone. As always, the US OPEN will bring together the world's very best competitors, teams, coaches, spectators, and officials for a weekend of inspiring performances and the most memorable of good times. The OPEN will again be telecast worldwide on the ESPN Networks and provide you with the opportunity to receive Special Disney Park Passes! Whether you are a seasoned competitor or a newcomer to the art and sport, the US OPEN aims to be your most exciting and enjoyable event of the year! Please feel free to visit each of the pages of our website in preparation for experiencing the World's Most Prestigious Martial Arts Event!

155. Spirit Of Fighting/ Table Of Content
A martial arts role playing game. Rulebook is available in Word Format.

Character Sheets How To be a Game Master Character Profiles ... Faq
Created by Lawrence Zeigler Assistanced by Angel V Gines Illustrations by D.W.R and L.Z.

156. World Martial Arts Academy -- WTF Taekwondo -- A Korean Martial Art
Welcome to the World martial arts Academy web site. We provide quality instructionin WTF style Korean Taekwondo. Register To Win Free martial arts Lessons!
Pictured: Master Rigdon, Ms. Kohlfeld and Master Roth Welcome to the World Martial Arts Academy web site. We provide quality
instruction in "WTF" style Korean Taekwondo. Let us help you
increase your self confidence, mental focus and physical fitness. Click here for an audio welcome
from Master Rigdon!
Register To Win
Free Martial Arts Lessons!
WMAA Special Announcements While you are here,
Please Sign Our Guestbook

Grand Master Rho Master Rigdon Master Roth ... Announcements
For further information, please Email us at:
© 1998-2004 World Martial Arts Academy of St. Peters.
Produced by GRMorris Web Productions
Best experienced with Click here to start.

157. Croley's Martial Arts Center, Inc.- Home Page
Features information on programs, instructor profiles, class schedule and contact information.
activeEditSiteSearchUrl = '/siteSearch/view/Home.pml';
Reach your goals with
Croley's Martial Arts Center, Inc.
The White Oak School
Home Products Classe Schedule Programs ... Tai Chi Program
Welcome to Croley's Martial
Arts Center, Inc. The study of the Martial Arts is one of the few activities that brings together the energy of both the mind and the body. Our mission at Croley's Martial Arts Center is to bring that energy together. At CMAC, our purpose is to provide our students with the basis for success in and out of the Martial Arts. All of our programs are taught by knowledgeable staff in a fun and friendly environment. You will see many long term benefits from our program on your road to achieving Black Belt Excellence. Remember, the Goals You Set are the Goals You Get! The Primary focus of all of our programs is to teach the Traditions of the Martial Arts by teaching the Philosophies of Character Education, the Principles of Personal Achievement, and effective Self Defense Skills in fun, safe, family environment. We offer Lessons in Mindfulness Classes for Children Adults , and Families as well as a Tai Chi class at times that are sure to meet your busy schedule.

158. Filipino Martial Arts Magazine
pertinent to the Filipino martial arts. Again. Thank youALL Respectfully EliotShearer Eliot Shearer (Publisher). Press Remease. martial arts Television.

Karate studio, photos, directory of schools, martial arts heritage, and masters message.
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160. GURPS Martial Arts
The 160page GURPS martial arts Second Edition, covers over 50 different armed andunarmed fighting arts, including the historical and modern styles of both

Written by C. J. Carella Edited by Sean Punch and Lillian Butler Cover by Jeff Koke Illustrated by Guy Burwell and Dan Smith The ultimate hand-to-hand combat book! The 160-page GURPS Martial Arts Second Edition , covers over 50 different armed and unarmed fighting arts, including the historical and modern styles of both the East and the West, as well as fantasy and science fiction styles, presented in both realistic and cinematic forms. From the French fencing of swashbuckling cinema to Kendo down at the dojo, from Kung Fu at the Shaolin Temple to Savate on the piers of Marseilles, Martial Arts has it all (not to mention a convenient lie-flat binding). 160 pages. Suggested retail price $22.95
Stock number 6036 ISBN 1-55634-314-0
GURPS action worldbooks
Second Edition, Third Printing
First Edition, First printing

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