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         Extreme Sports:     more books (100)
  1. Wakeboarding!: Throw a Tantrum (Extreme Sports) by Chris Hayhurst, 2000-08
  2. Wakeboarding: Check It Out! (Reading Power: Extreme Sports) by Kristin Eck, 2001-07
  3. Bookwise: Extreme Sports Level 4 by Jane Morrison, 2000-06-16
  4. Bw 4 N/F Extreme Sports Is (Bookweb) by Rigby, 2002-04
  5. Boardsailing (Extreme Sports) by Phyllis J. Perry, 2000-02
  6. Extreme Sports: A Chapter Book (True Tales) by Louise Gikow, 2004-09
  7. Skydiving (Extreme Sports) by John E. Schindler, 2005-01
  8. Defying Gravity: Surviving Extreme Sports by Sean Callery, 2009
  9. Bicycle Stunt Riding (Extreme Sports) by Jason Glaser, 1999-04
  10. Extreme Sports (Livewire Investigates) by Andy Croft, 2003-05-30
  11. Defying Gravity: Surviving Extreme Sports (Fact Finders: Extreme!) by Sean Callery, 2009-01
  12. Extreme Sports Almanac by Dan Koeppel, 2000-10
  13. Street Luge (Extreme Sports) by John Nichols, 2001-09
  14. Kevin Jones: Snowboarding Champion (Extreme Sports Biographies) by Ian F. Mahaney, 2005-08

101. Extreme Sports Research Data: Invaluable Tool For "generation Y" Marketing.
extreme sports research data contained in The Superstudy® of Sports Participation and Sector Analysis Report is indispensable to strategic planning for the

Extreme sports research data: invaluable tool for "generation y" marketing.
The complete sports participation library of American Sports Data, Inc. includes extreme sports research. The reports include demographics plus attitudinal and behavioral information on a total of 103 individual sports and activities , 9 of which are the so-called extreme sports. Extreme sports research covers the seemingly disparate collection of activities eclectically drawn from a number of sports groups, yet coheres around a common defining criterion the "adrenaline rush" produced by the thrill and excitement of being "on the edge." As an exceptionally useful marketing tool for strategic planning, extreme sports research data contained within these reports present the big picture. It offers a wider vista ranging beyond the individual sport and a new tableau upon which strategies for cross-marketing, line-extensions, related event sponsorship, video game programming and other business applications can be written. Aggregated extreme sports research data as presented in the Sector Analysis Report would assist a board manufacturer for example, in determining the size of his or her particular universe: the total number of frequent participants in Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Wakeboarding, Surfing and Boardsailing, after the elimination of cross-participants.

102. Featuring Surf Videos, Surf Dvds, And Surfing Movies From BillaBo
extreme sports videos.
Call our toll-free number, 1-800-822-0522.
We'll help you find the perfect gift. Top Catalog My Account Cart Contents ... Checkout Categories
Special Packs



Wakeboarding !NEW!

Please Select Billabong Billygoat Bruce Brown Dale Davis Hal Jepsen Laird Hamilton Lost MacGillivray/Fr Poor Specimen Richard Lehrer Runman Rusty Scott Dittrich Steve Soderberg Tony Roberts Walt Phillips What's New?
Step Into Liquid

2-Disc Set with FULL Kelly Slater Game

Quick Find Use keywords to find the product you are looking for. Advanced Search Surf Video Network Welcome to We have the largest selection of surf DVD's and surf videos in the world. Poor Specimen, Billy Goat, Steele House, plus titles like Five Summer Stories, Morning of the Earth, Harvest, Endless Summer, and more! The classics from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and the newest titles the day they are released! The best and most complete selection of surf movies on DVD and video. Call our toll-free number, 1-800-822-0522. We'll help you find the perfect gift. Welcome Guest!

A range of shirts, items of apparel, shoes and caps for extreme sports.

104. Gamezilla
Reviewed by Alex Karis. offers the same somewhat stale gameplay that's been seen in every other extreme sports title to come out recently.

105. PORT - TV Musor
Kattintson a hirdetésre! extreme sports. 0400, XTerrain. 0430, Freeze Sports. Kattintson a hirdetésre! extreme sports. 2100, Endless Summer Revisted.

106. Go Pro Video
Specializes in capturing extreme sports and events on video. Also offers extreme video travel packages that include travel and lodging to prime locations.
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107. Dangerous And Extreme Sports At
Unlike many other extreme sports sites which report on activities from the sidelines, at we actively participate in sports and do our best
Main Sections Climbing Dirt bikes / Moto X Gravity Sports ... Motorcycle Racing ... Other sports... Unusual Events Bull Running Cheese Rolling Shrovetide Football Tough Guy Comp other stuff Projects Health and Fitness Best Websites... Contact Us ... Shop Welcome to Unlike many other 'extreme sports' sites which report on activities from the sidelines, at we actively participate in sports and do our best to give you a true reflection of what the sport is like, provide useful information such as how to get started, links to schools, tips on how to survive and so on. Before you view the contents of this site, please read our and understand that if you participate in dangerous sports or activities you will most certainly get injured or could die as a direct result of your involvement. We wish you well and good luck...

108. Pathfinder Tv - Extreme Sports
extreme sports. Supersport 2 , 2030, ste µa µa? t t? ds? p psf? ta extreme sports!
Pathfinder TV Supersport 2 Login Mega Star Alpha Alter Extra MAD Filmnet Supersport Supersport 2 Animal Planet Discovery Channel National Geographic Travel Channel Reality Show Talk Show Telemarketing Tv News MyTV Mega Star Alpha Alter Extra MAD Filmnet Supersport Supersport 2 Animal Planet Discovery Channel National Geographic Travel Channel pathfinder mobile! Extreme sports Supersport 2
ÆÞóôå ìáæß ìáò ôçí Ýíôïíç äñÜóç ðïõ ðñïóöÝñïõí ôá Extreme Sports! Óôç ãç, óôïí áÝñá, óôï ÷éüíé:èÝáìá, öáíôáóßá, ðåñéðÝôåéá ÷ùñßò üñéá. Roller Blades, Wake Boarding, Skysurfing, Windsurfing êáé ü,ôé Üëëï ìðïñåßôå íá öáíôáóôåßôå.
A DOL Digital S.A. Company

109. Don't Be Stupid™
Shirts with an extreme sports influence, carrying the DBS logo.
You could be the winner of our $250.00 DBS product giveaway! Your name will be automatically entered in the giveaway for every purchase of $20.00 or more at our online store before May 25 2004! Offer available only to legal U.S. residents age 18 or older with valid credit card. Only one (1) winner per household. Winners name will be posted at as monthly winner for a period no longer than thirty (30) days after winner has been notified. Winner does not have choice of winning items but can indicate sizing that they would prefer. (ie small, medium, large etc..). All contests/drawings are final and can be ended by Don't Be Stupid, Inc. at any given time. No cash will be given in lieu of prizes. Get on our mailing list for specials and updates. Send us a photo of where ya stuck your DBS sticker and if we use it on the website we'll send you a little something free.

110. TechTV | Extreme Sports Gear
Whether they re biking across the desert, canoeing over a waterfall, or jumping out of a plane, we can all agree on one thing extreme sports enthusiasts are,24330,3427519,00.html
Search: Join TechTV Member Services Site Help Get TechTV You are here: Home TV Shows Performance Show Notes Extreme Sports Gear document.write(nav); Performance
Performance: The Science of Winning

Premieres every Friday at 2 p.m. Eastern
Extreme Sports Gear
Athletes go to insane lengths to win, but they'll still end up as losers unless they have the top gear.
By Lawrence Sanfilippo
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Whether they're biking across the desert, canoeing over a waterfall, or jumping out of a plane, we can all agree on one thing: extreme sports enthusiasts are crazy. Actually, most of them are intelligent, committed athletes, and a death wish is the furthest thing from their mind. So what keeps them alive? Technology. Sturdy, lightweight bikes For Chloe Lanthier, waking up for a bicycle ride at 2 a.m. is nothing unusual. But it takes more than intense training to compete in the Alaskan Iditasport, where participants bike over 300 miles in -45 degree weather. To compete you need the right equipment. That means a bike durable enough to withstand extreme conditions, yet lightweight enough to let you ride fast. The flying canoeist Jean Francois Thuot has earned the nickname "the Flying Canoeist" for the way he tackles waterfalls, such as the 40-foot ones he navigated in South America. A lack of courage has never held him back, but the equipment that's available on the market certainly does. That's why he directly contacts the manufacturer to take advantage of the latest designs and materials.

111. GameSpy
92/100 Review of GameCube version by Shane Satterfield. A fast, pretty extreme sports game that manages to improve upon the formula significantly.
Subscriptions Platforms Menu All Games GameSpy GameSpy Network Featured Sites PlanetGrandTheftAuto PlanetUnreal PlanetCallofDuty PlanetDOOM ... PlanetBattlefield FilePlanet Daily Download Asheron's Call: Dark Majesty Special Offer Special Features Most Wanted Games of 2004 What 40 games made our most sought after titles of '04? Find out! GameSpy Grudge
Which Wins?
view commentary first
Pandora Tomorrow Far Cry
Aggressive Inline (GCN)
Acclaim's inline skating game makes the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater franchise seem dated.
By "Sugar" Shane Satterfield
Excellent The Lowdown: A fast, pretty extreme sports game that manages to improve upon the formula significantly. Pros: Huge levels; a multitude of objectives for each area; impressive multiplayer options; nice graphics. Cons: Hard to be precise in tight areas; soundtrack becomes repetitive rather quickly.
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Platform: GameCube
Game Type: Sports / Skating
Developer: Z-Axis
Publisher: Acclaim
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112. Chicago Sun-Times - Sports - Extreme Sports
Archive Auto racing Baseball Basketball Colleges extreme sports Fantasy Baseball Football Golf Hockey Horse racing Matchups Odds Outdoors Preps Soccer

News Sports Business ...

Friday, May 14, 2004 Chicago: A great river runs through it

He's had reports from paddlers returning to Chicago River Canoe and Kayak. But he rather suspects they're more likely mink or beaver. Friday, May 7, 2004 Climbing at Jackson Falls solid as a rock
OZARK, Ill. Deep in the Shawnee National Forest, the beloved yellow sign popped up beside Ozark Road on Sunday. Friday, April 30, 2004 More than one way to get decked out
"No skateboarding on the plaza,'' the voice would boom across the IBM Plaza. It's all Astros, Oswalt
Texas strangers whip Sox

Horse racing lacks the human factor

Blackhawks in crisis

The continuing fall of a once-proud franchise. Buy and sell tickets
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  • 113. Viosport - Helmet Cam, LANC Remote, Adventure Cam -
    Offers professional and amateur video clips covering extreme sports, accepts submissions from the general public.





    Viosport Helmet Cams What sets the Viosport Adventure Cams apart from other helmet cams? The Adventure Cam II and Adventure Cam H2O are the culmination of years of experience, the knowledge of our video experts, and suggestions from our customers . We don't sell just a helmet cam , we sell an Adventure Cam System. The Viosport Adventure Cam II series helmet cam is the first helmet camera on the market designed specifically for sports-enthusiast and tactical applications. Our customers use their helmet cameras while mountain biking, kite surfing, para gliding, flying bi-planes, rally racing, hunting, paint brawling, four-wheeling, skateboarding, kayaking, flying fighter jets, and the list goes on.... What makes it different? This helmet camera was manufactured to work with most camcorders right out of the box. Our unique plug-and-play cabling system provides an integrated microphone, water tight connections, and easily extendable / interchangeable cables. With other systems, you could have up to eight cumbersome connections and a veritable mess of multiple cables. The Viosport helmet camera requires as little as three connections and has only one cable providing video and audio to your camcorder. Our Adventure Cam H2O is a completely submersible waterproof camera to let all of you water fans catch the action as it happens. When using our

    114. Lake Geneva Triathlon Series 2004
    Home Contact Us Lake Geneva extreme sports Home. Lake Geneva extreme sports presents the 2004 Lake Geneva Series. Here are the results
    Home Contact Us Lake Geneva Extreme Sports Home Lake Geneva Marathon
    May 8, 2004
    More Information
    Course Details

    Other links Contact us
    Email a friend

    Series Sponsors
    Lake Geneva Extreme Sports
    presents the
    2004 Lake Geneva Series
    Here are the results of the 2004 Lake Geneva Marathon Races - May 8
    Lake Geneva Marathon - May 8, 2004: The city of Lake Geneva has been a Mecca for tourists since the late 1800's and Geneva Lake is "one of the great blue lakes of the world." For more information about Lake Geneva Marathon Click here! . To register Click here! Lake Michigan Triathlon - July 17, 2004: The Lake Michigan Triathlon Series is held in the historic lakeside town of Kenosha, WI. Specifically, the Lake Michigan Triathlon Series begins and ends on the beautiful grounds of Simmons Island Beach located in the redeveloped downtown Kenosha area just north of the city of Kenosha marina. The Series has a new July 17 summer date and has added a popular SuperSprint distance to the existing Olympic and Sprint distances. For more information about Lake Michigan Triathlon Click here!

    115. Midwest Skydiving Center - 1-800-JUMPOUT
    extreme sports Sky Dive Sources by extreme sports sky dive information presented at extreme sports sky diveis available here.
    Extreme Sports Sky Dive Sources by
    Extreme sports sky dive information presented at Extreme sports sky dive sources available by clicking above. Find extreme sports sky dive on Chicagoland Skydiving Center is constantly striving to meet jumper needs and adding to our facilities. Come on out to Chicagoland Skydiving Center to make a skydive and stick around for the party. Skydiving has evolved into a safe and accessible sport, and we have been part of that for over 34 years. All of our jumpships exceed FAA requirements, providing you with the safest possible ride to 14,000 feet. Related terms are skydiving accident photo skydiving wisconsin skydiving colorado skydive freefall mp3 download , and skydiving harnesses . We want you to experience why skydiving has become the extreme sport of choice. You will find that skydiving is all about good clean fun and a big dose of adrenaline. Chicagoland Skydiving Center has introduced more than 65,000 people to the sport of skydiving 1968. You will soon understand why CSC has become the Drop Zone of choice for Chicago-area jumpers. Don't forget to get your skydive videotaped by one of our staff videographers.
    You will soon understand why CSC has become the Drop Zone of choice for Chicago-area jumpers. Extreme sports sky dive

    116. Sirius Free Star Clothing.
    Shirts, caps and accessories with an extreme sports flavor.
    What Is Sirius?
    Free Star Clothing
    Skateboard Street Urban Surf
    Sirius is freedom of lifestyle and expression.
    Breaking the rules and barriers through sport, music,
    art and thought. A Gathering of the Tribes. Be a star
    brilliant in the remaking of your world. Sirius Free Star Clothing
    Stores contact us about selling our gear. Free Swag Contest
    Join the mailing list Enter your name and email address:Draw every month! Name: Email: Subscribe Unsubscribe powered by
    powered by SEA SNOW STREET SKY Get Out There ! Catalog

    117. Twin Cities Festival
    extreme sports Demo. A 9,000square-foot skate park will be built at the capitol grounds and serve as the backdrop for some of America s

  • Want a festival in your city?
    Extend the Impact Conference
    Get more information

    St. Paul Fund-Raising Breakfast with Luis Palau
    June 24
    Get more information

    Fund-Raising Lunch with Luis Palau
    June 24
    Get more information
    Extreme Sports Demo
    A 9,000-square-foot skate park will be built at the capitol grounds and serve as the backdrop for some of America's top skaters and BMX riders to do their thing at the Festival. Skate and BMX demos will take place twice each day. Scheduled to perform: Jud Heald His friends call him "Farm Boy" because of his Midwest roots, but at 26 Jud has a national reputation for fearless jumps and an aggressive style in his skating and evangelism. He heads up his own skateboard company - Untitled Skateboards. Anthony Carney A fan favorite at Palau Festivals and competitions around the country, this 29-year-old southern California native can skate nearly anything. He's attracted support from major sponsors like Destructo Trucks, Aurora Wheels, NSS Shoes, Active Ride Shop, M.I.C. Clothing, Ninja Bearings, and Randoms Hardware. Phil Trotter He finished Top 10 at the 2004 Tampa Am where he grabbed a couple of best trick contests and has his eye on international competition, especially in Spain. He's 21, and backed by Savier Shoes, Shorty's, Nixon Watches and Cal's Pharmacy Skateshop.
  • 118. Extreme Sports Travel Insurance UK - UK Insurance Advice
    extreme sports Travel Insurance UK The simple answer to this is yes - now . 10 QUOTES. Is there travel insurance for extreme sports?
    Is there travel insurance for Extreme Sports?
    The simple answer to this is "yes - now". 10 years ago, anyone wanting to partake s an "extreme sport" found getting travel insurance almost impossible. However, as the market for adventure holidays grew, a complementary market of travel insurance for those activities has grown up around it. So you can now cover your dangerous days. And many people have been doing just that. Columbus Insurance has reported a rise of 12% per year in "action insurance" policies being sold. ONLINE UK EXTREME SPORTS TRAVEL INSURANCE QUOTES What are these extreme sports? Well, according to STA travel, which specialises in arranging travel for 18-25 year olds, the most popular adrenalin activities which young people wish to participate in are diving, skiing, snowboarding, surfing and white-water rafting. The East Coast of Australia is known as the "adrenalin capital of the world" and almost everyone who goes there does a bungee jump, jumps out of a plane or goes white-water rafting. The world of extreme sports even extends to the likes of sand boarding, pot-holing and even helirafting, which I'm told (nb: I'm over 30 so this is all Greek to me!) is where you are taken to part of a rapid which is not reachable by land by helicopter.

    119. Teton Gravity Europe
    Publicity, information and community site for Teton Gravity Research (TGR) films in Europe. TGR is an adventure sports production company made up of extreme sports cinematographers, directors, professional athletes, mountain guides and high angle film production specialists.
    TGR presents a ski and snowboard movie that challenges the hype and dares you to see what freeskiing and snowboarding have become. HIGH LIFE Locations include Switzerland, France, Italy, British Columbia, Alaska, Wyoming, California, Oregon and Colorado. View trailer More about High Life
    TGR Movie of the week!
    It all started with The Continuum , the ski movie that became a legend and catapulted TGR to the skies, click here to check out trailers and other info and get your hands on a copy today. TGR Factory Outlet In Chamonix! Teton Gravity Europe opens its doors to you and offers sick deals straight out of the oven. Click here for details!
    privacy statement
    contact us resellers ... webmasters

    120. Stormproof Films - Surf Videos
    Cuttingedge surf and extreme sports movies skateboarding, snowboarding, inline skating, surf contests. Order online.
    V I S I T O R
    Since May 25 1999

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