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  1. Christ -centered Coaching: 7 Benefits for Ministry Leaders (TCP Leadership Series) by Jane Creswell, 2006-04
  2. RESULTS Coaching: The New Essential for School Leaders
  3. Evidence Based Coaching Handbook: Putting Best Practices to Work for Your Clients
  4. Blended Coaching: Skills and Strategies to Support Principal Development
  5. Coaching for Performance, Third Edition (People Skills for Professionals) by John Whitmore, 2002-04-09
  6. Coaching the Artist Within: Advice for Writers, Actors, Visual Artists, and Musicians from America's Foremost Creativity Coach by Ph.D. Eric Maisel, 2005-01-18
  7. The Art and Practice of Leadership Coaching: 50 Top Executive Coaches Reveal Their Secrets by Howard Morgan, Phil Harkins, et all 2004-12-16
  8. Agile Coaching by Rachel Davies, Liz Sedley, 2009-08-25
  9. The Tao of Coaching: Boost Your Effectiveness at Work by Inspiring and Developing Those Around You by Max Landsberg, 2009-01-01
  10. Coaching Knock Your Socks Off Service by Ron Zemke, Kristin Anderson, 1996-10-21
  11. Executive Coaching for Results: The Definitive Guide to Developing Organizational Leaders by Brian O Underhill, Kimcee McAnally, et all 2007-12-01
  12. Coaching Youth Baseball the Ripken Way by Cal RipkenJr., Bill Ripken, et all 2006-12-15
  13. Effective Group Coaching: Tried and Tested Tools and Resources for Optimum Coaching Results by Jennifer J. Britton, 2010-02-03
  14. Coaching Conversations: Transforming Your School One Conversation at a Time by Ms. Linda G. (Gross) Cheliotes, Ms. Marceta F. (Fleming) Reilly, 2010-03-30

61. :: Your Online Nlp Resource Center
Training, coaching, in person, online, homestudy, free articles, online courses
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62. Trilogy Performance Coaching
Life mastery coaching helps people grow in body, mind, and spirit. It helps people get more out of life by identifying their needs and developing ways to meet them. Telephone sessions.
Trilogy Performance Coaching
About Me Articles Newsletters ... Home
Welcome to The Coaching Corral
The Horse is My Mascot
My beloved horse companions have charmed my life in many ways. These noble beings have taught me many valuable life lessons. They have been a mirror that reflects my own splendor as well as parts of me that are in need of improvement. Each time this is done without judgment and with a sense of love. I believe that an Executive Coach is able to do the same for each individual. My horses have helped me see possibilities that I had never dreamed. They have transported me in body, mind and spirit to a place that feels like being on the top of the world! As your coach I commit that I will do the same for you!
Richard N. Bolles states this beautifully…
One of the saddest lines in the world is, “Oh come now, be realistic.” The best parts of this world were not fashioned by those who were realistic. They were fashioned by those who dared to look hard at their wishes and gave them horses to ride.
I invite you to join me on a journey of discovery to your untapped potential as together we create a life that enfolds all of your wishes. Let’s take your wishes and give them horses to ride!

63. Volleyball Plays, Volleyball Drills And Coaching Software
Free coaching playbook software to make your own volleyball plays, drills and animations. Download, screenshots and submitted plays.


Plays and Drills
Screenshots FAQ ... Contact us
Plays and Drills
Volleyball Playbook Home

You can now download Volleyball Playbook v009.
Last update : 02-04-2004 Privacy statement
Submitted plays can be viewed in the plays and drills section.
You can also download the plays and view them in the playbook program. There are some screenshots here Volleyball Playbook has the following features:
  • Storing of plays in a database ordered in categories you define.
  • A design tool to sketch volleyball plays and drills.
  • Full screen animation, with a simple sketch tool.
  • A limited text editor to describe your plays and drills.
  • An export and import function to exchange plays with other users of this program.
  • Printing of graphics in high quality.
  • 64. Coaching For Success-Professional Business & Life Coaching - Personality Profile
    Professional Business and Life coaching for the serious. Try our coaching ForSuccess, Inc. Coach s Challenge! Email coaching For Success, Inc.
    ... Quick Start ... Reported Benefits
    What We Promise

    Are You Coachable

    FAQ's - Coaching
    Up Your Bizness Value
    ... CFS Info ... Homepage


    Contact Info
    ... Staff Info ... Coach Nagy Info

    Background Credentials
    Speaking Topics ... E-zines ... Coaching Info ... Coaching Articles Helpful Books Assessments Personality Profiling
    Profiling: Personality/Career/IQ
    Personal note: These are links to other sites that are beyond the control of this site. They contain personality information, self assessments, profiles and tests. Most are active, some may be deactivated. Please contact me if
  • you find any link that is consistantly unavailable,
  • you find any link that is offensive (and not related to this topic - yes, links do change and we have no control of this) or
  • you want free stuff or if you're wanting some complimentary coaching time. (Last update 2/04) If you find that what is offered at other sites is not personal enough for your tastes, Coaching for Success does provide our clients and prospects with personality profiling upon request. We do a unique combination of several profiles that all overlay on each other to give a profile that is more revealing than merely a single shot. Please contact us if you're interested and please indicate the type of profile you are looking for.
  • 65. Runners Goal Personal Coaching Services
    Training schedules, online training diary, question and answer service, advice to female runners.

    66. Coaching For Success-Professional Business & Life Coaching - Home Page Htm
    Serious Professional Business and Life coaching. Evaluate, Stategize, Plan andImplement A More Effective Life and Business. coaching for Success Homepage.
    ... Quick Start ... Reported Benefits
    What We Promise

    Are You Coachable

    FAQ's - Coaching
    Up Your Bizness Value
    ... CFS Info ... Homepage


    Contact Info
    ... Staff Info ... Coach Nagy Info

    Background Credentials
    Speaking Topics ... E-zines ... Coaching Info ... Coaching Articles Helpful Books Assessments Tools ... Personality Profiling
    Coaching for Success Homepage
    Professional coaching when you need it most. Personal coaching when you need it now!
    Business Coaching
    For the Life of Your Business™
    Life Coaching
    For the Business of Your Life™ Business Coaching helps get your business running at peak performance and helps keep your business skills sharp. When you work with a business coach, you commit to being your best in business and in life. The business coaching relationship is simple and working with a business coach forges a foundation for the success you want most in business. Your business coach will ask from you what you know you should be asking from yourself in business if you were operating with full effectiveness. Business focus, business motivation, business management and business results are all much better when you work with one of our highly skilled professional business coaches. Life Coaching helps get your life running at peak performance and helps keep your life skills sharp. When you work with a life coach, you commit to being your best in life and in the lives of others. The life coaching relationship is simple and working with a life coach forges a foundation for the success you want most in life. Your life coach will ask from you what you know you should be asking from yourself in life if you were operating with higher awareness. Life focus, life motivation, life direction, life management and life results are all much better when you work with one of our highly skilled personal and professional life coaches.

    67. Career And Job Interview Coach Michael Reed
    Services include career planning, changing careers, achievement of work and life goals. Offering The Path and other workshops, seminars, and booklets.
    About Free Newsletter Resume Coaching Assessments /Links Career Store Coaching Career Spotlight Interview Coaching ... Home
    Career and Job Interview Coach Michael Reed is- JUST IN TIME INTERVIEWING (C Quoted in THE WALL STREET JOURNAL online Intensive Interview Coaching Success Throughout a Career Often Means Making Moves UPDATED APRIL 06, 2004 By Terri Cullen April 1, 200
    " I've found that people actually know what they'd rather be doing professionally, they've just never been asked." says Michael Reed, a Boise, Idaho, career coach. "What I often do is suggest that people who are uncertain about how to proceed go out and look at different career and businesses, and then try to visualize how they would fit into that situation"

    68. Relationship Advice & Coaching
    Highlights include relationship advice, quizzes, coaching, classes anda weekly ezine. Schedule a ProblemSolver coaching session now!
    Home Relationship Tips Relationship Quizzes Dear Coach ... Date For the Media Use Our Content Contact Us ShowDateTime(showDate) Site Highlights go there go there Read the latest Relationship Coach Newsletter Article. go there click here to find out how Relationship Education Go to the article archive of the Relationship Coach Newsletter to read about attracting true love and building a relationship, then subscribe to the Relationship Coach Newsletter . Read through Relationship Tips , offering relationship advice. Take a Relationship Quiz to discover your relationship patterns, evaluate your ability to attract a relationship. Look through the Dear Coach section for answers to relationship questions from visitors like you. Even ask your own question. Relationship Help - Relationship Coaching See all Relationship Coaching Services available, along with rates. Get help with your most pressing relationship concern and sample relationship coaching by scheduling a

    69. Société Française De Coaching
    coaching est l accompagnement de personnes ou d équipes pour le développementde leurs potentiels et de leurs savoir-faire dans le cadre d objectifs
    "Le coaching est l'accompagnement de personnes ou d'équipes pour le
    développement de leurs potentiels et de leurs savoir-faire dans le cadre
    d'objectifs professionnels"
    Consultez notre dossier presse

    70. Marriage And Family Therapy - Dr. Marian Stansbury
    Offers counseling and coaching for individuals and couples. Online quizzes, tests, and articles. Office in Connecticut.
    COACHING COUNSELING FUN STUFF THIS MONTH ... HOME The Living Room M any people have a cartoon image of therapy: the patient lying on the therapist's couch in a sterile office while the doctor sits behind him, out of sight, jotting notes on a pad of paper and watching the clock. Marriage counselors often are portrayed as stern referees behind a big desk facing a nervous couple in stiff chairs. There are therapists who see their clients in a sterile, business-like environment. M y office isn't like that at all. It's in a renovated two-story house on a shady street near the heart of town. The room I use the most we call "the living room" because that's what it looks like. Y ou can sit on a sofa, a comfortable chair, on the floor if you want. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while we talk. In winter I arrange the furniture in front of the fireplace. And you'll always find fresh flowers on the mantle. T here's a reception area with nice wicker furniture and current magazines and other reading material. For children, I have a smaller room furnished with a pint-sized table and chairs and a futon couch. There are children's videos, books, toys, even a teddy bear. I use this room both when working with children and as an entertaining retreat for your kids if you can't find a babysitter and have to bring them with you. The rest of the suite includes a small (very small!) kitchen area, a bathroom and the business office.

    71. Coaching Classics
    coaching Classics. Tall HRM Marquis; Leadouts, Chris Huber. Trainingand coaching Links Weight Training fundamentals, Calvin Hass; Foods
    Coaching Classics
    Training and Coaching Links: Selected COACHING SCIENCE ABSTRACTS Recommended Reading:

    72. Coaching Drills, Information And Products For Youth Sports
    coaching youth basketball, baseball, soccer, softball, volleyball and track. coachingtips for youth sports. -coaching Forum. Kids and Steroids
    Coaches Edition Serving Youth Coaches Psalm 83:3
    Defend the rights of the poor and the orphans; be fair to the needy and the helpless
    Shaohannah's Hope Welcome to
    When you're well prepared - coaching youth sports is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. Your philosophy should be simple, if the kids learn and have fun they will come back next season. -Coaching Forum Kids and Steroids... Food for Thought.
    Creatine is currently a legal and over the counter dietary supplement that has gained juge popularity among young athletes in this country. Creatine is thought to increase muscle energy, decrease recovery time and reportedly add muscle bulk to an athlete's frame. Basketball - Playing Against the Big Man
    My team is soon to face a team with a 6 ft center. We are an 11/12 boys team and my biggest player is 5 ft 4. I am drilling screens and short jumpers, i.e. quick hitter style shots.... Softball - Throwing to hard
    My 12 yr old daughter is a "natural" at ball, and although this is only the start of her third year of playing, she is playing Rep level for her second season...

    73. Professional Personal & Financial Coaching
    Will Mattox, certified personal and professional coach.
    "Carpé diem - seize the day" OUR MISSION:
    Coaching Services is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of all the people we work with. We hold all our clients as creative, resourceful, and whole, believing them capable of all the dreams that they can envision.
    We share a love of working with people and businesses, sharing ideas and personal resources to help others reach their next level. Our goals over the past 30 years together have been reached many times over, We have had a wonderful marriage, raised 3 great children, had many successful businesses in the arts, retail, co mmerci al property development, etc. and now enjoy life in the country in rural Oregon in the home that we built and raised our kids. We have had our challenges as well as our victories and have now been lead to coaching as a way to share with others.
    Success in business allowed us to retire in our 40's and pursue any life we chose. WE CHOSE COACHING! Coaching allows us to share our business and personal experience with compassion and understanding from having been there. We help you develop your natural strengths and choose where you want to go next. We also help you expand the choices available, gain clarity about what will serve you, and plan the actions that will create success on your terms.

    74. Ken Lindsay's Coach's Corner
    Site with information on coaching and playing. Articles are written in simple terms and easily understood.

    75. Vision Impuls
    Seminare und Beratungen speziell auf einzelne Unternehmen zugeschnitten. AuŸerdem verschiedene offene Seminartermine, wie Telefontraining, Rhetorik und Verkaufstraining D95326 Kulmbach.
    Vision Impuls erreichen Sie unter folgender Adresse:
    Vision Impuls
    Waaggasse 9
    95326 Kulmbach
    Fon: 92 21 - 80 48 49
    Fax: 92 21 - 80 48 50

    76. Basketball Coaching- In Search Of Excellence
    coaching youth basketball site featuring basketball coaching tips, drills,plays, practice plan, weight training, playbook, and team building tips.
    Meet Coach Brad Winters Championship Basketball Playbook Basketball Offensive System Motion Offense ... Basketball Links Basketball Coaching- In Search of Excellence is your online youth basketball-coaching clinic that suggests tips, drills, offenses, defenses, plays, weight training program, practice plan, and team building ideas. Here you will find a "gold mine" of basketball coaching information designed to help you to excel as a youth basketball coach. Join Coach Brad Winters as we explore the latest trends in coaching youth basketball (high school, AAU, BCI, YBOA, Biddy, YMCA, etc.). gives you more than just basketball X's and O's, we give you the secrets to building a championship basketball program! Championship Basketball Playbook
    Do you currently have a WINNING basketball system? If not, then the Championship Basketball Playbook is for YOU... Learn the complete system that Coach Winters used to win back-to-back high school State Championships . This professionally done fifty-five-page playbook covers everything the Coach did from A-to-Z. Coaching Basketball Successfully Do you want to be a successful basketball coach? Your

    77. Coaching Supervision
    coaching und Supervision f¼r Unternehmer, Selbstst¤ndige, Freiberufler, F¼hrungskr¤fte, F¼hrungsnachwuchskr¤fte, Existenzgr¼nder, Studenten und Einzelpersonen D70192 Stuttgart.
    Home Kontakt
    um ...
    Unser Vorgehen ist praxisnah, realistisch und umsetzbar. Probieren Sie es aus - es funktioniert

    78. New Dream Coaching
    Toltec wisdom based coaching for your life and workplace. In the tradition of the best selling book , The Four Agreements .
    Your browser does not support frames. We recommend upgrading your browser.
    Click here to enter the site.

    79. Bloor Executive Coaching
    Bloor Executive coaching. Website Tel+44 (0) 1908 625100. These are One-to-One executive coaching.
    document.write(''); ARCHIVE SPOTLIGHT COLUMNS RESEARCH ... MEMBERS Famous Slights - "Marrying a man is like buying something you've been admiring for a long time in a shop window. You may love it when you get it home, but it doesn't always go with everything in the house. " - Jean Kerr CHANNELS Business and Finance
    Business Applications

    Business Management

    Content and Collaboration
    Advanced Search

    NEWS ANALYSIS Last 7 Days

    Top Ten


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    Bloor Executive Coaching
    Website Tel: +44 (0) 1908 625100 At Bloor Research, we know the industry is highly skilled, highly capable, highly involved – and most of us love what we do – but we have all heard of numerous occasions where IT projects were not as well-managed as they might have been, with the results showing up in, for example, late delivery and/or budget overruns. On the other hand, we know of many individuals who have the drive and the desire to continually better their management capabilities along side their technical knowledge. We now have the capability to offer a unique contribution to this industry concern, reflecting the same quality, independence and trust with which the name of Bloor has long been associated.

    80. Netball Coaching Resources From Network Coaching International
    Network coaching International for the very best netball coaching resources forplayers of all standards coaching manuals, videos, CD ROMs, umpiring and more
    Welcome to Network Coaching International!
    Here you can find the very best netball coaching resources for players of all standards, including: Take a look at our
    Special Offers!

    coaching manuals coaching videos and CD ROMs umpiring resources and more!
    Please feel free to browse!
    Contact Information [ Home ] About NCI Products Netball links Search ... Feedback
    Send mail to

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