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  1. Drachensport: Kitesurfen, Buggykiting, Drachen, Snowkiting, Kitebuggy, Kitelandboarding, Kitesailing, Kitewing, Windfenster (German Edition)

1. Sie Werden Auf Weitergeleitet !
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Sie werden auf weitergeleitet !

2. Hauptseite Kitesailing Schule Stefan Popprath Silvaplana Schweiz
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3. Festival: Kitesailing
Il termine kitesailing potrebbe essere tradotto "veleggiando con gli aquiloni". Si tratta leggere (generalmente trimarani). Il kitesailing rientra in quella categoria di sport
KITE-SAILING Il termine Kitesailing potrebbe essere tradotto "veleggiando con gli aquiloni". Si tratta infatti di uno sport che consiste nel praticare tutte le normali tecniche di navigazione a vela (traverso, lasco, bolina e poppa) in un'ampia gamma di venti, utilizzando al posto delle vele, aquiloni acrobatici per il traino di imbarcazioni leggere (generalmente trimarani).
Il Kitesailing rientra in quella categoria di sport aquilonistici che vanno sotto il nome comune di POWER KITING, cioè sport che utilizzano modelli di aquiloni capaci di sviluppare una notevole forza trainante. Fin da quando è stato proposto la prima volta, è stato subito evidente che questo divertentissimo sport si sarebbe imposto rapidamente, attraendo anche persone che probabilmente non avrebbero provato interesse per l'aquilonismo acrobatico, e andando ad occupare una nicchia ricreativa simile a quella del windsurf. Dal 1987 il neozelandese Peter Lynn , un ingegnere meccanico con una lunga esperienza come consulente nelle regate dei 12 m., si dedica con grande impegno e passione alla ricerca per lo sviluppo nel settore del Kitesailing. A lui infatti si deve sia il progetto di un aquilone dal rivoluzionario profilo ellittico (il Peel) capace di sviluppare grande trazione, sia il progetto del Buggy (il triciclo con sterzo diretto utilizzato per correre sulla terraferma) e praticare quindi il BUGGYING, sia ancora quello di uno speciale trimarano (BUGGY BOAT) il cui standard adesso in commercio è il risultato della realizzazione di una quarantina di prototipi.

4. Dave Culp Speedsailing
Sailcraft research and development. High speed sailing development, kite powered sailcraft, links to the Amateur Yacht Research Society. 8 months, back in 1988/89, I published a kitesailing newsletter. Here are the texts of all articles Kitelines, the journal of the AKA. kitesailing Safety. Kite Skier Blows our
Dave Culp SpeedSailing
e-mail: Here's my proa "Whigmaleerie" during a speed run at the 1987 Johnnie Walker/RYA Speed Trials in Weymouth, England. She's powered here by a massive 5-stack of 12 ft Flexifoil kites on 150' flying lines (the fifth kite is pale yellow, and can just be seen). That's an array 12 ft wide, by 32 ft high, with over 14 sq. m. area, on a boat weighing just 140 lbs.
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Amateur Yacht Research Society (AYRS)
Speed Sailing Rules and Regulations and FAQ's
Everything you ever wanted to know about official WSSR sanctioned speed sailing rules and a comprehensive FAQ (frequently asked questions).
Why Kites?
So, why sail with kites at all? And particularly, why use them for high speed sailing? Here's the scoop.
Kiteboat Photo Gallery
Here's a bunch of photos , both of boats I've designed/built and of kites I've flown over the years. (Yes, many photos are in black and white, do not adjust your set.)
Arnulf Refsnes' kite launching system , with some prior art on the mechanism. Also, a link to his new website:

5. DetaljeVindue
Salg af drager og bræt til kitesailing.

6. Feel The Full Force.
Discover plans, links and a brief article about gaining maximum speed across water.
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7. Hauptseite Euro 2002 Kitesailing Schule Stefan Popprath Silvaplana
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8. I Love Kitesport
In Bildern pr¤sentiert die Site die M¶glichkeiten des Sports, wie beispielsweise kitesailing mit Ski und Snowboard, Kiten mit Mountainboard oder auch Kitesurfen. Mit Kleinanzeigenrubrik, Videos und Forum.

9. Home Page
Es werden Informationen zur MeŸtechnik beim Buggyfahren, Drachenfliegen sowie kitesailing geboten.
Willkommen auf Rudis Homepage Meßtechnik der 1.Generation 2.Generation History Home ... Kontakt Stand:18.11.2001 Auf meiner Homepage dreht sich viel ums Drachenfliegen. Meine besondere Liebe gilt dem Kitesailing oder Buggyfahren. Seit einiger Zeit beschäftige ich mich mit der Erfassung von Messwerten am Drachen und Buggy im Einsatz. Viel Spaß beim Surfen

10. Your Interactive Online Neighborhood Search Engine: Sports/Kitesail
Top Category. Add a Listing. Modify a Listing. Newsletter. User Login. Editor Login. Search for More Options. Links. Airhead Kite surfing and kite buggying equipment for enthusiasts. Home Top Category Sports kitesailing. Links. Airhead
Top Category Add a Listing Modify a Listing Newsletter ... Editor Login Search for: More Options Examples: or "whole keyword phrase" Search only in this category Home Top Category Sports : Kitesailing

11. Kitesurfing Hawaii LLC
Hawaiian Kitesurfing Site with Online Store, includes Gallery, Info/FAQ. kitesurfing, kite surfing, kite sailing, kitesailing, flysurf, kite, kitesurfing, kite surfing, kite sailing, kitesailing
kite, kitesurfing, kite surfing, kite sailing, kitesailing, flysurf, kite, kitesurfing, kite surfing, kite sailing, kitesailing, flysurf, kite, kitesurfing, kite surfing, kite sailing, kitesailing, flysurf, kite, kitesurfing, kite surfing, kite sailing, kitesailing, flysurf, kite, kitesurfing, kite surfing, kite sailing, kitesailing, flysurf, kite, kitesurfing, kite surfing, kite sailing, kitesailing, flysurf, kite, kitesurfing, kite surfing, kite sailing, kitesailing, flysurf, kite, kitesurfing, kite surfing, kite sailing, kitesailing, flysurf, kite, kitesurfing, kite surfing, kite sailing, kitesailing, flysurf, Robby Naish, Don Montague, Robby Naish, Don Montague, Robby Naish, Don Montague, Robby Naish, Don Montague, Robby Naish, Don Montague, kiteboarding, kiteboarding, kiteboarding, kite boarding, kiteboarding, kite boarding

12. Wipika Kitesurfing Og Kitesailing - Welcome
Tests af Wipika Produkter. Så er der langt om længe kommet udførlige tests med bedømmelse til sammenligning på
Mailingliste Ønsker du automatisk at få besked, når der er sket noget nyt på, så indtast din email-adresse her:
Afmelding: Ønsker du at afmelde dig, så indtast din email-adresse igen og du vil blive slettet af listen. Email-adresserne bliver behandlet fortroligt og bliver sat ind under BCC.
Wipika news 2004
Så er det på tide at vise de nye produkter frem for 2004.
Igen er der lagt vægt på high performance, sikkerhed, nem håndtering og easy vandstart.
Nye drager
: Wipika WIP og MATRIX.
Nye boards
: Wipika SERUM, AXIS og MYSTERY 2004.
Nye pakkeløsninger
: Til enhver smag og pengepung
Kitesurfing Seminarer
Vi fortsætter med successen og tilbyder igen massevis af kurser fordelt rundt omkring i landet.
Nogle af Danmarks bedste kitere står til rådighed som instruktører på vores seminarer. Sæsonen starter i April og slutter sidst i Oktober. Tests af Wipika Produkter Så er der langt om længe kommet udførlige tests med bedømmelse til sammenligning på Der er tests af drager, boards og tilbehør udført af TeamSejlerne Thor Bramsen, Dirk Sparboom, Jacob Brostrup, Ulrik Mailand og Niels Hauerslev. Nyheder Nye priser på kites per 1. April

13. Frans Nijhuis
kitesailing, kites, treasure hunting and the digital camera.

14. Kitesailing. Example Of Kite Driven Boat.
Sjors kitesailing page. Examples, theory and design of kiteboat. This includes kites, lift to drag ratios, kiteboat kite sailing lift drag and features like power weight displacement aerodynamic
Examples of kitesailing / surfing:
This is the BMW Oracle boat just after the 2003 Louis Vitton Cup. They are testing a kite wich replaces a spinaker. Maybe we can see more of this in the next Louis Vitton and Americas cup.
This is a photo of a little catamaran doing 30 kts. More suprisingly this is done in 15 kts of wind. The kites are flexifoils. These are 2 line kites without bridle and they are wellknown for their speed.
Already in 1987 this proa design was flying over the water. 14 m2 of sail on a boat with sailor weighing appr. 135kg. This results in a sailarea to wheight ratio of 103!!
Some professional surfers are trying to break the world speed record of 46.52 kts which is held by Yellow Pages. This is Robby Naish on a board powered by a naish X3 kite. This configuration gave him 38kts in appr. 30kts of wind. With a conventional surfsail in the same week 43.9 kts was acheived. This is an indication that the conventional sail is still more efficient than a kite.
Are kitedriven boats better?
The main advantage for a kite powered vessel is that the kite does not apply a momentum (or maybe a very small one) on the hull. A conventional rig does and therefore monohulls have a weight under the keel to keep upright and multihulls are very beamy. Kiteboats don't need the wheight of a monohull and don't need the width of the catamaran to compensate the moment, because there isn't one. This results in a extremely light and very simple hull which can also have a satisfying angle of vanishing in the stability curve. This is not possible in conventional mastrigged monohulls or multihulls.

15. Untitled
authors. kitesailing PROGRESS. William G. Roeseler, member; AIAA David A. Culp, publisher; kitesailing International . ABSTRACT. Sailing
William G. Roeseler , member; AIAA
David A. Culp
, publisher; "Kitesailing International"
Sailing by means of kite power is treated from an historical perspective, including current research and world speedsailing record attempts. The theory of kitesailing is applied to several types of watercraft: displacement craft, planing craft, and hydrofoils. The activities of the authors over the past several years are documented, and future plans are discussed. The primary focus is on the technology which can allow monohulls to regain the speed advantage now held by multihulls, while retaining the seakindliness advantages of monohulls, including the ability to provide safe transportation to port after dismasting at sea.
Contents Symbols 1. Introduction 2. History 3. Kites as Prime Movers for Sailcraft ... Who's Who in Traction Kiting

16. Kitesurfing International Safety System.
KISS is the international kitesailing school qualification system. Features instructional systems, safety techniques, and instructor standards for kitesurfing schools.
Kitesurfing International Safety System The K.I.S.S. system sets a worldwide standard for kitesurfing Instructors and Schools. The KISS System protects the future of kitesurfing by promoting safe kitesurfing practices and improving the accessibility of the sport. The KISS certifies all levels of kitesurfer from beginner to instructor trainer. The KISS network is constantly expanding and is bringing safe kitesurfing practices to the world. The K.I.S.S. system is the world's first kitesurfing teaching system. The KISS System was developed in Hawaii by kitesurfing trainers, David Dorn, Flash Austin and John Holzhall with assistance from Sierra Emory and Dave Terry. We also thank the many other kiteboarders who have contributed to the program. The KISS teaching system is kept constantly up to date with the latest developments in the sport. Since its origin in Hawaii, the KISS techniques are now being taught in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and France.
Students learn basic kite control at this level. Utilizing a progressive range of kites they learn; equipment setup, safety systems, kite theory, steering, powerzones, safety protocols, launching, Landing, body drags, emergency stops and self rescue. The emphasis is on safety and technical information. Students should be able to demonstrate all the above skills to a competent standard.

17. Mediacorp, Portal Profile
You are here Home Sports Water Sports kitesailing ( 4) kitesailing" search on All the Web AltaVista - Gigablast - Google USENET - Google - HotBot - Lycos - Teoma - WiseNut

18. ActionSports Auf Sri Lanka
Information about waterskiing, wakeboarding, kitesailing, dirtbike excursions, and other activities; links to booking sites for accommodations. Content available in German or English. Requires Flash

19. Kitesailing International 2/89
kitesailing INTERNATIONAL, FEBRUARY, 1989. THE PERFECT KITE? Inventors unveil purposebuilt kitesailing powerhouse radical and powerful new kite specifically for the kitesailing market. This inflated armature, curved surface kite (it's
Inventors unveil purpose-built kitesailing powerhouse
French inventors Dominique and Bruno Legaignoux have introduced a radical and powerful new kite specifically for the kitesailing market. This inflated armature, curved surface kite (it's actually a "slice" of a sphere) is very light, strong and purportedly easy to control in all winds. The Legaignoux brothers build it in sizes from 7m2 to 17m2 (75-185 sq. ft.) and claim it can be launched and controlled by one man, in deep water, without assistance. The Legaignoux's bring impressive credentials to kitesailing. Past French junior sailing champions, charter boat skippers and, for the past four years, full time kite inventors and developers, the 28- and 29-year-old brothers clearly do nothing halfway. Future projects include a search for a sports manufacturer to purchase rights to and build the kite commercially; using the kite for paragliding (flying non-rigid hangliders-usually done with high efficiency parafoil wings); and developing its use over ice, snow and sand. The Legaignoux's encourage correspondence. Write to them at: 26 Chemin de Kernoter, 29000 Quimper, France.

20. Kitesailing
BOSUN S LOCKER LTD. 580 Johnson St Victoria BC V8W 1M3. ph. (250) 3861308 fax. (250) 383-7774 We are a full Products.html
BOSUN'S LOCKER LTD 580 Johnson St Victoria B.C. V8W 1M3 ph. (250) 386-1308 fax. (250) 383-7774 We are a full service shop providing kites, boards, expert advice, parts, accessories, repairs and instruction. We don't just sell kites, our staff and shop riders use every product line we stock. We have the experience to back up our advice and the best products available. WE STOCK: Airush-Naish-Cabrinha-Slingshot-North-Wipika-Litewave Bosun's teams up with REVOLUTION KITE SCHOOL to offer $500.00 off any 2004 Kite and Board combo with the purchase of lessons. Kite repairs Used Kites Kite Instruction 2003 Kites and Boards on Sale RECON kites are now in stock. Talk to us to arrange a demo. Airush continues to refine the Lift and Flow. Both kites focus on handling and performance. Check with us for the next Airush demo weekend. The one pump system and integrated struts are new advances for 2004 and really set the Fuel from Slingshot apart from other kites on the market. BIGWAVEDAVE.CA

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