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         Coaching:     more books (100)
  1. Soul Coaching by Denise Linn, 2003-10-01
  2. Coaching the Mental Game: Leadership Philosophies and Strategies for Peak Performance in Sports and Everyday Life by H.A. Dorfman, 2005-10-25
  3. Coaching Psychology Manual (Point (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins)) by Margaret Moore, Bob Tschannen-Moran, 2009-03-20
  4. Sales Coaching: Making the Great Leap from Sales Manager to Sales Coach by Linda Richardson, 2008-11-03
  5. Coaching Up and Down the Generations by Lisa Haneberg, 2010-11-16
  6. Self Coaching 101 by Brooke Castillo, 2008-11-04
  7. The Psychology of Executive Coaching: Theory and Application by Bruce Peltier, 2009-09-28
  8. Masterful Coaching by Robert Hargrove, 2008-10-06
  9. The Business and Practice of Coaching: Finding Your Niche, Making Money, and Attracting Ideal Clients by Lynn Grodzki, Wendy Allen, 2005-09-08
  10. Football Coaching Strategies by American Football Coaches Association, 1995-07-11
  11. Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process for Change (Jossey-Bass Business & Management) by Sara L. Orem, Jacqueline Binkert, et all 2007-02-09
  12. TransforMissional Coaching: Empowering Leaders in a Changing Ministry World by Steve Ogne, Tim Roehl, 2008-09-01
  13. Getting Started in Personal and Executive Coaching: How to Create a Thriving Coaching Practice by Stephen G. Fairley, Chris E. Stout, 2003-11-24
  14. Coaching: Approaches and Perspectives by Dr. Michael James (Jim) Knight, 2008-10-01

41. Active Australia - Coaching In Australia
This site provides information and an opportunity for coaches to stay in contactwith what is happening nationally in the world of coaching.
Welcome WHAT'S NEW...
Want to be a


... Want to check your NCAS status online...NOW you can... Like to send a 'Thanks Coach ' E-card. Interested in the latest Coaching research reports Check out the new Pregnancy in Sport Guidelines COACH'S PROFILE. ..Jan Stirling
One of the most successful women's national team programs in Australian sport has entered unchartered waters for the first time in a decade.
No longer at the coaching helm is Tom Maher who had coached the national team since 1992. During his tenure, Maher led the team to many titles...... more Check out our other Coaches Profiles... Magazine/ Newsletters
Your NCAS Locker...
Now Online ... Back to ASC Home Sport Education is a program of Sport Development at the
Australian Sports Commission

PO Box 176 Belconnen ACT 2616
Telephone: 02 6214 1111 Facsimile: 02 6251 2680 General enquires and more information on Active Australia © Australian Sports Commission

42. Coaching-Report - Die Coaching-Wissensbasis Mit Fakten, News Und Hintergrundinfo
Translate this page Der coaching-Report ist die Wissensbasis zum Thema coaching als Instrumentder Personalentwicklung. Er wird von Dipl.-Psych. Christopher
Coachs Ausbildungen Ausschreibungen Forum ...
Was ist der Coaching-Report?
Der Coaching-Report ist die Wissensbasis zum Thema "Coaching als Instrument der Personalentwicklung" Ziel des Coaching-Reports ist es, Fakten zu vermitteln und über die Beratungsform Coaching aufzuklären. Damit soll die Qualität des Coachings gefördert werden, da der Begriff "Coaching" häufig zweckentfremdet wird. Für alle ernsthaft am Thema beteiligten Personen - Berater wie Klienten - ist genau dieser Missbrauch des Coaching-Begriffs nicht wünschenswert.

Der Coaching-Report wird von der Christopher Rauen GmbH betrieben. Weitere Dienste sind über die rechte Menüleiste erreichbar.

Was ist Coaching?
Coaching ist eine Form der Beratung für Personen mit Managementaufgaben (Führungskräfte, Freiberufler). In einer Kombination aus individueller, unterstützender Problembewältigung und persönlicher Beratung hilft der Coach als neutraler Feedbackgeber. Der Coach nimmt dem Klienten jedoch keine Arbeit ab, sondern berät ihn primär auf der Prozessebene . Grundlage dafür ist eine freiwillig gewünschte und tragfähige Beratungsbeziehung.
Definition Coaching

Im Mittelpunkt der Beratung steht die Klärung und Bewältigung der Anforderungen an die Berufstätigkeit des Klienten, was vorwiegend berufliche aber auch private Anliegen umfassen kann.

43. Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)
Positive coaching Alliance (PCA) This site provides information and resources for coaches and parents about the real benefits of youth sports. Included at the site are training opportunities and^SSHPM[L7|p~|w

These abstracts interpret research articles for practicing coaches and others interested in applied sport science.
Purchase online the Coaching Science Abstracts Compact Disk Click here for details NEW URL FOR THIS SITE: NEW SERVICES ON-LINE Mental Skills Training for Serious Athletes [FREE TRIAL] Consultations
Promoting evidence-based coaching content and procedures
Written and Produced by Brent S. Rushall, Ph.D., R.Psy. San Diego State University
These abstracts interpret research articles for practicing coaches and others interested in applied sport science. They are drawn from the personal files of Professor Rushall. Some dated articles are included because their content is still current. Most articles are interpreted for coaches of elite athletes and programs. The contents are changed monthly and may or may not be thematic. Usually six issues per year will be provided. Reading Coaching Science Abstracts is done in the traditional manner of web-browsing. Clicking the mouse on links will change content. An issue of the journal is structured with the Table of Contents being the main page. By clicking an article in the Table of Contents of Volume 9, Issue 6, "The Young Athlete 3"

45. Executive And Business Coaching Network - UK Based International Association Of
executive and business coaching UK based network of international coaches specialisingin executive and business coaching, team building and unlocking
Streaming video The growth of coaching! Coaching Directors Michael Beale and Peter Freeth discuss the growth of coaching Microsoft streaming video Free e-book! Earn twice as much with half the stress. Its good and its free, but if you find it genuinely useful, you are asked to make a small donation and forward it to others. Click Answers New coaching forum Ask our forum a coaching question Masterclass Leadership Sales Executive coaching Hypnosis ... Stress R Resource Communications in action E xcellerate Mastery insight
The coaches Canada Attias, Nicole United Kingdom Banjo, Sue Beale, Michael Brown, Virginia Freeth, Peter ... Tranfied, Dr Jenny United States Cap, Ariane Nagy, Ryan Resource Links/add link PPI Business NLP PPI NLP Store NLP for professionals ... NLP Newsletters
Network specializing in executive and business coaching, team building and unlocking potential and is here to help you get the life you want, when you want it - right now
The past 30 years have seen many changes in the world we live in. Companies have grown, merged, de-merged and globalised. With this has come a much greater focus on career planning and development which has brought us performance reviews, appraisals, profit related pay and high expectations.

46. Blok Advies & Coaching
Eenmansbureau voor supervisie, coaching, training, interimmanagement, personeel en organisatieadvies. Informatie over dienstverlening.

47. Mediat-Coaching -
Mediatcoaching - - Portail des professionnels du coaching,Cabinet de coaching, Formation au métier de Coach, Reseau français de
L'affichage de cette page requiert un navigateur prenant en charge les cadres.

48. Personal Fitness Coaching
Personal training with certified fitness trainer Matt Pitcher. Includes information on fitness programs, Ask Matt, Virtual Training, Coach's Corner, and a fitness newsletter.
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So, Personal Fitness Coaching and
Digital Colony have partnered to develop - a search engine and directory of the best fitness-related websites, news, and instructional articles from all over the Internet. The site will be updated weekly with new content, so be sure to bookmark it and check it often! THE ANTI-DIET PROGRAM Lose Fat Right Now and Keep It Off Forever Without Dieting "Learn How I Lost Over 50 Pounds In Less Than 3 Months and Have Kept It Off For Over 5 Years Without Dieting and How You Can, Too!

49. The Coaching Store - Coaching Sports, Products, Supplies And More.
Sells coaching supplies and youth sports equipment for baseball, football, basketball, softball, volleyball, and soccer. Also includes coaching articles and tips and a discussion forum.

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Coaching sports, youth sports, coaching supplies, coaching products, and youth sports equipment are what is all about. If you are looking to purchase products, need coaching help or just want to communicate with other coaches and parents, YOU have come to the right site. Besides products in our shop , we offer:
  • The Coaching Store FREE Monthly Tips The Coaching Store Deal of the Month > MAY - FREE SHIPPING OFFER The Coaching Store League Direct- Sales The Coaching Store "Discussion Forum" The Coaching Store Coach's Poll Your Current Local Weather Forcast
  • Our product categories are Accessories, Baseball and Softball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Health and Safety, and General Training. HERE IS A BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF WHAT YOU WILL FIND ON THIS SITE: The Coaching Store Free Tips of the Month: Each month we will post coaching tips/drills. These will be either in-season drills or important advice to help you be a better coach. Give us your opinion on a good tip, or drill, and if we use it you will get a free gift.

    50. The Coaching Center, Helping You GO To The CAMPUS - Offering Free Consulting And
    The coaching Center, helping you (Christian students, youth workers and churchs)GO to your high school or middle school CAMPUS offering free consulting and
    About the Coaching Center
    On-line Giving
    Start a Bible Club?
    Start a Campus Ministry?
    Youth Ministry Updates
    enter e-mail address:
    My Question

    Contact Us

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    Privacy Policy

    LincZone wants to help in making the spiritual transition to life on the college campus. Evangelism Toolbox Who is Jesus Four Spiritual Laws Start your Christian Club Today. Coaches are standing by to serve you. Call toll free at 1-877-GOCAMPUS or complete our form , e-mail us at BEGIN right here! I'm a current student I'm a concerned adult Learn about us Video about ... Conference / Mission opportunities The Passion of Christ by Mel Gibson This Movie is rated "R" Passion Materials Survey Bible Studies Outreach ideas The Life of Jesus/More Than a Carpenter - ... What's so Good about Good Friday? Helpful Web sites

    51. School Voor Coaching
    Een IIP en CEDEO erkend coaching bedrijf voor opleidingen en incompany trajecten. Met informatie over de onderneming en een nieuwsbrief.
    trainingen, bedrijfstrainingen, communicatie, communicatiestijl, coach, coachen,coaching, individuele coaching, management, managementcoaching, managementtraining, managementvaardigheden, coachen, coaching, opleiding, managers, professionals, mediation, school, gespecialiseerd, coachingsopleidingen, leergang, resultaatverantwoordelijkheid, competentieontwikkeling

    52. BC Warrior
    Lists information about the fundamentals of football.
    UPDATED 5/22/04 Since 12/98 Chuck n Duck A Defenses Worst Nightmare! Playbooks updated 5/22/04 E-mail Pass Offense Run Offense Fly Sweep Run n Gun (SHOTGUN OFFENSE) Shotgun Trips Package West Coast Pass Ball Control Run n Shoot (SHORT PASSING GAME) WING T RUN N SHOOT (MIXTURE OF WING T AND RNS) Short Punt (5 WR Pass Single Wing Run) Double Wing T Power I (3 BACK POWER OFFENSE) Reverse I (I BACK REVERSE SCHEME) Bash (OVERLOAD ZONE OFFENSE) DOUBLE WING (MARKHAM STYLE) FAT (Modern Single Wing Run) Triple Shoot (Fly Sweep from Run n Shoot) Wing T Jet Series (Wing T Fly Sweep) 2 Back Fly Offense (No Huddle) Empty Run (No Back Fly Sweep) The Fly Sweep for all Offenses Single Wing Jet Sweep Option Defense Guest Sites Spread Option (AIR FORCE STYLE OPTION) T Formation (T FORMATION OPTION) (I BONE STYLE) Split Back Veer (HOUSTON VEER) Swinging Gate BYU Formation QB Throwback Left Guard Screen ... Gap 50 (50 GAP DEFENSE WITH 43 PERSONNEL) BC 43 (ATTACKING 43) Multiple 52 (MULTIPLE 50 FRONTS) Goal Line Wide 7 (ATTACKING 7 MAN LINE) Defending the Double Wing (PRINCIPALS IN DEFENDING DOUBLE WING) John Clement's TRI-Power Greg Shult's Single Wing Paul Macabee's Split Back Veer Jim Harney's

    53. Coerver Coaching USA

    54. Scientific-coaching
    coaching from world masters champion, accredited sport scientist and senior coach Dr. Auriel Forrester. Home of the Spindoctorturbo turbotraining program.
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    55. Bowls Coaching - Site Redirection
    [ S I T E R E D I R E C T I O N ]
    [ P L E A S E U P D A T E B O O K M A R K S ]
    [ S O R R Y F O R I N C O N V I E N C E ]
    [ C L I C K H E R E I F N O T R E - D I R E C T E D ]

    56. Business Coaching And Executive Coaching Courses
    Global executive coaching and business coaching school. Coach skill training by Dr Skiffington. coaching Courses executive coaching, business coaching coach training courses and Industry-recognized Professional Business coaching Certification and professional support for^SSHPM[L7

    Training, camps, and clinics for soccer coaches, teams, and individuals of all ages and skill.

    58. Youth Soccer Coaching
    Youth Soccer coaching This site provides topics, rules, skills, and drills related to the sport of soccer. Users can search the site or use the alphabetical listing to find terms. Teachers will be^SSHPM[L7|p~|wvqx

    59. SoccerCoachingInternational - The Complete Soccer Coaching Experience!
    An international coaching magazine with newsletter, exercises, forums, contacts, and links.
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