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         Bocce:     more books (16)
  1. The Joy of Bocce - 2nd Edition by Mario Pagnoni, 2004-11-18
  2. The Joy of Bocce: 3rd Edition by Mario Pagnoni, 2010-07-27
  3. Bocce: A Sport for Everyone by Rico C. Daniele, 2000-08-20
  4. Insight.(marketing of bocce ball courts to wineries)(Column): An article from: Wines & Vines by Larry Walker, 1999-09-01
  5. Beach Bocce Champion by Doug Ross, 2009-09-20
  6. Bocce. (Demonstration Sports) (The 1991 ISSOG: Special Olympics International): An article from: Palaestra by Michael Paciorek, 1992-01-01
  7. What's Cooking at the Bocce Courts? by St. Louis Bocce Club Ladies Auxiliary, 1977
  8. Holiday Jan 1968 BOCCE/HAMBURG/NOEL COWARD/CARTAGENA by Al Hine, 1968
  9. Bowls: Pétanque, Bocce, Basque Bowls, New Zealand Indoor Bowls, 2010 Welsh International Open, Short Mat Bowls, Boccia, Bowling Green
  10. Cento Anni Di Storia Delle Bocce Nel Lodigiano by Giuseppe Pacchiarini, 2001-01
  11. The Big Book of Rules: Board Games, Kids' Games, Card Games, from Backgammon and Bocce to Tiddlywinks and Stickball by Stephanie Spadaccini, 2008-05-29
  12. Bocce: A mini history of the sport in Chisholm by Lawrence Belluzzo, 1989
  13. What's Cooking At the Bocce Courts
  14. Bocce and the economics of collusion by James L Doti, 1986

1. Bocce On The Net
bocce on the Net. Since I can t find any other beer while playing bocce;). bocce is closely related to lawn bowling. To the best
Bocce on the Net
Since I can't find any other bocce resources on the Net, I'll just have to put up what I know about the game and what I can glean from the rule book. So, all you folks who've e-mailed me over the last couple of months, here ya go! Bocce has been around since the Roman Empire and conjures visions of old Italian men wiling away warm Mediterranean afternoons discussing politics and drinking red wine. I'm neither old nor Italian, but I have wiled away many an afternoon with friends discussing politics and drinking beer while playing bocce ;-) Bocce is closely related to lawn bowling. To the best of my knowledge, the biggest difference is that bocce is played on a hard-surface court with a backstop at each end, while lawn bowling is played on grass with a relatively free-form "court". By this definition many folks are lawn bowling since very few constructed bocce courts exist in the U.S. The following set of rules are condensed from the official guide published by the International Bocce Association. Many variations exist, and I play a very relaxed set of rules in keeping with tradition. For tournament play, consult the official guide (see end of document). The Courts For lawn bowling, you don't really use a court. Just choose any space of lawn that's large and reasonably level. Then step off about 20 adult paces and use that as a good playing distance. For bocce:

2. United States Bocce Federation
2004 United States bocce Nationals. About the USBF. What is bocce? Brief History Of bocce. Member Clubs
2004 United States Bocce Nationals
About the USBF
  • What is Bocce?
  • Brief History Of Bocce
  • Member Clubs
  • Tournament Listings ...
  • Become a Member World Wide Organiztions
  • Fédération International de Boules
  • Confédération Bouliste Internationale
  • Confédération Mondiale Sports Boules Skills of Bocce
  • Court Construction
  • Qualities of the Game
  • Rules
  • Punto Raffa . . . Examples ...
  • 3. Rules Of Bocce
    bocce Rules, pallino, outdoor games, Italian games RULES OF bocce. bocce originated in Italy and is one of the oldest of all lawn bowling games great variety of surfaces. bocce is played between two players or two
    Back to Game Cabinet Back to Central connector This information is for your personal use. I am only posting this for those of you who want to know how to play the game. Credits... The first set of rules and illustrations are from a Bocce set's instructions that I purchased by Franklin Sports Industries out of Stoughton, MA 02072 The second set of rules General Sportcraft Co., Ltd. Bergenfield, NJ 07621 From Franklin...
    Bocce originated in Italy and is one of the oldest of all lawn bowling games. It is now gaining popularity in the United States since it can be played by people of all ages and on a great variety of surfaces. Bocce is played between two players or two teams of up to four players on a team. Bocce is played with 8 large balls, 4 of one color, 4 of another color and one small target ball called the "Jack," or "Pallino." Players seek to place their Bocce Balls nearer to the target jack than their opponent or displace the opponent's Bocce Ball and so improve the position of their Bocce Ball in relation to the Jack, (Pallino). Bocce can be played in a variety of ways using various rules. OPEN BOCCE CLOSED COURT BOCCE There are certain added rules and methods of play defined by the court layout.

    4. Collegium Cosmicum Ad Buxeas - The Bocce Site
    Welcome to the COLLEGIUM COSMICUM AD BUXEAS, the preeminent international organization for the sport of bocce Hall of Fame Awards News. Shop for bocce Apparel and Accessories
    W elcome to the C OLLEGIUM C OSMICUM AD B UXEAS the preeminent international organization for the sport of bocce.
    Court Design History Rules ...
    Shop for Bocce Apparel and Accessories

    5. - History - Bocce
    A history of bocce, with an account of how the game is played.
    Sports History
    Alpha Index Index by Sport History Bits Forum ... Search
    Table of Contents
    Bocce is the Italian version of lawn bowling. The earliest known form of the sport was a game played in the Italian Alps, early in the Christian Era, in which stones were tossed at a target stonenot necessarily to hit it, but to land as close as possible to it. This was a major amusement for Roman soldiers, who spread it through the empire. Balls were eventually substituted for the stones and they were usually rolled rather than tossed. Three distinct types of lawn bowling developed through the centuries. In France, the game was known as boules , from the Classical Latin word for ball. A different form of the sport became known in England as "lawn bowls". Bocce, also known as boccia, derived its name from the Vulgar Latin word for ball, bottia Italian immigrants brought bocce to the United States. Its original centers of popularity were New York City and San Francisco because of their large Italian-American populations. But, as newer generations grew away from the sport, bocce declined and seemed in danger of extinction in this country. The sport experienced a small resurgence, mainly in California, during the 1970s and it's grown rapidly during the last decade. The center of the sport in the U. S. is Martinez, California, which has more than a thousand competitors in league play and many more who simply play for fun.

    6. Fisher Bocce Links
    This is page is a collection of bocce links.

    7. Federazione Italiana Bocce Introduzione
    La struttura federale e la documentazione. Le sezioni Volo, Raffa e Petanque.
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    8. Welcome To Bocce Bowls. The Official Site Of The BFA.: Home
    Sito ufficiale della bocce Federation of Australia. Comprende news, eventi, contatti, storia, vendita di libri e video, un estratto della rivista della federazione e link.

    , What is it?
    A wonderful bowl sport you can play socially anywhere, or play in competition.
    Our organisation is volunteer managed, but it would give us a buzz if you found the information on this site interesting. We would certainly like to hear comments about it on email: [top]

    9. Long Island Bocce Club - LI's #1 Bocce Club - Bocce Balls And Tournaments
    bocce is Back! long Island's official bocce site Founded in Huntington, The Long Island bocce Club is a member club of the United States bocce Federation, and is trying to bring
    Long Island Bocce Club
    Visit Bocce Club Pro Shop
    Bocce is Back!!
    The oldest game in history has been buried for 30-40 years right in our backyards all over Long Island. Founded in Huntington, The Long Island Bocce Club is a member club of the United States Bocce Federation, and is trying to bring a USBF tour stop to Long Island. We currently play 2 man intra league teams. We also do a continuous 1 on 1 competition using the B.S.A. Bocce Ladder rules - Monday nights or Thursday nights throughout the year. We also play 4-5 major tournaments throughout Long Island. Our home courts are in Milldam Park in Huntington, and Elwood Park in Northport.
    LIBC Summer League Schedule for 2004 - Coming Soon!
    *We meet Monday night for League play, and Thursday night for open Bocce at 7:00 pm at Milldam Park in Huntington.*

    (Email or click Contact Page for directions).
    *Important! The Long Island Bocce Club now boasts the best tournament Bocce courts on Long Island. We have recently installed 2 state of the art, Lee Tennis Har-true clay surfaces at Milldam Park in Huntington! Paving the road for the United States Bocce Federation sanctioned tournament!* Click here to view your rank on the Long Island Bocce Club Ladder!

    10. Bocce History
    The COLLEGIUM COSMICUM AD BUXEAS is the preeminent international organization for the sport of bocce. the Egyptians played a form of bocce with polished rocks been recorded as early as 5200
    Throwing balls toward a target is the oldest game known to mankind. As early as 5000 B.C. the Egyptians played a form of bocce with polished rocks. Graphic representations of figures tossing a ball or polished stone have been recorded as early as 5200 B.C. While bocce today looks quite different from its early predecessors, the unbroken thread of bocce’s lineage is the consistently common objective of trying to come as close to a fixed target as possible. From this early objective, the basic rules of bocce were born. From Egypt the game made its way to Greece around 800 B.C. The Romans learned the game from the Greeks, then introduced it throughout the empire. The Roman influence in bocce is preserved in the game’s name; bocce derives from the Vulgate Latin bottia , meaning boss. The early Romans were among the first to play a game resembling what we know as bocce today. In early times they used coconuts brought back from Africa and later used hard olive wood to carve out bocce balls. Beginning with Emperor Augustus, bocce became the sport of statesman and rulers. From the early Greek physician Ipocrates to the great Italian Renaissance man Galileo, the early participants of bocce have noted that the game’s athleticism and spirit of competition rejuvenates the body. As the game enjoyed rapid growth throughout Europe, being the sport of nobility and peasants alike, it began to threaten with the health of nations. The popularity of the game was said to interfere with the security of the state because it took too much time away from archery practice and other military exercises. Consequently, Kings Carlos IV and V prohibited the playing of bocce, and doctors from the University of Montpellier, France, tried to discredit the claim that playing bocce had great therapeutic effect in curing rheumatism.

    11. Ciao Bella! Bocce, Italian Greyhound Extraordinaire...
    Hep IG wants to be a super model when she grows up, and provides her puppy and most recent portfolio.
    My breed's history: The Italian Greyhound is the smallest of the family of gazehounds (dogs that hunt by sight). The breed is believed to have originated more than 2,000 years ago in the Mediterranean basin, possibly in the countries now known as Greece and Turkey. Italian Greyhounds were the favorite breed of various royal and aristocratic families, including Frederick the Great of Prussia, Catherine the Great of Russia, and England's Queen Victoria. Someone told Jess that the phrase "Beware of Dog" originated in Italy or Greece in response to Italian Greyhounds. As you might imagine, the phrase didn't have quite the same meaning that it does today. As the legend goes, signs saying "Beware of Dog" were placed on the gates of houses so that visitors would be careful not to step on or kick the household's beloved IG. Some of my favorite websites: Italian Greyhound Club of America
    Lotje's Italian Greyhound Museum

    The Poop

    My girl Jess only loves me because I'm beautiful. She exploits me by forcing me to pose for photos all the time . When I was a pup, I used to want to be a model/actress and bask in the glow of international fame, but now that I'm older and wiser I think I'll settle for a good old fashioned life of leisure.

    12. Joy Of Bocce, Bocce, Book, Instructional Book | Striker | Massachusetts
    bocce website featuring instructional book (Joy of bocce) including informationon how to play bocce, locate bocce equipment, and build a bocce court.

    NEW! Portable Bocce Courts. Click to view.

    Check out our site and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you might have. We're promoting the sport we love, and savoring the joy of bocce.
    Our instructional book on bocce, The Joy of Bocce (sometimes spelled bocci or even boccie), has information on where to purchase bocce balls and related equipment, how to play, bocce rules, strategy, how to build a bocce court (sometimes called a bocce alley), and bocce tournaments.
    To order The Joy of Bocce ($13.95) click here: Receive the FREE Joy of Bocce Weekly Ezine
    About Us ... Merchandise

    13. WORLD BOCCE: Bocce Ball Rules, Official Bocce Rules
    Welcome to the world of bocce. Learn how to play bocce ball, lawn bowlingrules, bocce ball court plans, and how to build bocce ball court.
    First Video Of Its Kind! How to Play Bocce My Way by Phil Ferrari, Former United States Singles Champion Home Products About Bocce New Video ... View Cart Buy your official bocce ball rules online. Complete bocce rule rule book with how to play bocce ball and the rules of bocce. Purchase items such as bocce shirts, hats, cups, mugs, keychains, Measuring Device, video tapes and other bocce memorabilia.
    Rule Book
    Bocce Ball Rules - Official Bocce Rules
    WBA has compiled a comprehensive set of Open Rules that are officially sanctioned throughout the U.S. Set of Bocce Balls
    (8 balls and 1 pallino with bag)
    Bocce Ball Sets - Patriot Set
    This beautiful Bocce set, which includes four deep red balls,
    four blue balls and a white pallino fits into the smart carrying case depicted above and is sure to make people think you're a pro, even if you're a newcomer to the game! Hats (embroidered)
    Available in sand with a red Bocce ball and brown pallino, white with the official World Bocce Association logo and sand with the World Bocce League logo.

    14. Bocce
    Labor Day Weekend in Clinton, Indiana. NEWS FLASH. Applications are now being taken for the 2003 LIFT bocce ball tournament. Click here for a printable application. To view and or print this application you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. What is bocce bocce is 70 centuries old and so are the arguments that go with it. bocce, the bowling game of the Caesar's, isn't
    Labor Day Weekend in Clinton, Indiana
    Requires a Java Enabled Browser. Applications are now being taken for the 2003 LIFT bocce ball tournament.
    Click here
    for a printable application To view and or print this application you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is a free download. If you do not have it, you can get it here.
    What is Bocce
    Bocce is 70 centuries old and so are the arguments that go with it. Bocce, the bowling game of the Caesar's, isn't a sport. It is an excuse - an excuse to get out of the house for several hours, to sip a glass of wine, to bet a few lira and to provide fuel for the universal Italian hobby of arguing. Bocce is the direct ancestor of such games as bowling, lawn bowling, duck pins and candle pins. It also could be called the stepfather of such modern pastimes as curling, shuffleboard and horse shoe pitching.
    Reprinted from an article from Dodge News Magazine (July, 1967) in a story by Harold Claasen. 2003 Tournament Winners
    The 2003 LIFT Bocce Tourneys were a major success. We had over 100 teams in two days and awarded over $2000 in prizes!

    15. Bocce Ball Anyone? Italian Made Bocce Ball Sets
    The Gourmet Gallery is proud to offer official Italian bocce Ball Sets and bocceAccessories add a little bit of Italy to you next dinner party and have fun

    Gallery Wear Espresso? ... Bocce Ball Set with Bag
    Order by phone too! ~ During Our Business Hours ~ TOLL FREE 1-888-253-6466
    Your order will be taken by one of our Widerview Village Shopping Assistants!
    Gourmet Gallery
    is exclusively an online catalog store
    Widerview Inc.

    Order 24 hrs. a day ~ 7 days a week using Widerview's Secure Shopping Cart or
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    VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER/NOVUS and AMERICAN EXPRESS accepted. Take me back to The Gourmet Gallery's Main Entrance Widerview Inc. How to contact Widerview inc.

    16. Lake Keller Bocce League
    Welcome to the Lake Keller bocce League! Caledonia, NY. The league startedwith 4 teams in 1976. The league began play at Tennent Park.
    Lake Keller
    Bocce League Home Schedule Rosters Useless Stats Champions Wildcat Chat Chippy
    The Doctors
    Welcome to the Lake Keller Bocce League!
    Caledonia, NY The league started with 4 teams in 1976. The league began play at Tennent Park. It later moved to Specialized Printed Forms, Inc. and then to its current home of the Iroquois Hotel . The league plays Wednesday nights starting the first Wednesday in May and ends with a banquet the first Wednesday in September. Check out the 2004 Rosters with team photos! Week 4 Area 1 Buds vs. Clippers Area 2 Junkers vs. Hooters Area 3 Knights vs. Angry Dogz Area 4 Wildcats vs. Hooligans Area 5 Outlaws vs. Wolves Week 3 Results Area 1 Wolves (1) vs. Angry Dogz (2) Area 2 Hooligans (1) vs. Outlaws (2) Area 3 Wildcats (3) vs. Clippers (0) Area 4 Hooters (2) vs. Knights (1) Area 5 Buds (3) vs. Junkers (0) Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. 2004 Standings Bartalo Division Team W-L Wildcats Buds Hooligans Junkers Clippers Parnell Division Team W-L Angry Dogz Wolves Hooters Outlaws Knights Contact:

    Welcome to bocce Bowls. The official site of the BFA. HomeWelcome to the Australian Federation site. bocce Bowls is played as a socialgame or as a competitive sport. Home, bocce BOWLS, What is it?

    18. Bocce Jesi
    Translate this page bocce jesi.
    bocce jesi bocce jesi

    19. Welcome To
    Provides portable bocce courts and ball sets. Also includes history of the sport and court specifications.
    Backyard Bocce is the only manufacturer of portable Bocce courts in the world. We are the official supplier of courts for Special Olympics for both practice and tournament play. We are a supplier of courts to Bocce enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels, including: families, clubs and leagues, schools, park and recreation departments, senior centers and retirement facilities, campgrounds and RV parks, children's camps, restaurants and resorts, corporations, and organizations serving persons with disabilities.
    We hope you enjoy our products. Since we are committed to promoting Bocce and enhancing your enjoyment of the game, please provide us with any feedback you may have that would help us improve our products.
    Christopher T. Pfeiffer

    20. - Let The Good Times Roll!
    This is your bocce resource on the internet. bocce FAQs. bocce Links. bocce Rules. bocce Courts
    Navigation Bar: Home Bocce FAQs Bocce Links Bocce Rules Bocce Courts ... Bocce Bums Tickets Available:
    NBA Tickets

    MLB Tickets
    Mortgage and Refinance Information
    FHA Loans

    Jumbo Loans

    In association with
    Your Bocce Resource on the Internet Buy Your Own Bocce Court!
    Backyard Bocce is here!
    Put a bocce court in the backyard, to the park or camping. Setup on any flat surface and play! Check out the 'iBocce Court'
    I built my own bocce court!
    Here is a pictorial diary of my progress. The guidelines are available for purchase. Now everyone can build their own bocce court!
    Bocce T-Shirts and More!
    It's never too early to start buying unique bocce gifts
    . Choose from t-shirts, hats, cards, 2004 calendars and other unique bocce items for both men and women. Check them out! Bocce Tournament Resources Double Elimination Brackets are available on the Bocce Events page to help organize your local bocce tournament. You'll find brackets for 8, 16 and 32 team events. Buy Your Own Bocce Set! FogDog Sports has been added to our affiliates list for bocce sets. With Christmas coming soon, I want to give everyone the best chance to find the set they want. Dick's Sporting Goods has a great selection of bocce sets also. Just type in "bocce" in their SEARCH bar and see all the available sets.

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