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         Diving, Scuba:     more books (100)
  1. Diving and Snorkeling Guide to Florida's East Coast: Including the Palm Beach Fort Lauderdale and Miami Areas (Lonely Planet Diving and Snorkeling Guides) by Susanne Cummings, Stuart Cummings, 1993-01
  2. The Helldivers' Rodeo: A Deadly, X-Treme, Scuba-Diving, Spearfishing, Adventure Amid the Off Shore Oil Platforms in the Murky Waters of the Gulf of Mexico by Humberto Fontova, 2001-06-25
  3. Scuba Diving Explained: Questions and Answers on Physiology and Medical Aspects of Scuba Diving by Lawrence Martin, 1997-01
  4. Lonely Planet Diving & Snorkeling Monterey Peninsula & Northern California (Pisces Guides) by Steve Rosenberg, 2000-06
  5. Complete Wreck Diving: A Guide to Diving Wrecks by Henry Keatts, 2002-06-25
  6. Diving: The World's Best Sites
  7. Diving & Snorkeling Philippines by Tim Rock, 2010-05-01
  8. Scuba Diving: AWoman's Guide by Claire Walter, 2000-04-27
  9. Diving & Snorkeling Thailand by Tim Rock, 2007-08-01
  10. Solo Diving, 2nd Edition: The Art of Underwater Self-Sufficiency by Robert von Maier, 2002-01-25
  11. Diving & Snorkeling Hawaii by Casey Mahaney, 2006-09-01
  12. Dive Like a Pro: 101 Ways to Improve Your Scuba Skills and Safety by Robert N. Rossier, 1999-01
  13. Diving with Sharks : and Other Adventure Dives
  14. Great Reefs of the World (Lonely Planet Diving & Snorkeling Great Barrier Reef) by Carl Roessler, 1992-08

21. The Best Caribbean Diving, Scuba Dive In Turks And Caicos Islands
Caicos Adventures has been pioneering Turks Caicos scuba diving since 1988. Best Carribean Diving, The Most Pristine Carribean Scuba Diving Sites!
For Quality Diving call
Diving in the TCI
About Us Diving Rates Courses and Certification ... Cancellation Policy Experience the Best Caribbean Diving in the "Walls to Walls" Best Scuba Diving Adventures-
Islands. Photo Gallery Best Carribean Diving, The Most Pristine Carribean Scuba Diving Sites!
We dive over 100 unchartered dive sites (no moorings- locations only recorded on our own GPS) located to the west and south of Providenciales,Turks and Caicos. We change our dive sites daily and seldom dive the same location twice in the same week. Scuba diving sites include 6000 foot walls along the Sandbore Channel, West Caicos, South Wall, and French Cay. Read about our TCI Scuba Diving Sites Read our divers experiences "Testimonials"

22. Krabi Diving, Scuba Diving And Liveaboards Trips
The opportunity to relax on exquisite beaches, explore the numerous coves and bays, whilst enjoying some colourful and enticing scuba diving or snorkeling in
Krabi Hotels Ao Nang
Railey Beach

Krabi Town
... Contact Us Search Krabi-hotels
Diving in Krabi
Krabi Diving: Krabi's close proximity to Phuket, about 45km west, brings it within close range of one of the top 10 diving destinations in the world. Though not of the standard of diving available in Phuket, Krabi has much to offer, with a wide range of diving possibilities that is sometimes simply fantastic. The remarkable variety of dive sites that are concentrated in such a small area, particularly off Phi Phi Don Island, is what makes this area unique, as do the amazing limestone cliffs that rise dramatically out of the sea and plunge equally dramatically straight down underwater. The opportunity to relax on exquisite beaches, explore the numerous coves and bays, whilst enjoying some colourful and enticing scuba diving or snorkeling in this yet relatively unexplored marine park environment, is one not to be missed. Day trips and overnight excursions can easily be arranged through the multitude of dive shops around Krabi year-round, with late-October to mid-May being peak season. Snorkeling and diving equipment is easily acquired at most places. A number of first-rate Dive Shops offer affordable scuba accreditation all the way from absolute beginner up to master instructor.

23. Diving, Scuba, Culebra, Puerto Rico, Vacations
Culebra Dive Shop The best scuba diving spot in the Caribbean
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24. ReefTrekkers - Oahu Scuba Diving, Scuba Diving Hawaii, Waikiki Scuba
Come scuba diving with us in Oahu! Several daily dive for divers of all levels of experience. Come Scuba Diving with us in Oahu, Hawaii!

Come Scuba Diving with us in Oahu, Hawaii! Experience Oahu scuba diving at is best. Daily dive tours
for divers of all levels of experience. Boat dives, Turtles, Reefs, Shipwrecks, advanced dives, refresher
dives, certification classes. Free transportation from Waikiki hotels. Waikiki, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.

25. Maui-Scuba Diving Maui Scuba Dive Shop Boat Trips,tours,SCUBA ACTIVITIES,on Maui
Maui scuba Diving Maui scuba Dive Certification Boat Trips Maui scuba diving Instruction and Certification. beginner to instructor PADI NAUI, SDI TDI, WASI NASE SSI resort scuba sales boat scuba DIVING ON MAUI FOR BEGINNER DIVERS! MAUI DIVING scuba CENTER/SNORKEL SHOP LLC PADI, NAUI, WASI, SDI TDI, SSI instructors. MAUI DIVING scuba CENTER LLC.
Certification course, Introductory dives, scuba tours, shore and boat dives!Courses offered by
PADI, NAUI, WASI, SDI,TDI, SSI instructors.
$125.00 * 6 DIVES *
with years of experience! COME ON IN AND FIND OUT MORE. MAUI DIVING SCUBA CENTER LLC. SEARCH ENGINE TYPE WORDS BELOW SMALL LETTERS ( NO CAPS )! TO LOCATE YOUR INFORMATION ! Maui Diving Scuba Center LLC. Welcome to the best place to satisfy your scuba diving and snorkeling needs ,on the beautiful island of Maui! Whether you are an experienced diver or a novice, we have what you need at the lowest prices in Hawaii on the island of Maui! (Whale Watches in season December 15 through May 15. Guarantee sightings, or your next tour is free !). ACTIVITIES OF ALL TYPES BOOK EARLY AND SAVE ON LUAU'S - BICYCLE TOURS - HORSEBACK RIDING ETC. THE ONLY ONE STOP DIVE AND ACTIVITY CENTER ON MAUI.

26. Scuba Diving Magazine features the most comprehensive dive travel index available and objective dive gear reviews by Rodale's ScubaLab. Other popular features of are Dive Deals, dive The Agony and the Ecstasy of Cozumel Diving and Shooting. We rode World's Best Sites. Writers on Diving. Reef Fish ID (Carib Dive Vacation Guide. Diving Hawaii. Diving the Pacific

27. NAUI Online ~ Information For Serious Divers
NAUI Worldwide is the oldest, most respected notfor-profit international scuba training agency in the USA. A Short History of NAUI. Try scuba Air Snorkeling. Passport Diver Program Specialized Diving. Training. Training Update Newsletter Archives. scuba Diving Magazines. Product Catalog
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NAUI Welcome Page
The eBusiness Center Online Storefront
The NAUI Membership Renewal Center
Replace a Lost Card ...
NAUI "Logo" Clothing Line

28. Scuba Schools International - Serious Diving. Serious Fun.
scuba Schools International is a worldwide leader in diving education that specializes in business support for dive businesses. SSI News - Top Story. scuba Schools International Continues History of Dive Education Innovation that promote the sport of diving, help scuba professionals succeed, and develop life
With all the professional training programs out there, why should you choose to become an SSI Diver? Check out our interactive presentation above or our HTML web page version here The SSI Global Website
Wherever you are in the world, SSI is there to serve your diving needs. We have Regional Centers in many countries across the world ready to make your serious diving serious fun. Click here to visit
To find the regional center for your country, click here
To find a dealer near you worldwide, visit our SSI Dealer Search page SSI News - Top Story SSI Announces the 2004 Platinum Pro5000 Diver Application Deadline June 15th
May 18, 2004
The 2004 deadline to apply for a position among the world's diving elite is June 15th. The Platinum Pro5000 Diver card cannot be purchased. Individuals must apply for the award and be recommended in writing by two Platinum Pros.
Click here for more stories.

29. Contents.htm
B. Recreational scuba Diving An Overview. What does "scuba" stand for? How popular is scuba diving? Who teaches scuba
Would you like more time for scuba diving?
See Freedom Applications, Ltd. at

Software designed with manufacturing in mind.
Questions and Answers on
Physiology and Medical Aspects of Scuba Diving
Lawrence Martin, M.D.
How to Order Scuba Diving Explained
Table of Contents
A. A Brief History of Diving, from Antiquity to the Present
What is the early history of diving?
What are some important events in the history of diving?
B. Recreational Scuba Diving: An Overview
What does "Scuba" stand for?
How popular is Scuba diving?
Who teaches Scuba? How does recreational Scuba diving differ from other forms of Scuba diving? What is the buddy system? Why is 130 feet the maximum depth in recreational diving? What is mandatory decompression and why is it not part of recreational Scuba diving? Are there different levels of recreational diving? What is sport surface-supplied compressed air diving and how does it differ from scuba? What is the future of RSD?

30. Scubadoc (Diving Medicine Online
Comprehensive information about diving and undersea medicine for the nonmedical diver, the non-diving physician and the Table of Contents for Diving Medicine Online
WWW Diving Medicine Online
Comprehensive information about diving and undersea medicine for the non-medical diver, the non-diving physician and the specialist.
Searching our site? Read this first!
Finding answers to your specific problems.
  • If you know your general area of concern, go to our 'Table of Contents' (below) If uncertain, go to our Site Map alphabetical listings , or problem-oriented index Questions? - check the FAQ , or go to our Forum

  • Table of Contents for Diving Medicine Online
    Site Navigational Tools
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    Navigate Appendix Problem Oriented Index Glossary Search Site and Web Contact Sources Site Map
    Diver Fitness Problems
    [Click Arrow for Drop Down Menu]
    Fitness Problems Fitness Age Dental Problems Skin Problems Endocrine ENT Problems Eye Problems GI Problems Heart Problems Hemic System Neurology Problems Kidney Problems Drugs Psychological Problems Lung Problems Women Divers Men Divers Depth/Pressure Problems [Click Arrow for Drop Down Menu] Depth/Pressure Decompression Sickness Flying, Altitude

    31. Scuba Duba: Scuba Diving Resources, Diving Equipment, Dive Gear And More
    scuba Duba features scuba diving vacations to Hawaii, Maui, Caribbean, Fiji, Florida, Bahamas, dive travel, new and used scuba diving equipment and dive gear, and scuba diving resources like
    Welcome to Scuba duba
    Your online scuba diving resource for:
    Scuba diving equipment and gear, scuba diving vacations and dive travel, scuba diving resorts, liveaboards and destinations, scuba diving schools, organizations, gift stores, manufactures, and much more. Dive in and explore our underworld adventure! Scuba
    ... Home You are here: Home Contact Info
    About ScubaDuba
    Dive Travel Diving Equipment Retail Stores ... ScubaDuba Top 5 Search ScubaDuba Enter word(s) in the box below, then click on the search button to create your custom page of links and descriptions. Or click here to visit the complete Search page
    Subscribe To Our Email Update List
    Enter your email address and click on the submit button to receive periodic updates from us. Featured Photogragh: Premium Featured Ads
    Scubaduba personally recommends for it's impeccable service, Best Price guarantee, huge in-stock inventory, 24 hr shipping and full warranties guaranteed. Premium Featured Ads Your Premium Featured Scuba Diving Ad Can Go Here
    Featured Listings - your source for fully guaranteed, full warrantied and in stock scuba gear at guaranteed lowest price

    32. California Scuba Diving, BBS, Photos : Scuba Divers Network
    Includes a large collection of underwater photos, and the California scuba Diving BBS which is a forum for the culture, history, sea life, practice, and experience of California diving, and diving conditions.
    d i v e ... k
    T h e S o u r c e f o r C a l i f o r n i a S c u b a D i v i n g I n f o r m a t i o n TM

    California Scuba Diving BBS
    TM - The California Scuba Diving Open Forum TM

    Dive Boats
    Scuba Diving
    Dive Gear Page
    California Scuba Diving California Scuba Diving BBS The open discussion forum for all aspects of California scuba diving culture, practice, conditions, people, places, boats, trips, and experiences. California Dive Boats The Official Calfiornia Dive Boat Page TM is a table that compares features of all dive boats in California with links and phone numbers. Seahunt's
    Diving - For the Fun Of It
    A great collection of diving stories and philosophy with the emphasis on California diving. A full text search of the collection is available. Los Angeles County
    Scuba Diving Resources
    John Morris' well organized links to all Los Angeles County scuba diving related web sites and articles of general interest to California scuba divers. Southern California
    Diving Resources
    John Morris' well organized links to all Southern California scuba diving related web sites outside of Los Angeles County. Central Coast
    Scuba Diving Resources
    John Morris' well organized links to all Central California scuba diving related web sites.

    33. Scuba Diving - What You Need To Know About Scuba Diving
    A comprehensive guide to scuba diving with original informative content, relevant links, howto articles, a 24-hour chat room and a group forum.
    About Sports Scuba Diving Home ... Scuba Diving Calendar of Events zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Dive Travel Scuba for Beginners Community Snorkeling ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
    Stay Current
    Subscribe to the About Scuba Diving newsletter. Search Scuba Diving From Melissa Rodriguez
    Your Guide to Scuba Diving
    Stephen Frink To Host the 3rd Annual Shark Shootout
    Join Stuart Cove's and Scuba Diving Magazine for the 3rd Annual Great Bahamas Shark Shootout , hosted by Stephen Frink, starting on September 18-25th, 2004 in beautiful Nassau, Bahamas.
    Sunday May 23, 2004
    Tips for Controlling Buoyancy
    Many factors in diving effect buoyancy control. Follow these tips to achieve neutral buoyancy.
    Saturday May 15, 2004

    Dive Travel for Singles

    Regular dive trips for singles to popular dive destinations are just one of the many features available through a new company and online community called
    Wednesday May 12, 2004
    Scuba Diving Summer Camp
    Send your child or teen to scuba camp instead of summer camp. Many summer camps offer hands-on programs focusing on marine science, scuba diving, and other water activities. Find out how to choose a camp and which camps offer scuba diving programs. Wednesday May 05, 2004

    34. Scuba Diving: Learning, Starting, Enjoying
    Information on how to get started, what equipment you'll need and why you should take up this fabulous sport.
    because life's an adventure
    JoJaffa goes Scuba Diving
    Fly underwater. No need to hold your breath.
    JoJaffa's FREE e-zine
    Your email address: more info Open Outcry
    Ask a question get advice Why....scuba diving? Getting started
    How do I get started? Kit and caboodle
    Recommended reading Spoil yourself
    Holidays and Vacations Getting more out of....Scuba Diving
    I've got the basics, what next?
    Back to top

    JJ's Home

    Why....scuba diving? There is nothing like the feeling of freedom of your first dive in warm, clear, tropical water. You swoop effortlessly through the water, not held back by the need to return to the surface. Even your scuba equipment, so heavy and cumbersome on land, loses its weight and doesn't impede your movement. Thousands of irridescent fish fin past and as you look down to the rocks below you see a moray eel, gaping at you from its den. Clown fish nestle in their soft coral homes, parrot fish nip at the harder coral fronds. Bizarrely-shaped box fish seem to peer at you as they float by. As you go lower the sound of the waves breaking on the reef die down and all you can hear is the rumble of air passing your ears as you exhale, otherwise nothing. With a slow barrel-roll you look up through the clear blue water to see the silvery surface far above you. Everywhere you look there is another wonder, another beautiful thing to explore, another weird and wonderful creature to follow. Perhaps in the distance you see a turtle gliding down to the colder depths. A flash of silver bubbles stream in front of you as a bird dives into the water in search of fish. An alien in this environment it must swiftly return to the surface, while you carry on pottering, wandering through your coral garden.

    35. 500 Server Error
    Sells a full line of scuba diving equipment and accessories.
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    Please contact the administrator.

    36. Ukdiving-homepage
    Diving and scuba resource UK, used kit wanted and for sale sections, UK Wreck Database, find a buddy,

    37. St. Croix SCUBA Diving, Caribbean Diving US Virgin Islands
    St. Croix scuba diving is some of the finest you will find in the entire Caribbean. Information on dive sites, dive shops including pictures. what the Miami Herald wrote about scuba diving in the
    St. Croix SCUBA diving is some of the best in the Caribbean...if not the world!
    Villa Dawn
    and Caribbean Dream are excellent accommodations for your dive trip. Villa Dawn is the closest villa to Cane Bay Beach and "The Cane Bay Wall"! You can access the Wall right from the beach. Villa Dawn is set up to accommodate Caribbean SCUBA divers. The villa has hooks in the garage for SCUBA dive equipment as well as an outdoor shower. Caribbean Dream is conveniently located close to Christiansted, where a number of dive shops are based. Many boat dives depart from Christiansted harbor. Click here to see what the Miami Herald wrote about SCUBA diving in the waters of St. Croix. In recent Top 100 polls taken in Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine,
    readers rated the US Virgin Islands and St. Croix:
    4th overall
    for "Best overall destination, best visibility and value in the Caribbean "
    2nd for "Top shore diving"
    2nd for " Top snorkeling "
    4th in the Caribbean for "

    38. Barbados Diving: Scuba Operators, Dive Sites, FREE Holiday!
    Barbados scuba Diving. HIGHLIGHTS. Bubble Adventure Bubble Adventure Children and Families can learn to scuba dive with Bubble Adventure!
    Barbados Scuba Diving HIGHLIGHTS
    Find a local dive operator

    Contact a dive operator to arrange lessons or schedule a dive.
    Barbados Dive Sites

    See the very best dive
    sites around Barbados.
    Barbados Dive Holidays

    Visit Barbados on a
    special Dive Holiday! Diving in Barbados Dive Operators Dive Sites Finest Hotels ... Discover Barbados! The fringes and reefs found off Barbados blossom with healthy sponges, coral and plant life. There are several types of reefs, each one unique in its own special way. The barrier reefs, located 1/2 - 2 miles from shore contain large coral heads which form the habitat for thousands of beautiful fish. Larger organisms are also found on these reefs, feeding on the smaller fish. The Hawksbill turtle can also be found on these reefs. Fringes and patching reefs are found closer to shore and have smaller coral formations and more abundant plant life then the barrier reefs. These reefs are home to Sea Horses, Frog Fish, Giant Sand Eels and many other marine creatures. Wrecks form fascinating habitats for marine life and Barbados has several excellent sites for wreck diving. Carlisle Bay, with 200 reported wrecks, and the Stavronikita, located at Folkestone Marine Park , are two of the most popular sites.

    39. Florida Scuba Diving And Snorkeling Tours In The Orlando Area
    Training, charters, and snorkeling tours. Based Central Florida.
    Florida Scuba Diving Florida Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in the Orlando Florida area. Is your family visiting Orlando Florida for a fun filled vacation ? Would you like to try something really exciting ? Like Scuba Diving or maybe a Snorkeling Tours. Are you a Certified Scuba Diver that wants to expand your knowledge of Scuba Diving? We have the right answers at Florida Scuba Diving and if we don't, we can find the answers for you. Enter Here for Scuba and Snorkel Information Local Scuba Diving Referrals for the Orlando Area. email us at You are diver s="na";c="na";j="na";f=""+escape(document.referrer) to take the plunge

    40. Welcome To Sherwood Scuba!
    Full line manufacturer of scuba diving equipment.

    BC Safety Recall

    Earth. The Water Planet. 71% H20, with about 20,000 species of ocean fish to befriend. (20,000 more, by some estimates.)
    Dive the tropics and you can soar with rays, let the current float you past brilliant coral reefs, join a school of parrot fish. Surface and you're soaking up the rays with a tall cool one in hand.
    Then there are the polar climes - the walrus, the whales. Perfect for photographing floes from below. Perfect for a steamy drink and a cozy fire afterward. Lakes. Wrecks. Sunken cities. Night dives. Day dives. Any dive. For fun. For profit.
    With over 50 years of innovation and manufacturing experience in the dive industry, with the right gear for every body and for every body of water on the planet, Sherwood Scuba lets you do it all. Plunge into the possibilities - with confidence.
    Sherwood Scuba. Dive the planet.
    To ensure that you receive appropriate product support and maintenance service on your Sherwood Scuba products, it is necessary that you purchase Sherwood Scuba products only from Authorized Sherwood Scuba retailers. Manufacturer warranties on Sherwood Scuba products are valid only if purchased from an Authorized Sherwood Scuba retailer. To find an Authorized Sherwood Scuba retailer near you, please visit our dealer locator
    Covalent Solutions

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