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         Escrima:     more books (48)
  1. Filipino Martial Arts: Cabales Serrada Escrima by Mark V. Wiley, 1994-03
  2. Giron Escrima: Memories of a Bladed Warrior by Leo M. Giron, 2006-10-31
  3. The Secrets of Giron Arnis Escrima (Secrets of the Martial Arts) by Antonio E. Somera, 1998-03-15
  4. The Secrets of Cabales Serrada Escrima (Secrets of Series) by Mark V. Wiley, 2000-11
  5. Art Martial Sud-Est Asiatique: Arnis, Escryma, Kali Escrima, Kali Pekiti-Tirsia, Muay Lao, Pradal Serey (French Edition)
  6. Arnis, Escrima, Kali. by Gunnar Siebert, 2001-03-31
  7. Fundamentals of WSEF System of Serrada Escrima Module 1 by Michael Schwarz, 2009-08-18
  8. Mastering Arnis-escrima -Kali
  9. Serrada Escrima Explosive Empty Hand Fighting by Anthony Davis, Leo T. Fong, 1999-01
  10. Escrima Self Defense by Paul Crompton, 1994-04
  11. ESCRIMA SELF DEFENCE: Stick - Empty Hand- Knife. by Mark Romain., 1983
  12. Escrima Self Defence by Mark Romain, 1983-06
  13. The pure art of Cabales serrada escrima by J. C Cabiero, 1996

1. Academy Of Cabales Serrada Escrima
Information provided by the current Grandmaster of Serrada, Vincent Cabales.

2. Kalavera
imprégnée lévolution de larnis vers « lescrima », art du combat enseigné en espagnol de l'Eskrima (2)sur l'influence du style espagnol d'escrime sur "l'escrima"
filipino martial arts Punong Guro Daniel Lamac Tagapagturo Bruno Cancho (armes) Solo osili 50-70 cm Espada Espada y daga Baraw Pok-pok (pocket stick)
Lastiko Serrada Silat de Flores larga Mano Seguida De fondo Pangamut serrada Dumog Suntukan Mano-mano voir tableau des styles
Filipino Martial Culture de Mark V. Wiley, Tuttle Company, 1996, isbn 0-8048-2088-0 U ne chronologie martiale et historique des Philippines ENGLIH INFORMATION What is Kalavera Eskrima ? This martial art system was created in France by Daniel Lamac.
The Kalavera Eskrima is characterized by both simple and complex training allowing the mastery of three distances of fights with or without weapons: larga mano, medio and serrada.
Progression is divided into 5 colours: green, yellow, blue, red and black.
In 2001, a Spanish section was created in Reus ( Taragona ) by Bruno Cancho Kalavera Eskrima first instructor.

, des pirates japonais de Dilao, des Moros du sud des Philippines pratiquant l'art du Silat, le Kalavera pok-pok ou pocket stick e arnis arnis Eskrima e la notion de flot


4. Stickman Escrima Products And Training
®. Click “Stickman” logo to enter. escrima Products. And. Training. Specializing in modern hiimpact sticks. For martial arts. ~ since 1986 ~.
Click “Stickman” logo to enter Escrima Products And Training Specializing in modern hi-impact sticks For martial arts ~ since 1986 ~ var code = " ";var page="index.html" document.write(code);

5. Angel's Disciples - Escrima Serrada
Organization dedicated to Grandmaster Angel Cabales style. Includes photo gallery, and related information.

6. Serrada Escrima Backyard Gym
Die verbandfreie Trainingsgruppe von Serrada Enthusiasten, unter der Leitung von Guro Thomas Fischer betreibt Serrada escrima, Cadena de Mano und Larga Mano. Neben aktuellen Nachrichten, Artikeln und Fotos, gibt es eine FAQ, die Fragen zum Dojo und zu den Kampfstilen beantwortet.
herzlich willkommen auf der homepage des serrada escrima backyard gym Mehr Infos Impressum: Thomas Fischer
Tumblingerstr. 18
Tel: 089/533522

7. Welcome To Tactical Combat Escrima
If all you ever wanted was to feel protected ..then say Hello to your hearts desire! Instructions are available for Individuals or Organizations.
If all you ever wanted was to feel protected... ...then say Hello to your hearts desire!

Instructions are available for Individuals or Organizations
  • Seminars - Intensive Instructions Focusing on High Retention and Applicability
  • Classes - Comprehensive Instructions, Learning Inclusively All Aspects and Applications
  • Private Lessons - Concentrated and Customized Lessons Designed to Provide Fast and Substantial Results
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8. The Crippling Kicks Of Escrima
The Crippling Kicks of escrima. Sticks and Kicks Give Filipino Stylists a Deadly OneTwo Punch. by Mark V. Wiley. The warrior arts have long been the backbone of Filipino society. The Philippine
The Crippling Kicks of Escrima
Sticks and Kicks Give Filipino Stylists a Deadly One-Two Punch
by Mark V. Wiley

The warrior arts have long been the backbone of Filipino society. In fact, it is the practice and preservation of these arts that has kept the Philippine archipelago from permanent domination by a foreign power.
The Philippine martial arts escrima, arnis de mane, and kali are still widely practiced today. Although edged, impact, and projectile weapons form the nucleus of these fighting systems, their respective kicking methods are essential elements of their effectiveness.
During the Spaniards' 300-yearsplus domination of the northern Philippines, weapons were banned and the warrior arts were forced into seclusion. The weapons systems were practiced and preserved, however, in dances set to native rhythms, which were often performed for the Spaniards' enjoyment. One such dance, the sinulog, climaxed with a mock sword battle, while the bibabayan dance resembled a skirmish between two groups of men who brandished swords and shields.
Whereas the Filipino weapons systems were preserved in dance form, warrior kicking methods were disguised in games. Sipa, a game often played by Filipino children, consists of a rattan ball that is kicked into the air and must not be allowed to hit the ground. Kicking techniques are employed by team members to keep the ball airborne. Sikaran, a more combative game, involves two men who attempt to kick one another out of a small circle. After one opponent has been kicked out of the boundaries, a new opponent enters the circle and challenges the victor.

FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS. taught by. RENE LATOSA. Exclusively taught in association with
FILIPINO MARTIAL ARTS taught by RENE LATOSA Exclusively taught in association with:

10. Avci Wing Tsun - Avci Escrima

11. Home
Teaches the art of Derobio escrima. Includes biographies, events, gallery, and related information.Chula Vista, CA
@import url(;

12. Ko Mu Do Kwan (Ko's Martial Arts Institute)
Han Moo Kwan Taekwondo, Moo Duk Kwan Tae Kwon Do, Universal Hapkido, Hosinsul (SelfDefense), and Moogisool (Weapons) are taught separately from Korea. Wing Chun and Bai Mei Kung Fu along with Tai
To View a Video Clip of Tacosa Cadena Eskrima: CLICK HERE
Pacific Eskrima Academy/Tacosa Cadena Eskrima
Eskrima is a Pilipino Martial Art which descends down from the late Great Eskrimador Grandmaster Angel Cabales and his Pilipino instructor, the legendary Feliscimo Dizon, Grandmaster of the De Cuerdas Method. One of the Great Grandmaster's top students and Certified Master Instructor is Jimmy Tacosa. It is this direct lineage that Guro Michael Coconis and his father, Dr. Ko descend from. Both son (2nd Level) and father (1st Level) are Certified Instructors of Eskrimador Master Jimmy Tacosa. Few Eskrimadors living in the United States have had the opportunities which Guro and Master Jimmy Tacosa has experienced. By virtue of his Philippine ancestry and of growing up in Stockton, California, he learned from 2 Great Masters. He was taught the Philippine empty hand system of Cadena De Mano by Max Sarmiento and is a first generation instructor. After a 15 year tenure under Grandmaster Angel Cabales, Guro Tacosa was awarded a Masters Diploma and Certificate in Serrada Eskrima and was asked to pass the art onto a new generation. Master Tacosa is recognized as one of the foremost exponents of Serrada Eskrima in the world. Although there are many instructors of the Philippine Martial Arts, Master Tacosa is one of a select group of Qualified and Active Eskrimadors to have trained with the Grandmasters while they were in their prime. Master Tacosa was part of the Grassroots movement for the perpetuation of Philippine Martial Culture in the United States and the World.

13. - Fighting Disciplines A-Z
An extensive List of fighting disciplines from around the world. Daitoryu. Dim mak. escrima. Hakuda. Hapkido. Hojojitsu. Hsing-i style kung fu, wrestling and the weapon arts of escrima (kali). No kata is practiced, since kata, it is believed

14. Willkommen Beim EFV Dem Verein Für Authentische Philippinische Kampfkunst In Ha
Translate this page escrima Förder Verein - philippinische Kampfkunst, Kampfsport und Selbstverteidigung. ETF-Combat-escrima. professionelle Selbstverteidigung
Escrima Cadena Baston De Campo ... Impressum
Cadena/ Pinoy-Boxen, Hiebfechten, Stockkampf, Escrima-Vollkontakt-Turniersport
  • Waffenlose Selbstverteidigung und auch gegen Waffen!
  • Konzepte
  • Hier lernt man wirklich, sich zu wehren und Konflikte in den Griff zu bekommen!
  • Eines der besten und am meisten optimierten Kampfsysteme weltweit!

15. ETF - Escrima Tournament Federation . Selbstverteidigung , Hiebfechten, Stockkam
Translate this page Trainer- schulungen. Kontakt. Termine. News/ Berichte. Gästebuch. escrima Movies. Links. Impressum. Ihr Browser kann leider keine eingebetteten Frames anzeigen
der ETF Fachartikel/
articles Selbstvertei-
digung Turniersport historische
Waffen Seminar-
inhalte Trainer-
schulungen Kontakt Termine News/
Berichte Escrima
Movies Links Impressum
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escrima europäische Fechtkunst
SYSTEMA Schule Düsseldorf, Telefon 0211-6218938,

17. Wing Tsun & Escrima San Marino - Sifu Paolo Brighi
Sito dedicato al WingTsun ed all'escrima.Storia, teoria,tecnica, biografie dei Maestri, ma anche foto e video. Indirizzi ed informazioni sulle palestre nelle quali Sifu Paolo Brighi ed i suoi assistenti ed istruttori qualificati impartiscono lezioni.
WingTsun ed ESCRIMA, efficacissimi sistemi di difesa a mani nude e con armi, dove ci si allena al combattimento da strada in modo scientifico, non lasciando nulla al caso e pensando che l'aggressore non avrà comprensione. La morbidezza e la fluidità delle sue tecniche non permettono alla mole e alla forza fisica di giocare un ruolo decisivo, facendone così un sistema adatto a tutti, a qualsiasi età e soprattutto alle donne. La pratica costante del WT apporta benessere psicofisico, mantenendo il corpo nella sua miglior forma e la mente rilassata, risultando così un aiuto efficace contro lo stress. Responsabile Nazionale Sifu PAOLO BRIGHI
4 ° TG WingTsun
2 ° TG Escrima Benvenuto! Clicca la bandiera per entrare.
Welcome! Click on the flag to enter.

contatto E-mail :

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18. Avci Wing Tsun - Avci Escrima
Features articles, news, videos, biographies, gallery, and details on the organization. English,Russian,Turkish

19. Academie Internationale De Wing Tsun Kung Fu (A.I.W.T.K.F.)
Information about Leung TingWingTsun and Latosa escrima in English, French and German. Schools in France and Germany.

Deutsche Version

20. Latosa Escrima
Infos zu dem Kampfsportsystem, daŸ auf escrima basiert.

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