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         Martial Arts:     more books (101)
  1. Legends of the Martial Arts Masters by Susan Lynn Peterson Ph.D., 2003-09-15
  2. Sigmund Ringeck's Knightly Arts Of Combat: Sword and Buckler Fighting, Wrestling, and Fighting in Armor by David Lindholm, Peter Svard, 2006-04-01
  3. Ultimate Martial Arts Encyclopedia by John Little, 2000-09-11
  4. The Way of the Warrior: Martial Arts and Fighting Styles from Around the World by Chris Crudelli, 2010-08-16
  5. Filipino Martial Culture (Martial Culture Series) by Mark V. Wiley, 1997-05-15
  6. Tae Kwon Do: The Ultimate Reference Guide to the World's Most Popular Martial Art (Facts on File) by Yeon Hwan Park, Jon Gerrard, 1999-04
  7. Street Stoppers: The Martial Arts Most Devastating Trips, Sweeps, and Throws for Real Fighting by Mark Mireles, Loren W. Christensen, 2009-01-29
  8. Martial Arts Sudoku Level 7: Brown Belt Sudoku by Frank Longo, 2006-01-28
  9. The Overlook Martial Arts Handbook by David Mitchell, 1997-03-01
  10. Starting and Running Your Own Martial Arts School by Karen Levitz Vactor, Susan Lynn Peterson Ph.D., 2002-11-15
  11. The Book of Martial Power by Steven J. Pearlman, 2008-03-25
  12. Mind Over Matter: Higher Martial Arts by Shi Ming, Siao Weijia, 1994-04-19
  13. Martial Arts Mind & Body by Claudio Iedwab, Roxanne Standefer, 2000-05-25
  14. Budo Mind and Body: Training Secrets of the Japanese Martial Arts by Nicklaus Suino, 2007-01-09

81. Korean Traditional Equestrian Martial Arts Association(K.E.M.A.)restored The Mil
A set of tightly integrated martial arts practiced on horseback.
Korean Traditional Equestrian Martial Arts Association(K.E.M.A.)restored the Military service examination in Cho-sun which is not succeeded to until now, besides studied Knife, Sword, Gyuk-gu called a Korean traditional Polo, Geobuksun(tultleboat) Racing and 18 traditional martial arts and restored and demonstrated them to the original state under an academic and historical investigation. K.E.M.A.wants to found ancestors¡¯ enterprising spirit and traditional martial arts working through these for the younger generation to take over them well. Or ganization of K.E.M.A. K orean Traditional Equestrian Martial Arts Association :S tudying and training horse riding martial arts,
Korean traditional Polo Association :S tudying and training traditional ball game, Korean Polo Chung Hon Dang :S tudying training sword which is called the ruler of all diseases, and training taoic meditation T urtle boat Racing Committee :Studying and developing turtleboat (Geobuksun) as a aquatic racing sports

82. Martial Arts Planet - Powered By VBindex
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Martial Arts Planet
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83. Martial
Tratta arti marziali e sport da combattimento storia e informazioni riguardo a vari stili, eventi, una sezione riguardante il cinema di argomento.
About Terms of use C ontact

84. Championship Martial Arts Kung Fu Academy, Chicago, Illinois, Schools, KungFu, S
Offering Kung Fu, Shaolin, Wushu, Yang and Chen Tai Chi Chuan (Taiji Quan), taught by Master Jianhua Guo, Chinese national championship coach. Traditional and contemporary forms, weapons, sparring, grappling, selfdefense. Hsing Yi, Bagua.
Championship Martial Arts Academy
What's New

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Join us for brand new Adult and Children programs instructed by Master Guo on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Lots of new barehand and weapon forms!!
Some members of our Naperville Team
New 03/14/2003)
David Finkelstein Double Chain Whip Photo that appeared in the Daily Herald
New 02/276/2003)
Christmas Party 2002 Photos
New 12/26/2002)
Our 10th Anniversary Photo can now be viewed online
New 09/18/2002)
Our Demonstration Team at Daley Center

Check out photos of the Beijing Wushu Trip and more!

Introduction Championship Martial Arts Academy (CMAA) was founded in 1991 by world-renowned Master Jianhua Guo to instruct adults and children in Chinese Wushu martial arts. In less than a decade, the school has grown in size from a dozen to 300+ students at three locations: Chicago (on Fullerton near Ashland), Libertyville, and Naperville. CMAA students train in both internal (e.g, Tai Chi Chuan or Taijiquan) and external forms (also known as Kungfu or Kung Fu) of Wushu martial arts, beginning at the most basic and progressing to advanced championship levels. Individual instruction emphasizes forms, weapons, and other basic techniques, while group practices bring together students of various ranks in a friendly and mutually supportive atmosphere. Whether beginner or advanced, a student will find instruction to match his or her ability, up through tournament level. Over the years, CMAA students have won hundreds of first place medals in national and international Wushu competitions, establishing the school as one of the country's - and world's - premier Wushu training centers.

85. Tigerstrike;Martial Arts Supplies:Martial Arts Equipment, Martial Art Weapons, M
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Martial Arts Supplies and Equipment
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Dedicated to changing the popular perception of martial arts, from that of exercise and selfdefense, to a path of personal and spiritual growth.
All material © 2000 by Robert Brown. Artwork © 2000 by Cyd Moore
No portion of this site may be copied or linked without permission.

87. Martial Arts Humor
martial arts Humor. Common Students that martial arts Instructors See. Thissection taken from a hilarious thread in rec.martialarts.moderated.
Martial Arts Humor
This page has several parts, many of which came from postings and discussion from the rec.martial-arts newgroup.
Sections O' the Page:
Common Students that Martial Arts Instructors See

Stupid martial arts accidents

Ghostwheel's Top Ten Signs you're at a McDojo

Top 13 Signs You've Joined the Wrong Martial Arts School
Other Humorous Martial Arts Links

Common Students that Martial Arts Instructors See
This section taken from a hilarious thread in rec.martial-arts.moderated. You will note some of the student descriptions are similarI found it funny that I recognized every single one of the "students"-and so I didn't want to drop any of the variations.
  • Question Lad (aka. What-If?): This guy will bring up every possible permutation for every drill that is being worked. Solution: Make him uki.
  • Captain Slacker: Dogs the drills and sucks away the stunning dynamic experience that occurs during every class. ;-) Solution: Make him uki.
  • The Interpreter: Seems to believe that explanations must be altered to so that the masses can understand them. Even when the masses are already doing the drill. Solution: Make him uki.
  • The Whacker. Selflessly and altruistically strives to make each partner drill ultra-"realistic", for his partner's learning benefit. Leaves a wake of bruises, black eyes, and sprains behind him until he tries it on the wrong person. Solution: trade partners frequently, the right one will come along soon.
  • 88. Taoism And The Taoist Arts
    A general introduction to Taoism and related arts, such as T'ai Chi, Meditation, martial arts and Herbalism.
    Taoism And The Taoist Arts
    Taoism is an ancient Chinese philosophy which promotes living simply and in harmony with nature, and going with the flow. Ancient Taoists believed that by following the natural world, pursuing a strict diet and meditation regime and not struggling with their lot, they could achieve an inner calm, improved health and great martial power. But despite its age, Taoism has a lot to offer the average Westerner and more and more people are turning towards the Taoist arts to help them with questions and problems in their lives. The Taoist masters, often referred to in the ancient texts as 'sages' or even 'immortals' typically studied such topics as meditation, martial arts, herbalism, diet and medicine and often the arts. Though they might seem unconnected, study of all of these topics leads to self improvement on a physical, mental or spiritual level and this is one of the reasons they appealed to the Taoists of old. As 'Taoist Arts' information on each topic can be found in these pages.
    Main Concepts Yin and Yang
    The 5 Elements
    Modern Interpretations

    Meditation Martial Arts T'ai Chi Herbalism ... Medicine / Diet
    Taoist Bookshop A selection of recommended books on Taoism and related subjects. In association with

    89. NWMAF - National Women's Martial Arts Federation
    NWMAF exists to promote the involvement of women and girls in the martial arts. NWMAFexists to promote the involvement of women and girls in the martial arts.


    Special Training

    ST '04 Forms
    Sites of Interest

    Welcome to the National Women's Martial Arts Federation, an organization of women martial artists. NWMAF exists to promote the involvement of women and girls in the martial arts. Our purpose is to share skills and resources, promote excellence in the martial arts, and encourage the widest range of women to train in the spirit of building individual and collective strength. All women are welcome regardless of lifestyle, sexual preference, race, color, creed, religion, class, age, or physical condition. We cherish martial arts as a path of self-discovery and transformation and as a means of transforming ourselves and the world in which we live. We find strength in each other's challenges and promote an awareness and appreciation of our differences. Special Training 2004
    Strong Circles - Self, Community, World 
    July 15-18, 2004
    Stonehill College
    Easton, MA Register Online or Download Brochure
    Congratulations and Welcome to our 2004 Board Members! Elected: Chair: Sally van Wright Secretary: Kit van Cleave Treasurer: Ilke Schwarz Director at Large: Mary Ann Williams Appointed to fill vacancy: Events Coordinator: Schuyler Fishman Fundraiser: Denise Szymczak Rachel Scherer continues as Director at Large until 1/05 Join or Renew Your Membership Online (use Internet Explorer) Download the Membership Application in PDF

    90. Barry Lee Ving Tsun Martial Arts Academy  -  Home Page
    Information and locations of training centres in NSW for Ving Tsun (Wing Chun Kung Fu) instruction.
    BARRY LEE VING TSUN MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY "If you have to stop and think It’s too late!" Welcome to Barry Lee Ving Tsun Martial Arts Academy's home web page. Some of our web pages are still under construction. Please visit us again soon. Last Modified: 08 February 2003
    Sifu Barry Lee's Profile
    During the early seventies, Sifu Lee lived and trained full time in Hong Kong with Master Wong Shun Leung. These arduous and intensive years were spent training up to fifteen hours a day, seven days a week. Master Wong Shun Leung called him "The Machine" and "the quickest, with the most special understanding", "if you are hit by him you don't stand up". During that time, Sifu Lee had many challenge matches and life-threatening situations. As a result, he has the necessary practical experience to teach the best technical responses in combat. He has continuously trained with similar dedication since then, for up to seven hours a day every day even with a full time career. Sifu Lee has been an instructor to Police, Security, and Military personnel, and other specialist groups. He also has considerable experience teaching both in Australia, and overseas in both seminar and class situations, and thus is both a teacher and a fighter - an all too rare phenomenon in the martial arts world.

    91. DOSHIN Martial Arts Supplies: The Place For Traditional Japanese And Okinawan Ma
    DOSHIN martial arts Supplies. martial arts SUPPLIES, Traditional MartialArts Equipment for the 21st Century NEW PRODUCTS!!! Want Frames?
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    NOW AVAILABLE from CHAMP Video the official Videographers of the JKF 16th WKF World Karate Championships Madrid, Spain Nov. 21 - 24, 2002

    92. Rhode Island Directory Sports
    Directory of martial arts schools a~d gboups in the state.

    93. Martial Arts Supplies And Equipment
    sparring gear and martial arts equipment. martial arts SUPPLIES. Only $49.95.martial arts shoes. Adidas T2000 Shoes $53.95. INFORMATION CENTER.
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    94. Bradshaw Academy Of Martial Arts
    Specialising in Jiujitsu, Judo and Kung Fu tuition. Classes 7 days, mixed classes, juniors and seniors all welcome. Member Australian Shihan Kai.

    95. Martial Arts Web Sites Page 1
    martial arts WEB SITES. Combined martial arts include Goju Ryu karate,Okinawa kobudo, aikijutsu and professional self defence for women.
    We have too many links that are not linked back to us If you do not have a link to us we will remove your link. If you had a link to us and we removed your link please
    send us your link again. Page 1 Page 1 New Listings Main List A-H Page 2
    Main List I-Q
    Page 3
    Main List R-Z
    Page 4
    Email Us Your Martial Arts Web Site Information
    New Listings Here
    Karatevereniging "Kan-Ku"
    : Landgraaf Netherlands
    Yamaguchi Karate International

    Fitness and Martial Arts Training in One
    : Self-Defense and fitness video where Jiu Jitsu and Karate work together to give an aerobic workout while you learn martial arts techniques. Woodland Hills, CA.
    Weight Training Advice
    : Weight Training Advice Online Information Source - Free Tips Pages, Expert Weight Training Forum And Chat Rooms
    : Makers of Europes leading Women's chest protector for Martial Arts. Adidas, Maxi Guard, and Kwon. New Zealand
    Bodybuilding Advice
    : Bodybuilding Advice Online Information Source - Free Tips Pages, Expert Bodybuilding Forum And Chat Rooms Ken Yu Kan Goju Ryu Karate International International karate school based in Australia. History, concepts, affiliation. Combined Martial Arts include Goju Ryu karate, Okinawa kobudo, aikijutsu and professional self defence for women.

    96. Gym Mats, Gymnastic Mats, Martial Arts Mats, Gymnastics Equipment, Gymnastic Sup
    Sells gymnastic and martial arts mats, physical education supplies and gymnastics equipment.
    Wrestling, Martial Arts, Free-X, Cheer Mats incline mats, barrels, mail boxes, spotting belts, spring boards, parachutes, poly pads, etc. gymnastic shoes ... CONTACT US C A R T W H E E L F A C T O R Y
    martial arts mats, wrestling mats, gym mats, gymnastic mats, gymnastics equipment, gymnastic supplies, physical education equipment, movement education equipment, physical education supplies
    We are proud to announce that we have been in the wrestling mats, martial arts mats, gymnastic mats manufacturing business since 1985. Our current 16,000 square foot manufacturing warehouse employs 28 skilled craftsmen and woman who design the finest quality gym mats in the USA at competitive prices. Our customers include public and private schools, YMCA's, YWCA's, JCC's, day care centers, recreation centers, gymnastic clubs, fitness centers, aerobic studios, kinder gyms, wrestling clubs, karate clubs, martial arts schools, US military and parents who need our gym mats for play areas in the home, for exercise, tumbling and community cheerleading practice for their children. Our mats are in use in all 50 states and several countries. We are in the business of protecting our children and adults alike; just enough to make the landing a little less bumpy; your play area, safer; your exercise routine, more comfortable; your gymnastic instructional class more productive.

    97. Combat Fit
    This site is for athletes involved with any of the martial arts.This site is a body manual to help you prevent injuries, rehab
    F it M artial A Knee Problems Hip Problems Back Problems Shoulder Problems ... Degenerative Hip Arthritis Other Body Parts Hamstrings Connective Tissues Ribs The Fitness Center ... Back Surgery Peak Training Performance Problems Training Errors Frequent Sports Injuries Diet and Nutrition ... Glossary of Terms This site is for athletes involved with any of the martial arts. This site is a body manual to help you prevent injuries, rehab old injuries, and have the elements in your lifestyle to achieve the best possible results in your chosen martial art. Whether you are involved with jiu-jitsu, tae kwon do, tai chi, karate, kung fu, kick boxing, or kempo, these contents can help you prepare your body and mind. Additionally, the numerous charts can show you what lies below the surface to help you create a better mind/body connection and understand the usefulness of your training routines. Each of these forms of self defense are wonderful sports, but they are much more. They involve healthier lifestyles, development of personal confidence, as well as respect for yourself and others. What's Your Problem?

    98. Setting Sun Martial Arts
    Studio in Ocean Beach teaches cuong nhu, wing chun, kick boxing, judo, tai chi, chi gung, Brazilian jiujitsu, and Iyengar yoga. Chief instructor Mark Colangelo.

    99. Traditional Taekwon Do And Other Martial Arts
    Traditional Taekwon Do and other martial arts. Klaus Steinberger. (german.gif Die gleiche Information in deutscher Sprache.). Welcome
    Traditional Taekwon Do and other Martial Arts
    Klaus Steinberger Die gleiche Information in deutscher Sprache. Welcome to the traditional Taekwon Do Server. This server contains mainly information about the korean martial art Taekwon Do, as it is taught at the and Volkshochschule Pullach . There are also links to other martial arts, as well as information about women's self defense (currently only in german language). There is now also information about Japanese Sword Arts (contributed by Al Bowers). This server is under construction of course.

    100. Martial Arts School Of Peace
    martial arts school, specialized in Hap Ki Do and Tae Kwon Do.

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