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         Martial Arts:     more books (101)
  1. Strength and Power Training for Martial Arts by Martina Sprague, 2005-04-30
  2. The Last Lama Warrior: The Secret Martial Art of Tibet by Yogi Tchouzar Pa, 2009-05-21
  3. Ba Gua: Hidden Knowledge in the Taoist Internal Martial Art by John Bracy, 1998-12-22
  4. Homemade Martial Arts Training Equipment: A Do-It-Yourself Guide by Michael Janich, 2002-07-01
  5. Manga Martial Arts: Over 50 Basic Lessons for Drawing the World's Most Popular Fighting Style by David Okum, 2008-11-06
  6. The Young Martial Arts Enthusiast (Young enthusiast) by David Mitchell, 1997-04-24
  7. Teaching Martial Arts by Sang H. Kim, 1997-07-01
  8. The Martial Art of Leading Teams by David Witt, 2010-06-17
  9. The Martial Arts of Renaissance Europe by Professor Sydney Anglo, 2000-08-11
  10. Bow to Life: 365 Secrets from the Martial Arts for Daily Life by Joseph Cardillo, 2006-05-19
  11. The Complete Martial Arts Training Manual: An Integrated Approach by Ashley Martin, 2010-05-10
  12. Mastering Mixed Martial Arts: The Guard by Antonio Nogueira, Erich Krauss, et all 2008-12-02
  13. The Treasure Book of Chinese Martial Arts (Volume I): How to master technical fighting and the three golden methods of study by Peter Jaw, 2004-03-26
  14. The Martial Arts Book by Laura Scandiffio, 2010-08-01

61. Untitled Document
Traditional Japanese martial arts with dojo located in Hoogstraten Genbukan Ninpo Bugei and Kokusai Jujutsu Renmei. Contains information, pictures and links to other sites. (eng).htm

62. Discovery Channel :: Xtreme Martial Arts
May 13, 2004 EDT. image1. martial arts VIDEO GALLERY See clips of martial artistsin action — complete with inthe-body animation — from Xtreme martial arts.
May 26, 2004 EDT OAS_RICH("hedthick"); MARTIAL ARTS

Xtreme Martial Arts
Kung Who ? See what you know about the world of martial arts.
Meet Xtreme Martial Arts stars Mike Chaturantabut and Matt Mullins. Click through their photo galleries. And read their answers to your questions.
Xtreme Martial Arts
has already aired, but you can own the DVD or the VHS Video.
Features Discovery Quest Extreme Engineering The Real Eve Shark Week Who Killed King Tut?
By visiting this site, you agree to the terms and conditions of our Visitor Agreement . Please read. 2004 Discovery Communications Inc. The leading global real-world media and entertainment company.

63. QP-Sport For Top Quality Chest Protector.
Manufacturer of women's chest protectors for use in fencing and martial arts. Includes dealer list.
This document requires a browser that can view frames.

64. Martial Spirit Chat Rooms
martial arts Communications. Message Boards. martial arts Forum (Eventslisting/Discussions) martial arts Chat Rooms. Jung

65. Modern Warrior® Home Page - Martial Arts, Civilian Self Defense And Police Defe
martial arts, civilian self defense and police defensive tactics. Features news and articles.
Modern Warrior
"Self Defense For the Real World"
Current Month's Message Master's Test Corner Pictures of Cast Student Calendar ... home Modern Warrior is a unique self defense organization with headquarters located at our specially designed, self defense training facility in Lindenhurst, NY. Modern Warrior teaches both certified law enforcement courses and civilian courses (self defense and martial arts) and is well known in the training community for innovative and realistic training methods. Modern Warrior was founded in 1981 by Phil Messina (Sgt. NYPD Ret.). Modern Warrior® President Phil Messina
Receives Moral Courage Award.
Our Mission: To provide practical and realistic self defense training which enables law enforcement officers and law-abiding citizens to defend themselves against multiple assailants and other threats. We teach
Combat Stress Conditioning
The closest thing
to the real thing! What type of Training does Modern Warrior® do?

66. Singapore-Wushu.Com -- The Ultimate Resource Center Of Chinese Martial Arts
Contains Chinese martial arts related information and developments.
SNWF Notice
News Bulletin
  • Wushu Seminar, Kampong Kembangan CC, 18/5/04 8pm, admission free.
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none Hi, all! Welcome to Singapore-Wushu.Com This is a place where you can find and gather information about the past history and current developments of Chinese Martial Arts ( Wushu in Chinese) in Singapore and other countries. The preliminary attention would be on Taiji , and we would work to cover other forms of Wushu The ultimate objective of this site is to act as a huge data center for Wushu related information. This data center will house articles in .html and other common file formats; real videos and demonstration pictures. They will be categorized and archived properly for downloading. The data center is to be equipped with a search engine to facilitate searching of information. We welcome any suggestions and ideas to better this data center.

67. Samurai Swords And Martial Arts Weapons
martial arts Boxing Supply Center About Us Choose from a complete selectionof martial arts supply samurai swords, boxing gloves, escrima sticks
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New Ninja star Professsional Series and weapon sets!
New Bruce Lee Hardwood Nunchakus New Aluminum Nunchakus! New 3rd Generation Samurai Swords with Dragon Heads ... Just Arrived! New collection of Martial Arts Books and Martial Art Videos. We stock some of the largest collection of Martial arts instructional videos and books anywhere! ADVERTISING AFFILIATE SITES Wowshopper Motorhelmets MX Dirt Rider Quick Links Dojo Directory Must Have List Submit Your Comments Enter Prize Drawing The

68. Official Website Of Jimmy Thomas
Certified personal trainer, fitness model, and martial arts instructor offering services for training, dieting and living a healthier life.
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69. Terry Chan's Chinese Martial Arts Page
CHINESE INTERNAL martial arts. New York City The Cassier Magazine Company,pp 23643. Select Resources and Instruction for Internal martial arts
The Chinese internal martial arts (also known as the "neijia"), the best known of which are the "three sisters" of Taijiquan (T'ai Chi Ch'uan), Xingyiquan (Hsing-I Ch'uan), and Baguazhang (Pa Kua Chang), are martial arts which offer fascinating insights into body mechanics. Follow are some articles that I hope you will find of interest.
Overview Article on the Chinese Martial Arts:
Bill Chen and Mike Sigman have translated a contemporary overview article on Chinese martial arts written by Liang Shouyu. Ignorance, Legend, and Taijiquan: Stanley Henning wrote a well-researched article on the origins of Taijiquan. It originally appeared in Greg Bissell's excellent Journal of the Chen Style Taijiquan Research Assocation of Hawaii now known as the Chen Journal. Silk-Reeling Training: A perspective on silk-reeling training by Zhang Xuexin, a student of Feng Zhiqiang, 18-generation. Chen style Taijiquan and founder of Chen Style Xinyi Hun Yuan Taijiquan.
Training for Sparring:
An article on sparring by Chen Zhaokui, of Chen Family Taijiquan.

70. 華夏詠春拳術學院
History, training information, analysis and contact information.

71. Hsing-I Martial Arts Institute / XingYi, BaGua, TaiJi
HsingI martial arts Institute A Site devoted to Hsing I (XingYi),Pa Kua (BaGua) and Tai Chi (TaiJi). Hsing-I Chuan (XingYiQuan
Hsing-I Martial Arts Institute
A Site devoted to Hsing I (XingYi), Pa Kua (BaGua) and Tai Chi (TaiJi).
Hsing-I Chuan (XingYiQuan), Pa-Kua Chang (BaGuaZhang) and Tai-Chi Chuan (TaiJiQuan) are classified as Taoist Internal Martial Arts. They incorporate a wide range of trainings apart from the specific forms of Hsing-I, Pa-Kua and Tai-Chi, including Chi Kung (Qi Gong), Meditation, Chin-Na (Quin-na), Throwing (Shuai), and Weaponry skills. This site is devoted to the task of promoting these esoteric Chinese Martial Arts systems, replete with Informative Articles (both newly written and re-printed from the no longer published Hsing-I Journal), Instructional Videos (Our Products section), MPEG Video Clips and other interesting information. Please feel free to browse through our site, and feel free to email us with any remarks or questions please. We would truly like to hear your comments.
Hsing-I Martial Arts Institute
(San Diego Residents SURF HERE!)

8204 Parkway Dr. Ste # 1,2,3,4
La Mesa, CA 91942
Pai Hui Ke Enterprises No part of this web site may be reproduced without the express permission Pai Hui Ke Enterprises

72. Tour Canada
martial arts tournament circuit open to all styles. Website includes tournament listings across Canada, member ratings, profiles and photos.
Letter From The Editor Welcome! Tour Canada's goal and success has been uniting martial artists across Canada in sport karate. We are the fastest growing and most exciting organization featuring a complete circuit of tournaments. Tour Canada is open to all styles and all belt levels. Tour Canada is more than a tournament circuit. We are forming bonds between fellow martial artists. Explore our website to learn more about Tour Canada. All martial artists are invited to participate in our tournaments and events. A special thanks to Kodak Canada for their continued support. Their contribution has made much of this possible. Join Tour Canada Martial Arts and become part of an excitng organization! Sponsored By Home

73. : The Martial Arts Portal
and history of martial arts. is the biggest martialarts site on the web Description and history of martial arts....... is the biggest martial arts site on the web : Description and history of martial arts. Search engine, news, chat, forum, discussion group. The site covers the following martial arts ( martial arts list Aikido American Kenpo Boxing ... Yoseikan Budo The site cover news about traditional martial arts, new martial arts, freestyle, mixed martial arts (pride,ufc,mark kerr,rickson gracie,...)

74. Animerica: Animerica Feature: Martial-Arts Anime
An overview and analysis of martial arts anime.
Mailing List
The Fine Print


Go toe-to-toe with the best in martial arts in anime, with spotlights on Street Fighter Alpha and Virtua Fighter and a brief history of real-world martial arts! By NEXT...
page one
page two page three page four Street Fighter The Animated Movie What do people want from a martial arts movie? Fighting action, of course. You want to see Bruce Lee stomp right thru someone's chest. You want to see Jackie Chan wrap a folding chair around the bad guy's head so many times that it folds new ways. You want Jean-Claude Van Damme to do the splits and high-kick somebody's jaw into the ceiling. You want Chuck Norris to put his huge cowboy boots where the sun don't shine. But what about martial arts anime? Is there such a thing as an anime video with the kind of blood lust as Hong Kong's finest hours of kung fu madness and kickboxing glory? Well...yes and no. THE THREE SCHOOLS OF ANIME MARTIAL ARTS Just like martial arts in the read world are separated into different schools of thought, martial arts anime tend to fall into three categories: comedic, serious, or superheroic. Sometimes all three at once. Comedic martial arts anime includes productions such as Ranma 1/2, where martial arts form the backdrop to a larger story-a way for the animators to slip in fighting action at the drop of the hat. This kind of anime production owes a lot to Jackie Chan's earlier movies where comedy situations and jaw-dropping stunts and unusual props go hand in hand.

75. ABBA
Information from this martial arts school established by Master Garo Kebabjian in 1976.
Grand Master Dr. Garo Kebabjian founder/president of ABBA International, since 1976, is a world known expert of Chinese traditional martial arts and culture.
Grand Master Dr. Kebabjian is a scholar, lecturer, and holder of an Honorary Doctorate in Asiatic thought and oriental philosophies. In this world of pollution, drugs, and stress, one of the positive ways to achieve inner peace and health is to return to the wisdom of the ancient Masters, their teachings and disciplines, and apply them to our modern society. Grand Master Dr. Garo Kebabjian together
with Sultan A. Ojjeh - ABBA
honorary president. This is the aim of ABBA Academy. Today ABBA is an internationally known Martial Arts, Health and Disciplines Academy with centers in the Middle East, Europe, the Americas, and Armenia.
Master Mall HarboyanTrade Center 11th fl., Tel.: 961 1 241024, Fax: 961 1 241025
E-mail: Webmaster

76. Russian Martial Art. The System.
Russian martial arts (The System, Systema) training center located in Thornhill,Ontario, offering self defense classes and trips to Russia to train with the
About the System Training Toronto School Seminars ... Our store clip of the month latest news what's new other schools training partners announcement board ... forum May 13, 2004 ONLY 13 WEEKS UNTIL SUMMER TRAINING WORKSHOP! May 07, 2004 View the new clips! May 01, 2004 New Article - INSIDE KUNG FU Magazine January 15, 2004 Check out our new forum! October 10, 2003 New feature on our site: Training Partners read more... SIGN UP FOR OUR FREE NEWSLETTER and stay up-to-date with the latest news, film releases and other important information from Russian Martial Art. in store upcoming events Russian Martial Art Seminar in Manhattan Russian Martial Art Seminar in London, England 07/24/2004 - 07/25/2004 United Kingdom Summer Training International read more... Vladimir Vasiliev LogicArt Inc.

77. The Dan Loh Site
martial arts site. Whilst some content may clash with the usual traditional beliefs of karatedo, taekwando, jujitsu, and other regulated arts, none of it is meant to offend or inflame.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
General Info
Jissen Karate Part I Bubishi
Please feel free to drop me a comment or point of view
Yes, I have something to say!
Welcome to Dan Loh's martial arts site. Please leave your hardcore beliefs at the threshold and step right in. Whilst some content within these pages may clash with the usual traditional beliefs of karate-do, taekwando, jujitsu, and other regulated arts, none of it is meant to offend or inflame. Please suspend your judgement for a bit, I would appreciate if you will read these pages with the spirit of a bubishi believer. Recover the truth, unlearn the ineffective. Above all, believe that nothing is exempt from improvement.

78. Alliance Martial Arts Homepage
Alliance martial arts Homepage All the Best in the Western martial arts - Welcome! ModernDay Combat Arts The Science Evolution of the Western martial arts
What's New Timeline Articles Techniques ... Contact Us
Welcome to
Alliance Martial Arts LLC
School of International Arms
Historical and Modern Day
American Heritage

Fighting Arts
Internal Arts Medieval ... FastCounter by bCentral

79. Kokusai
martial arts association open to all exponents regardless of style or background, and looking to promote their profiles under an international banner.
Please enter here Board of Directors Objectives Links ... Backgrounds Non profit, non political Organisation created to promote and enhance ALL traditional Martial Arts in Australia, and overseas.
Promoting friendship and providing Members with recognition and values, training and support.
Traditional and eclectic styles most welcome to apply WELCOME TO THE KBKA The doors are open to ALL PATRONS YABIKU TAKAYA, HANSHI 10TH DAN
Memberships Fee Structure

80. AMAS Martial Arts Supply - Martial Art Weapons, Karate Uniforms, Karate Equipmen
AMAS martial arts Supply s Low Price Guarantee! Now you no longer haveto search site after site looking for the best price.
Home Item Index QUICK SEARCH:
Online Enterprises
260 S. Pantano Rd Suite #242
Tucson, AZ 85710
customParams = " "; Current Events (Revised 3/18/04) Mailing List Add/Remove
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