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         Filipino Arts:     more books (112)
  1. A guide to Panantukan (the Filipino boxing art): For use as a training journal and step by step guide (Rick Faye's Kali/Jeet Kune Do notebook guide series) by Rick Faye, 2000
  2. FILIPINO Martial Arts Magazine, Volume 6, #3 (6) by Eliot Shearer, 2004
  3. FILIPINO Martial Arts Magazine, Volume 4 #3 (Hanshi Tom Hunnicutt interview, 4) by Eliot Shearer, 2001
  4. Filipino Martial Arts - Espada y Daga book by Dionesio A. CaƱete, 2002
  5. The art and secrets of a Filipino martial art by J. Cui Brocka, 1979
  6. Filipino martial arts by Nid Anima, 1982
  7. FILIPINO Martial Arts Magazine, Volume 1 #6 (The Magazine for All Filipino Martial Art Styles, 1) by Eliot Shearer, 1998
  8. FILIPINO Martial Arts Magazine, Volume 3 #2 (An Interview with Mark Wiley, 3) by Eliot Shearer, 2001
  9. Filipino Martial Arts Magazine:"The Batangas Knife" Vol 2 #3 (Two) by Eliot Shearer, 1999
  10. FILIPINO Martial Arts Magazine, Volume 4 #2 (The Women's Edge - Using Filipino Martial Arts to Even the Odds, 4) by Eliot Shearer, 2001
  11. The Ancient Art Of Life And Death: The Book of Dim-Mak by Rick Bauer, Flane Walker, 2002-11-01
  12. Museums in Manila: Cultural Center of the Philippines, Bahay Tsinoy, Ust Museum of Arts and Sciences, National Museum of the Filipino People

101. Pfsweb
Instruction in Jeet Kun Do and filipino Kali martial arts. Club and instructor information.
JKD Combatives For Women Police/Military C.Q.B. contact us
A Special Thank you to both Guro/Sifu Paul Vunak and
Sifu Makoto Kabayama for their teaching and guidance.
Thank you as well to my freinds and peers in the Police
and Military communities for their input and assistance.

102. Modern Arnis: Filipino Art Of Stick Fighting
As a student in Self Defense Systems Jeet Kune Do I automatically picked up on all the trapping hands influences from filipino Martial arts found in our system

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Modern Arnis: Filipino Art of Stick Fighting
Written by Remy Presas Gregory Lee
Published by Ohara Publications (June 1983)
ISBN 089750089X
Price $16.00
Customer Reviews I had studied Arnis long ago and after many years could not remember the fundamentals. Remy Presas book is a great introduction to the Art of Arnis and really helped me remember what I had lost. His book covers stances, swings, defenses and even has some pratical drills that will help with coordination.I highly suggest this book for the beginner of just as a review. It is a great reference. I am a student under Professor PRESAS "Modern Arnis" The book is a good reference to all the techniques learned. I highly recomend this book to any student or future student of modern arnis. Look for related books on other categories Stick fighting Other related products Still didn't find what you want?

Organization devoted to helping students learn to effectively defend themselves using Jeet Kune Do filipino Kali Weaponry as learning vehicles. Torrence, California
Thank you for your patience! Combative Martial Arts Systems

104. Maelstrom Martial Arts
Teaches filipino Kali and Indonesian Silat systems. Includes history on systems, information on instructors, class schedule, and related links.Vancouver, Canada
Training in the Weapons Arts of Southeast Asia
News Systems Weapons Instructors ... Links

Embroidered club patches and T-Shirts are now available. Email info(at) for details.
For May 2004
maelstrom BBQ - Sunday May 23rd 13:00 at Trout Lake
All maelstrom Martial Arts classes as usual with the following notes
  • Spring term curriculum:
    64 form, karenza, contradas, sinawali
Upcoming seminars in the Pacific NorthWest area:
Pencak Silat Training Camp in Indonesia
  • Watch here for details - coming soon!
maelstrom E-mail lists available

105. The Pinoy Eskrima Arnis Kali (PEAK-L) Mailing List
List containing informative articles for practitioners of filipino martial arts. Includes FAQs, instructors, mirrors and links.
The Pinoy Eskrima Arnis Kali
(PEAK-L) Mailing List
Home Page
Pages On Site Home News FAQs Instructors Articles ... Feedback Hits since 20-Apr-99
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What's peak-l?
The Pinoy Eskrima, Arnis, Kali List (peak-l) is a mailing list for practitioners of Eskrima / Arnis / Kali, who reside or are based in the Philippines. Even if the list is for Philippines-based practitioners, the list is open to all who are interested in the Filipino martial art. The list is moderated by Robbie Trinidad and is hosted by
How to Join
To join the list, send an empty e-mail message to You can also sign up at, at the peak-l page at, or you can use the form below. Subscribe to Pinoy Eskrima/Arnis/Kali List Enter your e-mail address: peak-l archive An e-group hosted by
  • Topics - Members of the list are asked to keep their posts on topic. Points of discussion include:
    • Eskrima/Arnis/Kali related topics of concern to practitioners based in the Philippines;

106. Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy
JKD, filipino kali, Kenpo karate, and law enforcement tactics. Manville, New Jersey
Red Dragon
Martial Arts Academy 10 North Arlington St. Manville, NJ ENTER var go_mem="bobteo";
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107. Pencak Silat Mande Muda, Maryland: Broken Glass
Robert McKay gives information on a variety of martial arts, including filipino, Kenpo, and Pencak Silat (particularly Mande Muda). Features reflections on these martial arts, movies, articles, tips and links. Flash / NonFlash

Classes Movies Contact
Classes Movies Contact ... Links

108. Visayan Martial Arts
Offers training in Doce Pares, Tat Kun Tao Kung Fu, and Balintawak. Includes articles, definitions of the various names of filipino defenses, instructor profiles, seminar listings, pictures, links, and related topics.Cebu City, Philippines
GENERATOR" content="Microsoft FrontPage 3.0"> meta name="description" content="The Visayan Martial Arts Web Site."> This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them. s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer)

109. Martial Arts Koncepts
Martial arts Koncepts is located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and offers certified and professional instruction in Jeet Kune Do Concepts (JKD); the filipino martial arts of Kali, Escrima, and Arnis; Combat Submission Wrestling; Lameco Eskirma; and Russian Kettlebells.
Martial Arts Koncepts (MAK) offers instruction in the following martial disciplines: JKD Concepts/Jun Fan Gung Fu Inosanto Blend of Kali, Escrima, and Arnis Combat Submission Wrestling Lameco Eskrima ... Sayoc Kali , and Russian Kettlebells We are the only facility in the area (District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia) to offer certified instruction in this unique combination of martial arts and training methodologies. Martial Arts Koncepts is perfect for the beginning, intermediate or advanced martial artist who is interested in expanding their existing skills and training in an environment that offers an an extensive knowlege-base to draw from. Contact us now to schedule an
appointment for a free introductory class!
Home Page Class Info Training Notebook Photo Gallery ... Erik Paulson / CSW MAK Instructors
Mike Krivka
Eric Church Jeff Clancy Rich Jackson ... Stuart Yee

110. Deluxe Martial Arts Forums - Filipino Martial Arts Discussion
Martial artists can discuss the filipino Martial arts with practitioners worldwide. Reload this Page filipino Martial arts Discussion Forum.

111. Filipino American Arts Exposition 2001 Season, Filipino Art Excellence In A Glob
FAAE in Brief FAAE History Artists Artworks for Sale Exhibits Manila Preparation Actual Event Galleries News Guest Book Contact Us.
FAAE in Brief FAAE History Artists Artworks for Sale ... Contact Us
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112. Filipino American Arts Exposition, News
TodayNewspaper, Art Style Today August 14, 2001. Top filipino painters at 8th filipino American arts Exposition. We are a creative
FAAE in Brief

FAAE History

Join FAAE discussion through eArt Philippines Powered by Press Releases Manila Press Release
San Francisco Press Release
Foreigners and Filipinos based in the States experience Philippine art through the eyes and hands of 25 premiere artists. They're famous here, but how do the likes of Malang, Ramon Orlina, CrisCruz, Manuel Baldemor, and others fare among foreign art collectors? Pretty well, reports Rosscapili, curator, project director and exhibitor of last August's San Francisco-based show at the 8th Annual Filipino American Arts Exposition (FAAE) 2001. Gallery 139 presents the FAAE 2001's 25 participating artists and their pieces in exhibits on Oct. 11-23 (SM Megamall Bldg. A) and Oct. 12-24 (Glorietta 4, Ayala Center).

113. Orange County Jeet Kune Do - A Member Of The PFS Family - JKD Concepts, Filipino
The complete martial arts self defense system Jeet Kune Do Concepts, filipino Kali, Grappling.
Contact us at:

114. Progressive Fighting Systems Bloomington, MN
Jeet Kune Do Concepts and filipino martial arts. Includes contacts, rates and schedule.
Main Business Park htmlAdWH('7002182', '234', '60'); Progressive Fighting Systems Bloomington, MN The science and concepts of Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts April Special! SAVE $100 on a 10hr. Intensified R apid A ssault T actics Course!! Progressive Fighting Systems Bloomington: The cutting edge of Minnesota martial arts training for Minneapolis / St. Paul
The goal at PFS Bloomington is to teach one to be proficient in all ranges of fighting, whether standing, grappling, facing multiple opponents or attacks with weapons we try to present an all around reality based training program. The atmosphere is casusl, the training is fun, challenging, and develops real world skills. The uniform is shorts and a t-shirt. All levels and styles are welcome from years of training to none.
PFS Bloomington is owned an operated by Brenden Troster and is affiliated with Paul Vanak's PFS.
Brenden began training in martial arts at the age of 13. Around this same time he began amateur wrestling. At 19 he became the youngest professional wrestler in the state of Minnesota after having been trained by Olympic Silver Medalist and 2 time Pan-American Games Gold Medalist Brad Rheingans. His high flying style, mixed with martial arts techniques, earned him the 1995 Independent

115. Ryukyu Book & Periodicals: Filipino Martial Arts
filipino Martial arts Code, Name, Image, Price, Availability, 58MIMF301, Advanced Balisong Manual, $12.95, in stock, 58MIMF320, filipino Fighting arts, $19.95, In Stock,

116. Krishna Godhania Website
Information about Pangulong Guro Krishna Godhania, his masters and the Institute of filipino Martial arts. Includes articles, class schedule, events, pictures, and links.Europe

117. ORIENTALIA InfoBase | Martial Arts | Modern Arnis: Filipino Art Of Stick Fightin
Rating Excellent Introduction As a long time student of the filipino martial arts, I have seen many books on the subject, and this is a must have.
This is an academic Eastern Philosophy and Religion site! Please, register to access all sections.
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  • 118. :: Jeet Kune Do Fighting Arts ::
    Contact information for Peter Chassikos, instructor under Paul Vunak and Makoto Kabayama in JKD Concepts and filipino martial arts. Toronto, Canada

    119. Arnado's Arnis De Mano
    A filipino Martial arts club offering classes taught by Maestro Dan Arnado. Features history, classes, pictures, and links.Everett, WA
    Welcome to, the online home of Arnado's Arnis de Mano! We are a Filipino Martial Arts club offering classes taught by Maestro Dan Arnado at the Pacific Karate Organization headquarters in Everett, WA. The purpose of this site is to promote Filipino Martial Arts in the Pacific Northwest and to link to other fine Filipino Martial Art and Cultural links around the world. We also offer free e-mail that will allow you to check your mail anywhere in the world that you can access the web! Just click on the 'your mail' button to sign up and use the same button in the future to check your mail! Our Filipino Cultural Links can be found by clicking the Filipino Flag in the left column! Also, if you use your head, you may be able to find the hidden link to our techniques page showcasing both basic and advanced techniques of the Filipino Martial Arts! Enjoy your visit and check back often for updates!!

    120. Progressive Street Fighting Systems
    Keith Fossett teaches classes and private instructions in Jeet Kune Do, filipino Martial arts, and Women's Self Defense. Milford, Connecticut
    Main Online htmlAdWH('7008303', '234', '60'); Progressive Street Fighting Systems Milford CT Keith Fossett has been studying Martial Arts for over 15 years and is a full instructor in Jeet Kune Do / Filipino Martial Arts under Rick Manente. He ownes and operates Progressive Street Fighting Systems in Milford CT. Where he teaches Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial arts and Practical Self Defense for men and women. He offers convenient Day and Evening Classes, Private and Semi-Private Lessons and Intense Personal Training Programs.
    About PSFS Our goal is to develop the skills and attributes needed to win a street fight. Learn scientific street fighting in a realistic manner using proper equipment and modern training methods. For more information you can contact me at .
    World Class Instructors Rick Manente, Paul Vunak and myself Keith Fossett at the only JKD seminar in CT in 2001 page created with Easy Designer

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