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         Filipino Arts:     more books (112)
  1. Filipino Martial Arts Magazine Vol. 5 No. 3 2003
  2. Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Awards: Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Award, Famas Award for Best Picture
  3. Philippine Film Awards: Cinemanila International Film Festival, Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences Award, Gawad Urian Awards
  4. PAKAMUT Filipino Fighting Art by Marc Lawrence, 2008-01-01
  5. Filipino Martial Arts Magazine (Magazine For All Arnis Styles, 1)
  6. FILIPINO Martial Arts Magazine, Volume 1 #3 (The Magazine for All Martial Art Styles, 1) by Eliot Shearer, 1998
  7. FILIPINO Martial Arts Magazine, Volume 1 #5 (The Magazine for All Filipino Martial Art Styles, 1) by Eliot Shearer, 1998
  8. FILIPINO Martial Arts Magazine, Volume 4 #4 (4) by Eliot Shearer, 2002
  9. FILIPINO Martial Arts Magazine, Volume 2 #4 (An Interview ... with Grandmaster Ernesto A. Presas, 2) by Eliot Shearer, 1999
  10. FILIPINO Martial Arts Magazine, Volume 5 #2 (5) by Eliot Shearer, 2003
  11. FILIPINO Martial Arts Magazine Volume 1 #2 (The Magazine for all Filipino Martial Art Styles, 1) by Eliot Shearer, 1998
  12. Arnis: Reflections on the History & Development of the Filipino Martial Arts. by Mark V. Wiley, 2001-01-01
  13. FILIPINO Martial Arts Magazine, Volume 2 #6 (An Interview with Silat Master Hadji Yasser Usman Tanadjalan, 2) by Eliot Shearer, 1999
  14. FILIPINO Martial Arts Magazine, Volume 1 #4 (The Magazine for All Filipino Martial Art Styles, 1) by Eliot Shearer, 1998

41. Spanish Influence On Filipino Martial Arts?
it went on to make the inaccurate and misleading statement that the Spanish rapier and dagger system of fighting has had a great influence on filipino arts .
Home About ARMA Where to Start What's New ... Index The Influence of Spanish Renaissance Swordsmanship on Filipino Martial Arts? by John Clements What the author fails to mention, is that the very reason we know of the battle's outcome is because Magellan's ship actually escapes (surely not the most decisive victory on the part of the locals). Anyway, the book cites this incident of local historical pride to emphasize how formidable the native fighting skills were/are. But wait. The very next statement is how in 1571, another Spanish explorer under orders to colonize, attacks a native force on another island and faces the "even more formidable" Kali warriors with their (and this is not being made up) fire-hardened rattan sticks. It also says (to quote) that "the native fighting skills far exceeded those of the Spanish". Indeed? Of course, this author then acknowledges that the Spanish/Portuguese actually go on to win the battle, but suggests that this was "due to their firearms." However, a few light-calibre shipboard cannon and inaccurate, slow firing arquebuses in a tropical climate are not about to win a battle over overwhelming odds (back in Europe at the time, they had a lot more guns and still they had to rely on massed pikes and cavalry). Notice also how no credit is given the Spanish/Portuguese's clear military superiority in training, discipline, armaments, tactics, organization, leadership, morale, etc.? The very fact they had high-carbon steel tipped halberds and carefuly tempered chest plates was in itself a big factor, a very formidable one (in fact a generation earlier, Spanish sword & buckler men were trashing the vaunted Swiss pikemen all up and down Europe's battlefields and over-running Italy). What is more remarkable is how a few hundred sailors and men (not even first class Renaissance soldiers in their prime), thousands of miles from their homes and families, continually outfought supposedly "superior" warriors in a hostile and unfamiliar land.

42. Stephen's Home Page
Personal page providing details on school in Easthampton, Massachusetts teaching Modern Arnis and filipino arts. Provides ranking system, class information and gallery.
Free Web space and hosting - Choose an ISP NetZero High Speed Internet Dial up $14.95 or NetZero Internet Service $9.95 My Tribute to
Kicks and Sticks Filipino
Martial Arts Studio Welcome to my martial arts page. I have been training in martial arts for over 4 years. I have obtained the rank of Likah (or better known as Brown Belt). I go to Kicks and Sticks Martial Arts Studio where I am known by the nickname Captain Kidney. Kicks and Sticks Martial Arts Studio is owned by Guro Ernest Laberge and is located at 70 Cottage Street in Easthampton, Massachusetts. We train in all sorts of forms of Martial Arts but it specifically focuses on the Filipino Martial Arts and Modern Arnis. We are currently ranked #2 among bronze schools according to the ZDK Warrior newsletter.
Find out more: Phone: (413) 527-7027 ( Call for seminar hosting or send an email
Monday: 6pm-7pm ( Kid's Class Adult's Class Wednesday: 5:30pm-7pm ( Adults Class Thursday: 6pm-8pm ( Adults Class
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My Guestbook
Saturday: 10am-11am (Open Gym) 11am-12pm ( Kid's Class Adults Class Testing Ranking ... Picture Gallery
Testing is a difficult time for everyone. The testing determines whether or not you are capable of advancing in rank. If you pass, then you receive your new rank at the next class after the belts and certificates arrive, if you don't, then you train for 6 months and try again. Testing occurs only twice a year, once in January and once in July. Testing is difficult and you can fail (although I've yet to see that happen to anyone). It is meant to put pressure on those taking the test because it shows how much knowledge you have under pressure as in real life situations.

43. Electricbrain Home: Index: Sports: Martial Arts: Filipino Arts
electricbrain Index Sports Martial Arts filipino arts, home index write privacy. Arnis Escrima Kali, Funny quotes I ve found my niche.
Sports Martial Arts : Filipino Arts home index write privacy ...

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Mr. DePree also expects a "tremendous social change" in all workplaces. "When I first started working 40 years ago, a factory supervisor was focused on the product. Today it is drastically different, because of the social milieu. It isn't unusual for a worker to arrive on his shift and have some family problem that he doesn't know how to resolve. The example I like to use is a guy who comes in and says 'this isn't going to be a good day for me, my son is in jail on a drunk-driving charge and I don't know how to raise bail.' What that means is that if the supervisor wants productivity, he has to know how to raise bail." Max DePree, chairman and CEO of Herman Miller Inc., "Herman Miller's Secrets of Corporate Creativity", The Wall Street Journal, May 3, 1988
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44. Martial Arts Planet - The Dying Filipino Martial Arts
the dying filipino martial arts. I would also like to learn any of the filipino arts, but have never seem any around where I live.

45. The Dying Filipino Martial Arts
View Full Version the dying filipino martial arts. I would also like to learn any of the filipino arts, but have never seem any around where I live.
Martial Arts Planet Styles Filipino Martial Arts View Full Version : the dying filipino martial arts Jordan Why is it that there is so many schools that teach martial arts, but rarely you can't find any filipino ones? I'm an Aikidoka but I love the filipino martial arts, why will no one learn them and teach them. I would love to learn them.
Are there any schools in Kansas that teach them?
:confused: YODA Filipino Martial Arts are alive and well Jordan :D
They're alive anyway. One reason is that the schools usually do not advertise themselves.
Second, the filipino martial arts are so exotic that most people have never heard of them.
Third, it is overshadowed by more popular martial arts. In fact, takwondo is more popular than arnis (eskrima or kali, its tha same) here in the Philippines.
The final reason is the most ugly. Racism. There are people out there that feel that only nurses and domestic helpers come out of the Philippines. surgingshark I agree...they're quite hard to find.
I haven't yet found a Sikaran or Yaw Yan school here in Long Beach...or people who've actually heard of the said arts, for that matter :p Andy Murray Originally posted by surgingshark
I agree...they're quite hard to find.

46. Smart Buy Sell - Online Shopping And Shopping Online/Online Shopping Mall/Online
Home Sports Martial Arts filipino arts 15 links will be displayed in category filipino arts Skylands Cutlery Both live and training blades of all kinds.

47. Philippines Arts And Culture
arts. filipino arts devoted to showcasing the events and activities of Filipino artists and cultural workers around the globe.
Back To Philippines Online!
Arts and Humanities
Arts and Humanities : Architecture Arts and Humanities : Commercial Arts and Humanities : Literature
  • AKDA - featuring prose, poetry and other creative imaginings by Filipino writers. Literatura - dedicated to Filipino literary genius from the Spanish, American and contemporary periods in the county's history.

48. Kali - Escrima
Sikaran (kicking). This effective fighting technique is employed in the same fashion as the weaponry portion of the filipino arts.
Kali - Escrima - Filipino Pesagi Tolong Brief History: Filipino martial arts was flourishing in the Philippines islands at the time of the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors in the fifteen century. The Filipino martial arts were practiced and established before this time and its roots can be traced back to the Indonesian empires and the Hindu Malayan Arab missionaries. Filipino native arts promote employment of several categories of self-defense.1.Empty hand tactics Panatukan, Sikaran Balaraw, Sisip, Klewang Baston,Olisi,Garrote 4. Staffs, lances, spears Belok, Bankaw, Sibat 5.Projectile weapons, blow guns Sumpit, Busog pana 6. Shields Taming, Kalasag. One of the advantages that the Filipinos found by using the hard stick Garrote Commonly known systems and styles throughout the Filipino islands that employ weaponry defenses can be identified under three names.

49. Sports : Martial Arts : Filipino Arts
Connecticut. http// Black Eagle Eskrima Information on the different Filipino fighting arts. Also articles
bookmark Web Images Directory Exchange PPC Home Toolbar ... Martial Arts : Filipino Arts CATEGORIES: Arnis Escrima Kali Featured Listing:
  • BalisongXtreme
    Techniques for the butterfly knife for the beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioner. Includes tips and tricks, message board, video clips and links.
  • Bergamo's Martial Arts
    American Filipino Kun Tao Federation. Offering seminars and classes. Schools located in Naugatuck and Cheshire, Connecticut.
  • Black Eagle Eskrima
    Information on the different Filipino fighting arts. Also articles, techniques, lineage and history, martial arts news, instructor listings and monthly mailing list.
  • Datu Kely Worden's Natural Spirit International Curriculum covers single stick Modern Arnis, close-quarter Kali, double stick Escrima and Kuntao. Seminars and events and links to other relevant sites of interest.
  • Escrims Arnis Mailing List Adam Toussaint's email discussion list.

50. Philippines : Arts And Humanities
URL http// filipino arts events and activities of Filipino artists and cultural workers world wide.
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A S I A C O , T H E A S I A S E A R C H E N G I N E
Philippines : Arts and Humanities
Philippines : Arts and Humanities

Design Arts


Visual Arts

Malaysia, Singapore. Search Mobile content click here: Sites
  • Adventure Into Personal Publishing URL:
  • Art Gallery Philippines A collection of Philippines artist and their galleries. URL:
  • Art Gallery Philippines, Inc. Shop at the "virtual" side of the "actual" Art Gallery of the Philippines, Inc. located at the heart of Makati. We deliver paintings by great present-day Filipino artists anywhere in the world. URL:
  • Ballet Philippines The country’s leading professional dance company with a reputation as one of the best in Southeast Asia. URL:
  • Bayanihan A Philippine dance company that faced its first major test on the international stage in Brussels. This site contains a brief description of the history of Bayanihan company. URL:

51. Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines... The Light Of The North!
The Center for Culture and the Arts of Saint Louis University was established to preserve filipino arts and culture, and in general it is the seat of
Strategic Plan
Wisdom Builds, Wisdom Leads Faculty Instruction ... Strategic Planning Taskforce Related Links University Facts University Administration
  • Establish SLU-CCA as a center for exploring and experiencing Filipino art and culture and as an institution for the education and the training of artists and other talented individuals. Increase the level of appreciation for culture and the arts in the university and in the community.
  • Attain the best resources to further improve the level of education and training of the Center. Acquire the most up-to-date theater technology to meet the demands of a world-class theater production. Create the finest and distinct programs to elevate the standards of the University to create a better understanding of the arts and culture of the Filipino community.
  • 52. Honolulu Star-Bulletin Features
    filipino arts get new home. Pieces on loan or donated from Filipino art collectors past and present are now on display in the gallery.
    Sunday, September 28, 2003
    [ GALLERY ]
    On View In The Islands
    Filipino arts
    get new home
    By Joleen Oshiro
    Thanks to the unflagging interest of retired director George Ellis, the Honolulu Academy of Arts opened a new gallery Wednesday that is dedicated specifically to Filipino art. The fittingly named Art of the Philippines: The George and Nancy Ellis Gallery houses the academy's rich historical collection, including textiles, sculptures, household implements and personal adornments. Pieces on loan or donated from Filipino art collectors past and present are now on display in the gallery.
    A head cloth tapestry woven of cotton and silk was created in the Sulu Archipelago by the Tausug People.
    A large St. Thomas Aquinas wood sculpture, shown at right, for example, is among a group of wood sculpture works donated by Henry Clark. The gallery is divided into three areas of study: Art from pre-western contact times, the Spanish Colonial period and the indigenous arts of the Northern and Southern Philippines. The gallery is the culmination of Ellis's 20-year, career-long dedication to growing the academy's Filipino art collection. In alignment with academy founder Anna Rice Cooke's intention to educate isle youth about their own ancestry and the ancestry of their neighbors the collection has long provided cultural education for the community, as more than 16 percent of Hawaii's population have cultural ties to the Philippines.

    53. Kali/Escrima/Arnis
    A distinctive feature of all of these filipino arts is their use of geometry. filipino arts place great emphasis on footwork, mobility, and body positioning.
    News About Us Schools Events ... Miscellaneous
    Kali, Escrima, and Arnis are all terms for the native fighting arts of the Philippines, specifically the arts that use weapons. Arnis is a Northern Term, Escrima more Central, and Kali is from the South. In this view, the terms just refer to indigenous weapons fighting systems. Arnis would be the term used in Northern Luzon, Escrima from Manila through the central islands, and Kali on Mindanao. People who use this definition tend to say that the words don't matter - every village, and often every master, has a distinct style, and that's what the important thing is - "do you study Illustrisimo, Caballero, or Cabales style?" Not "do you study escrima or kali?"
    Kali is an older art than Escrima or Arnis, and more comprehensive. Escrima and Arnis were developed as streamlined, simplified ways to teach people to fight the Spanish invaders. Hence, Kali is more of a "warrior's art" while Escrima and Arnis are "soldier's arts". Kali is usually considered to have 12 areas of combat, with Escrima containing 8 or 9 of them, and Arnis 4 to 6.
    The "full" coverage alluded to above usually contains the following:

    54. Modern Arnis Presas Style Filipino Martial Arts At Alliance Martial Arts
    The art of Modern Arnis was founded by Professor Remy Presas, who synthesized his experiences with a number of traditional filipino arts into his special method
    What's New Timeline Articles Techniques ... Contact Us
    Modern Arnis Program The art of Modern Arnis was founded by Professor Remy Presas, who synthesized his experiences with a number of traditional Filipino arts into his special method. Professor Presas fought many real life challenge matches with sticks when he was young, and his life story was one that would make an unforgettable movie! He ran away from home, stowed away on a boat, and went to another island when he was a young man as a way to test himself and improve his Arnis...he traveled the world as an ambassador of Filipino martial arts as an adult...and he created more interest in the arts of his homeland than perhaps any other single individual today.
    I have studied Modern Arnis since the mid 80's, and in 1991 was awarded my Black Belt by Professor Remy Presas. Since then, I have worked with many other instructors to learn their specific skills and insights into the Filipino martial arts, but I have always been glad to have learned the Presas Style Modern Arnis as a base to work from.
    Professor Presas always stressed that we were to take the art and learn to use it in new combinations and innovate with what we were taught. We were trained not to stick to one application or way of doing a drill, but to constantly find new ways to learn and use what we had. Professor was less interested in people copying his movements than he was with having them find ways to apply the concepts behind them in their own individual way. We all learned to better teachers by watching him, too.

    55. Prodigy Martial Arts - Kali/Escrima Filipino Stickfighting
    All considered, Largusa s school is probably the most organized and commercial filipino arts academy found in the United States.
    Jeet Kune Do
    Muay Thai
    Kung Fu
    Stickfighting History
    The Masters

    Interview with Dan Inosanto

    Basic Striking Angles
    back to top
    Kali, escrima or arnis de mano , stick fighting was developed over a period of many centuries in the Philippines as her people fought for their independence from foreign invaders. Each skirmish with a new culture added to the Filipino Martial Arts as Kali warriors developed techniques to combat foreign styles. Subsequently, more than 100 different Filipino Martial Arts styles developed, which can be grouped into three complete self-defense systems which utilize sticks, swords, empty hands and other weapons. The systems are called Northern, Southern, and Central. Spanish conquistadors, led by Ferdinand Magellan, invaded the islands in the early 1500s. A pirate according to Filipino history, Magellan was slain by the heroic chieftain Lapu Lapu and his men. The armor-clad Spanish, overpowered by the fierce islanders and their fire-hardened sticks, retreated. In the 1570’s, unable to match the conquistadors’ muskets, the Philippines fell under Spanish rule. The Filipinos preserved their Martial Arts by integrating it into native costumes and dances, often performing Kali movements in the form of dance for the pleasure of Spanish dictators.

    56. Martial Arts Koncepts
    Filipino martial arts is typically known just as a stick fighting art. The common names used for the filipino arts are Kali, Eskrima, Arnis, KaliSilat, etc.
    Filipino martial arts is typically known just as a stick fighting art. Nothing could be further from the truth. Along with its neighboring countries of Malaysia and Indonesia the Philippines martial culture covers everything from empty-hands (standing), grappling, ground fighting, fighting with blades, concussion weapons, projectile weapons, fighting with shields, etc. The common names used for the Filipino arts are Kali, Eskrima, Arnis, Kali-Silat, etc. Common names used for Indonesian arts are Pentjak-Silat, Silat, Kuntao, etc.
    Martial Arts Koncepts practices and strongly supports the arts of the Philippines and Indonesia. If one has not yet had an opportunity to experience these arts first hand MAK strongly suggest that you take the time to do so. Karambit: Exotic Weapon of the Indonesian Archipelago
    by Steve Tarani The Naked Edge: The Complete Guide to Edged Weapons Defense (Elite Professional Series)
    by Steve Tarani Dan Inosanto : The Man, the Teacher, the Artist

    57. Filipino Martial Arts Magazine
    pertinent to the filipino martial arts. Our filipino Martial arts group consists of the publisher, the and directly from the Philippines, where the filipino Martial arts originated.

    Current Issue Past Issues Subscription ... Contact Us P.O. Box 413 - East Meadow, NY 11554 - 0413
    T his website has been designed to provide access to articles, information, events, news, seminars, techniques, etc.. pertinent to the Filipino martial arts. O ur Filipino Martial Arts group consists of the publisher, the executive editor, and many correspondents, local, European, Asian, and directly from the Philippines, where the Filipino Martial Arts originated.
    Again. Thank you-ALL
    Eliot Shearer
    Eliot Shearer (Publisher Webmaster services provided by Maharlika Enterprizes

    58. Filipino Cultural Arts
    HOME. THE arts. KAPATIRANS. TERMINOLOGY. FAMILY List Sites currently on the filipino Martial arts Webring
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    59. Steve Grody's Jeet Kune Do And Filipino Martial Arts - Homepage
    Advice on the sequencing and relationship of technique and training method of JKD and adjunct arts such as Muay Thai and Silat, plus photos, videos and seminar information.
    Homepage Overview Weapons Instruction Videotapes ... Links
    I offer information on a range of Jeet Kune Do and Filipino martial arts related subjects. I'm sure you will find something of interest, regardless of any particular martial arts point of view.
    Merchant policy

    60. Martial Arts Resource Filipino Arts Page
    Email discussion group for all filipino martial arts. Includes searchable back issues, FAQ, links, and general information.
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