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         Kendo:     more books (101)
  1. Kendo: The Definitive Guide by Hiroshi Ozawa, 1997-07-31
  2. This is Kendo: The Art of Japanese Fencing by Junzo Sasamori, Gordon Warner, 1989-12-15
  3. Looking at a Far Mountain: A Study of Kendo Kata (Tuttle Martial Arts) by Paul Budden, 2000-11-01
  4. The Shambhala Guide to Kendo: Its Philosophy, History, and Spiritual Dimension by Minoru Kiyota, 2002-04-16
  5. The Heart of Kendo: A Comprehensive Introduction to the Philosophy and Practice of the Art of the Sword by Darrell Max Craig, 2002-12-24
  6. Kendo: Elements, Rules, and Philosophy (Latitude 20 Book) by Jinichi Tokeshi, 2003-07
  7. Kendo (Martial Arts) by Jeff Broderick, Ed Chart, et all 2004-11-01
  8. The Way of Kendo and Kenjitsu: Soul of the Samurai by Darrell Max Craig, 2004-05-25
  9. Complete Kendo (Complete Martial Arts) by John J. Donohue, Kathleen Sweeney, et all 1999-06-15
  10. Kendo by Chris Mooney, 2005-03-25
  11. Master of Kendo (Choose Your Own Adventure #176) by Edward Packard, 1997-02-10
  12. Kendo (Collins, Paul, Martial Arts.) by Paul Collins, 2001-12
  13. Kendo by Jeff Broderick, 2005-04-30
  14. Kendo by KIYOTA, 1995-01-07

1. Kendo
kendo. The way of the Sword. hajime! Words Terms. A glossary of words, descriptions and competition terms. Helpful if you re just getting started.
The way of the Sword
A glossary of words, descriptions and competition terms. Helpful if you're just getting started. Back to Galvan's CyberDojo Home Page

2. KENDO America
Information about kendo, the way of the sword, the art of Japanese Samurai swordsmanship. The martial art of kendo is practiced using a bokken (wooden sword), shinai (bamboo sword), and bogu ( kendo America held a kendo seminar in Nashville, TN on January 31, 2004. The Nashville kendo Club has formed and meets at the University School of Nashville
Dedicated to the promotion of Kendo in the United States Kendo America Tenugui
Coming soon.
Kendo America Travels About Kendo ... Kendo Links
Find Kendo around
the World Newsletter and Bulletin Kendo World
!THE! English language
magazine about Kendo. Calendar Seminars Kendo Rank and
Promotional Examination
and How-to's
The Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation will host its second
North American Women's Invitational Kendo Championships

on August 14th, 2004 in Renton, WA. KENDO America held a kendo seminar in Nashville, TN on January 31, 2004. The Nashville Kendo Club has formed and meets at the University School of Nashville. For contact information click here Orlando Kendo Kai will be hosting two upcoming events. On April 3rd and 4th they will hold a Bokken Semminar. On May 1st and 2nd they will host their Second Annual Tournament of the Cherry Blossoms with a promotion exam on the 2nd after a short seminar. You can find details on their web site here

K endo, the Way of the Sword is the art of Japanese Samurai Swordsmanship. It is rooted in the traditions of Budo, the Martial Way. It is both exhilarating and demanding to learn. In these pages we'd like to provide some information about Kendo and Kendo in the United States.

3. KENDO America - About Kendo
Information about kendo, the way of the sword, the art of Japanese Samurai swordsmanship. Looking for the AUSKF? They ve moved.Click here. About kendo.
Dedicated to the promotion of Kendo in the United States home About Kendo Kendo in the
United States
... Kendo Links
Find Kendo around
the World Newsletter and Bulletin Kendo World
An exciting new
magazine in english. Calendar Seminars Kendo Rank and
Promotional Examination
and How-to's
Looking for the AUSKF? They've moved. Click here

About Kendo
Origin of Kendo Kendo Equipment Kendo Practice Kendo Kata ... Kendo Philosophy Kendo, is the art of Japanese fencing. "Ken" or tsurugi is from the character meaning sword. The character for "Do" or michi includes the meaning way or path which translates as "The way of the sword". A path in life which is followed through the training of kendo.
K endo, the Way of the Sword is the art of Japanese Samurai Swordsmanship. It is rooted in the traditions of Budo, the Martial Way. It is both exhilarating and demanding to learn. In these pages we'd like to provide some information about Kendo and Kendo in the United States.
Origin of Kendo
Modern Kendo bears but faint resemblance to Kenjutsu and to its feudal origins of sword wielding samurai warriors which are today depicted in movies and television. Kendo, literally translated, "the way of the sword," cannot be traced to a single founder or given an exact founding date. The story of the rise of modern Kendo begins with the samurai and extends over the culture of several centuries. By the end of the 12th century, the authority of the Japanese central government had declined. Bands of warriors grouped together for protection forming local aristocracies. Feudalism had come of age, and was to dominate Japan for several centuries. With the establishment of the Shogun in Kamakura and military rule controlling Japan, a new military class and their lifestyle called Bushido, "the way of the warrior," gained prominence. Bushido stressed the virtues of bravery, loyalty, honor, self discipline and stoical acceptance of death. Certainly, the influence of Bushido extended to modern Japanese society and Kendo was also to be greatly influenced by this thinking.

4. Kendo, Jodo En Iaido In Nederland, Welkom Bij De Nederlandse Kendo Renmei
De NKR of Nederlandse kendo Renmei is de officieel erkende organisatie voor de Japanse Budo sporten kendo, Jodo en Iaido in Nederland.
Kendo in Nederland, welkom bij de Nederlandse Kendo Renmei
Kendo is een moderne Japanse vechtkunst die in Japan de grootste Budosport is met naar schatting 5 miljoen beoefenaars. (Budo is de verzamelnaam voor de Japanse vechtkunsten). Ook buiten Japan heeft Kendo grote bekendheid gekregen. In Nederland bijvoorbeeld wordt het al ruim 25 jaar beoefend en zijn er in de meeste grote steden wel Dojo (oefenzalen) te vinden.
Lichaam en geest
Al vele eeuwen is het zwaard in Japan een zeer geducht wapen gebleken. Het gaat in Kendo vanzelfsprekend niet meer om de praktische toepassing van de zwaardtechnieken. Het accent is al sinds de 17e eeuw verlegd naar de training van het lichaam en de geest door middel van het zwaard. Wat betekent dat concreet? Het beoefenen van de Kendosport is een explosief en uiterst geconcentreerd gebeuren.
Het Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo werd ruim 300 jaar geleden gesticht door Muso Gonnosuke. Hij combineerde de belangrijkste technieken van het Kenjutsu (zwaardkunst), Sojutsu (speerkunst) en naginatajutsu (hellebaardkunst) en gebruikte daarvoor een hardhouten stok van 128 cm lang en 2,4 cm doorsnede. De strategie en technieken van de school waren erg moeilijk om te leren en gedurende vele jaren werd in het geheim les gegeven. Het beoefenen van jodo heeft vele positieve kanten. Daarom besloot men in Japan, onder leiding van de 25ste hoofdmeester Takaji Shimizi Dai Sensei, om het Jodo voor meer mensen toegankelijk te maken.

5. European Kendo Federation
The European kendo Federation is the overall organization for the Japanese sports kendo, Jodo and Iaido in Europe.

6. Comite National De Kendo: Page D'accueil Kendo
Pr©sentation, de cet art martial au sein de la FFJDA, des activit©s, des clubs. France.

7. Hawaii Kendo Federation
Hawaii kendo Federation. Honolulu, Hawaii. HKF History. kendo/Iaido Events Calendar, Dojo Practice Schedule
Hawaii Kendo Federation
Honolulu, Hawaii
HKF History Kendo/Iai-do Events Calendar, Dojo Practice Schedule Hawaii Kendo Kenkyukai Kendo Links ...
Lessons in Iai-do
(Updated 11/11/02)
Legacy of the Senior Senseis Hawaii

HKF Standard Protocols

Iai-bu Dec 23, 2001

Monthly Essay
Excerpts of messages given to the Team Hawaii members to the 12WKC
Please address all questions or correspondence to our This page by Shogun's Enterprises

8. Boston Kendo Kyokai
All Japan kendo Federation. All U.S. kendo Federation. All East US kendo Federation. What is kendo? About Boston kendo Kyokai. Practice Location. Practice Calendar. kendo Links. Beginner's Guide to
Boston Kendo Kyokai
All Japan Kendo Federation

All U.S. Kendo Federation

All East US Kendo Federation
What is Kendo? ...
What is Kendo?
Kendo, the Way of the Sword, is the Art of Japanese Fencing. Kendo is one of the oldest of the Japanese martial arts and is held in high regard in Japan. Kendo has transcended its bloody origins in Japan's feudal past to become a modern martial discipline that instills courtesy, humility, self-control and fighting spirit through mentally intense and physically rigorous training.
Interested? Drop by the dojo to watch a practice. Beginners are welcome
Practice is held Monday and Wednesday evenings from until at St. Paul's Church, St. Paul Street, Brookline , Massachusetts. Take the T to St. Paul on the Green Line C - Cleveland Circle branch or Brookline Village station on the Green Line D - Riverside branch. Short distance to the church. About Boston Kendo Kyokai Boston Kendo Kyokai, founded in 1980, is commited to promoting kendo in Eastern Massachusetts by conducting regular kendo practice, holding demonstrations and exhibitions, sponsoring seminars and joint practices, participating in regional and national tournaments, and publicizing kendo on-line and through other media. Boston Kendo Kyokai is a member of the All United States Kendo Federation and the All Eastern United States Kendo Federation. Contact us here by e-mail , or call (617) 327-3104.

9. Home
Translate this page kendo. Iaido. Home kendo Iaido Jodo Verband Agenda Adressen Fotogalerie Sumiswald Kader Presse Impressum Shop FAQs Links Kontakte.
[Home] [ Kendo Iaido Jodo Verband ... Kontakte

10. KENDO/SHIAI GLOSSARY Age-kote - When The Kote Is Held Above The
kendo/SHIAI GLOSSARY Agekote - when the kote is held above the pit of the stomach while executing a strike. Bogu - kendo equipment.
KENDO/SHIAI GLOSSARY Age-kote - when the kote is held above the pit of the stomach while executing a strike. Aiuchi - when both opponents make datotsu simultaneously. Bassoku - a penalty for an infraction or foul. Bogu - kendo equipment. Chudan-no-kamae - the basic ready position with the shinai pointed at the opponents mid-upper section. Chui - a warning. The first chui is without penalty, afterwards they shall be considered penalties. Chuken - the third contestant in a team match. Chusen - a winner selected by lot among the judge(s) or referees. Chusen gachi, shobu-ari - a winner by lot (draw). Daihyoshu-sen - playoff by representatives in a team match. Do - the torso protector. Can be made of bamboo or other material. Encho - an overtime or extension round in a match. Used to determine a winner when no points are scored during the normal match time period. Fukusho - the fourth contestant in a team match. Fusei-shinai shiyo - the use of an illegal shinai for a match. Fusen-gachi - a winner as the result of a "no-show." Fuho-koi-shobu-ari - a winner resulting from a player's illegal act. Gogi - a consultation by the referees. Generally made when a time out is called during a match. Go-No-Waza (Datotsu) - a parry to a valid datotsu made from Tsuba-zeri-ai. Hajime - the command start a match. Hakama - the pleated pantaloons or skirt. Hantei - a decision made by the judge or referee for a winner. Hantei gachi, shobu-ari - a winner by decision. Hansoku - a foul play or illegal act. Hansokus are the following: -ashi-kake or ashi-barai - tripping or sweeping an opponent off their feet. -kosei-o-gaisuru-koi - an illegal act or move. -jyogai - stepping outside the court line. -oshidashi or tsukidashi - unfair pushing or shoving an opponent out of bounds. -shinair hanashi - dropping a shinai. -tsuba-zeri-ai - stalling at tsuba-zeri-ai without any intention of executing a datotsu. Hasso-no-kamae - the ready position with the shinai held vertically by the right shoulder. Hikiwake - a draw decision in a match. Igi - a protest; generally done by a team manager immediately after the match in quesiton. Ippon gachi, shobu-ari - a winner by a single point in a match. Jiho - the second contestant in a team match. Jikaku-mushi - an insult made to a player or referee. Jodan-no-kamae - the ready position with the shinai held over the head. Jogai - stepping out of bounds during a match. Kamae - the basic forward standing guard position. Kakari - the court staff consisting of: -keiji gakari - scoreboard recorder. -kiroku gakari - score recorder. -senshu gakari - court announcer. - tokei gakari - time keeper. Keikogi - the cotton jacket worn under the do. Kendo-gu - the equipment used and worn by a kendoist. Also referred to as Bogu. Kote - fencing gloves. Men - the head gear or "helmet/mask." Nihon me - the command to restart a match for the second match point. Nito - using two shinai, short and long. Nito-no-kamae - the ready position when using two shinai. Rei - a bow. Ritsu-rei - a bow at the standing position. San-Bon-Shobu - three point scoring in a normal shiai or match. Sageto - holding the shinai at the left side of the body. Senpo - the first contestant in a team match. Shiai-funo - a winner when one of the opponents cannot continue the match. Shiai-kyohi - a match winner called when there is a refusal or discontinuation of the match. Shinai - a four piece bamboo or fiberglas sword used for practise and shiai. It must meet minimum weight and length specifications as noted for age and class group. - chigiri - the metal spacer in the shinai's hilt which keeps the four bamboo staves from slipping forward or backward. - datotsu-bu - the tip portion of the shinai which must make contact for a valid point or yuko datotsu. - ken-sen - the front "tip" of a shinai. - jin-bu - the portion from the tsuba to the front tip of the shinai. - nakayui - the leather wrap at the front third of a shinai. It keeps the bamboos stave from separating. - saki-gawa - the leather covering at the tip of the shinai. - shin - the rubber spacer placed at the inside front tip of a shinai. - tsuka - the handle portion of the shinai. - tsuka-gashira - the bottom or handle end of a shinai. - tsuba - the hilt guard on the shinai. May be made of leather, rubber or synthetic. It must not pass over the Tsuka-gawa or leather handle. - tsuru - the string or "himo" that holds the nakayui and tuska-gawa together and keeps the four bamboo staves tight. Shinai-hanashi - dropping a shinai during a match. Shinpan - a referee. Shinpancho - the chief judge overseeing all court actions. Shinpan Shunin - the chief court judge who assists the chief judge during a match. Shinpan-in - the team of referees in a court. The team consists of the Shu-shin (the chief referee) and two Fuku-shin (subreferees). Shobu - the command to restart a match for the match point. Shobu-ari - announces a winner in a match. Son-kyo - the crouching position taken just before and after a match. Sosai - an offset when two players commit a foul as the same time and the fouls are offset - no penalty. Tabi - footwear. Taisho - the last contestant in a team match. Taito - holding the shinai at waist level. Tare - the waist protector. Tsuki - the throat thrust or hit. Tsuki-tare - the throat protector on the men. Wakki-gakame - ready position with the shinai downward and near the right foot. Yame - the command to stop. Yuko Datotsu - a valid strike or point. Must combine correct call, execution and follow through. Zan-shin - the follow through of a strike, a state of energy, execution, and alertness against an opponent. Zekken - the name tag, made of cloth or leather and attached to the Tare.

P¡gina oficial de la Asociaci³n de kendo, Iaido y Jodo del Estado de Veracruz A.C., con multitud de iinformaci³n sobre la misma.
web hosting domain names email addresses Bienvenido a la nueva página web de la AKEV El kendo en Veracruz El equipo básico Cronología del kendo Links ...
Resolución 1024-768
Diseño y elaboración del Web site:
Javier de la Cruz Ruiz
Ma. Silvia García Ramírez
web hosting
domain names web design
online games
... online casino

Best single source of information on Japanese Swords available on the Internet. Faq is copyrighted by Neil Gendzwill. (v2.9, 15 August 2001)
JAPANESE SWORD ARTS FAQ VERSION 2.9 August 15, 2001 This FAQ is intended to cover all aspects of Japanese swordsmanship. However, my particular bent is towards kendo, so any flames about other arts are probably deserved. Heck, corrections or additions on anything in this document are welcome. Please *mail* comments to If you have comments, I'll either incorporate your changes or explain to you why I didn't. WEB-HEADS PLEASE NOTE: If you have trouble with the web page you’re reading this on, please DO NOT contact me unless you are at I do not maintain any other web pages. Please contact whomever is the proprietor of the web site. Thanks to Kjartan Clausen for maintaining the website most commonly used to access this document. Thanks to Jens Nilsson for the WKC results and European federation addresses and Don Seto for most of the rest of the organisation addresses. If your organisation has been overlooked or has inaccuracies in its entry, let me know. Thanks to Frank Lindquist and Richard Stein for Section 15 (on purchasing nihon-to).

13. Scopo Di Questo Sito
Informazioni, notizie, curiosit  dal mondo del kendo, agonistico e non.
Inno di Mameli Inno d'Europa Al suo interno troverete molti argomenti. Augurandoci vi sia gradito, vi ringraziamo per averci fatto visita. Welcome - Benvenuti - Irasshaimase Ultimissime Dite la vostra C.I.K.-E.K.F.-I.K.F. BKK news ... Campionati Italiani (Foto-Risultati) 12° Trofeo dei Laghi (Foto-Risultati) Grazie-Arigato gosai masu Guida Internet Chi siamo Kendo Iaido ... Campionati Europei 2004 La pratica regolare di una disciplina marziale e paragonabile allo spazzare il pavimento. Non è qualcosa che fai una volta, ottieni il risultato e non te ne occupi più. Ogni giorno la polvere torna a depositarsi e presto coprirà nuovamente il pavimento. Soltanto una pratica regolare può tenere la polvere lontana. La forza delle arti marziali è nella ripetizione: "Kihon". Il corpo ricorda anche quando la mente è annebbiata. Il sito ha carattere divulgativo, culturale e non commerciale. Il materiale presente è di proprietà degli aventi diritto. Vi preghiamo di citare la fonte.

14. Kendo Punto It
Translate this page kendo, iaido, arti marziali, martial arts, scherma giapponese, giappone, japanese fencing, japan, aik, cik, fenike, fik,
kendo, iaido, arti marziali, martial arts, scherma giapponese, giappone, japanese fencing, japan, aik, cik, fenike, fik
Number of visitors since 11 may 1998
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15. Kendo Dojo Köln E.V.
Hintergrundinformation zu Geschichte, Ger¤t und Regeln, Adresse und Trainingszeiten mit Karte, Lehrg¤nge.
Bitte treten Sie ein! Bitte treten Sie ein!

16. What's Kendo?
The way of the sword kendo literally means the way of the sword in Japanese practiced by Bushi or Samurai. kendo originated from the various sword fighting techniques of

17. OSI Kendo
Treningstider, kontaktpersoner, Oslo Open Tournament, bakgrunnsinformasjon om historie og teknikk.
Kendô - The way of the sword
Siste nytt
Oppdatert 18.05.04 Resultater fra Kretsmesterskapet 2004 1. plass: Magnus (OSI), 2.plass: Ken Rune (OSI), 3.plass: Mikkel (Oslo) og Petter K (Oslo). Resultater fra Västerled-konkurransen OSI, representert ved Dag, Henning og Marianne (+ 2 lånte svensker) kom på en 2.plass. Gratulere så masse! Resultater fra Klubbmesterskapet 1. plass: Henning, 2. plass: Elisabeth, 3. plass: Ida og Marianne, Fighting Spirit: Steinar. Se her
OSI Kendô
Kendô er japansk fekting. Dette er en kampsport der utøverne har rustning og bruker bambussverd. Kendo har utspring i fektekunst fra føydaltidens Japan og bygger på en tradisjon som går mer enn 600 år tilbake i tid. Idag er kendo en spennende sport for både menn og kvinner der det blir lagt vekt på å styrke både kropp og sinn. Viktige elementer i moderne kendo er selvtillit, koordinasjon og flyt i både kroppsbevegelse og tanke. Interessert? Send oss en eller stikk innom en trening og se hva vi driver med. For å begynne trenger du vanlig treningstøy og innsatsvilje. Alt annet får du låne hos oss.

18. Kendo - Der Weg Des Schwertes
5 Fotos Iaido und 4 Fotos kendo.
Kendo (Der Weg des Schwertes) Die folgenden Bilder entstanden in Tokyo bei einem Kendo-Wettkampf anläßlich des jährlichen Tempelfestes des dem japanischen Kriegsgott geweihten Hachiman-Schreines. weiter Home Inhalt Impressum

19. Kendo World Online - Home Of The ONLY English-language Magazine Dedicated To KEN
kendo World Online home of the ONLY English-language magazine dedicated to the Japanese way of the sword kendo. Get kendo World updates! KW Publications.
Recent Updates
  • (4/22) Announcing an upcoming online store: (4/1) Online purchases of Neanderthal Burials and Karate - My Life have started, details here (3/25) Volume 2.3 sent out. (1/22) After a harrowing experience moving to a new server in late December, most of the bugs are ironed out and we have delivered your January update on Korea, Kendo and the Olympics (1/9) New book, Neanderthal Burials, details here
Check out the Kendo World Calendar for all the latest events!
Get Kendo World updates!
Feature Story KOREA:
The Black Ships of Kendo
Dr. BENNETT examines the effect of Korea on Kendo, and the "Olympic Question."

UNLOCKING JAPAN: Do you know Ray?
Lockie JACKSON on the train... Originally printed Kendo World Magazine, Vol. 1 Issue 3, 2002
Survey: ICAPS-55 Read more about the Intercultural Adjustment Potential Scale (ICAPS) in the Forums.

20. Women's Kendo Association
Support group formed by the women of the Southern California kendo Federation. Calendar, events, articles, books and links.
Women's Kendo Association
See " What's New " for a summary of the latest updates. The Women's Kendo Association is a support group formed by the women of the Southern California Kendo Federation. ( SCKF ). It is an informal organization which meets approximately once every one or two months. The group's main goals are to promote friendship, provide mutual support and encouragement, and to have fun. WKA is not a political organization and has no political agenda. For more information, contact Jean Kodama (Norwalk Dojo) or Yuriko Shikai (Chuo Dojo). Non-political inquiries only, please Upcoming Events Visit from Hiromi Mizu from Japan
4:00-5:30 women's keiko, 5:30-7:00 godo geiko,
7:30 dinner party (please rsvp , see current rsvp list
See e-bogu website for more information. Scrapbook Event write-ups and images Calendar Calendar of local and other events (note: this now links to the SCKF calendar page) Future Events Details of future meetings, dojo visits, and project plans Past Events A brief summary of everything since 1994 Minutes Meeting minutes, past project plans, and other documents

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