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         Goalball:     more detail
  1. Sport de Ballon: Moto-Ball, Calcio Florentin, Ballon de Rugby à Xv, Korfball, Jorkyball, Ballon Au Poing, Goal-Ball, Fistball, Torball (French Edition)
  2. U.S. National Women's Goalball Team.: An article from: Palaestra
  3. U.S. Women's Goalball Team becomes first disabled OTC resident program.(Bits & Pieces): An article from: Palaestra
  4. Goalball at the Paralympics: Goalball at the 2008 Summer Paralympics, Goalball at the Summer Paralympics
  5. Men's Goalball Team overcomes the odds.(USABA)(U.S. Association of Blind Athletes, United States team)(Brief Article): An article from: Palaestra
  6. Moving in and moving up, or goalball blazes a trail in training center history.(blind athletes training for 2004 paralympic games): An article from: Palaestra
  7. Michigan and South Carolina teams win gold at Youth Goalball Nationals. (USABA).(U.S. Association of Blind Athletes National Youth Goalball Championships): An article from: Palaestra
  8. Goalball Bei Den Sommer-Paralympics: Sommer-Paralympics 2008|goalball, Sommer-Paralympics 2004|goalball, Sommer-Paralympics 2000|goalball (German Edition)

Button, History Development of the Sport goalball! Button, Button, New Rules -IBSA Proposed Rule Changes. Button, Other goalball Site - Check em Out. Button,
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2. IBSA - International Blind Sports Federation - Technical Department Section /
Technical Dept. Competitions. Sponsors. Forums. Multimedia. Contact Us. Site Map. Links. Home. Extranet. Español. Technical Department Section / goalball. General Information goalball was invented in 1946 by Austrian, Hanz Lorenzen, and German Sepp Reindle, in an effort to that time the popularity of goalball has increased to where it is
About I.B.S.A. News Technical Dept. Competitions ... Extranet Technical Department Section / Goalball
General Information
Goalball was invented in 1946 by Austrian, Hanz Lorenzen, and German Sepp Reindle, in an effort to help in the rehabilitation of blinded war veterans.
The game was introduced to the world in 1976 at the Paralympics in Toronto, Canada and has been played at every Paralympic since. As well every four years a World Competitions has been held with the first being in Austria in 1978. Since that time the popularity of goalball has increased to where it is played competitively in all IBSA regions. Statistical history
Goalball Sections
General Information News Competitions Subcommittee Rules ... Top Athletes

3. The Goalball News Network
We Want Your Stories. goalball National Championship Results. Ford Donates use of What is goalball? The Rules. Warning not responsible for any addiction to goalball from reading
Home Rules News Message Board ... Feedback
Congratulations to Denmark and Canada, your 2000 Paralympic men's and women's champions; Pennsylvania Tornadoes and the Colorado Bandits, the 2000 U.S. national winners! Sponsored by the MIchigan SPitfire Goalball CLub N ewswire Kalamazoo Winners ...
Ford Donates use of Van for Nationals

F eatures
  • What is Goalball?
    The Rules. Warning: not responsible for any addiction to goalball from reading these. Goalball Photo Gallery

    Pictures from our tournaments and practices. Speak Up! Message Board
    A much simpler message board for goalball. Read, post, and enjoy. Goalball Links
    A growing list of links to other goalball websites, including other teams and associations among other things. Website Feedback
    Tell us what you think about our web site and what you'd like to see in the future.
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4. The Official USA Men's Goalball Web Page
goalball USA. Welcome to the Official is a web site dedicated to men's goalball in the USA. goalball is a team sport for the blind. Get current scores on reginal, national and we
Welcome to the Official USA Men's Goalball Page. A page by USA Goalball Team Athletes.  2004 USA Men's Goalball Team Named!!! Throughout all of the struggle, hard work, dedication on the part of athletes and coaches these past few years, we are proud to present your 2004 USA Men's Goalball team!!! But before I list them, I have to say a few things, ... I have always loved this game. I respect the people who have played it and to this day miss it dearly. This game requires allot heart. This list represents the players who will represent all of us who love this game. I am honored to have been apart of it. Now with further adu, your 2004 Men's USA Goalball Team!!! Chris Dodds - Riverton, UT Daniel Gallant - Howell, NJ Tyler Merren - Kalamazoo, MI Donte Mickens - Tallahassee, FL John Mulhern - Lebanon, PA Edward Munro - St. Augustine, FL Alternates: Joe Hamilton - Wayne, MI Norberto "Tito" Vega - Jersey City, NJ Daryl Walker - Jacksonville, FL

5. Goalball Fanclub
Introduction goalball is a highly competitive sport played threeagainst-three,indoors on a gym floorprimarily by blind and visually impaired athletes.
Introduction Who can play? Rules FAQ ... Contact us Introduction
Goalball is a highly competitive sport played three-against-three, indoors on a gym floorprimarily by blind and visually impaired athletes.
Games are usually quite competitive and exciting to watch. Two teams play on either end of the 60x40 foot court. Players are blindfolded to make the game fair. The object is to throw a three-pound Goalball, which is sort of like a heavy basketball, past the opposing team.
Now you may be asking yourself, "how do the players keep track of the ball if they're blind?" The ball has bells in it... sounding a lot like Christmas "jingle bells..." that allow the players to listen for it. When they hear the ball coming towards their end of the court, they dive, usually head-first, towards it hoping to block it with their body and stop it. If all three players miss the ball and it goes past the back line, it is considered a goal. The team with the most goals wins the game. History
Goalball was invented in 1946 by Austrian, Hanz Lorenzen, and German Sepp Reindle, in an effort to help in the rehabilitation of blinded war veterans.

6. New Page 1
Information om goalball och laget.
Senaste nytt
Resultat och tabell från Malmö Open

Första omgången av Sverige-serien

Resultat från Maraton Goalball

SM 24-25 april 2004 i Gubbängshallen
Lag och laguppställningar för SM
Spelare markerade med * är kandidater till Paralympics i Aten 2004. Hammarby IF Goalball Nr. 3 Mikael Rendahl*
Nr. 5 Stefan Gahne*
Nr. 6 Boris Samuelsson*
Nr. 7 Niklas Wetterström
Nr. 9 Sixten Berner
Coach: Christer Engman Assisterande coach: Dennis Arvidsson FIFH, Föreningen Idrott för Handikappade, Malmö Nr. 1 Jimmy Björkstrand* Nr. 2 Mikael Aspegren* Nr. 5 Fatmir Seremethi* Nr. 7 Peter Fork Coach: Peter Björkstrand Assisterande coach: Lena Aspegren IF Aktiva Synskadade, Stockholm Nr. 2 Niklas Hultqvist* Nr. 3 Oskar Kuus* Nr. 7 Piotr Lawniczak Nr. 8 Haydar Gürbüz Nr. 9 Torsten Karlsson Coach: Lotta Undemar SUGI, Synskadade Ungdomars Göteborgs Idrott Nr. 2 Mikael Åkerberg*

7. Welcome To The USA Goalball Web Site - Goalball Is A Highly Competitive Sport Fo
Features history and background for this Paralympic sport, including resources to start playing, start a team, or funding goalball efforts. Discussion forum, links and contacts are provided.
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What Is Goalball? Who Can Play? How To Start ... Site Map
Latest Goalball News
Around the USA
Monday, March 10, 2003
Results of 2003 Midwestern Regional Goalball Tournament
Kalamazoo, Michigan
The Midwestern Regional Goalball tournamentsponsored by the U.S. Association of Blind Athletes ( USABA There were enough pool players at this tournament to warrant several teams. If you are not familiar yet with what a 'pool player' is in Goalball, please read our, "How To Start Playing" page to find out all about it. Here are the final results from the Midwestern Goalball Tournament... Results of 2003 Tournament: Women:
1. Chaos
2. Colorado
3. New Jersey
4. Michigan-Illinois Pool 5. Pennsylvania-Missouri Pool Men: 1. PABA 2. WMU 3. New Jersey 4. N.E. Florida (Monros et al.) 5. Tallahassee 6. Michigan Hurricanes 7. Michigan Spitfire 8. Michigan Striders

8., Welcome To GOALBALL.CO.UK
Governing body for the sport within the United Kingdom. Includes development plan, events calendar, mailing lists, and contacts. Features text only and graphic versions of site.
Please pick an area to view. Home. Rules, since January 2002. Get On The Mailing List. The GOALBALL.CO.UK Free Discussion Forum. ... View our message board. The message board is designed for Teams to advertise goalball events. If you've got a tournament coming up let people know.
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This page last updated: 24/8102004.

Hintergrundinformationen zum Thema goalballSport, Spielerportraits deutschen goalball-Nationalmannschaft, Terminhinweise und n¼tzliche Links f¼r Blinde und Sehbehinderte.
in Deutsch in English em Portugues in Deutsch in English em Portugues

10. Goalball, Seconda Ripresa
Un articolo sul campionato italiano.
Accedi alla versione solo testo Registrati Password Mappa ... Superabile come homepage Username
Riconoscimento automatico Community: Chat Faq Forum Scrivi ... Cerca in archivio Cerca la norma
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Milano Roma Foto Per saperne di piu' Paradiso e Ragusa, due squadre al comando
Goalball, seconda ripresa Si gioca a Reggio Calabria e nella provincia di Siracusa la seconda giornata del Campionato Italiano di goalball. Ancora due sessioni di incontri tra sabato 30 novembre e domenica 1 dicembre.
Reggio Calabria: Palestra del Centro Viola, Rione Modena Via Pio XI, 337
sabato 30 novembre primo incontro h.14.00 e a seguire – domenica 1 dicembre primo incontro ore 8.00 e a seguire.

11. USABA Events Calendar - Goalball
Rules for each sport can be found at the International Blind Sports Association ( IBSA) site. Men's goalball Head and Assistant Coaches' Selection Criteria. Click here for the goalball order form. April 1718, 2004
The Goalball Calendar Rules for each sport can be found at the International Blind Sports Association ( IBSA) site
Men's Goalball Head and Assistant Coaches' Selection Criteria
Click here
for the goalball order form.
April 17-18, 2004
Northwest Association of Blind Athletes Goalball Training Camp
Vancouver, WA.
Contact: Murray Elbourn, or (360) 695-6229
April 30-May 2, 2004
Defi Sportif Women's International Goalball Tournament
Montreal, Canada
Contact: Ken Armbruster, May 14-15, 2004 USABA Western Regional Goalball Tournament Riverton, Utah Contact: Tony Jepson at or (801) 209-8492 May 29-30 Northwest Association of Blind Athletes Goalball Training Camp Vancouver, WA. Contact: Murray Elbourn, or (360) 695-6229 May 29-31, 2004 Malmo Women's International Goalball Tournament Malmo, Sweden

12. Goalball
goalball is een sport voor mensen met een visuele handicap. Het is een zaalsport waarbij gebruik gemaakt wordt van een bal met een belletje binnenin.
Tekstgrootte Tekstversie Home Nieuws Verenigingen ... Colofon
Wat is er nodig?
Goalball is ontwikkeld voor mensen met een visuele beperking. Maar omdat iedere speler in principe een gelijke beperking heeft door het dragen van de geblindeeerde skibril kan de sport door "ziende" en visueel gehandicapte mensen gezamenlijk worden beoefend.
Twee tegen elkaar strijdende teams verdedigen de doelen. Ieder team bestaat uit 3 veldspelers. Met de rinkelbal trachten de teams een doelpunt te maken bij de tegenstander. De spelers verlaten hun eigen gebied, 3 meter voor het eigen doel en 9 meter breed, niet. Alle spelers verdedigen hun eigen doel en vallen het doel van de tegenstander aan met een bal die onderhands wordt gegooid, waarbij de bal enkele keren in contact moet zijn geweest met de vloer, wanneer hij bij de tegenstander aankomt. De geblindeerde bril zorgt ervoor dat alle spelers volkomen zijn aangewezen op het geluid van de rinkelende bal. Dit vereist een grote concentratie en om die reden hebben wedstrijden een zuivere speeltijd van 2 x 10 minuten. Tijdens het spel dient de spelruimte volkomen stil te zijn. In Nederland is het toegestaan om gemengde teams te hebben, internationaal zijn er dames- en herenteams.
Goalball in Nederland
Er zijn actieve goalballverenigingen op diverse plaatsen in het land. De meeste verenigingen nemen met een of meerdere teams deel aan de landelijke competitie en aan toernooien.

13. Goalball
Utah goalball has moved. Please click here and bookmark the new page.Thanks for your interest in Utah goalball. Sponsored by
Utah Goalball has moved. Please click here and bookmark the new page. Thanks for your interest in Utah Goalball. Sponsored by the Utah Foundation for the Blind and Visually Impaired Tony's Home Page

14. Sheffield Goalball
goalball club for blind and visually impaired players. Rules, rankings, times and location of meetings.
Welcome to our home page
Skip to main contents on this page Home Rules Tournaments ... Contact
Added 12 January 2003
Who are we?
The Sheffield Goalball Group is a bunch of visually impaired people who, for reasons best known to themselves, enjoy throwing themselves on the floor and throwing a large hard ball at each other whilst blindfolded. Strangely enough, we think this is a fun way to spend our time. We also participate in various tournaments around the UK. We train on Monday evenings from 6-7pm at the Blind Institute on Mappin Street in Sheffield. For more information about training, email
What is Goalball?
Goalball was originally developed in 1946 by Austrian Hanz Lorenzen and German Sepp Reindle, in an effort to help rehabilitate blinded war veterans. It has been an event at the Paralympics since 1976. Goalball is played on an indoor court measuring 18 x 9 metres. A team consists of 3 players, all of whom must wear blindfolds (usually blacked out ski masks), so that noone has any sight advantage. The object of the game is to roll the ball past the other team into their goal. In order to defend the goal, the players must dive onto the floor and lie stretched out in order to block the ball with their bodies. The ball has bells inside it so that you can hear it coming, and the court has tactile markings so you know where you are (string taped onto the floor). The game can soon become fast and furious, with balls reaching speeds of up to 50 mph., so the game requires fast reactions, courage, and intense concentration.

15. Goalball
goalball. goalball is the game of soccer for the visually impaired utilizing a ball with a sound device Group 1 Pregoalball Skills Training Juniors (age 4 to 14) with
Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association
Goalball is the game of soccer for the visually impaired utilizing a ball with a sound device. Come and learn the skills and techniques of this exciting sport, while scrimmaging with your teammates. Tournament play will be available. Group 1: Pre-Goalball Skills Training Juniors (age 4 to 14) with Visual Impairments Dates: Fridays, Jan 9 - May 14 (No program Feb 27, Mar 26, Apr 2, 9) Time: 6:15 - 7:00 Pre-goalball
Fee: $56.00 (Pre-goalball)
Location: Adler -1740 N. Milwaukee Ave., Libertyville, IL Group 2: High School students who are blind or have a primary visual impairment. Dates: Tuesdays, Jan 6 - May 18

16. Goalball At FSDB
Organizer of the 1999 Youth goalball National Championships. Information about the activities at FSDB.
United States Association of Blind Athletes
Youth Goalball
National Championships
Youth Goalball National Championships have been held at FSDB's
Recreation and Fitness Center for the Blind
Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind
U.S. Association of Blind Athletes
National High School Goalball Tournament
For more information about Goalball, contact Boys Team
Coach: St. Augustine, Florida
Assistant Coach for boys and girls: Carl Jacobson
FSDB Goalball Boys' Team Members 1. Sean Lewis 2. Chris Stewart 3. Tim Dornbrock 4. Joey Ferranti 5. Fransisco Alonzo 6. Preston White Girls Team Coach: James Crozier , St. Augustine, Florida FSDB Goalball Girls' Team Members 1. Alicia Betancourt 2. Jocelyn Brannon 3. Kayleigh Holt 4. Stacey Jenkins 5. Charity Ryder Get that ball and push through the line! "I've got it now! Comin' through....!" What is Goalball? Goalball was invented in Austria shortly after World War II to provide recreation for blinded veterans. It is played on a floor approximately the size of a volleyball court. The lines are taped and have a cord under the tape so the players can feel the line. The object of the game is to roll a ball the size of a basketball through the opposing team and across the goal line. The ball has a bell inside and all players must wear a blindfold. There are three players on each team.

17. How To Play GOALBALL
goalball Enthusiasts,. goalball is an extremely simple game to learn, but can takeyears to master. Shoot Back to D s goalball Links. Back To D s goalball Links
Goalball Enthusiasts, Goalball is an extremely simple game to learn, but can take years to master. It allows you to use senses that you don't normally rely on such as hand/eye cordination. Which allows one to develop different styles of playing and strategies. Providing a high level of intrigue, as well as a physical demanding game.
This document is only a basic overview of Goalball, the positions, strategies, and for the more competitive players the basic penalty situations. However, please keep in mind that this text is only an unofficial summary and not to be used as a comprehensive rule book. ENJOY.... History: Goalball was invented in 1946 by an Austrian Hanz Lorencezen and a German, Sett Reindle. It was used for sport and rehabilitation for the post WW II blind veterans. The game of Goalball developed over the years, gaining International acceptances and became a Paralympic Sport in 1980. Getting Started: First of all you should read the rules outline in this text so that you fully understand the concepts of the game of Goalball. Your second step is to prepare the court using the instruction below. Third you must organize teams, each consisting of 3 members, 1 centre and 2 wingers. You will also need to find a referee that is familiar with the rules and who will be able to start and control the course of the game. Equipment: To play Goalball you will need ( 1 ) Goalball, 76cm in diameter, and 1.250g in weight, (2) rolls duck tape, and (6) pair of blacked out swim goggles, which are to be used as eyeshades. You may also want to acquired some knee and elbow pads to protect against bruses and floor burns.

18. Goalball
Please click here and bookmark the new page. Thanks for your interest in Utah goalball. Tony's Home Page. Utah goalball has moved.
Utah Goalball has moved. Please click here and bookmark the new page. Thanks for your interest in Utah Goalball. Sponsored by the Utah Foundation for the Blind and Visually Impaired Tony's Home Page

19. IBSA - International Blind Sports Federation - Área Técnica /
Translate this page Sección Área Técnica / goalball. Información General El goalballfue integrados en IBSA. Estadística Histórica, Opciones de goalball.
Acerca de I.B.S.A. Noticias Competiciones Patrocinadores ... English
Información General:
El Goalball fue inventado en 1946 por el austríaco Hanz Lorenzen, y el alemán, Sett Reindle.
Se usó como deporte y medio de rehabilitación para los veteranos ciegos de la Segunda Guerra Mundial.
Este deporte fue introducido en las Paralimpiadas de Toronto (Canadá) en 1976 y en 1978 se celebró el primer Campeonato del Mundo en Austria. Desde entonces la popularidad del Goalball ha ido creciendo y en la actualidad se practica en todos los países integrados en IBSA.
Opciones de Goalball
Info. General Noticias Competiciones Reglamento Records ... Estrellas Inicio de página

20. Scudetto Goalball
Un comunicato stampa sull'assegnazione dello scudetto 2002.

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