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         Martial Arts:     more books (101)
  1. Zen in the Martial Arts by Joe Hyams, 1982-07-01
  2. Ultimate Flexibility: A Complete Guide to Stretching for Martial Arts by Sang H. Kim, 2004-01-10
  3. Martial Arts After 40 by Sang H. Kim, 1999-10-01
  4. Solo Training: The Martial Artist's Guide to Training Alone by Loren W. Christensen, 2001-03-01
  5. Martial Arts Techniques for Law Enforcement (Tuttle Martial Arts) by Mike Young, 2006-07-15
  6. Living the Martial Way : A Manual for the Way a Modern Warrior Should Think by Forrest E. Morgan, 1992-11-25
  7. The Power of Internal Martial Arts and Chi: Combat and Energy Secrets of Ba Gua, Tai Chi and Hsing-I by Bruce Frantzis, 2007-08-07
  8. Essential Anatomy: For Healing and Martial Arts by Marc Tedeschi, 2000-04-04
  9. Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Martial Arts (Ultimate Guide to Weight Training...) by Robert G. Price, 2007-03-01
  10. The Zen Way to Martial Arts: A Japanese Master Reveals the Secrets of the Samurai (Compass) by Taisen Deshimaru, 1992-09-15
  11. Speed Training : How to Develop Your Maximum Speed for Martial Arts by Loren W. Christensen, 1996-01-01
  12. Ultimate Fitness Through Martial Arts by Sang H. Kim, 1993-11-01
  13. Martial Arts Instructors Desk Reference by Sang H. Kim, 2002-07-01
  14. Meditations on Violence: A Comparison of Martial Arts Training & Real World Violence by Rory Miller, 2008-08-25

1. Home Page
The United States martial arts Association provides services to the martial arts community, All Styles are Welcome! and maintain the highest standards for excellence in the martial arts, as of May 1st, 2004, the USMA International Hall
United States Martial Arts Association Home About Us Black Belt Registry Membership ... Articles Welcome to the USMA Website!
This Site Was Last Updated On:
Sunday, May 23, 2004
We are proud to list the names of the USMA leaders who have already sent us their names to be engraved on the special Happy 80th Birthday Trophy we will present to O-Sensei Phil Porter, at the 2004 International Hall of Fame Banquet in St. Louis on July 24, 2004. As you can see by checking the Hall of Fame section, we intend to present an engraved Happy Birthday Trophy to O-Sensei at the Banquet. The trophy will record the names of those friends and students who wish O-Sensei best regards on this happy occasion. Please review this information and get your name on this trophy. This is a brand new program, and many of our leaders have not found out about it yet. We are delighted to present the donors who are already locked into this program. Click the link above for more details! USMA International Hall of Fame
USMA International Training Camp For 2003, we had received nominations to the International Hall of Fame for several thousand martial artists. In our preliminary review, we narrowed that number down to 300. Out of those 300, only 133 were actually accepted by our committee.

2. The World's Martial Arts Information Center
Your personal guide to the exciting world of martial arts. Locateschools, organizations, styles and much more. martial"../popups/default.htm","SS5","top=25,left=25,width=320,height=450,buttons=no,scrollbars=no,location=no,menubar=no,resizable=yes,status=no,directories=no,toolbar=no");

3. Martial Arts TRICKZ
Infos, pictures and videos about martial arts tricks
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4. Martial Arts Network The/Karate Network
The martial arts Network Online. A call to all U.S. Black Belts over the age of 21. From America's New Army. /
TMAN Postoffice America's New Army
The Martial Arts Network Online c 1999 TMAN, Inc. Flash Plugin Required (just a 30 second download)
A call to all U.S. Black Belts over the age of 21
From America's New Army

5. AEMMA - Academy Of European Medieval Martial Arts
The mission of AEMMA is to resurrect the combat skills, philosophies and principles of an accomplished European Medieval martial artist and to achieve a state of which would be consistent with swordmanship, sword master, medieval, martial arts, George Silver, medieval swordsmanship medieval fechtbuch, sword master, medieval, martial arts, George Silver, Silver, Vincentio
Traction Trebuchet depicted in the
Maciejowsky Bible (c.1240)

Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts
(AEMMA) Toronto Canada
AEMMA Orig. Est. May 1998
Incorporated non-profit (NPO) May 2001

Online since: November 9, 1998 - Last modified: March 24, 2004
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hits since Nov 09, 1998

Avg. 2.5 million requests/monthly

6. Martial Art Supplies At Century Martial Art Supply Martial Art Gear, Martial Art
Your source for martial arts uniforms, martial arts gear, martial artssupplies, martial arts books and martial arts videos on the web
Your source for martial arts uniforms, martial arts gear, martial arts supplies, martial arts books and martial arts videos on the web Your source for martial arts uniforms, martial arts gear, martial arts supplies, martial arts books and martial arts videos on the web Most trusted source for martial art supplies, gear, books, videos and weapons Martial Arts Martial Arts Supplies Karate supplies and information Martial Arts Gifts ... Take a look at our Martial Art Weapons

7. Asian World Of Martial Arts
A mailorder and online sales martial arts supplier. The online store features namebrand products

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Dedicated to all Budo styles so that they might work together while maintaining their own structure. Includes a summary of Budo, structure and history of the organization, event and seminar calendar, IUMA shop, general information about Japanese culture, video clips, browser games, and related links.

9. Martial Arts Equipment, Inc. - Your Source For Uniforms, Sparring Gear, Training
Offer uniforms, sparring gear, training equipment, weapons, book and videos.
Serving the martial arts community since 1975.
The #1 source for all your martial arts needs Visit our on-line store
where everything is ON SALE! Martial Arts Equipment, Inc.
PO Box 605
Clifton, NJ 07012 / Fax 973 472-5862
Our full line of merchandise includes:
- for Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Judo and Kung Fu. Ninja uniforms, too!
Sparring Gear
Lightning Headguards, Punches, Kicks and Shin Guards; Macho FIST
- Ninja weapons, Nunchaku, wooden and rubber training weapons, Octagon and Round Sai, Samurai swords, throwing knives, throwing stars, Japanese style tantos.
Training Aids
- Wing Chun wooden dummy, medicine balls, bounce back and fighting man dummies, eagle catcher, power twisters, rebreakable boards, iron arm conditioning hammer, tournament bags.
- Kicking shields, hand shields, heavy bags including the six most popular Wavemaster portable models. This is just a small sample - visit our on-line store today! Updated on March 11, 2003

10. World Martial Arts Videos And Mixed Martial Arts Supplies
World martial arts is the leading producer of contemporary martial art instructionalvideos and martial arts supplies. 2004 World martial arts Supplies.
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Marcelo Garcia Mario Sperry Pedro Carvalho ... Returns
The Best In Martial Arts Instructional DVD's! World Martial Arts is the leading producer of contemporary mixed martial art instructional videos and martial arts supplies. World Martial Arts sells the hottest grappling titles such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Russian Sambo, Vale-Tudo, Muay Thai, Judo and many more. Feel free to browse and shop in our secure shopping super store. View over 100 exciting video clips of our hottest titles and tour the famous World Martial Arts production studio located in New York. World Martial Arts Supplies has been the leader in Grappling, Judo, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructional videos since 1993. We were the first company to produce mixed martial art instructional videos featuring real Vale-Tudo and Sport Jiu-Jitsu techniques on video. Are you unsure of what style you want to learn? Take a look at our "choose your fighting style" area of the web site. This will help you understand what form of grappling is best for you. When it comes to martial arts instructional videos, we want to be your number one choice. Enjoy your shopping experience with us and thank you for choosing World Martial Arts Supplies. mario sperry submission grappling 2004 World Martial Arts Supplies

11. Martial Arts City
Dojo directory, registry, dictionary, forum, mailing list, store, multimedia and links.
Wednesday, May 26 2004 Search Home
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    Who's online There are currently 11 guests and members online Sponsor Martial Arts Hangman Game 24 Apr 2003 Test yout skills with the new martial arts hangman game. Hundreds of martial arts terms added to test your knowledge of the arts. Don't get frustrated..just keep trying if you can't do it the first time. Go There New Word Search Creator 24 Apr 2003 Create great martial arts related word searches and print them out. It just takes just a few second to do. If your a teacher or if you just want to make some fun martial arts word searches here is the place to do it. Try It All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owners. Opinions expressed in articles within this site are those of their owners and may not reflect the opinion of the Martial Arts City . Register and add a link to your site or a favorite.
  • 12. The Virtual Library: Martial Arts
    The Virtual Library martial arts collection is an index of stable web sites thatoffer information on any martial art. The Virtual Library martial arts.
    Welcome to The Virtual Library: Martial Arts
    The Virtual Library: Martial Arts
    This section of the Virtual Library is devoted to the practice and application of the martial arts. The organization of the site is described in detail in our Table of Contents page.
    Philosophy and Goals
    We aim to have the most complete index of martial arts sites on the web. As in any index, the commentary will be little, if any. Please send comments regarding this subject index to . If you have a site to include, please use the submission form The organization of the site is as follows: The links to different Martial Arts are listed under the Styles page.
    One real problem with most collections of links is that the listing continues to carry dead links for months or years. This is natural, as it is relatively easy to add a link but requires constant maintenance as sites change location or drop off the net. As a result, many links pages and collections are frustrating to use as a large number of links lead to dead ends. All web site hyperlinks in The Virtual Library: Martial Arts site are checked on a quarterly basis. The last complete check was

    13. Martial Arts Equipment: Chinese Kung Fu Uniforms And Equipment, Martial Arts Cat
    Makers and distributers primarily chinese style training wear and carry bags.
    Chinese Kung Fu Uniforms and Equipment are made in New York, U.S.A. Our Chinese Kung Fu uniforms and martial arts equipment include Ching Mo style jackets Original Vests and hand made Training Pants and Weapon Bags . Each features quality materials, sturdy design and fine craftsmanship.
    Training Pants. Comfortable for any one of the many Kung Fu styles, CHINESE STYLE JACKETS from are hand crafted in three styles and feature the same quality and workmanship as all our products. Each jacket is made to be comfortable for great maneuverability and features quality piping, buttons and loops.
    from feature relaxed fit, action armholes for ease of movement and are made with either frog buttons or velcro tab closure. A great compliment to one of our Chinese Style Jackets.
    from are blade and water resistant and are constructed from heavy duty 12oz. 100% cotton canvas. All weapons bags have hand-made, padded, adjustable straps. Medium and long weapons bags have an added vinyl base for extra protection.
    has the Chinese Kung Fu uniforms and equipment you desire.

    14. VL Martial Arts - Table Of Contents
    This page of the Virtual Library martial arts provides the structure and organizationof the site. Home. Organization of Site. The Virtual Library martial arts.
    Organization of Site
    This page of the Virtual Library: Martial Arts provides the structure and organization of the site. You will notice that each page of the site has a banner with its title, and two series of buttons on the top of the page. The uppermost row of buttons will always be the highest level of web pages ( i.e. home, Search, Table of Contents, etc. ). The row under the title banner will be pages at the same organizational level as the current page (usually related to the same general subject). There may be a column of buttons to the left of the page - these will be child pages (subcategories of the current topic). The overall structure of the site is presented below.
    The Virtual Library: Martial Arts
    Styles Chinese Styles External Styles ... VL Martial Arts - Table of Contents
    Looking for a good Martial Arts book? Check out the Virtual Bookstore: Martial Arts for the most extensive collection of books and VHS tapes on the internet!

    15. Overview Of Some Other Martial Arts
    Explore different styles of martial arts practiced around the world.
    Martial Arts Around the World
    Besides karate, there are a number of other martial arts out there. Here is just a brief summary of some of these martial arts:
  • Other Japanese martial arts:
  • Other martial arts related to karate:
  • Other martial arts not related to karate:
    Other Martial Arts Around the World
    The thumbnail martial arts sketches given here only touch upon the large number of martial arts practised today; this is a further sampling of names of martial arts:
    • sebekkha (Egypt)
    • Hawaiian lua, kajukenbo, and lima-lama (Hawaii)
    • kalarippayattu and vajramushti (India)
    • penchak silat (Indonesia)
    • kenpo, kyudo, and ninjutsu (Japan)
    • hapkido (South Korea)
    • sambo (Russia)
    • muay thai or Thai kickboxing (Thailand)
    • qwankido and vovinam (Vietnam)
    For further information on any of these martial arts, visit my martial arts link page
    Aikido and Aikijutsu
    Drawing upon his knowledge of various bujutsu ("combat techniques"), Morihei Ueshiba (1881-1969) designed the purely defensive art of aikido beginning in 1931. Some claim that aikijutsu, a system of striking weak points on body developed by samurai in twelfth century Japan, was the basis of aikido. Ueshiba was attempting to create a uniquely Japanese martial art with no Chinese influence. The martial art he created uses over 700 different movements, designed to either control or throw an opponent by turning an attacker's force back upon themselves; it does not rely on strength but agility through evasion and body shifting. There is also a strong spiritual component where body and mind are freed from all barriers and practitioners are allowed to be aware of their own bodies and anticipate an attacker's move. Five main styles of aikido exist today.
  • 16. Kickboxing Martial Arts Fitness. Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Tae Kwon Do Info At
    kickboxing, martial arts, fitness, boxing, bruce lee, jackie chang, martial arts supply, martial arts schools, martial arts video, martial arts instruction, karate, kung fu, taekwondo, tae kwon do
    The Largest Most Qualified School In Canada! Channels Pride Fight Zone
    Virtual Training
    Learn ... Glove Deodorizers Styles
    Aikido Boxing
    Brazilian JiuJitsu

    Tae Kwon Do
    MAS Software Register for MAS Looking for a school? The Largest Most Qualified School In Canada! For a quality school in your area click here ... Top Of The Net Award is given the prestigious "Top Of Everything" Website Award!! Newsletter Subscription BATTLE AT THE BELLAGIO 2 Daily Updates The Battle at the Bellagio is back and ten times better than last year! If you think you are going to miss it, THINK AGAIN! will have full coverage! CHECK IT OUT WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

    17. Martial Arts Supplies Weapons Equipment Gear Martial Arts Uniforms - Free Martia
    martial arts supplies equipment gear supply karate weapons uniforms. martialarts equipmentSHOP HERE SAKURA martial arts SUPPLIES martial arts.
    Martial Arts Supplies - Equipment Martial Arts Gear Uniforms Weapons Supply . SAKURA Free Martial Greeting Cards Auction Contest .
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    Martial arts uniforms. Karate fitness, equipment, accessories, - wholesale martial arts gear Warrior Auction Warrior Cards FREE E-Cards.
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    Swords Patches Novelties Weaponry Protect Gear Military Supplies Medieval Swords
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    Exchanges / Returns Sakura Privacy Pledge / Policy
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    18. Bob Carver's Martial Arts Academy
    Information about the academy, its courses, instructors, equipment sales, plus a photo gallery and links pages.
    Bob Carver's Martial Arts Academy
    320 Lisgar Street
    Ottawa, Ontario
    CANADA K2P 0E2 Tel: 613.233.6981

    19. Martial Arts
    Articles, links, FAQ s and forums about martial arts, including history, origins,evolution, development, and all the where and why s. Search. martial arts
    About Sports Martial Arts Home ... Health and Injuries zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Styles History Media Competition ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
    Stay Current
    Subscribe to the About Martial Arts newsletter. Search Martial Arts From Geoffrey Rogers
    Your Guide to Martial Arts
    Lightsaber Duel
    I love lightsabers, or the idea of them, anyway. So of course I could not help but take a look at this short film which has received some excellent reviews.
    Monday May 24, 2004
    Grappling Without a Grappling School
    A new article by Guest Author Stephan Kesting, who also wrote Cardio for the Martial Arts
    Grappling training when you don't have ready access to a grappling school can be difficult. In this article, Stephan addresses the issues that come up and ways to deal with them.
    Monday May 24, 2004

    House of Flying Daggers wows Cannes
    According to all reports, Chinese film director Zhang Yimou has met with great critical acclaim for his movie House of Flying Daggers at Cannes. The film stars Zhang Ziyi, Andy Lau, and Takeshi Kaneshiro. has a report on it

    20. Martial Arts Movie Reviews
    Organized into fantasy, comedy, drama, and action categories.

    Comedy Drama Action ...
    Wing Chun

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