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         Filipino Arts:     more books (112)
  1. Valor: Filipino WW II Veterans Memorial by Betty A Brown, Enrique de la Cruz, et all 2008-03-01
  2. Directory of Filipino artists in the performing, visual & literary arts
  3. Filipino: Webster's Timeline History, 236 - 2007 by Icon Group International, 2010-03-10
  4. Filipino Nation: Philippine Art and Literature by Felipe M. De Leon, 1982
  5. Guhit Bulilit: The Filipino child and his art
  6. Paintings by Filipino artists in the art collection of Jorge B.Vargas, Kawilihan, Manila by Jorge B Vargas, 1943
  7. Philippine World Views: The Filipino Weltanschauung in Languages, Literature, Popular Culture, Visual Arts and Other Fields (270P) by Virgilio G Enriquez, 1980-12
  8. Filipino Martial Culture (Martial Culture Series) by Mark V. Wiley, 1997-05-15
  9. Filipino Style by Rene Javellana, Fernando Nakpil Zialcita, et all 2004-09-15
  10. El Folk-Lore Filipino by Isabelo De Los Reyes Y Florentino, Isabelo De Los Reyes, 1995-09
  11. The Flip Side: A Filipino American Comedy by Rod Pulido, 2002-04-09
  12. Salome: A Filipino Filmscript by Ricardo Lee, 2004-03-01
  13. Filipino English and Taglish: Language Switching from Multiple Perspectives (Varieties of English Around the World General Series) by Roger M. Thompson, 2003-08
  14. Pananandata Yantok At Daga: Filipino Stick And Dagger by Amante P. Marinas, 1987-12

IMASTI develops and promotes JKD, filipino martial arts and grappling. Bulgaria
Martial Arts Special Training Consulting Contact ... English
IMASTI Chief Instructor Lyubomir Yordanov is a member of IALEFI /International Association of Law Enforcement Fire Arms Instructors/, NTOA /National Tactical Officer Association/, ASLET /American Society for Law Enforcement Training/, ASIS /American Society for Industrial Security/, STTU /Specialized Tactical Training Unit/. more IMASTI is a representative of IMB Academy USA with Director and chief instructor Grand Master Richard Bustillo, of Doce Pares Federation of Philippines with chairman Grand Master Cacoy Canete and representative of Hayastan Submission Grappling Dojo USA - Master Gokor Chivichyan. more Martail Arts Special Training
    IMASTI guides the martial art practitioners to find their own way in personal development and training. more PHILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS
    IMASTI develops and popularizes the Philipino martial arts as additional training direction in the Jun Fan JKD practice. more SUBMISSION GRAPPLING
    IMASTI includes submission grappling in its training programs in order to develop the combat skills against the striking arts and styles of fighting. more PERSONAL SECURITY AND PROTECTION
    IMASTI conducts training of structures for personal security and protection more
    IMASTI conducts training of structures and teams for bank and company security and safety more LAW ENFORCEMENT/POLICE TRAINING
    International Martial Arts and Special Tactics Institute is specialised in Law Enforcement/Police Training for the needs of different police structures, sections and units.

122. Untitled Document
Arnis history, system, techniques and background.

123. Please Stand By
Rating 5 out of 5. As a long time student of the filipino martial arts, I have seen many books on the subject, and this is a must have.
Please Stand By
Home amz
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124. Baritan Martial Arts Club
Seminars on filipino Martial arts and JKD Concepts taught by Larry de Guzman in Metro Manilla, Philippines.

125. Bergamo's Martial Arts
American filipino Kun Tao Federation. Offering seminars and classes. Schools located in Naugatuck and Cheshire, Connecticut.
Seminar and Team Demonstration Info
Summary of


By Year: More
Our Student Achievements Bergamo's Personal Training
Learn how Bergamo's can help you discover a natural path to physical and mental fitness...
May 22, 2004, 9am-
Little Samurai Youth Invitational
and the ISKA CT State
Power Breaking Championships,
Pomperaug High School, CT Please click here for more... Bergamo's Martial Arts (BMA) has been paving the way for students of all ages to find their true potential through it's Martial Arts and Fitness Programs. Each student's reasons for attending, and their goals in training, vary in many ways. At BMA we are well aware of this, and work with each student so they can achieve their full potential and gain the most from their training. Although some students are at home in the studio as well as outside the studio, there are some who must overcome uncommon challenges. We have worked with children and youth groups with various challenges, such as: Troubled youth, A.D.D., overweight, low self-esteem, lack of coordination, and children that feel they don't fit in anywhere. BMA takes pride in the leaps and bounds we have helped to produce in such groups; from the troubled youth who starts to gain an identity and finds self-respect, to that child with low self-esteem whose parents watch proudly as their child stands tall and executes techniques in front of a gymnasium full of people. Your child is important to us and we want them to be the best they can be; in the studio, at home, and in life!

126. The Filipino Martial Arts/Kenpo Karate Connection
arnis de mano, silat, eskrima , kali, kenpo, american kenpo, traditional kenpo, filipino Martial Art, Martial Art, survival, knife fighting, defensive tactics

Click Here For

Click Here
A New Martial Art System! New Kenpo Sites!
The Ultimate Resource for the Ultimate Defensive Knife! Bookmark this page and visit our site often. New material is being added daily. Watch for weekly specials! This site is continually being updated. Best Viewed with

Organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of all filipino Martial arts and culture. Includes information about types taught, workout times and location, list of members schools and instrutors, and calendar and biography of Ray Dionaldo. Also features photos, related links, and glossary. Located in Tampa, Florida.

128. ..:: Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Manila Pitbulls ::..
Official Site of the PekitiTirsia Kali Manila Pitbulls. The site contains background information and history on this and other filipino Martial arts.
The Pekiti-Tirsia Kali Manila Pitbulls logo.
Pekiti-Tirsia Pitbulls have the highest goal in the practices of its philosophical values following the real nature of a pure thoroughbred Pitbull. It has been a known fact that Pitbulls are special breed of dogs known for its biting power of 250 PSI during the actual combat. Once the pitbull takes a bite, then it is a do or die mentality. Pitbulls are equipped with intelligence designed for fighting. They can stand the threshold of pain that no breed of dogs can stand. They can chew the head of another dog until the other dog is dead. They crush bones into pieces without compunction. They stand on top of the fallen dead enemy raising its head with great pride and dignity. This is my Pitbull a very loyal friend with a do or die mentality. Very intelligent and smart companion.
Pekiti-Tirsia Pitbulls are in the highest state of Par Excellence, smartness of action, accurate deliverance of technical power applied in combat and highest excellence in the execution of every technical point that will control the subject and subdue every attempt to counter the Pekiti-Tirsia wave of attacks.
Par Excellence is what the Pekiti-Tirsia Pitbulls is all about.

129. Ko Mu Do Kwan (Ko's Martial Arts Institute)
Teaching Serrada Escrima, Cadena de Mano, Largo Mano, Sinawallis, and other filipino martial arts. Wichita, KS
To View a Video Clip of Tacosa Cadena Eskrima: CLICK HERE
Pacific Eskrima Academy/Tacosa Cadena Eskrima
Eskrima is a Pilipino Martial Art which descends down from the late Great Eskrimador Grandmaster Angel Cabales and his Pilipino instructor, the legendary Feliscimo Dizon, Grandmaster of the De Cuerdas Method. One of the Great Grandmaster's top students and Certified Master Instructor is Jimmy Tacosa. It is this direct lineage that Guro Michael Coconis and his father, Dr. Ko descend from. Both son (2nd Level) and father (1st Level) are Certified Instructors of Eskrimador Master Jimmy Tacosa. Few Eskrimadors living in the United States have had the opportunities which Guro and Master Jimmy Tacosa has experienced. By virtue of his Philippine ancestry and of growing up in Stockton, California, he learned from 2 Great Masters. He was taught the Philippine empty hand system of Cadena De Mano by Max Sarmiento and is a first generation instructor. After a 15 year tenure under Grandmaster Angel Cabales, Guro Tacosa was awarded a Masters Diploma and Certificate in Serrada Eskrima and was asked to pass the art onto a new generation. Master Tacosa is recognized as one of the foremost exponents of Serrada Eskrima in the world. Although there are many instructors of the Philippine Martial Arts, Master Tacosa is one of a select group of Qualified and Active Eskrimadors to have trained with the Grandmasters while they were in their prime. Master Tacosa was part of the Grassroots movement for the perpetuation of Philippine Martial Culture in the United States and the World.

130. LASALLE-SIA College Of The Arts - News
For the first time in Singapore, a touring exhibition of 100 works by 42 filipino artists premieres at LASALLESIA College of the arts, Singapore, in the

131. Women In The Martial Arts
including Savate (french), Muay Thai (thai!), American (based usually on karate) Kali filipino art, involving empty-hand and weapon training Arnis - filipino
Women in the Martial Arts I decide to add a page for women (and their friends) as we get so many enquiries from women. Most enquiries to date have been related to finding good martial art and kickboxing clubs to train with. There are thousands of martial art clubs in the UK now, but not all seem to welcome women. So how do you find the right one for you? Finding clubs:
1) Check with your local library - the reference section will often have addresses of local martial art and sports clubs
2) Read the yellow pages, more clubs are starting to advertise now
3) Visit or phone your local sports and community centres
4) Ask friends and family
5) Obviously, you are already checking the internet..... Finding a selection of local clubs, offering a selection of martial arts, will be probably be easy (unless you live somewhere remote) - the tricky thing is picking the right one for you. Not all styles of martial art / types of club / instructors will be right for you. some may not treat you (or anyone else for that matter) with respect / appropriate care / appropriate attitude. So, what then?

132. The Filipino Art Of Stick Fighting : Martial Arts Equipment UK - TMASUK
Sign In. The filipino Art of Stick Fighting. Quantity Click for Larger Image filipino Art of Stick Fighting. To order by phone call 0870 770 6946.

133. The Filipino Reporter - All About Arts
We’ve all heard about the upcoming fiesta of filipino traditional arts in Manhattan on April 2. Sponsored by the Center for Traditional Music and Dance, the
MENU MAIN NEWS IMMIGRATION ENTERTAINMENT SPORTS ... CONTACT The only Filipino-American weekly newspaper listed in the "Working Press of the Nation" . The only ethnic newspaper belonging to the New York Press Club as regular member. Founded on July 2, 1972 by veteran Filipino newsman Libertito Pelayo. HOME ALL ABOUT ARTS
by Marilyn Abalos Haunting dignity of
Igorot tribal gongss We’ve all heard about the upcoming fiesta of Filipino traditional arts in Manhattan on April 2. Sponsored by the Center for Traditional Music and Dance, the cultural event brings together over the major Filipino-American music and dance companies in the tri-state area.
Among cultural groups performing are BIBAK and the U.P. Alumni and Friends Rondalla. The antithesis of the haunting dignity of Igorot tribal gongs and the urban courtliness of the rondalla is pure excitement, stuff that makes up the Philippines.
I saw BIBAK for the first and only time a few years ago on stage at another Filipino gathering. Donned in bold colors and clamoring gongs, their presentation was an unaffected and sincere showing of Northern Province pride and culture. BIBAK was raw, intoxicating and corporeal. “Pagbubunyi” is one great chance to celebrate with BIBAK.

134. FFATI's Main
Click below for literature and information on Kulintang Instruments Philippine arts and Culture filipino Martial arts Folk Dance Program Notes Resource Weddings
"Tuloy po kayo! Come into our world..."
Enter here!
To access the following FFATI performing groups
directly from this page, click on:
The Vocal Ensemble

Southeast Asian Anklung

Bailes de Islas Filipinas

Three Plus One
The Kulintangan Serenaders
Click below for literature and information on
Kulintang Instruments

Philippine Arts and Culture
Filipino Martial Arts Folk Dance Program Notes Resource ... Weddings: Philippine Style
Artistic Director's Page Zonia Elvas Velasco created: March 1997 last updated: June 24, 1998 For any comments or suggestions, please write to us.

135. USADOJO.COM: About The Martial Art Style Of Tukong Moosul
ABOUT filipino MARTIAL arts. KALI / ARNIS / ESKRIMA. From Mark V. Wiley s filipino Martial arts. The recording and documentation
From Mark V. Wiley's Filipino Martial Arts
The recording and documentation of history is an arduous and often difficult undertaking. While reading about history we frequently believe the point of view of the author; however, this is often incomplete and inaccurate. In particular, when tracing the origin of an art of war, such as Eskrima, it is often difficult to string together the bits and pieces of fragmented information into chronological order. Also, since the exact origin of the art was never documented by those who were directly responsible for its founding, much is left to speculation and the cross-referencing of pertinent information to historical events in the surrounding geographical region. INTRODUCTION Centuries old, the Filipino warrior arts have long been the backbone of Filipino society. It was the practice and preservation of these arts that have kept the Philippine archipelago from permanent domination by a foreign power. There are several hundred styles of these warrior arts presently being preserved and taught throughout the Philippines. Although known by many names, often descriptive of the styles and names of their founders and enemies (i.e., Binas Arnis, Italiana style), the Filipino warrior arts can be classified by three distinct territorial styles Arnis, Eskrima, and Kali that are found in the northern, central and southern Philippines, respectively.

136. Filipino Books: Arts
Toll Free Number 1800-828-2577 Within LA County (323) 953-8660 arts. At Home with filipino Art and Artists Ma. Alessandra L. Hermano

137. Tiger Academy Of Martial Arts
We are a small group of martial artist located in the Comox Valley and Chemainus, Vancouver Island promoting Kombatan filipino Martial arts.
Tiger Academy of Martial Arts
Welcome to Tiger Academy of Martial Arts also known as TAOMA. The source of our training comes mainly from these instructors either directly or indirectly:
Grandmaster Ernesto Presas of Kombatan, Balintawak Arnis Cuentada from Grandmaster Bobby Taboada, Modern Arnis from the late Professor Remy Presas,
from Louie Lindo of Ikatan Kali and Datu Shishir Inocalla. Styles or systems that influence us are from: Kombatan, Modern Arnis, Mande Muda, Kali Ilustrisimo,
Balintawak, Lameco Eskrima, Wing Chun and Boxing/Kickboxing. As we grow in our martial developement so will this list of influences continue to expand.
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Please visit my other site @

138. Filipino Martial Arts - Encyclopedia Article About Filipino Martial Arts. Free A
encyclopedia article about filipino Martial arts. filipino Martial arts in Free online English dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia. filipino Martial arts. Martial Arts
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
Filipino Martial Arts
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Eskrima or Escrima refers in a general way to Filipino The Republic of the Philippines
Click the link for more information. martial arts Martial arts , also known as fighting systems , are bodies of codified practices or traditions of unarmed and armed combat, usually without the use of guns and other modern weapons. They are often taught today with the goal of developing both the character of the practitioner and the mindful, appropriate, controlled use of bodily force. The martial arts, perhaps due to a half-century
Click the link for more information. . Other terms in common international usage are Kali and Arnis de Mano ; occasionally the abbreviation FMA is used. Many different systems of Eskrima exist. In most systems, skills with weapons and with empty hands are developed at the same time, using training methods designed to emphasize the common elements. Practitioners of these arts are noted for their ability to fight with weapons or empty hands interchangeably. Most Eskrima systems include fighting with a variety of weapons A weapon is a tool to damage life or property, and as a result, also to threaten and defend. When weapons are used skillfully, they are used according to doctrines that maximize their desirable effects, while minimizing collateral damage.

139. The Empty Hands Of Eskrima
The Empty Hands of the filipino Martial arts. As you can see, there is more to the empty hand side of the filipino Martial arts than first meets the eye.
Completed : 29/03/97 - Beta Check This page has registered :
The Empty Hands of the Filipino Martial Arts
To most people and martial artists, the Filipino Martial Arts purely concentrate on the use of Sticks, Knives and Edged weapons. To those who have some knowledge of the arts they know that it contains a large section of empty hand fighting skills. These empty hand skills are derived from the movements with the weapons and are taught within the framework of weapons techniques. For instance, the footwork and arm positioning used in a snake disarm would also be used in delivering an uppercut or hook punch to the ribs.
Footwork is one of the key things which bind all the various fighting areas together. This is basically around a boxing format with the notable addition of the triangular footwork patterns. As any eskrimador will tell you the footwork is the primary means of evasion to an attack. Male and Female footwork is based around two triangles placed on the floor in the shape of an X. If you stand in the centre point, the triangle growing away from you is the female triangle and the triangle going behind you is the male triangle. If you keep one foot in the centre and step out into a boxing stance to one of the points or backwards keeping your lead foot in the centre you will gain the basic footwork.(Fig 1) Female Triangle Male Triangle fig 1.

140. At Home With Filipino Art And Artists
At Home with filipino Art and Artists. By Ma. Alessandra L. Hermano Josephine Labrador Hermano Publisher Anvil Publishing Format
All Criteria Author / Artist Name / Title Composer Record Label Songs / Book Desc To order by phone call: 1-800-TATAK-RP or 800-828-2577 (West Coast) 1-866-TATAK-RP or 866-828-2577 (East Coast) Store Hours: Monday thru Sunday 11:00am-6:00pm (US Pacific Standard Time) All on-line orders are processed thru Bank of America.
At Home with Filipino Art and Artists By:
Anvil Publishing
Format: Hardbound, 280 pages
Color: Full Color Size: 9 1/2" x 11 1/4"

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