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         Cockfighting:     more books (104)
  1. The Art Of Cockfighting - A Handbook For Beginners And Old Timers by Arch Ruport, 2008-11-04
  2. History of Cockfighting (International Poultry Library) by George Ryley Scott, 2009-01-15
  3. The royal pastime of cock-fighting, or, The Art of breeding, feeding, fighting, and curing cocks of the game.Published purely for the good, and benefit ... in that royal, and warlike sport [1709] by Robert Howlett, 2009-12-15
  4. Sport In The Olden Time (History of Cockfighting Series) by Bart., Sir Walter Gilbey, 2005-06-01
  5. Cockfighting All over the World by Finsterbusch, 1991-12
  6. Cocking Science (History of Cockfighting Series) by "OLD FAMILY", 2005-01-04
  7. The Game Cock - Being a Practical Treatise on Breeding, Rearing, Training, Feeding, Trimming, Mains, Heeling, Spurs, etc. (History of Cockfighting Series) by Ed James, 2004-01-06
  8. Courage - The Story Of Modern Cockfighting by Tim Pridgen, 2009-12-15
  9. Cock-Fighting and Game Fowl: From the Note-Books of Herbert Atkinson of Ewelme; Together With, the Life and Letters of John Harris, the Cornish Coc by Herbert Atkinson, 1977-01
  10. Sporting anecdotes: being anecdotal annals, descriptions, tales and incidents of horse-racing, betting, card-playing, pugilism, gambling, cock-fighting, ... angling, shooting, and other sports by James Glass Bertram, 2010-05-18
  11. Handling and Nursing the Game Cock (History of Cockfighting Series) by PH. B., A. C. Dingwall, 2005-01-04
  12. The Royal Pastime of Cockfighting (Poultry Fanciers Library) by Robert Howlett, 1989-03
  13. Cockfighting Poems and Prints (International Poultry Library) (International Poultry Library) (International Poultry Library) by Dr Joseph Batty, 2006-06-01
  14. The Art of Cockfighting by Arch Ruport, 1949

1. Www.Sabong.Com.Ph - Cockfighting In The Philippines And The World
cockfighting reports from cock pits all over the world.
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2. Facts About Cockfighting
Facts About cockfighting. What is cockfighting? cockfighting is a bloodsportin which two roosters are placed in a pit to fight, usually to the death.
Facts About Cockfighting
What is cockfighting? Cockfighting is a bloodsport in which two roosters are placed in a pit to fight, usually to the death. Their natural spurs are sawed off and replaced by razor sharp steel blades from one to three inches long or by curved implements called gaffs measuring up to three inches in length. The birds are also given various legal and illegal drugs such as strychnine, caffeine, amphetamines, and epinephrine to make them more aggressive and harder to kill. This activity is held before an arena of cheering spectators who often wager large sums of money on the outcome of the contest. Why is cockfighting cruel? During a typical cockfighting tournament, one-third to one-half of the birds are killed. Winners as well as losers suffer severe injuries including broken wings, punctured lungs, and gouged eyes. Roosters, like all other animals, have a nervous system and experience pain. The American Veterinary Medical Association considers cockfighting to be cruel and has recommended that the practice be banned and violations be considered a felony offense. The American Poultry Association also opposes cockfighting. Cockfighting entertains spectators through the suffering and death of animals. It desensitizes children, who often attend the events, to violence. To the vast majority of people, causing animals to fight to the death is not an acceptable sport.

3. Oklahoma Coalition Against Cockfighting
An animal welfare group that successfully got a law passed outlawing cockfighting, and now is mounting a defense against dozen of lawsuits from cockfighters.
The Oklahoma Supreme Court has finally swept aside the flimsy arguments and courtroom antics of the cockfighters and ruled that the cockfighting law voters overwhelmingly passed in 2002 is constitutional. The high court's opinion was unanimous, and it takes effect immediately. In the Supreme Court decision of March 30, 2004, the court ruled that prohibition against using birds for fighting purposes is a "reasonable and proper exercise of the police power of the state". The Court also said, "The Act serves the significant and legitimate public purpose of preventing cruelty to animals and prohibiting human involvement in birdfighting, obviously out of compassion for avian creatures." The court opinion additionally stated that, "a statutory enactment passed by the people through the initiative process is entitled to the same presumption of constitutionality as one passed by the Legislature." This is an enormous victory and a long awaited validation of our efforts. In a statement to the Oklahoman, Attorney General Drew Edmondson called the decision, "a victory for the voters of Oklahoma." The editorial writers at The Oklahoman and the Tulsa World also declared that the decision was a victory for Oklahoma's citizens and marked an important point in the effort to halt animal cruelty in our state.

4. : Washington Keeps Cockfighting Legal In Three States
in three states. (, Roosters With Razors. cockfightingStill Legal in Three States, Gambling Persists. By Brian Ross March
March 30, 2001 Good Morning America World News Tonight PrimeTime Nightline ...
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Gamecocks fight till death at game clubs, which is still legal in three states. ( Roosters With Razors Cockfighting Still Legal in Three States, Gambling Persists
By Brian Ross
U.S. Senate Keeps it Legal
Watch Hidden Camera Video
This is the world of cockfighting, which is still legal in Louisiana, New Mexico and Oklahoma, where it is a billion dollar-a-year industry. "They're a cross-section of America," says Charles Berry, the director of the American Animal Husbandry Coalition. "You know, we're God-fearing people who pay our taxes." But it has been illegal in the 47 other states for years because of the cruelty involved, which the industry disputes: "It's brutal, but it's not cruel," insists Berry. But as we saw with our hidden cameras hidden cameras, roosters are forced to fight to the death. [click here for the video]

5. - Election Day Chicken Fight - Oct. 28, 2002
Among the 202 statewide ballot measures to be decided this November is whether to outlaw cockfighting in Oklahoma. Supporters of a proposed ban on cockfighting say putting razorsharp spurs or knives and entertainment of people " said Janet Halliburton of Oklahoma Coalition Against cockfighting
CNN Europe CNN Asia Languages Spanish Portuguese German Italian Korean Arabic Japanese On CNN TV Transcripts Headline News CNN International ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-Mail Services CNNtoGO SEARCH Web
Election day chicken fight
Cockfighting is a hotly contested issue in Oklahoma this year. Story Tools
VIDEO CNN's Candy Crowley reports on the political battle over a bloodsport initiative on the ballot on Oklahoma (October 29)
OKLAHOMA CITY (CNN) Among the 202 statewide ballot measures to be decided this November is whether to outlaw cockfighting in Oklahoma. Supporters of a proposed ban on cockfighting say putting razor-sharp spurs or knives on birds and forcing them to fight is wrong. "The issue is human cruelty. The purpose in slashing these birds to death in front of these crowds is for the gambling and entertainment of people," said Janet Halliburton of Oklahoma Coalition Against Cockfighting. Cockfight supporters have their view of putting two roosters in a ring for blood sport. "I enjoy the competition of it. Just to be honest with you. There's a competition. Maybe it's a man thing, I don't know. I enjoy raising the fowl, making sure I have a healthy fowl, making the best of the breed is what it amounts to," said Devin Smith of Oklahomans for Freedom of Choice.

6. Cockfighting
Biographies Bio search tips cockfighting. cockfighting, sport of pitting gamecocks against one other ancient Greece, Persia, and Rome, cockfighting has been long opposed by clergy
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7. Cockfighting Books From Silvio Mattacchione & Co. Cockfighting Books About The H
Shop Online Books Video Tapes cockfighting. Select a Topic Reptiles Amphibians. cockfighting. cockfighting Books Video Tapes. cockfighting All Over The World
Home Book Store Book Publishing Racing Pigeons ... Contact Us unless otherwise noted. Home Book Store Home Shop Online Select a Topic... What's New? BIRD SPECIES African Greys Amazons Budgerigars Canaries Cockatiels Cockatoos Conures Eclectus Finches Lovebirds Macaws Parakeets (Psittacula, Brotogeris, etc.) Pionus Poicephalus (Senegals, Meyer's, etc.) Rosellas Softbills (Toucans, Mynahs, etc.) BIRD TOPICS Avian Veterinary Medicine Bird Video Tapes Miscellaneous Titles OTHER TOPICS Dogs Cockfighting Cockfighting All Over The World by C.A. Finsterbusch $70.00 (U.S.) Cockfighting and Game Fowl (4th Impression) by Herbert Atkinson $60.00 (U.S.) Fighting Sports by Capt L. FitzBarnard $49.95 (U.S.) Harrison Weir's Game Fowl by Harrison Weir, edited by Dr. Joseph Batty $40.00 (U.S.) The Cocker (Reprint) by W. Sketchley, Gent. $18.95 (U.S.) The Cocker: A Poem in Imitation of Virgil's Georgic (Reprint) by Isaac Hallam $39.95 (U.S.) The History of Cockfighting by George Ryley Scott $60.00 (U.S.) The Old English Game Fowl (Reprint) by Herbert Atkinson $39.95 (U.S.)

8. Cockfighting - Fact Sheet -- BC SPCA
cockfighting is a centuriesold inherently cruel bloodsport in which two or morespecially bred roosters (called game-cocks) are placed in a pit (generally a
British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Speaking for Animals
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9. Dozens Arrested In Cockfighting Raid

10. Animal Protection Institute - Facts About Cockfighting
Facts About cockfighting. What is cockfighting? cockfighting is a bloodsport in which two roosters are placed in a pit to fight, usually to the death.

11. Proposed Cockfighting Ban Killed

12. - Cockfighting And Gamefowl Website; Breeding And Nutrition, Condi
Sabong is a cockfighting and gamefowl information and community website. Focus on cockfighting in the Philippines but has members and features about gamefowl from all corners of the globe, GameFowl Forum Main Page. cockfighting Photo Gallery. GameFowl Magazine Sabong, the Philippines most popular cockfighting and GameFowl information and community website has been

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13. > In Iraq -- Cockfighting Addicts Enjoy New Iraq's coverage of the United States' showdown with Iraq nails of his fighting cockerel, before a cockfighting match in Baghdad Now that Saddam Hussein is gone, cockfighting is more
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After the Fires In Iraq War on Terror ...
In Iraq

Cockfighting addicts enjoy new Iraq
By Michael Georgy
REUTERS 5:00 a.m. December 4, 2003
Associated Press An Iraqi man files the nails of his fighting cockerel, before a cockfighting match in Baghdad Now that Saddam Hussein is gone, cockfighting is more popular than ever.
"Harder. Let him have it. He has to die," yells the crowd. Saddam Hussein tolerated blood sports but his policemen sometimes cracked down on gambling or demanded bribes. Since the president was overthrown in April, cockfighting has become more popular than ever and diehard fans are enjoying the right to openly play the odds as roosters fight to the death. People need all the entertainment they can get in postwar Iraq, even if it's bloody. Anxiety over car bombs, shootings, kidnappings, unemployment and shortages of electricity and petrol have overshadowed much of the joy at Saddam's fall. Animal rights groups would shudder at the sight of roosters fighting to the death or gouging out each other's eyes.

14. Oklahoma Voters To Decide On Cockfighting Ban

15. Oklahoma Coalition Against Cockfighting
cockfighting Q A Yes On 687. Why should cockfighting be banned? Breeding location.Has any other state passed an initiative to ban cockfighting?
Home About Us Donations Volunteer Oportunities ... Contact Us Why should cockfighting be banned?
Breeding birds for aggressive traits, training them to fight, strapping knives or ice-pick-like gaffs to their legs, and placing them in a pit to fight to injury or death is the very definition of animal cruelty. If it is wrong to fight dogs for amusement, it is also wrong to fight roosters. Do they really strap knives or gaffs to their legs?
Yes. The fight is defined by the style of weapon strapped to the combatants' legs, such as a "short-knife" fight, a "long-knife" fight, or a "gaff fight." Cockfighters shave down or cut off the natural spur on the birds' legs and then strap on the knives before the fight. Why are the knives and gaffs used?
They enhance the bloodletting, making the fight more entertaining for people who get a kick out of seeing animals hack one another to death. What's more, the weapons make the fights end more quickly; many cockfighting fans would be bored if the fights went on for hours. This also allows pit owners to benefit from greater numbers of roosters entered in cockfight events, which often last three days. On "derby" days, over one thousand roosters are killed or maimed at a single location. Has any other state passed an initiative to ban cockfighting?

16. Cockfighting Law Discriminates Against Cajuns, Latinos, Lawsuit Claims

17. Cockfighting
cockfighting Roosters thrown away after a cockfight. PO Box 150 Machipongo, VA 234050150(757) 678-7875 FAX (757) 678-5070 (cockfighting).
Roosters thrown away after a cockfight

18. - Should Cockfighting Be Outlawed In Oklahoma? - Nov. 26, 2002
CNN Europe CNN Asia Languages Spanish Portuguese German Italian Korean Arabic Japanese On CNN TV Transcripts Headline News CNN International ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-Mail Services CNNtoGO SEARCH Web AIRS: Weekdays 4:30 p.m. ET / 1:30 p.m. PT In the Crossfire
Should cockfighting be outlawed in Oklahoma?
Cockfighting has been legal in the Sooner State since the 1960s when a judge ruled that fowl were not covered by animal cruelty laws because chickens are not animals. Story Tools
RELATED Election day chicken fight WASHINGTON (CNN) Earlier this month, the citizens of Oklahoma voted to ban cockfighting, in some cases making it a felony punishable by two years in prison and fines up to $25,000. The chicken breeders went to court and have won temporary restraining orders, allowing cockfighting to continue. Wayne Pacelle, senior vice president of the Humane Society of the United States of America debated the issue with "Crossfire" hosts Robert Novak and James Carville on Monday. NOVAK: Mr. Pacelle, have you ever seen a cockfight? PACELLE: Yes.

19. Update: Anti-Cockfighting Legislation
Actions. Update Anticockfighting Legislation. business. The majority ofAmericans do not support cockfighting, which is banned in 47 states.
Summer 1999 Poultry Press Legislative Actions Update: Anti-Cockfighting Legislation
In February, Senator Wayne Allard of Colorado introduced Senate Bill 345. The bill seeks to prohibit the interstate transport of live birds for the purpose of fighting to states in which animal fighting is still legal. S. 345 will "clarify that possession of fighting birds in any of the 47 states should then be illegal, as shipping them out for cockfighting purposes would be illegal." For example, it will be a crime to ship birds intended for cockfighting from Arizona, where cockfighting is illegal, to Louisiana, where it is still legal.
  • Contact your two U.S. Senators and urge them to support S. 345. The Honorable
    United States Senate
    Washington, DC 20510
    Dear Senator:_
  • Contact your U.S. Representative and urge him or her to introduce a House companion bill. The Honorable_
    United States House of Representatives
    Washington, DC 20515
    Dear Representative Tip: If you do not know who your representative or senators are, visit

20. Judge Temporarily Halts Okla. Cockfighting Ban

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