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         Bullfighting:     more books (101)
  1. On Bullfighting by A. L. Kennedy, 2001-03-20
  2. Bulls, Bullfighting, and Spanish Identities (Anthropology of Form and Meaning) by Carrie B. Douglass, 1999-04-01
  3. El toreo: (the art of bullfighting) : short historical notes by Rafael Vilar Alvarez, 1955
  4. Bullfighting: Art, Technique, and Spanish Society by John McCormick, 1999-10
  5. THE WORLD OF BULLFIGHTING. by Antonio. Diaz-Canabate, 1974
  7. When Bulls Cry: The Case Against Bullfighting by Michael Ogorzaly, 2006-04-17
  8. Blood Sport: A Social History of Spanish Bullfighting by Timothy Mitchell, 1991-07
  9. La voz del toreo/The Voice of Bullfighting (Libros Singulares / Singular Books) (Spanish Edition) by Francois Zumbiehl, 2002-06-30
  10. Bull Riding and Bullfighting (Mcleese, Tex, Rodeo Discovery Library.) by Tex McLeese, 2000-09
  11. Bulls and Bullfighting (Andar y ver / Aspects of Spain) by Jose Luis Acquaroni, 1966
  12. Biography Of The Bulls: An Anthology Of Spanish Bullfighting
  13. Bulls & Bullfighting: History, Techniques, Spectacle by Eduardo; Salcedo, Luis Fernandez; et al Bonet, 1970
  14. The A. B. C. Of Bullfighting by F. Martinez Torres, 1985

1. Information About Bullfighting In Spain And Andalucia.
Promote your business on this website; email bullfighting. Itis gaining, not losing popularity. Our guide to bullfighting in Spain.

2. Bullfighting In California -Luso American Marketplace-Bullfight Schedules
Includes history, list of bullrings, directions and information about the season, and chronicles.
Home Contact Us Subscribe to Mailing List The information on this page is provided as is, with no warranty express or implied Chronicles by Jose Avila Some History Bullring Directions Photos ... Links Portuguese Community events list-Get It Now! Name: Email: STEVINSON
April 17, 2004 (Saturday) - 8:00 p.m.
Cavaleiro Praticante Eduardo Costa (California)
Matador Hernan Ondarza (Mexico)
Matador Jose Daniel Ayala (Mexico)
Forcados: Turlock
Admission: $10.00
Toros: Manuel Costa, Jr. (Los Banos)
April 24, 2004 - Saturday - 5:00 p.m.
Cavaleiro Joseph Correia (California) Matador Jose Ignacio Ramos (Spain) Matador Mario Coelho, Jr. (Portugal) (first California appearance) Forcados: Tulare Toros: Manuel Correia (Madera) Admission $20.00 Information: (559) 661-8143 Note: Madera 25 miles north of Fresno Free Parking - Food Availabl e STEVINSON April 26, 2004 (Monday) 8:00 p.m. Cavaleiro Joseph Correia (Madera) Cavaleiro Eduardo Costa (Los Banos) Matador Jose Ignacio Ramos (Spain) Matador Mario Coelho, Jr. (Portugal)

3. Tauromaquia
La Tauromaquia. The Art of bullfighting.Statue "El Encierro" by Mariano Benlliure
La Tauromaquia
The Art of Bullfighting. Statue "El Encierro" by Mariano Benlliure

4. WebQuest Bullfighting
Manteno High School. Spanish Program. Introduction. bullfighting is a part of hispanic culture. Although bullfighting occurs in most Spanish speaking nations, it does not occur in all. Most students
Manteno High School
Spanish Program Introduction Bullfighting is a part of hispanic culture. Although bullfighting occurs in most Spanish speaking nations, it does not occur in all. Most students usually know something about this activity. However, most students probably do not know many details. For example: When and from where did the idea for bullfighting come? Who are its participants? Where does a bullfight take place? What happens during a bullfight? What rules do its participants follow? What rewards are given to bullfighters? What is it like to be a spectator? How popular is bullfighting? You are going to explore numerous websites during the next two class periods to answer these questions. You may even learn more about bullfighting that the above questions pose! The Task In the Ole! Bullfighting WebQuest students will first gather and organize information about bullfighting and will later work in pairs to create a pamphlet/brochure using Microsoft Publisher advertising bullfighting and answering the questions noted in the introduction. Process Day 1 Each student will work with a partner of his/her choice. In the event there is not an even number of students there may need to be one group of three students. Each pair of students will keep a journal of the questions researched and the corresponding answers to those questions as they are discovered. Today students will first explore several internet sites and find information about the origin of Spanish bullfighting, learning why, where and when bullfighting originated. Next, students will research what happens at a bullfight and the rules followed by its participants. Students will begin making a Spanish/ English vocabulary list of bullfighting terms. Student partners are expected to work together discussing information as it is accessed and incorporated into their journals.

5. BULLFIGHT By All About Spain
Origins of bullfighting, what a Corrida is about, links to specific web sites Advertisement. More about bullfighting. Books about bullfighting. Mundo Taurino.
CORRIDA DE TOROS Origins and History of Bullfights What a Corrida is about External links to more sites about Bullfighting
Origins and History of Bullfight
Bullfighting is certainly one of the best known, although at the same time most polemical Spanish popular customs.
This Fiesta could not exist without the Toro Bravo , a species of bull of an archaical race that is only conserved in Spain. Formerly this bull's forebears, the primitive urus , were spread out over wide parts of the world. Many civilizations revered to them, the bull-cultus at the Greek island Creta is quite well-known. The Bible reports on sacrifices of bulls in honour to the divine justice. Also in the religious ceremonies of Iberian tribes living in Spain in prehistorical times bulls played an important part.
The origins of the Plaza , bullring, probably are not the Roman amphitheaters but the Celt-Iberian temples where those ceremonies were held. In the province of Soria, close to Numancia, one of them is conserved and it is supposed that there bulls were sacrificed to the Gods.
While the religious cultus to the bull goes back to Iberians , it were the Greek and Roman influences that converted it into a spectacle.

6. History
Thus, in a remote corner of Medieval Spain, the beginning of what todayis the national Spanish spectacle of bullfighting was created.
THE SPANISH FIESTA BRAVA : Historical Perspective and Definition
By Mario Carrión The first historic bullfight, corrida, took place in Vera, Logroño, in 1133, in honor of the coronation of king Alfonso VIII. From that point on, history is full of instances in which kings organized corridas to commemorate important events and to entertain their guests. After the Spanish War of the Reconquest, the celebration of corridas expanded throughout Spain and became the outlet where the noblemen demonstrated the zeal that allowed them to defeat the Moors. Even the Emperor Charles I in Valladolid in 1527, and later King Philip IV took part in the lancing of bulls in the bullfighting arenas, (such a the Plaza Mayor in Madrid) , plazas de toros. During the reign of King Philip II, Pope Pius V, appalled at the unconscionable carnage of the bullfights, forbade the practice of the corridas. The people, however, ignored the papal decree and continued to relish the fiesta brava, forcing Pope Gregory VIII to recant the decree, following the advice of the writer and mystic Fray Luis de León, who said "the bullfights are in the blood of the Spanish people, and they cannot be stopped without facing grave consequences." With the arrival of the French Bourbon dynasty in Spain, the nobility gave up the thrill of the arena for the pleasures of the royal court. As a result, bullfighting was left to the plebeians who in turn enthusiasticly took up to its practice, and took it to heart as a symbol of something genuinely Spanish.

7. Anti Bullfighting Campaign (ABC)
A source of information plus news from all over the world. Spain and The Netherlands.
ABC (Anti Bullfighting Campaign) International was founded in 1993 by ADDA (Spain) and Foundation Committee Anti Stierenvechten (CAS, The Netherlands). It's aim is to become a source of information and updates about what is happening in the world of bullfighting for those against it. We exchange information, campaign strategies, materials, and organize petitions, fundrising, demonstrations, news letters, statistics, etc. We publish a special bulletin every three months with updated news about bullfighting.
News from Holland Postbus 1312. Utrecht 3500. The Netherlands) Campaigns in non-bullfighting countries are just as important as those in countries that still allow bullfights. International cooperation is of utmost importance. Our information campaigns have the aim of arriving at as many people as possible, and our ultimate goal is the abolition of bullfighting. Information usually leads to a change in attitude: neutrals become opposed. Our target groups are the public, the media, tour operators and promoters of bullfighting. Specially important is the information given to tourists in airports or other departure or arrival points. On the other hand, ABC Holland organizes school projects with the video "The Dance of Death". In addition, we always response to those broadcasts and publications (television programs, travel guides, newspapers, magazines) that present bullfighting in a favourable light.

8. PETA :: Media Center :: Factsheets
PETA factsheet explaining that the bulls are not the only victims. The blindfolded and often surgically muted picadors' horses are frequently knocked down and gored so badly they are disemboweled.

Directory of bullfighting sites, as well as off line sources of information.

10. Bullfights In Tijuana, Mexicali, Nuevo Laredo And California, USA
Current information on bullfighting, including Tijuana bullfight schedules.
/* Static Top Menu Script By Constantin Kuznetsov Jr. ( Featured on For full source code and installation instructions to this script, visit */ -PST California Bullfight Schedules 2004
(new listings added 5/10) Mexicali Ciudad Juarez Sign the Petition
against Barcelona's
Banning of Bullfights Home Tijuana Mexicali Schedules ... Store Tijuana Bullfights
SUNDAY, MAY 30, 2004 - 4:00 PM - Downtown Bullring - El Toreo
Rafael Ortega - Cesar Castañeda - Ignacio Garibay
6 Marcos Garfias 6
California Bullfight Schedules 2004 The Polling Place
Vote to know
Latest News
Eloy Cavazos another Tail

Cabo San Lucas,... "El Pere" has died The banderillero... Miguel Espinosa to Retire Miguel Espinosa... Home Tijuana Mexicali Schedules ... Miscellaneous

11. Bullfighting Bulls And Bullfighters In Andalucia
Hasta luego¡. bullfighting posters. are now available for sale please enquire! suitof lights for hire. books on bullfighting. signed photographs. flamenco shop.
Welcome to the Bullfighters Shop from Andalucia Spain
The flamenco shop has been so successful that we invite you tell us what you want from a shop dedicated to bullfighting direct from Andalusia.
bullfighting posters
are now available for sale: please enquire! suggestions so far: capes/muletas/capotes posters and postcards suit of lights for hire books on bullfighting signed photographs
flamenco shop

The world of bullfighting and bullrelated cultural events 1995, the Internet's premier independent guide to the world of bullfighting, a virtual library of all things taurine

Review by Stanley Conrad, from Mundo Taurino.
A. L. Kennedy
London: Yellow Jersey Press
(a division of Random House) 1999
ISBN 0-224-05219-5 (UK edition)
New York: Anchor Books
(a division of Random House) 2001
ISBN 0-385-72081-5 (US edition)
[Don Hurley (a Mundo Taurino amigo/socio, and member of the Club Taurino of London) assisted Ms. Kennedy with the taurine detail in the manuscript.]
Reviewed by Stanley Conrad, Webmeister, Mundo Taurino Had I been more familiar with the UK literary scene, or been a more careful reader of the Times Literary Supplement or the New York Review of Books , I might not have been caught off-guard so by this introduction to the recently published A. L. Kennedy work, On Bullfighting "I'm thinking I might actually enjoy this, if I had more time. It's Sunday, the first day of the week: the one that's for resting and possibly talking to God, but I am doing neither. I am sitting across my window ledge and thinking that Sundays are always much the same: vaguely peaceful and emptied and smug: and I am looking out over my gutter and four storeys down to my street. It's late in a mild afternoon and there are flickers of spring in the trees. The smell of young grass drifts up to me from the park and the air is also coloured very slightly with waking earth and sunny masonry. Cars beetle past, roofs gleaming, but there's no one out walking. Although I'd expect there might be on such a pleasant day, there is no one about.

14. Ride Lonesome - The Bullfighting Budd Boetticher - Nitrate Online Feature
Sean Axmaker takes a look back at the life of the matador turned director.
21 May 2004 Ride Lonesome
The Bullfighting Budd Boetticher
feature by Sean Axmaker , 14 December 2001 When Budd Boetticher, the last of the old Hollywood two-fisted directors, died on November 27, 2001, his passing was barely noted. The old-fashioned studio pro with an independent streak, a colorful history, and a filmography largely forgotten by modern critics had been inactive for decades, his last Hollywood credit on the script for the 1970 Two Mules For Sister Sara . Only Todd McCarthy, the chief film critic at Variety and their resident keeper of the film history flame, offered a worthy obituary. Chalk it up to the short memory of critical hive-mind. His rich cycle of Randolph Scott westerns of the 1950s number among the greatest westerns ever made, but apart from the occasional TV showing (which does great disservice to his two gorgeous CinemaScope productions) those films are rarely seen, and his seminal 1956 film, Seven Men From Now was effectively missing-in-action for decades. That all seemed to change just a year ago, when

15. Portal Taurino Revista Taurina En Internet Bullfighting Magazine
bullfighting Taurino, toros, matadores, novilleros, toreros, rejoneadores, plazas, festejos, noticias taurina, españa, mexico, portugal, francia, colompia, peru, argentinia, toros en el mundo
VISITA LA PLAZA DE….. Estepona De propiedad municipal, esta plaza de la Costa del Sol malagueña fue inaugurada el 4 de junio de 1972 por Dominguín , Miguelín y Paquirri , que lidiaron toros de Carlos Núñez . Tiene un aforo de 8.000 localidades. El edificio alberga el Museo Municipal de Paleontología, con una importante colección de fauna marina del Plioceno... ESPECIALES Le llevamos a casa la última información taurina Conoces esta ganaderia?
Hoy hace 22 años nació Miguel Ángel Cañas ALTERNATIVAS
Hoy hace 38 años tomó su alternativa Amado Revilla Ordóñez ©PortalTaurino, SL , Pastor y Landero 6 4º. 41001 Sevilla Tel: (+34)670 821516 E-mail: PortalTaurino ULTIMAS NOTICIAS Madrid: Oreja para Serafín Marín la tarde del martes Miércoles: Rincón, Uceda Leal y El Juli Córdoba: ... fallece a los 96 años el ganadero Joaquín Buendía
Toros en España
las ganaderías de San Fermín
presentados los carteles del tradicional Cilclo de San Fernando (28 y 29 de mayo) ... tres carteles de lujo para la feria de Agosto (del 15 al 17)
Toros en Francia
carteles de la Feria de Pentecostés (del 29 al 31 de mayo)
carteles de la feria (días 10 y 11 de julio) ... Feria del caballo. Corrida de rejones el 11 de julio

16. Barcelona Condemns Bullfighting

17. Culture Of Spain - Bullfighting, Food, Wine, People And Traditions
bullfighting We understand that many people do not agree with this sport but IdealSpain.comfelt it right to attend and report on this Spanish tradition.
Spanish culture
and conformities Home Spanish Shop Photo Library Message Board ... Contact Us Spain - the facts - the culture of Spain and Spanish people Food
Eating out in Spain is relatively cheap and meals are usually substantial instead of gourmet. The Spanish tradition of tapas is a good way to sample the local food. Tapas are small dishes of snacks which are served anytime especially in small bars. They cover all types of foods from seafood to vegetables. Many Spanish people make an evening of hopping from bar to bar trying different tapas. Another of Spain's favourites is Serrano Ham . Spain is famous for its fish delecasies and simply must be sampled, especially if you get to coastal areas. Paella has long been a Spanish favourite, based on either meat or seafood. Every region in Spain has it's own specialities. The Spanish tend to eat traditional continental breakfasts, a light lunch and an evening meal, late. See more about Spanish

18. Bullfighting, Without The Kill, Comes To Texas

19. Above & Beyond Equestrian Arts Center
Helene Asmis Clifford, daughter of Carl Asmis, of the USETAsmis Dressage Scholarship. Classical dressage and training in lightness. Select Lusitano stallions from bullfighting bloodlines available for sale.
Let beauty and art be your guide... If you desire to dance with your horse... Knock on the door to start your journey... Site last updated January 2, 2004 Check out the happenings

Back Issues and Subscriptions available. Spanish Fiesta Brava, A Historyof bullfighting. by Mario Carrión. A Brief History of bullfighting.

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